Fan Fiction

Rock And Rolls
By Chris Wilson

NOTE: This and every single fan fiction I produce is set AFTER 4ACV18: The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings. If you have any questions about anything, e-mail me at the same address above. If you want to give further feedback or ask any questions then e-mail me at thecommiebastard@hotmail.com.

SPECIAL THANKS: To my sister, Kirsty who 100% came up with this episode idea. It is so good I have used this as my first piece of work. She will definitely have lots of credit for show ideas and writing as she is a creative baby sister. Kirsty, in the famous words of Marge Simpson: 'Keep on Truckin…' even if I don't know what it means.


[Opening Credits.]

[Caption: Blinking Is Mandatory! Cartoon: Bugs Bunny kissing Elmer Fudd.]

[Scene: Planet Express Meeting Room. Leela and Fry (who are holding hands with each other), Dr Zoidberg and Amy are sat around the table. The Professor enters along with Hermes.]

Professor: Good news everybody! You won't be going on a suicidal mission today. Instead I got a call from my illegitimate brother today…

Fry: Brother or brutha?

Professor: Both! Actually it's an interesting story where us two were best friends before our parents even-

Fry: Pfft… who cares?

Professor: Anyway he has challenged us to a company versus company game at his mansion in good old England.

Leela: England? We don't have to play crappy soccer or golf do we?

Professor: Oh my no. We'll be playing a combination of both!

[Everybody groans.]

Hermes: We'll be needing a team of seven, meaning all of you will play. [Sighs] Even the Professor!

Professor: Oh my! I'd better go put on my wooden hip!

[Professor exits.]

Hermes: So that means you all better… Sweet Sinbad of Trinidad, where the heck is Bender?

Leela: Oh he's probably terrorizing New New York with his hair shaver! [She turns around to reveal a strip of baldness in her hair!] Now my hair looks all messed up!

Fry: You're unfortunate Leela. He wouldn't go attack my hair though as we're best buds… [A slamming sound is made] What was that? [He turns around; he has a bald patch on the back of his head too!] I think Bender's coming!

[Bender walks through looking satisfied. He has a Martini in one hand and he takes a sip of it. He then puts the object in his other hand up to his mouth but gets a huge shock (along with a buzzing sound) - it's his shaver!]

Bender: Ow! That ain't my cigar… Hey I wonder if I made the same mistake while shaving that woman's hair. [A sound of a fire engine can be heard] Ugh… never mind!

Hermes: Well at least you're here! Now get onto the ship all of you!

[Bender walks out of the room with a hole in the back of his head identical to the baldness on Fry and Leela's head!]

[Scene: English Mansion. Establishing scene as the ship lands in the landing area. The sign on the house says: Snooty Mansion!]

[Cut to: Inside English Mansion. The crew are walking through the large hall.]

Fry: Hey Leela I've been practicing my English accent. [Snooty voice] "Hello sir would you like some crumpets or some strawberries and cream while we watch a smashing game of tennis. I say good sir I've got to feed the corgi, pip pop, cheerio!"

[Fry and Leela snigger.]

Leela: Good impression Fry but the good old British accent has evolved over time. It's now a mix of British and Texan!

[The crew stop as the Professor's illegitimate brother: Francis walks up to them.]

Francis: Howdy sirs, would y'all like a bit of crumpets or a bit of strawberries and cream while we watch the tennis on the box. Oh darn it I gotta feed the bitch, see y'all later!

[Francis walks away. Fry sniggers.]

Fry: Man, that language is so easy to mock, it's ludicrous!

[Scene: English Mansion Garden. All of the crew and their opponents are playing the soccer/golf hybrid game. They are wearing the same type of gear but with different coloured attire. The crew are red while the other team are blue. They each hold a golf club too. They look ready to play.]

Professor: Okay Fry the rules are simple. You use the golf club to hit the soccer ball into the holes on the wall. [There is a buzzing sound] The points are sorted out by height of the hole in which the ball is- [Suddenly the ball flies in and hits Professor on the head.] Argh!

[The Professor tumbles over. Fry doesn't look too bothered.]

Fry: [Bored] Ah-ha got it!

[Time Lapse. Fry has the ball in his possession. He hits it over to Leela who then slots through three of the players (a box shaped robot, a purple beast and Francis) to a wide, empty space. She is about to hit it when she sees somebody shadowing her light, it is a green alien. The alien goes for the ball but misses. Leela then suddenly knocks it past the alien before tapping it over to Bender who is leaning there against his club having a Martini. The ball stops right at his feet. There is a pause as Bender sips his Martini before he looks down at the ball.]

Bender: Wha? Oh yeah!

[Bender drops the Martini, clutches his club and whacks it into a hole. A buzzing sound is made. The current score comes up on the board: Home 26, Jackasses 26!]

Professor: Ha it's a draw! For the first time ever my crew actually succeed in something!

Francis: Fat chance old chap! Let's y'all say that the next point wins this spiffing game?

Professor: You're on dammit!

[Time Lapse. View on the centre of the pitch as the ball comes through the floor. A buzzer goes off and Leela whacks it back to Amy. She is about to hit it when the purple beast takes it off her and breaks her nail. Amy falls to the floor hurt.]

Professor: [Shaking his fist] Amy's hurt, blow the whistle dammit!

Francis: [Shaking his fist back] Screw you!

[Fry snatches the ball from the beast and lobs it over Francis' head straight to Bender. A red hyper chicken runs towards Bender. Bender is about to hit the ball but declines. Instead he hits the hyper chicken on the leg! The hyper chicken goes down reeling. Bender chuckles before smashing the ball at a hole. It misses the hole by a long way. The ball ends up landing at Leela. She swings it back. Then Leela hits it extremely hard, even going…]

Leela: Heeya!

[…while hitting! The time slows down as it launches in the air. It goes through Hermes' hair causing a huge hole in it followed by it heading towards Bender who is again sipping Martini. Bender spits out the Martini at the ball. The ball goes in another direction thanks to that. It is then on a crash course towards Dr Zoidberg who is sniffing the wall with his back turned. Zoidberg turns around at the last moment, makes a comical distressed motion before the ball hits him right in the chest. You can hear a cracking noise straight after the collision. Back into normal speed, Zoidberg falls to the floor knocked out. Everybody crowds around him and gasps.]

Hermes: Sweet holy crap of… holy crap! Zoidberg's shell has cracked!

Bender: So, it's cracked lots of times. I cracked his shell yesterday thinking he was a walnut!

Hermes: Yes in the leg and we all appreciated your work but when it cracks in the chest, the shell must be replaced or else the now piercing shell digging in his chest will cause a build up of his jelly and it'll explode like a volcano at a later date… probably while he's in my office eating staplers!

Leela: We better get him to the hospital quick!

Francis: Ugh fine but I'm accepting that as a forfeit! We win by default again!

[Francis and the aliens cheer while the Planet Express crew groan. Amy sits up.]

Amy: Could you take me to the hospital too?

Hermes: No!

[Scene: Hospital. Zoidberg is in his naked jelly with a towel covered the lower area surrounded by the crew. Noticeably Amy is in a wheelchair with a head bandage, leg cast and arm sling! The doctor comes walking in examining the X-Ray. He clips the X-Ray onto the light screen on the wall.]

Dr Zoidberg: Give it to me straight doc, how long to live have I got?

Doctor: With improper speech like that, not very long! And concerning the shell, it is damaged beyond repair so you'll have to buy a new one.

[Note: Zoidberg's head fills the whole screen for following speech.]

Dr Zoidberg: A new shell you say? I've always wanted a new shell but my grandfather always said: "Zoidberg, if you get a new shell, BAM! ZOOM! Straight to the other side of the lake," But I showed him! [Evilly laughs] Now I'm going to get a shell and unlike last time when I opted for a raccoon feast instead, I will get a shell I tell you and... what the?

[The camera zooms back to reveal he is sat on the bed that is now outside the hospital. The crew impatiently wait beside Zoidberg.]

Dr Zoidberg: How long have we've been out here!

Bender: Two hours! [Mumbles] You gelatine sack of crap!

[Long pause.]

Dr Zoidberg: Hooray! You waited around for me!

[Scene: Planet Express Lounge. Zoidberg has got the shell catalogue set out again. Leela and Fry are sat on the couch watching. Zoidberg types in something and he gets a shell onto his body that contains a pair of purple trousers, a pink shirt and blonde hair with a massive sloped fringe.]

Leela: Erm… Er… Too flamboyant!

Dr Zoidberg: [In a gay tone] Oh gosh darn! And the pants matched the shirt too!

Fry: [Typing something into the catalogue] Hey how about this?

[Zoidberg's shell turns into the shell he normally wears until it got cracked!]

Leela: I like it!

Dr Zoidberg: Me too! [Looks towards the screen] Aww… there are no shells like this in stock for two weeks. I guess I'd better find something else or else naked I'll be. Society doesn't like nudity.

Fry: The Red Light District is a society so your comment isn't true. Anyway… [Typing into the computer] Why don't you get a rock-star shell? You know the type of rebellious rock-star that is radio friendly and ready to sell out at any point!

[The shell comes up. It is a silver ensemble with a white cape and weird looking shoes. Zoidberg admires the long, blonde hair by putting his claw through it.]

Dr Zoidberg: Yes! I'll take it! It will cost one million of my own dollars though.

Fry: Just put the cost on your credit card and you'll pay nothing for now. But tell me Zoidberg do you like your legs?

Dr Zoidberg: Yes.

Fry: Well the nice credit card people will be taking them away from you at a later date!

[The door bell rings. Amy comes rolling through on her wheelchair with same bandages on like before.]

Amy: I'll get it!

[She exits the room and fumbles down the stairs.]

Amy: [Off Screen] Oh! Ah! Ee! Oof! Ah! Ow! Argh! Eurgh! [Pause] A little help?


[Scene: Planet Express Meeting Room. Everybody minus Zoidberg is present around the table. A hologram projection of a graph has been projected above the middle of the table.]

Hermes: And as you can see from this shocking graph, eighty percent of electricity is wasted on these holographic charts I make! [Turns the chart off] Now we have also got a package to deliver today, which is surprising because…

[Dr Zoidberg, in his rock-star shell walks through the door. Everybody looks shocked at his glamorous look.]

Dr Zoidberg: Hello! Remember me? I was the Doctor and now… [Flicks hair back] I am a rock-star… Or so says the shell.

Fry: Wow Dr Zoidberg that looks-

Bender: [Pointing] Intruder alert! Deck him!

[Bender stands up, grabs a steel pole from his chest cavity and runs over to Zoidberg. He then attacks him with the pole several times. Zoidberg falls to be floor.]

Bender: Come on everybody, join in, its fun!

[Hermes and the Professor stands up and grab 2 by 4s from underneath the table. They walk towards Zoidberg.]

Leela: Bender stop! That's Dr-

Bender: Zoidberg. Yeah I know but I'm bored and wreckless so attacking an 'unknown' [Mumbles] Wink-Wink [Normal voice] person won't get me into any trouble at all! Now where did I put the flamethrower?

[Cut to: Outside Planet Express. Establishing the factory in the daylight as hover ships speed by.]

Dr Zoidberg: [Off Screen] Oh I just come around after a strange dream about… Hey why with the wooden planks? Are you going to feed me? [Multiple whacking sounds follow while Zoidberg makes sounds] Ow! Ow! Aw! Oof! My egg sac!

[Cut to: The Planet Express Front Door. The door swings open with Bender and Hermes holding Zoidberg. They throw him out onto the curb. Zoidberg lands head first.]

Hermes: [Waving] See you tomorrow!

[Hermes and Bender close the door behind them. Dr Zoidberg gets up rubbing his claw against his head before standing up. Suddenly a crowd of people nearby come and crowd around him, creating a fuss within themselves. Then a boy stands forward.]

Boy: Excuse me, are you legendary rocker: The Zoid.

Dr Zoidberg: [Powerfully] This I cannot deny… [Normally] Or can I? Nah!

[Scene: Planet Express Lounge. Leela and Fry are holding hands watching the news.]

Linda: [On TV] Today, the poor and unfortunate country of France finally caught up with us up to a 500 year radius technologically with the rest of the world as from the Eiffel Tower; they could see the Bill Clinton Monument in Washington by using a crappy telescope!

[A picture is shown of the towering Bill Clinton Monument on TV.]

Fry: Wow now that France is catching up, is truly is a small world… except for Bill Clinton!

[Fry and Leela snigger.]

Morbo: [On TV] Morbo thinks France is a great country, especially their anti-non gay society. But I don't take kindly to those evil frogs they serve in restaurants. [Angrily] Hello Frogs, I WILL DESTROY YOU!

Linda: [On TV] [Chuckling] You sure will. In other news today, mysterious legendary rocker The Zoid made an appearance on Earth in New New York outside an unnamed package delivery service. This is weird as The Zoid claimed he'd never come back to Earth after the results of a tour two years ago.

Morbo: [On TV] Yes, Morbo respects the decisions that disrespect Earth! I mean they failed to paint the room purple for The Zoid, how stupid was that?

Linda: [On TV] Very. Here is footage from earlier today.

[A film comes up of an executive office. The door opens and we can see Rupert Murdoch's head roughing up a monkey!]

Rupert Murdoch: [On TV] You gonna spill the NBC series line up, punk?! [The monkey reaches his paw out.] Oh you wanna banana? Here's your banana!

[The screen fuzzes out. It goes back to Morbo and Linda. Morbo laughs.]

Linda: [On TV] I'm afraid we got the wrong story there. We will--

Morbo: [On TV] Now mortal comedy, best in the Universe!

[Suddenly a loud cheering noise can be heard from outside.]

Fry: What was that?

[Leela and Fry stand up and look out of the window to see Dr Zoidberg stood on top of a box talking to people who are surrounding him in admiration.]

Dr Zoidberg: As a fiddler crab, I was abandoned I tell you!

[A gasp from the crowd rises.]

Dr Zoidberg: But now I am standing and all I can say is this: ROCK 'N' ROLL! [Zoidberg does a salute. The crowd cheer as a hand reaches from behind Zoidberg and drags him back into the Planet Express building.] Waaa!!!

[Cut to: Inside Planet Express Building. Zoidberg is on all fours. He looks up to see Leela and Fry there. Fry walks towards the door.]

Leela: Zoidberg are you lying to thousands of people making them believe you are legendary rocker The Zoid in aid for attention?

Dr Zoidberg: Maybe…

Leela: Well at least we can tell them to clear off and put this whole mess behind us.

Dr Zoidberg: Actually…

Leela: Ugh crap, what did you do now?

Dr Zoidberg: [Holding up a piece of paper] I kinda signed up for a 250 date around the galaxy rock tour headlining with Wailing Fungus!

[Leela grabs the paper and rips it up into two and throws it onto the floor. It buzzes before it electricity wraps around the two pieces, causing it to connect together again.]

Leela: Well it looks like you're obligated to the tour you idiot! Hey there is one thing I wanna know, why the hell was a big time rock tour organiser strolling around casually around NNYC without a limo.

Dr Zoidberg: What can I say, they're everywhere they are.

[Fry walks back into the scene.]

Fry: I'm afraid they're not budging. We better keep them entertained though… [Shouting] Bender! Bring in the back up entertainer.

[Bender walks into the scene with Amy in her wheelchair dolled up as much as Marilyn Monroe.]

Bender: Now don't forget you're singing 'Bad' by Michael Jackson!

Amy: Blerugh!

[Scene: Planet Express Lounge. Leela and Fry are alone sat on the settee looking lovingly into each other, holding hands and passionately smiling.]

Fry: Leela, you are the one! Now let's make out!

Leela: [Eagerly] Okay!!!

[They begin to kiss when the door whooshes open and Dr Zoidberg enters.]

Dr Zoidberg: Oh friends you have got to help me!

[Leela forces away from Fry. Fry groans.]

Fry: [Mumbles] Damn Zoidberg! [To Zoidberg] What's the problem friend?

Dr Zoidberg: I have got this tour and I just realised… I don't know how to sing! Or play guitar! Or go: 'Rock and Roll' without slurping afterwards at the thought of rolls. You two have got to help me!

Leela: How the heck can us two help you?

Dr Zoidberg: Well… Leela, when we burst into song sometimes due to the disease known as original cast recordings, you seem to be the one who can actually sing…

Fry: It's true!

Dr Zoidberg: And Fry you know how to play guitar.

Fry: Well kinda… If you count a tennis racket.

Dr Zoidberg: Yup!

Fry: Well good, let's start this school of rock and roll!

Dr Zoidberg: Hooray!

[Scene: Outside Planet Express. Bender and Amy, still in her wheelchair are outside the building. Bender is ringing a bell and has a cap held out. Passers by put money into his cap.]

Bender: [Ringing bell] Hear ye, hear ye, give me money and I'll remove this freak show from the streets. You know you don't want to see a girl injured and for you nerds, you don't want to see a girl at all so pay up now!

[A hobo walks up to Bender. Bender stops ringing his bell.]

Hobo: Hey I like the look of that woman. I've got sixty-six cents so if you want a 'behind the VIP curtain' deal, I can take this woman for a good time! Eh! Whadda say?

Bender: Not interested! She's worth twice the amount…

[Scene. Inside Planet Express. Leela has a DVD in her hand. She inserts it into an old, dusty DVD player before sitting back on the couch with Fry and Zoidberg. On the television, it says: 'The Zoid's Greatest Hits'. It then cuts to a stage where The Zoid plays an amazing guitar solo with his claws.]

Dr Zoidberg: I don't understand it, how does he play the guitar when the claws are there snipping?

[Back to the TV where a tune is being played out. There is a massive introduction with pyrotechnics. Then The Zoid takes to the microphone.]

The Zoid: [On TV] [Singing] Yeah! You know that The Zoid is back,
Coming at atcha with a heart attack,
So don't
[Edited beep] talk back,
Coz I'm the only one who gives smack!

Fry: I wonder what the beep covered up…

Leela: Actually Fry, [Edited beep], you know the beeping noise itself was introduced to the dictionary a long while ago.

Fry: Oh… well Zoidberg, The Zoid rocks and basically you are screwed.

Dr Zoidberg: [Sobbing] I know.

Leela: Actually not necessarily if the Doctor can repeat after me successfully: [In gradual higher tones] Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha… [Then getting lower] Ha-Ha-Ha!

Dr Zoidberg: Okay let me try! [Coughs] Ha-Ha…

[Suddenly the television screen cracks and explodes!]

Leela: Okay you're screwed!

[Dr Zoidberg groans.]

Fry: [Edited beep] Hey I spoke my first beep! [Emotional] This is the happiest day of my life!


[Scene: Planet Express Meeting Room. Fry walks up to the calendar with a supermodel picture of a giant blob and crosses out another day. It is now three days until the first gig. Fry walks over to Dr Zoidberg who is stood on a table looking down at Leela, who has a clipboard in her hands.]

Leela: Okay Zoidberg, it is three days until the first gig which is ironically in New New York City so stop acting like you're producing a new album and actually work!

Dr Zoidberg: I have been working… [Strokes his blonde hair] …On my hair style! [Fake laugh] But seriously I know two songs now! Two songs should be a good gig right?

Fry: Well here is the order of gigs and song stuff. If you're a crap band, you play 10 songs. If you're a great but not famous band, you play 20 songs. If you're a legendary rockstar you still have to play 5 songs.

Leela: Yeah and actually know the guitar tunes as well!

[We cut to Dr Zoidberg who has a grand piano situated on the table. He is playing it.]

Dr Zoidberg: [Smug] And what am I playing at the moment?

Leela: A piano.

[Dr Zoidberg groans.]

[Scene: Unknown. All you can see is Bender's head!]

Bender: Ready… Set… GO!!!

[Suddenly we get a shot of Bender with Amy in her wheelchair and Hermes with the Professor in his wheelchair. Both Bender and Hermes let go of the wheelchairs and they roll down a massive hill. Amy screams while Professor snores. Bender and Hermes wave to them.]

Hermes: See you at the office!

Bender: Hey do you want to put on a bet? First wheelchair to pass the bench wins twenty bucks?

Hermes: Yeah sure… [Puts his hand out straight away] Give me twenty bucks now.

Bender: What??? When did the Professor pass the bench?

Hermes: Five seconds before you made the bet.

Bender: Ugh crap!

[Scene: Outside Madison Cube Garden. Establishing the scene as people queue up outside the arena.]

[Scene: Inside Madison Cube Garden. We're in Dr Zoidberg's locker room where the whole crew is there. Dr Zoidberg looks so nervous that the steam is leaking out of his shell!]

Leela: So do you remember the strategy for tonight right?

Dr Zoidberg: Yeah of cause… I don't have a clue!

Leela: Ugh… the first three songs will be you legitimately playing. Then it will be four songs mimed before Bender starts to throw stuff at you, giving you an excuse to cheese it!

Dr Zoidberg: Ah I got it… No I haven't!

Leela: Ugh!

[We cut over to Amy who sat in her wheelchair on her teeny, tiny mobile phone.]

Amy: Yes Doctor… You say I can come out of my wheelchair tomorrow hopefully for ever? Hooray!!!... Yes I do realise my nail has cost me any chance of insurance now… So Doctor how old and rich are you then-- that's strange, my mobile was cut off!

[Bender walks up to her.]

Bender: So Amy… you're out of the wheelchair tomorrow?

Amy: Yep. Great huh?

Bender: Yes.

[Close up on his eyes where you can see he is crying!!! The screen then goes white as Bender remembers the good times he has had with Amy in a wheelchair. There are memories of the hobo conversation and Amy rolling down the hill. Then there are more memories like Bender making out with the wheelchair with Amy sat in the corner reading: 'Boys Galore' magazine, Amy tipping over sideways in the PE Lounge and Bender simply laughing at her and finally the memory of Bender driving Amy's wheelchair into Cubert and Cubert flying across the room. The screen then goes normal again with Bender still crying.]

Bender: The good times have gone!

[Cut back over to the rest of the crew.]

Fry: So Dr Z, are you playing any places like [Zoidberg impression] Wooboobobo [Normal voice] during the tour? [Laughs] Man I'm hilarious.

Dr Zoidberg: Yes I am playing in Wooboobobo when the third moon is parallel to Neptune next!

Fry: Oh… good for you! [Uncomfortable pause] Hey Leela, do you wanna make out in the shower?

Leela: Maybe later!

[Scene: Madison Cube Garden Arena. The crowds are in. On the stage is a large green monster with pink spots all over his back. He is stood at the microphone.]

Monster: Testing… [Taps microphone] One, Two! [He suddenly eats the microphone in one go, burping afterwards] Mmm… tasty!

[Cut to: Madison Cube Garden Backstage. Dr Zoidberg looks at an angle to see that there are a lot of people in the arena. Zoidberg sighs before messing about with his hair again. Then a stage hand walks to him.]

Stage Hand: Hey Zoid, you've got one minute!

Dr Zoidberg: Thank you inferior mortal!

[Zoidberg turns around to where the whole crew are.]

Dr Zoidberg: Well this is it, the point where I go and become famous and leave you guys behind forever and ever.

Leela: Just stick to the plan and dreams of you being famous and the ship not smelling of rotten tomatoes can finally come true!

[Dr Zoidberg launches at Leela and hugs her. Leela pushes him away.]

Leela: I was wrong… you smell like rotten cheese!

Stage Hand: [Off Camera] Zoid, you're on!

[Dr Zoidberg heads towards the stage while the crew cheer.]

Bender: Go on Zoid, break a leg!

Amy: Or a nail, like me!

[Cut to: Madison Cube Garden Arena. The crowd are cheering as the lights go out.]

[Cut to: Backstage. Leela puts on the tape recorder.]

[Cut to: Arena. The lights come on and Dr Zoidberg runs out onto the stage pretending to play a guitar. The crowd jump up and down as Zoidberg pretends to do a guitar solo.]

[Cut to: Backstage. Leela and Fry are smiling.]

Leela: It's working!

[Cut to: Arena. Zoidberg walks up to the microphone. The tune still plays as he coughs and sings.]

Dr Zoidberg: [Miming] You know mama squid said,
That I'd end up on the dole,
But I showed her wrong as I'm
In rock 'n'
[Beeping sound] roll.
[Speaking properly] Mmm… rolls! I love rolls especially if it contains chocolate.

[The crowd get confused as the player keeps on playing.]

[Cut to: Backstage. View of tape recorder.]

Recorder: [Playing] Rock 'n' roll!
Yeah I'm in rock 'n' roll.
Blasting out tunes that will make you curl,
Twenty-four-seven all round the world!

[Cut to: Arena. The crowd get pissed and start to boo and hiss at Dr Zoidberg. The music fades as Zoidberg starts to eat the microphone.]

Dr Zoidberg: Rolls, they taste SO good! Even when it's a microphone roll!

[Suddenly there is a cheer.]

[Cut to: Backstage. Fry looks shocked.]

Fry: Oh my god, that guy behind Zoidberg has the same shell as him!

Leela: It's The Zoid!

[Cut to: Arena. The Zoid stands behind Dr Zoidberg looking pissed.]

Dr Zoidberg: Eh? Wha? Why with the cheering?

[Dr Zoidberg turns around and gets clocked on the head by The Zoid's claw. The crowd cheer as Zoidberg comically falls to the floor.]

Dr Zoidberg: I guess I can't play in Wooboobobo anymore then?

The Zoid: Nope!

[Scene: Planet Express Living Room. Amy (who is now standing again!) is looking out of the window while Hermes, Leela and Fry at sat on the couch. Bender meanwhile is sat next to the table. Dr Zoidberg enters wearing his traditional attire!]

Dr Zoidberg: Good news everybody, my new shell came this morning.

[No one is bothered though. They just grumble between themselves.]

Dr Zoidberg: And while putting it on, I noticed something. Isn't it odd how every single situation we get into will be fixed up and then nothing has happened it will be like?

[The camera pans across the room. Leela and Fry are holding hands, Hermes is polishing his grade 37 bureaucrat badge and Bender is polishing his five Olympic medals, all actions from situations the crew have got up to. This contradicts what Zoidberg said]

Dr Zoidberg: Well all I can say is that I am back to do surgery… And 45% of the time, the surgery is successful I tell you! Now if you excuse me, Scruffy is downstairs in my office and yours truly is gonna fix his headache problems. [Dr Zoidberg pulls a hammer from his waistcoat.] Ah this should do it! [Zoidberg scuttles away] Wooboobobo!

[Dr Zoidberg exits. We cut to Leela and Fry who look lovingly into each other's eyes again. They hold hands and all of that stuff too.]

Leela: You know this has be the first in millions of adventures we'll have together.

Fry: Yeah together. Leela, I love you.

[Leela giggles. There is a long pause after that.]

Fry: Erm… could you guys give us a couple of minutes?

[Hermes stands up and follows Amy to the door. Bender accidentally sticks his foot out and Amy falls over. She then holds onto her hand.]

Amy: Ow! My nail! I think it's broken!

Bender: YES!!! [Standing up] I'll get the wheelchair!

[Bender exits the room giggling in excitement.]

[Closing credits.]