Fan Fiction

Resident Leela
By Max Bellamy

Note: I just came up with the silliest title. Anyway, the fic is based on Resident Evil and House Of The Dead and other stupid horror movies.

Scene: Planet Express - Night.

Darkness. Well not really. Anyway, lights are flickering off and on. A strange figure is laying down in the anti-chemical shower. Her eye opens. She gets up wonder where she is (and why she's naked.) She quickly puts on a familiar tank top and pants and walks around. The entire Planet Express building is in ruins. She panics and runs to the TV area. She sees a young man with red hair laying on the couch sleeping.

Leela: Hey! Wake up!

Leela shakes the man around and then he wakes up.

Fry: Uhhh...Man. Leela?

Leela: Who?

Fry: Leela, did you get konked on the head or something? Your name is Leela.

Leela: Who are you?

Fry: I'm Fry! Duh! You know, the man who just asked you out 1 hour ago.

Leela: I'm so confused.

Fry: I'm losing the plot myself. Hey, what the hell happend here? Did I miss something fun?

Leela: Fry, or whatever your name is, do you remember anything?

Fry: Remember? Like 1 hour ago, I asked you if you wanted to go see "Halloween 20: Will it never end?" with me and you said yes. So you went to that shower in the docking bay over there . Then I got tired for some reason and fell asleep. Now I'm being yelled at by you. Where's Bender?

Leela: Whose Bender?

Fry: That's it! (He shakes Leela around) Leela! It's me Fry! Can you hear me!?

Leela punches Fry in the face. Fry gets back up.

Fry: Ok. That hurt.

A metal figure walks into the room. It's Bender. He shakes his head around.

Bender: Oh.....your.....god.

Fry: Bender? What's wrong?

Bender: I was walking home, but then I randomly shut down. Now I have the biggest migrane. What's wrong with you?

Fry: Well, Leela can't remember a thing about me, or you.

Bender: How can she not remember me?

Leela: Who are you?

Bender: Ok. I'll makes her remember.

He hits Leela over the head, kocking her out.

Fry: BENDER!!!

Bender: Oops. A little too hard.

Scene: Leela's dream.

She's back at the PE building. It looks like normal now. She looks at a glowing red door. She walks towards it carefully. She turns the knob and more light appears. Leela then swings it open to see Fry and Bender. Leela then recognizes their faces and remembers them.

Leela: Oh. Fry! I'm so glad to see you!

Fry looks at her with a happy look. She smiles back but her smile disappears quickly as Fry suddenly turns into a disgusting creature and lunges at her.

Scene: Back At PE

Leela wakes up suddenly and sees Fry looming over her.

Fry: Leela? Are you ok?

Leela screams and puches him in the same exact spot she punched him last time.

Fry: OH JESUS CHRIST! You're back I see.

Leela: Don't ever do that to me again, Fry!

Fry: Say what?

Leela: (Stops herself) Nothing, just bad dream.

Fry: Do you remember who I am?

Leela: Of course, you're Phillip J. Fry.

Fry: Glad to know your OK.

Leela: How long was I out?

Fry: Only 30 minutes. Bender hit you pretty hard.

Leela: Why did he hit me?

Fry: You were suffuring a case of the cuckoo's and you didn't remember me and Bender. I tried to shake you out of, but then you punched me in the face.

Leela: Sorry.

Fry: Eh, you hit me before, I don't really mind anymore.

Bender walks in.

Bender: Hey chump and chumpette. Glad to see your awake. Have you see the out side lately? Because it's really messed up.

Leela and Fry get up and they go outside. The whole city is in ruins.

Leela: What the hell happened?

Fry: Hey! The theater I wanted to take you is ruined!

Leela: Never mind that Fry, look at the city.

Fry: Jeezz. Looks kinda like Old New York.

Bender: I bet the mutants got out an wrecked the city.

Fry: I Doubt it.

Leela: In any case, it looks like something might be out there, so lets go get some weapons.

Fry: There's a whole bunch in Hermes locker.

Scene: Locker room

Leela breaks open Hermes locker. There are a WHOLE bunch of weapons in the locker.

Bender: Why would Hermes store a whole bunch of weapons in his locker.

Fry: Do you think he wanted to kill us?

Leela; If he wanted to, he would've pressed that ejection button along with our parallel selves in it.

Fry: Well, that's true.

They load up all the weapons. They put the rest in Bender's chest cabinet.

Bender: Hey! I'll get heavy with that stuff in there!

Leela: Oh please! Your 508 pounds as it is and you can take being 600.

Fry: Let's go.

Scene: New New York

The gang walks along the streets. They see fallen skyscrapers and burning cars. Cats run across them.

Leela: This place is creepy, and it takes a lot to creep me out.

Fry: Well let's hope it gets less creepy.

A trashcan falling is heard. They turn around to see a dark figure standing 10 feet behind them. It has a similar soullette of a certain space captain.

Leela: Too late. Zapp! What are you doing here? (No answer) Zapp.

The figure walks toward her. It's Zapp alright, but he's not human. He seems to be disgusting zombie. He grabs her and is about to bite her until suddenly, his head explodes and he falls to the ground dead. Leela turns around to see Fry fired the shot.

Leela: Fry, you shot zombie Zapp.

Fry: He was a zombie?

Suddenly zombies come around surounding them.

Leela: Oh crap.

Bender: It's bendering time.

They all fire their guns at the zombies. They explode with their guts flying everywhere and stuff. Every round is a bullseye. The zombies all fall down.

Fry: Yes! There all dead!

Leela looks at Fry and has a look of horror.

Leela: Fry! Look out!

Fry turns around and sees a zombified Amy come charging at him.

Fry: Amy?

Zombie Amy tries to bite him but Fry tries to push her away from him. Leela and Bender try to shoot her, but the ammo is out.

Fry: What are you waiting for? Shoot her!

But it was too late, Amy bites into Fry's neck. Fry let's out the biggest scream he has ever done and falls to the ground. Leela reloads and Shoots Amy dead. Leela drops her gun and runs to Fry.

Leela: Fry no!

Fry: (Weakly) Leela......go...

Fry closes his eyes and dies. Leela sobs over his body. Bender comes up behind her.

Bender: He's gone Leela. He told us to go, so let's go.

Leela weakly gets up like she just been shot with a bullet and walks away. Her and Bender both stop in an alleyway. Leela sits down while Bender whistles his Globetrotters tune. Leela sheds a tear, blaming herself for Fry's death. Bender goes up to her.

Bender: It's OK Leela, I'm sure he'll com back in some other form.

Leela: I just wish I could have Fry back.

Voice: What are you talking about?

Leela and Bender look and see Fry (!) standing before them. But his king is peeling and blood trickles from his neck. Bender and Leela scream.

Fry: Whoa! What's going on!

Leela: Fry! You're a zombie!

Fry: A what?

Leela: A ZOMBIE!!!!!

Fry: How could I be a zombie? Shouldn't I try to be eating your brains?

Leela: I don't know.

Fry: I don't even believe I am a zombie. I feel normal. (Fry's eye immedietly falls out of his socket. Fry picks it up and puts it back in.) Ok. That wasn't normal.

Leela: How could this happen?

Voice: Oh, I could explain that.

Bender: What the?

A figure walks out from the shadows. It's Professor.

Leela: Professor?

Bender: Professor?

Fry: Profes----(Fry's jaw falls out. He picks it up and puts it back on.)--or?



Well, wasn't that gross. Anyway, hoped you liked that. I'll be back with part 2, with even more gross out gags!