Fan Fiction

The Kroker Family, part 3
By Rose Keeling

It had been a long a day. Kiff had been trying to keep his caption out of trouble but he ended up getting hurt but at lest he got the alone time with Amy before the kids got home. He knew it was only going to harder. After dinner he helped her do the dishes and other things she had to do.

It was the kids bedtime and they were tired except Carl how was always hard to put down to bed. He would always run from his father and hide from him. Kiff didn’t know where or how he could have all that energy even for a little boy. After getting Carl to go to sleep he went to bed himself. Amy was already in bed but reading a book, He got into bed and looked so wore out.

Amy: Kiff are you ok?

Kiff: Yes, but I finally know how my parents felt when they tried to get my sisters into bed.

Amy: Will….

Kiff: Amy are you ok?

Amy: Kiff I think it is time.

Kiff: For what?

She wanted to hit him for asking that. He finally got it and carried her to the van. He got the kids and left to the hospital. As she was breathing in and out slowly the kids looked worried but it wasn’t about their mom. It was about how things were going to change, with a new baby to them was a threat. Kiff never had to deal with a new baby brother or sister, he knew things were going to be hard but with time it would get better.

They finally got there and she was ready to deliver, as she pushed she wanted to kill him.

Kiff: Come on Amy! Just one more push, you can do it!

Amy: When this baby is out I am going to kill you!

Dr. Lynn: Just one more big push Mrs. Krocker.

She gave one more big push and heard crying; she looked uo and saw their baby. Kiff smiled and they kissed each other. The doctor handed her to them.

Kiff: Oh Amy she is so cute just like you my love.

Amy: She is perfect!

Kiff: What sould we name her?

Amy: How about Amina ? You know after your aunt ?

Kiff: Amina Krocker, I think that is just perfect.

Kiff put Bethany, Carl, and Dan in to meet their baby sister. Dan smiled, Bethany smiled, but Carl just looked at her and looked a little upset. After the nurse took Amina to the nursery Kiff took the kids to the waiting room. Kiff looked at Carl and looked worried about him.

Kiff: Carl are you ok?

Carl: What do you think?

Kiff: Why are you acting like this son?

Carl: Because , you will forget all about us and we will be the kids you had and never wanted!

Kiff: Carl. you are my son and we could never forget about you or you brother or sister.

Carl: Just leave me alone!

Carl ran to the other side of the room. Kiff went back to Amy’s room to see if see could talk to Carl. Amy knew Carl was made about Amina and had been since they found out about her being pregnant. Carl came in after Kiff left and looked at his mom; he was scared that they did care about him anymore, she picked him up and hugged him. He hugged her and looked like he had been crying,

Amy: Carl, I know what you are upset about.

Carl: You do?

Amy: Sweety, we could never forget about you or your brother and sister. We love you 3 to much.

Carl : Really? So you really mean it?

Amy: Yes, We do and we will love Amina the same .

Carl hugged his mom and smiled; Kiff hugged him and Carl smiled.

Carl: Dad, I’m sorry.

Kiff: It’s ok son.

Carl: You are not mad?

Kiff: No, if I was just like you when I was young.

Amy: You still are.

They just smiled and walked out of the room.