Fan Fiction

Return From the Deep South, Part 2
By Dwayne Anderson

Leela lay in bed that night, struggling to fall asleep. Questions raced through her head: What will I do if Fry falls in love with Umbriel again? Will I find love myself? Could me and Fry become more than just friends? When is Zapp going to stop persuing me?

Just then, the phone rang.

Leela reached over from her bed to her nightstand and picked it up.


"Hello. Is your refridgerator running?"

"Yes," said Leela.

"Well then, better catch it!" said the voice on the other end.

"Wait a minute," Leela said. "Zapp, this is you, isn't it?!"

"How did you know? Don't tell me, a lucky guess. Now, prepare yourself for phone talk intamacy!"

"Leave me alone, Zapp!" said Leela. "I'm trying to sleep! And don't call when I'm not sleeping, either!"

She slammed the phone down and went to sleep, pulling the covers under her bed. And to make sure Zapp didn't call again, she pulled the plug on her phone. She would plug it in again tomorrow morning.


The next morning, Fry opened his eyes. Wrapped in his arms was Umbriel.

Fry noticed three things about the current situation at hand. One, both he and Umbriel were naked. Two, their clothes were on the floor. And three, the bedsheets were a little wet.

Fry gently pinched some skin on Umbriel's back.

"Wake up, sleeping beauty," he said.

Umbriel opened her eyes.

"It's time to get up," said Fry. "Let's get dressed and go get breakfast."

He put on his underwear and socks, then climbed out of bed to get dressed.

As he dressed, he looked back behind him and snuck a peek at Umbriel as she climbed out of bed, her back facing him.

As he got dressed, Umbriel put on her bikini swimsuit, walked into the bathroom and went into the shower stall. She turned on the hot water, took the soap, and scrubbed her body all over. Then she took the shampoo and poured it into her hair before she rubbed it in.

Fry entered the bathroom, but stopped when he saw Umbriel in the shower stall. He suddenly had an idea. He quickly undressed and went over to the stall.

"You can have the shower soon, Fry," said Umbriel. "I'm almost done."

"Oh no you're not," Fry said with a smile, as he opened the stall, closing it behind him after he entered. Then he wrapped his arms around Umbriel and they began to kiss some more.


When they came out of the shower later, Fry and Umbriel dried themselves off. Fry got dressed again. Then he helped Umbriel get dressed.

"Now let's go get us some breakfast," said Fry.

Fry and Umbriel left the apartment building and walked down to Tiffany's.

Fry told the waitress, "We'll have some bagels with strawberry jam."

"Coming up," said the waitress.

A few minutes later, she came back with their order. Fry paid her and left a tip. Then he and Umbriel ate. When they finished, they left the restaurant.

"Well, it's time for me to get to the Planet Express," he told Umbriel. "Wanna come?"

"I'd go anywhere with you, Fry," said Umbriel.

A little later, they were seated around at the Planet Express table with the rest of the crew.

"So tell me," said Farnsworth, "what is she doing here?"

"It's a long story," said Fry. "Last night, me and Leela were on a date, when we saw her thrashing in the water. Apparently, she had just turned into a human and couldn't swim. It turns out that the caffeine in the water that had been spilled several years ago, when our ship sank, had been completely used up. The mermaids and mermen turned back into humans. Only Umbriel made it to the surface, while the others drowned."

"Are you finished yet?" asked Zoidberg.

"Yes," said Fry.

"Good," said Zoidberg. "Please repeat it, I wasn't listening."

"Where did she spend the night?" asked Leela.

"With me," said Fry.

"What?!" cried Leela. "Umbriel, say it isn't so!"

"It's true," said Umbriel with a smile. "I did spend the night with Fry. Since I couldn't afford a motel, and because Fry didn't have any spare beds, I slept with him. Last night, and this morning in the shower, Fry made such passionate love to me."

"What?!" cried Leela. "Fry, don't tell me you actually did it with her!"

"What's wrong, Leela?" asked Fry.

"What's wrong?!" cried Leela. "What's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong? First I help you bring her home and now you're falling for her! I should have just flown away when I had the chance!"

"Please, Leela," said Fry, "don't be so hard on Umbriel. She's the only one left of her people. And besides, last time, we had trouble in bed."

Amy, wanting to change the subject, asked Farnsworth, "so where are we delivering today?"

"We're not on duty today," said Farnsworth. "We haven't recieved any orders from anyone."

Just then, the phone rang. Leela answered it.

"Hello," she said.

"Hello," said a voice. "This is Haywood Youcuddleme."

"Haywood Youcuddleme?" asked Leela.

"With pleasure baby!" said the voice.

"Zapp! I told you, stop calling me!"

She slammed the phone down.

Fry was laughing hysterically. "Haywood Youcuddleme?! That's a good one!"

Soon, Umbriel started laughing, too. But unfortunately, they both leaned back too far in their chairs and fell back.

Leela stood and looked down at where they were.

"Fry?!" she cried with a look of surprise.

Fry looked up at her. Then it only took him a moment to know why Leela had looked at him like that.

When he and Umbriel had fallen to the floor, Fry had landed first. Umbriel had fallen out of her chair, and landed on Fry's lap. He now had his arms wrapped passionately around her.

Then he noticed that one of his hands was touching the side of Umbriel's left breast.

"Sorry," he apologized to Umbriel as he released her. He helped her up, and they got back on their chairs.

"So I guess we get a day off today," said Amy.

"You got it," said Farnsworth. "You're all free to do as you please!"

"Well, I'm going to the beach with Umbriel," said Fry. "Who else wants to come?"

Everyone rose their hands, except Leela.

"Come on, Leela, it will be fun," said Fry.

With a sigh, Leela raised her hand.


A little later, the Planet Express ship flew off towards the beach. Everyone dressed in their swiming suits, including Umbriel.

As Umbriel began to walk down the ramp, Fry stopped her.

"Whoa, Umbriel," he said, "you'll have to put this on." He held up a bottle of sunscreen lotion.

"Would you mind rubbing it on me?" asked Umbriel.

Fry smiled. "Oh yeah, baby," he said in a seductive manner.

Soon, Fry was back inside the Planet Express ship rubbing the lotion all over Umbriel. He rubbed the lotion on every part of the body, including her legs, arms, stomach, face, back, shoulders, neck, feet, even the uncovered sections of her breasts received a thin layer of lotion.

"OK, you're ready," said Fry, as he began to rub lotion on himself.

A little later, they were all on the beach. Amy, Leela, Fry, and Umbriel were lying on folding chairs. Bender was frying hotdogs. Hermes and Farnsworth were flying a kite.

As Leela expected, Fry and Umbriel sat side by side in two separate chairs.

"Amy, I think you were wrong when you said Fry would fall for Umbriel again," she said.

"OK, so maybe I am wrong," said Amy. "But, that's still no reason for you to be jealous of Fry and Umbriel. They make quite a pair."

Leela frowned.

"Or not," said Amy.

Bender began passing out hotdogs to everyone.

"Eat'em while they're hot!" he said.

As he handed Umbriel her hog dog, the meat fell out, and landed in her bikini top, settling between her breasts.

"Whoops," said Bender. Then he pulled out his camera and took a picture.

Nibbler saw the snack and raced up to Umbriel. Then he leaped up.

"Uh oh! Deja vu!" said Amy.

Fry caught Nibbler just as he grabbed the hog dog. He pulled Nibbler away and handed him to Leela. Then he carefully and slowly began to pull the hot dog out of Umbriel's cleavage.

"Fry, hurry or I'll get burned!" she cried.

At last, Fry pulled out the hot dog. Then he tossed it to Nibbler, who caught it in his mouth.

"You OK?" Fry asked Umbriel. "Do you want some ice?"

"A little," said Umbriel.

Fry gave her an ice cube from his fruit punch drink. She stuffed it into her bikini top in her cleavage.

"Oooh! That's better!" she squeeled with delight.

As Fry sat back down, something caught his eye on the sand.

"What's this?" he asked as he picked it up.

"It's an oyster!" said Amy.

Fry opened the oyster. Inside, he found the most beautiful round pearl.

His friends oohed and awed.

Fry took the pearl. "For you, Umbriel," he said as he gave it to her.

"Awww thanks, Fry," said Umbriel as she took it into her hands..

Leela groaned.

"Leela, are you jealous?" asked Amy.

"In a word, yes," said Leela.

Since they still hadn't received any orders, they all decided to get a motel room here.


Later that night, when everything was quiet, Fry and Umbriel snuck out to the beach in their swimsuits and sandals.

"OK, Umbriel," he told her, "the beach is all ours!"

It was a beautiful night out for them. They ran through the shallows holding hands, built a sandcastle in the light of the moon, and finally, Fry carved their names into a tree, surrounded by a heart.

Suprisingly, Umbriel was now used to having legs as she could run through the shallows without stumbling.

"Umbriel, these last twenty-four hours have been the best time of my life."

"Mine too," said Umbriel.

The next thing Fry and Umbriel knew, they were both in a passionate embrace, kissing, and lying down on the sand. They rolled around in the sand and through the shallows.

Fry had never been happier in all his life. Umbriel had never received this kind of love before from anyone.

After they were finished, they snuck back to their motel room and went back to bed, still in their swimming suits. Fry turned out the lamp as Umbriel snuggled up to him. He wrapped his arms around her and fell asleep, in a passionate embrace.


To Be Continued