Fan Fiction

Resident Leela, Part 2
By Max Bellamy

Note: This is when the Zombie parodies come in, From "Dawn Of The Dead" to "Shaun Of The Dead".

Scene: Planet Express.

Fry, Leela and Bender are back at planet express with the professor. Fry continues to struggle with his newfound zombification.

Fry: Alright Prof, what's the big idea? Why am I like this?

Professor: Well, when doing some random tests on you, I discovered that you are lacking the delta brainwave!

Fry: Eh?

Professor: You see, when a zombie bites you, it automatically attacks the delta brainwave. Since it wasn't there, your body goes zombie, but your brain doesn't.

Bender: Neat.

Leela: Well, I least I don't have to blame myself for Fry's "Death"

Professor: Actually, since your gun ran out of ammo, and you couldn't save Fry, you sorta do.

Leela: Gee, thanks.

Professor: No matter. I already have the antidote.

Fry: Alright! Wait. How did you know there is an antidote?

Bender: Yeah, it seems like we're not getting the whole story Professor.

Professor: Oh, fuff. I knew this would happen.

Leela: Well?

Professor: You see, MOM created a virus that can bring dead cells back to life. They called it "The Z Virus". Just 24 hors ago, one of MOM's sons knocked over the vial, and the virus was released. Since you were three were still here, and I needed you, I sprayed the whole building with a knockout gas, so you wouldn't be able to breath in the virus.

Leela: Why didn't you just put on a gasmask.

Professor: I only had one.

Leela: That still doesn't explain how I temporarily lost my memory.

Professor: When you fell from the shower, you hit your head on the ground.

Leela: Oh. Hey! You were watching?

Professor: I'm 160 years old, what do i care what you think? Fry, do you want the antidote?

Fry: Well, I have nothing bettert to do.

Farnsworth quickly sprays Fry with the antidote. Fry's skin begins to reform and his limbs are coming back together.

Fry: Zam!

Professor: Now Leela, I giving this spray to you. If anyone is infected, spray them as soon as possible.

Leela: Right.

Suddenly, Zombies bust throught the wall.

Fry: What the hell?

Bender: Talk later! RUN NOW!!!

They all run into the P.E ship. Leela hears a scream and Leela turns around. The Professor is being devoured by the zombies.

Leela: Farnsworth!

Professor: Avenge my zombification!

He is draged into the crowd and disappears. Leela runs into the ship and almost instantaniously, Fry is at the controls and takes off. The zombies moan in dissapointment and walk off.

Scene: P.E Ship:

Fry and Bender are inside the cockpit. Leela runs in.

Fry: Leela! Thank god! Wait, where's the Professor?

Leela: He didn't make it.

Fry puts his head down and mourns. He then takes back his tears, knowing that now is not the time.

Fry: Well, at least we have enough dark matter to.....

Ship: Warning! Out of dark matter?

Bender: What does that mean?

Leela: We're out of dark matter!

Bender: We're gonna crash!!

Fry: We're going to crash alright! Into the mall!

The ship falls and crashes into the mall.

Scene: Wrecked Ship:

The ship is wrecked. Fry, Leela and Bender crawl out of the wreckage. Bender is fine, but Leela and Fry are bleeding, but not serious.

Bender: You meatbags okay?

Fry: I think so. What about you Leela?

Leela: My head hurts.

Fry: What about the vial?

Leela looks down and sees the vial has shattered into millions of peices.

Fry: Are we boned?

Leela: We're mega boned.

Voice: Alright you punks! Put up your hands!

Fry, Leela and Bender turns around and see Smitty, along with URL, pointing their guns at them.

Fry: Oh come on!

Leela: What did we do?

URL: Crashing into a mall, a damn shame.

Leela: Oh please! Zombies are loose in the city and you two are still arresting people?

URL: Damn straight.

Leela jump kisck the two and knocks their guns away. Fry and Bender pick them up and point the at Smitty and URL.

Smitty: I never thought they'd do that.

Leela: Well, you thought wrong.

Fry: Are there any other survivors?

Smitty: Right this way.

The group walks. They stop at a small group of survivors. Morbo, Zoidberg, Linda, Morbo and Michelle. The other three they have never seen before. One seems to be wearing a raggedy store shirt, complete with a name tag. The other, is quite large with a T-shirt that says "I Got Wood" and the other, is a blonde girl.

Leela: Who are you guys?

Shaun: Well, my name is Shaun, this is Ed and my girlfriend Liz.

Liz: 'Hello.

Bender and Ed inspect each other. They look up and down, from left to right. They both pull out a beer and drink.

Ed: Are you a robot?

Bender: Yep.

Ed: Cool.

Fry: So, how'd you end up in this mess?

Shaun: Well, we came here on vacation, when we got here, the city was filled with these buggers. But that's not a problem.

Leela: What do you mean?

Shaun: We fought these things before.

Fry: You mean the zombies?

Shaun: Don't call them that.

Fry: What?

Shaun: That.

Fry: What?

Shaun: THAT.

Fry: Oh, what should I call them?

Shaun: The living impared.

Fry: That's no fun.

Leela: Continue.

Shaun: We fought these things before, even Ed became a zombie.

Bender: How'd you get better?

Liz: After a while, we finally came up with an antidote.

Leela: Is there any left?

Liz: No. Ed thought is was beer and drank it all.

Ed: I was thirsty.

Michelle walks up.

Michelle: Um, it's nice that we all met, but do you guy know how we get out of here?

Fry: See that wrecked ship? That's the only way out. Now if you know how to get a ship back up and running, please tell me.

Michelle walks away angrily.

Ed: What bug went up her ass?

Fry: That's just my old girlfriend. She was all demanding and posessive.

Ed makes a whipping sound. Ed and Shaun and Bender laugh. Shaun then looks at Liz and stops.

Shaun: Sorry.

Leela: How'd you end up in the mall?

Shaun: We were shopping. When we heard about the outbreak, we decided to hide here.

Zoidberg: Then your ship came in, what a spectacular crash. You were like "Ahhhhh!", and we were like "WHOAAAA!"

Hermes: And I was like "Shut up or I'll throw you outside with the zombies!"

Morbo: Morbo agrees! Muahahaha!

Linda: Ha ha ha. It may look like the apocolypse, but at least we get to shop.

Fry: Shop, mop! We have to get out of here!(Looks to the left) Oh, cricket bats!

Bender: Alright! Shovels!

Shaun: Yes! Come on Ed!

Ed: Oh Fine.

The gang runs into the store to get some zombie bashing tools. Leela and Liz look at each other.

Liz: Are they always like this?

Leela: I could ask you the same thing.

Later. Everyone is stitting in the food court. Fry is making burgers at "McBurger", while Bender is in the liquor store, smoking and drinking with Ed.

Shaun: So um, Leela. I have a question.

Leela: Is it about my eye?

Shaun: Yes.

Leela: Let me answer the question for you, I'm a mutant. Okay?

Shaun: Okay. That explains a lot.

Michelle: Ugh, I'm so bored! I'm going to the make up store!

Fry: If you get zombified, don't come crying to us!

Scene: Savani Make Up Salon

Michelle is walking around the make up store. Picking up some hair dye and some curlers. Suddenly, she hears a noise.

Michelle: Hello? Is anyone there.

She slowly creeps around. A gowling noise from the bathroom is heard. She creeps towards the door. She slowly opens the door. Behind it is a bunch of dogs eating a mans face. Michelle gasps. The dogs look at her. She runs as fast as she can. She drops her supplies. Bad move, the dye falls at her foot and she trips and falls. The dogs grabs her legs and pull her into the bathroom. She screams as the door closes shut.

Scene: Food Court

Everyone hears Michelle scream.

Fry: Oh, great! The food is done to.

Leela: Come on.

Zoidberg: I'll just stay here.

Ed: Pansy.

Everyone leaves Zoidberg behind.

Scene: Make up place

Everyone(Except Zoidberg) walk in.

Fry: I don't mean to sound like a cliche but, Zoinks!

Everyone hears the growling noises from the bathroom.

Morbo: You humans are weaklings! I'll open it!

Shaun: Umm, I wouldn't do that.

Morbo ignores Shaun and opens the door. The dogs are finishing up on Michelle's body, or what's left of it since it's all over the place. The dogs lunge at morbo and takes a chunk of his ginormous brain. Green goop goes everywhere as he screams. Everyone else screams too. Fry and Shaun take out their cricket bats and beat the dog off of Morbo. Another dog goes flying at Fry.

Shaun: Look out!

Fry turns around and swings at the flying dog. Direct hit. The dog goes flying out the store and hits the edges of the escalator, sending dog peices everywhere. Bender and Ed join in with their shovels and kill the remaining dogs. All the dogs are dead. Shaun, Fry, Ed and Bender pant in exhaustion. Fry looks at Shaun.

Fry: You got red on you.

Shaun: You got green on you.

Fry: Green? Oh my god. Morbo!

Fry runs to Morbo. He sees that Linda is already there, crying over his body.

Fry: Shaun?

Shaun: Yeah?

Fry: You know what happens when someone is bitten right?

Shaun: Right.

Fry walks up to Linda.

Fry: Linda, move.

Linda: What?

Morbo wakes up and growls. Fry pushes Linda out of the way and bashes Morbo's face in with the cricket bat. Linda screams and punches Fry.

Linda: How dare you! You killed him!

Fry: He was already dead! For a news reporter, you don't know jack about this stuff!

Leela: When someone is bitten by anything infected, it will become one of them.

Linda: He commited murder! Officers, arrest him!

Smitty: Come on you punk!

Fry: You can try.

Shaun: You'll have to get through me first.

Smitty and URL stand back. They pull out their light clubs. They charge at Fry and Shaun. They get their clubs knocked out of their hands. Smitty and URL can't beleive it. Bender deactivates the clubs and puts them in his chest compartment.

Fry: This is no time for battling each other. The enemy is out there, and we're trying to keep them from coming in. We have to find more weapons around here. In the morning, the lights will automatically come on, giving us some light. Then we'll find a way to beat this problem.

Shaun: Works for me.

Smitty: Fine then. Truce?

Fry: Truce.


Stay tuned. Another part should come. And the wait won't be a year this time.