Fan Fiction

Two Guys, a Girl and a Robot's Apartment
By Marissa

A scene in Leela`s bedroom. Leela is asleep, only her face is shown. There is a hoot and a flash of feathers across the screen. Huh? she says and wakes up. She screams and the camera backs up fast to show her bed covered and destroyed by tons of owls.

Cut to planet express. Fry, Bender, Dr. Zoidberg, Amy and the Professor are seated around a table.

Professor: Good, everyone`s here

Fry: No, Leela`s missing

Professor: That`s her right here

Fry: Uh, Professor, that`s a plant

Professor: Oh, uh, well that`s ........

Before he can say anything else Leela walks in. Her hair is tangled and her clothes ripped. A couple feathers fly through the air. (she looks as though she was attacked by owls) Everyone looks shocked and concerned, except Bender.

Bender: So who`s up for a game of poker?

Futurama theme

Fry and Bender are sitting on the couch. All my circuits is herd in the background.

Monique: Calculon! I thought you were in jail!

Leela walks in carrying a tray of beer, pizza, and robot oil.

Leela: Just thought you guys could use some snacks

Bender: All right what do you want?

Leela: I need to move in with you guys for a few days.

Bender: Wait wait wait. Run that by me again.

Leela: I need to move in with you guys for a few days.

Bender: I just don`t understand this. What do you want again?

Fry: Why?

Leela: My apartment is infested with owls and I need a place to stay for a couple days while they sonic bomb it.

Fry: But why us?

Leela: Hermes in on vacation and Dr. Zoidberg has some scary problems, so I`m stuck with you.

Fry: Well, alright

Leela: Could you stop by my place later and help pick up my stuff?

Cut to the hallway outside Leela`s apartment. Leela enters code into a keypad and the door opens. They go through the door and show Leela`s apartment for the first time. It is huge and luxurious.

Fry: How much more do you make than me again?

While being chased by an owl, Nibbler runs up and jumps in Leela`s arms.

Leela: You guys can take the stuff over there

Fry and Bender follow her hand to a huge pile of bags and groan. Cut to Fry and Bender`s apartment that night. They are sitting on the couch from the third episode watching TV. Nibbler is seated in Leela`s lap. Bender is drinking a beer.

Calculon: It`s over Monique

Monique: But what about the baby!

Leela: Well it`s getting late. Better get to bed so we can wake up early to go to work tomorrow.

Bender and Fry look at each other and burst into laughter.

Fry and Bender: PARTY!!!!!

Close in on their clock. The time is ten thirty, fades to midnight. Fry and Bender are doing crazy things like crashing into each other and breaking dishes while Leela is in a sleeping bag in the corner trying to get some rest. She groans and puts on a one-eyed sleeping mask.

The next morning at planet express. Bender, Fry, and Leela walk into the room. Bender and Fry are chattering about last night and Leela looks exhausted.

Professor: Today you`ll be delivering a crate of dog collars to the planet Pluto.

Leela: I`m not sure if I can make the delivery today. I didn`t get much sleep last night.

Professor: Oh, fuff. Sure you can.

Quick flash to planet express ship. It`s out of control because Leela`s asleep and Bender, Fry, and Amy are screaming Ahhhhhhh! We`re gonna die!

Cut to Fry and Bender`s apartment later in the day. Leela is playing with Nibbler and Fry is eating Bachlor chow.

Bender: Well I`m off...

All: ...to get drunk

Bender leaves and a couple seconds pass.

Leela: Fry! Could you chew a little softer? It`s annoying!

Fry: It`s my apartment, I do what I want.

Leela: But I`m your guest!

Fry: You invited yourself!

Leela: I just want some respect from you.

Fry: Respect? [mumbles] Like you ever give me any.

Leela: Do you know how many times I`ve saved your life?

Fry: I never asked you to!

Leela: Oh yeah? What about all the times you screamed "Leela! Help me!"

Fry: Well..... you still didn`t have to!

Leela: If that`s how you feel then get out!

Fry: Fine!

Fry storms out the door then stops.

Fry: Wait. This is my house! You........

Before he can finish Leela throws his jacket in his face and slams the door. Fry mumbles something and stamps down the hallway. Later that night Bender comes home somewhat confused.

Bender: Where`s Fry?

Leela: Oh, I never want to hear that name again. He was well, eating and I....... and then he...... Oh my god! What have I done! Now he`s out there and.......... don`t just stand there do something!

Bender: So.............. where is he?

Cut to the streets of NNY at night. Fry is walking along with his hands in his pockets.

Voice: Hey you!

Fry turns to see an alien working at a newsstand.

Guy: Yeah, you! A group of people came by lookin` fer ya. There was this one-eyed lady that seemed real worried. There was also this robot......

Fry: Was he worried about me too?

Guy: No, he stole fifty dollars and five porno magazines.

Back at planet express the next morning. The gang is sitting around the table looking worried. Fry walks in.

Leela: Fry! You`re Alright!

Bender: Hey, Meatbag!

Professor: Fry? How can you be here and over there at the same time?

Fry: Uh, professor? That`s a chair.

Leela: Well, I guess I`m moving out tomorrow.

Fry: So soon?

Leela: Yeah.

Bender: Group hug everybody!

All: Awwwww

After the hug Bender then runs out of the room

Fry: Hey! You stole my wallet!