Fan Fiction

Return From the Deep South, Part 3
By Dwayne Anderson

Leela lay in bed that night, listening to the sounds in the room behind her. Obviously, Fry and Umbriel were making love again.

Just then, the phone rang.

Leela picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello, is a Bigbosom there?"


"Bigbosom. First name Iva?"

"Iva Bigbosom?"

"I already knew that my bosomy swan!"

Leela was very angry now.

"How many times do I have to tell you Zapp? Stop calling me!"

She slammed the phone down and unplugged the cord.

Unfortunately for Leela, she had failed to hear the weather broadcast on the radio.

"Shut your windows and lock your doors. Those in sunny Florida are expected to undergo a massive hurricane tonight!"

Suddenly, the walls on the side of Leela's room were ripped off. The radio was lifted up into the sky. Lightning lit up the sky.

"What's going on?" cried Leela.

In the room behind her, Fry and Umbriel had just finished making love for the third time, when suddenly, the roof was pulled off. A spectacular bolt of lightning lit up the sky.

"Whoa Fry!" cried Umbriel with delight. "You weren't kidding when you said you would turn me on!"

"Everyone up!" cried Leela from her room. "It's a hurricane!"

Everyone quickly got out of bed. Fry and Umbriel were the last to hear. They quickly put their clothes back on.

"To the ship!" said Leela. They all ran out the door and downstairs to the lobby.

The other residents of the motel ran out the front door to escape the swaying building. Finally it collapsed. Those who didn't escape were crushed.

Leela and the rest of the gang ran into the Planet Express ship. When everyone was inside, Leela took control and flew the ship back towards New New York.

However, in the winds of the hurricane, it was quite a rough ride. Everyone was thrown around, repeatedly slammed into the walls of the ship. Leela however continued to pilot the ship.

Finally, they were out of the hurricane.

"Man that was a rough ride!" said Leela. "Everyone ok?"

"Yes" said everyone.

However, someone was missing.

"Has anyone seen Umbriel?" asked Fry.

"I thought she was with you?" said Amy.

"She was!"

In the bathroom, they heard what sounded like someone choking and vomiting.

Fry knocked on the door. "Someone in there?"

Soon the door opened.

"Umbriel! You look awful!" said Fry. "Are you sick or something?"

"Yes" Umbriel choked.

"We'd better get her a doctor" said Zoidberg.

"Zoidberg you idiot!" said Amy. "You are a doctor!"

"Right. Sorry" said Zoidberg.

"I think we should get Umbriel another doctor!" said Fry. "And I know just where to go!"

Back in New New York, everyone was at the hospital. Leela knew this place. It was the same hospital where she had an operation to get two eyes. And sure enough, the doctor was Leela's former friend Adlai.

Because everyone had been banged up in the ride in the hurricane, Adlai checked up on everyone.

When he finished, he said "everyone appears to be fine, even despite several broken bones and bruises."

"Phew!" everyone sighed.

"Oh and one more thing" said Adlai. He pointed to Umbriel. "Young lady, you are pregnant."

Everyone gasped and looked at Umbriel.

"And according to the DNA tests, the proud father is Phillip J. Fry!"

"Fry?!" Leela cried.

"I've never felt so alive!" said a delighted Fry.

"Good!" said an angry Leela. "Cause I'm gonna kill you!"

She only took one step with her arms outstretched forth when Amy restrained her.

"So tell me Fry" said Adlai, "when did you and Umbriel last make love?"

"Just a few hours ago" said Fry.

"Well, that's exactly when you conceived" said Adlai.

"I remember the first time I made love to Umbriel" said Fry, "or at least tried to."


Umbriel and Fry and kissing in bed with the covers over them.

"What the hell is that?" asked Umbriel pointing down.

"Yeah I'm a little confused too" said Fry. "I mean, how I do I...you know... with the tail and all?"

"I'm not your first am I? I mean, I lay my eggs, then I leave, and you just release your fertilizer."

The next thing Fry knew, he was outside running.

"Why couldn't she have been the other type of mermaid?! With the fishy part on the top, and the lady part on the bottom?!"

(flashback ends)

"And according to today's technology, we can determine the baby's sex" said Adlai.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" asked Fry.

"It's a boy" said Adlai.

Leela fainted.

Fry was so excited. This was the best day of his life. And if it wasn't for Amy, it would also have been his last.

Of course, Fry was also confused. Why did Leela almost attack him like that? And what was he supposed to do now, since Umbriel was now carrying his child?

Back at Planet Express, Leela felt so angry and confused.

"Why?! Why did this happen? How could Fry be so happy when I'm so miserable?!"

"Why don't you just confront him and tell him how you feel about this?" asked Amy. "It can't hurt to tell someone how you feel. And besides, Fry is your friend. He'll probably ditch Umbriel now that she's pregnant, just like many teenage boys do."

"Well, ok" said Leela. "I'll do it!"

A little later, Leela was at the apartment building where Fry was living. Fortunately, Fry had left the door slightly ajar without noticing it.

Leela opened the door to find Fry and Umbriel on the couch facing each other. She gasped.

Fry was holding something in his hand. It was a small black box which he opened.

Inside was a beautiful diamond ring.

"Oh no!" Leela thought.

"Umbriel, will you marry me?" asked Fry.

"Oh Fry, of course I will!" said Umbriel.

Fry slipped the ring on Umbriel's finger. Then he noticed Leela.

"Oh hi Leela" he said. "Guess what? Me and Umbriel are tying the knot!"

A tear trickled down Leela's face out of her eye. Then she started cry, covering her face and running out of the room.

Fry was puzzled. "Was it something I said?" he asked.

To Be Continued