Fan Fiction

Just Slightly Ahead of Their Time, Part 2
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 2

Soon, they boarded a large spacecraft.

On board, they met a young man with blonde hair.

"Welcome to the DOOP space base" said the man. "I'm captain Zapp Brannigan! Leela, so good to see you again!"

Leela frowned.

"Hey Zapp, where's Kif?" asked Amy.

"I'm right here Amy" said an alien dressed in a red uniform.

"What's so important about Kif?" asked Angelica.

"He's not only the lieutenant" said Amy, "he's also my boyfriend."

"This small boned wimp?" asked Angelica.

"Actually" said Kif, "I don't have any bones. I'm supported by a system of very fluid glands."

"And I'm full of hormones myself!" said Zapp.

"Pay no attention to Zapp kids" Leela told the Rugrats, "he's a real jerk."

The kids seemed to enjoy the future. Maybe their stay wouldn't be so bad after all.

Just then, a brown skinned man with black hair came out of the Planet Express ship.

"Sorry" he said. "Did I miss anything?"

"Hermes, did you oversleep?" asked Leela.

"How can you tell?" asked Hermes. "Hey, who are those kids?"

"They're time travelers from my time" said Fry. "By the way, they didn't tell me their names."

The Rugrats told everyone their names.

"Let me welcome you kids to the future and give you a tour of this place" said Zapp. "One day, you kids will want to have a career in DOOP like me and Kif!"

"Well we'll be going back to our home time after we somehow recharge the time machine's batteries" said Tommy.

"Farnsworth, can you do anything about that?" asked Fry.

"I think so" said Farnsworth. "It may take several days for me to invent a machine to recharge batteries, since batteries don't exist in the future."

"But until then, you kids can do whatever you want" said Zapp. "Here in the future, anything is possible."

"By the way Zapp" said Fry, "the weapons and new uniforms you ordered are here."

"Bring them to me" said Zapp.

Fry went into the Planet Express ship.

"Bender, we need to give Zapp those uniforms and weapons now" he said.

"Alright already" said Bender. "I'm getting to it."

They picked up several boxes and carried them outside.

Leela handed Zapp a contract. "Sign here" she said.

Zapp signed his name with a laser pen.

"What do you all do here in DOOP?" asked Kimi.

"We govern the planets and wage war on our enemies" said Zapp. "Your rank determines your duties. Kif, what's the best rank here in DOOP?"

"Captain sir" said Kif.

"And what's the worst rank?"

"Being your assistant."

"Now come" said Zapp, "I'm sure you kids will want to see what the future has in store for everybody."

Later, Zapp finished giving the kids a tour. Fry, Leela, Hermes, Zoidberg, Farnsworth, and Amy went too.

One of the last rooms they passed had a heart shaped bed. Leela shuddered at the sight of it.

"Something wrong Leela?" asked Tommy.

"This gives me terrible memories. I remember this room where I actually spent the night with Zapp. But it was all in a sense of pity for him. Now, he's obsessed with me."

"You must have alot of trouble getting a date on Saturday night" said Dil.

"I do" said Leela. "Almost every man I meet looks at my eye, and either ignores me or runs away screaming as if I was some kind of freak. But one time, an old orphanage friend of mine who became a doctor, gave me an operation to give me two eyes. Everyone thought I looked great, except for Fry. He actually liked the weird one-eyed Leela. Of course, later, I had the operation reversed when I realized that what Fry said was right."

"What did he say?" asked Tommy.

"I said that Leela shouldn't care about what others think" said Fry. "I liked her just the way she was before she got two eyes."

"I'm still have men trouble" said Leela. "The only two men who seem to pursue a relationship with me are Zapp and Fry."

"And what's wrong with both of them?" asked Kimi.

"Zapp's a big jerk whose brain is 99% sleaze. Fry on the other hand is a slacker, is clumsy, and immature. Still, he is the better of the two."

"Thanks for the compliment" said Fry.

"But still, every other women has no trouble attracting men" said Leela. "Look at Amy! She's already had about a dozen boyfriends, Fry being one of them."

"Is that true?" Angelica asked Amy.

"G'uh!" said Amy.

"Don't you mean d'uh?" asked Angelica.

"This is the future" said Amy. "You can say anything now."

Later, they left the DOOP spaceship and headed towards Mars for their next delivery.

During the flight, Amy said to Kimi, "Kimi, I know this may sound ridiculous, but, when we meet my parents, can you pretend to be my daughter?"

"Why?" asked Kimi.

"Because I'm tired of my parents asking me `Where's my grandchild?! Where's my grandchild?!"

"I see your point" said Kimi. "OK, I'll do it!"

"Thanks" said Amy.

A little later, they arrived at a ranch on Mars. Buggalo, livestock that looked like giant beetles, with white shells and black spots, were in a pen.

Amy knocked on the door.

The door was opened by a middle aged man and woman dressed as cowboys. They were Leo and Inez, Amy's parents.

"Howdy!" said Leo. "Welcome home Amy! Please come in!"

Everyone came in.

"My my Amy" said Inez. "You gave us lots of grandchildren."

"Not really" said Amy. "Most of these kids are from Earth."

Kimi suddenly realized what she had agreed to with Amy. She stepped forth with Amy.

"Mom, dad, this is Kimberly, your granddaughter" said Amy.

Leo and Inez gave Amy a thumbs up.

"I hope I know what I'm doing" Kimi said to herself.

To Be Continued...