Fan Fiction

Re-booted, Part 2
By Mattybwoy


Sorry it took so long to get this in folks. I should have got it in sooner, but the floppy disk I had the story on got chucked across the room. I really should remember that they are fragile things...



The sky was getting redder and redder. The crew panicked. Leela looked out the window. Cars were spinning out of control, buildings were collapsing. In the distance, a tall, horrfying figure was destroying the city.

"OK, everybody into the ship!" Leela yelled. They ran into the ship and braced themselves. It was going to be a hell of a ride. Leela sat down and pushed a few buttons. Within seconds, the PE ship was out of the building.

Just as they were about to leave Earth's atmosphere, they felt a massive BUMP. The windows smashed and the ship was zooming back to Earth.

"Quick! Everybody jump out!" Leela shouted.

Hermes grabbed Bender and everyone jumped onto one of the remaining building. Leela grabbed Nibbler and the Professor and jumped onto a different building. The PE ship hit the ground and exploded.

Nibbler looked up and gasped.

"Oh my Nibbolian god!" he stammered. "He has transformed!"

"Who has?" Leela asked, shouting, as it was too noisy for Nibbler to hear her speak normaly. The rest of the PE crew ran over to them.

"Fry!" Nibbler replied. "Now he will destroy Earth!"

Leela looked up at the monster. "THAT'S Fry!!?"

"Yes!" Nibbler answered. "And we must leave Earth before he destroys it!"

"Isn't there any way to stop him?" Amy asked.

"I do not know," Nibbler said. "But there probably isn't."

Just then, Fry roared. He turned towards the crew. He stomped towards them. The building shook. The Professor lost his balance, and slipped off.

"Professor!" Leela yelled, as he fell towards the ground.

The Professor was old and feeble. He was not wearing the armour he had invented, or any other type of protection.

He was killed on impact.

The crew had no time to mourn. The ran into the building and ran down the stairs. The building kept shaking. It was falling apart. The crew was hoping for an exit, but on their way they spotted something much better.

A room stacked with space ships.

The crew ran into one of the ships. The only one that worked - but Hermes found a problem with it.

"Rats." Hermes muttered, "It's pink."

"I think it looks kinda cute," Amy said.

"The same colour as my velour tunics," Zapp said.

Leela wanted to get out the building right away, but there wasn't an opening in the roof. They would have to fly through the building.


The ship lifted off the floor. It zoomed across the room. They searched for a window the could fly thruough, but there were none to be seen.

Soon, they crashed through a wall into another room. This room was pretty full with dead bodies. They saw a window. They zoomed towards it, but then Fry's eye appeared (think that part in The Lost World). Then turned around and zoomed towards another window. They smashed through it. They were out of Fry's reach. They were about to attempt to leave Earth, but Hermes yelled "Stop!"

"What's wrong, Hermes!?" Leela asked, making sure the ship was no longer zooming upwards.

"According to my laptop, dere is a shield around Earth," Hermes explained. "No-one can get in, no-one can get out - watch!"

They looked outside. Ships blew up as they tried to leave Earth's atmosphere.

"Oh, God," Zapp said. "I'll never see the Nimbus again!"

"You couldn't anyway, you dumb ape, the Nimbus has been destroyed!" Leela yelled.

"There is no way out!" Nibbler shouted. "Quick! We must get to a place far away from New New York!"

The ship blasted off to the south. They didn't have any idea where they would end up, but they didn't care; just as long as they escaped NNY.

"So... no way out?" Zapp asked.

"Well, buh," Amy replied. "Isn't that what we're all moaning about?"

"Why with all the moaning?" Zoidberg said. "I'm having a wonderful time!"

"How can you be enjoying yourself, Zoidberg?" Leela asked, though she wasn't suprised. Zoidberg was a naive crustacean that always concentrated on the silver lining.

"I'm with my friends!" Zoidberg replied. Leela really should have known that was going to be his answer.

They looked behind them. The sky was less red than in New New York, but it was more black. The was less devastation below. Fry was nowhere to be seen.

"You're not telling us that Fry is invincible?" Leela asked.

"We do not know whether or not there is something that can take him down," Nibbler replied.

"There must be something!" Leela said.

"We will have to try a number of things. Lights, nuclear weapons, whatever form of attack we can use."

"You mean we might have to kill him?"

"I'm afraid so."

Leela switched to Auto Pilot and paced around for a few minutes. She really didn't want Fry to be killed, even if it did save New New York.

"Isn't there any way we could get him back to the way he was?" she asked.

"There is one," Nibbler replied, "but he would die shortly afterwards."

Leela didn't know what to do. She paced up and down some more, thinking hard. After a few minutes, she sighed, and asked... "How do we do it?"

"There is one way to reverse the transformation," Nibbler explained. "There is a mark in the middle of his eyes. All it takes is a little shot there and he is back to normal for a short while - before dying."

"Sounds simple," Amy said.

"Haven't you seen any of those movies where nothing is as it seems?" Nibbler asked. "Of course it's not simple - the mark is titchy!"

"OK. We've sorted dat problem," Hermes announced, "but is dere anyting we can do for Bender?"

"Yeah, I mean, isn't there a hospital on Earth with that cure?" Amy asked.

"Yes. It's name is Depho 7," Nibbler answered.

"The Professor said it was a planet!" Leela exclaimed.

"No, it's a hosital in New New England."

"Alright... let's go!" Leela said, switching off Auto Pilot and heading towards NNE.


The ship (which was still pink) landed in front of the robot hospital Depho 7. They carried Bender to one of the beds and they pushed him into the hospital.

There wasn't a cue or anything. There was a robot sleeping at the counter. Leela went over to him and woke him up.

"What the..." he exclaimed, then looked up at Leela. "Oh, sorry. What may I do for you?"

"Do you have a copy of Hookbot Trouble Vol 2?" Leela asked.

"Aaah... Bender. That is Bender, right?"

"Yes," Leela replied.

"He's been here on more than one occasion," the robot said. "He will have to stay here for a couple of days. We may have to re-boot him, but he should be fine soon. I think we'll have to get him Norton Anti-virus software."

"Thank you," Leela said. "Sorry to come and go so fast, but we really have to ... uh... go." Leela replied, "Bye!" And the crew left.

They walked up to the ship. Hermes glanced up at it and groaned.

"Rats, mon. It's still pink."

The ship zoomed towards the weapons base of New New Mexico. When they landed, alarms started buzzing. After a while, they were switched off. The crew walked out of the ship.

"We should be able to get some weapons from here," Leela explained.

"Dey might be reluctant ta hand dem over, though," Hermes pointed out.

"Well, we'll explain the situation," Leela replied.

"They'll probably take things into their own hands," Amy said.

A man in a grey suit, black hair and small eyes walked over to them.

"My name is Russel," he said. " And may I ask - what the hell are you people doing here?"

"We are the Planet Express crew," Leela answered, "and we have come here to ask for your help."

"Go on," Russel replied.

"Well, there is a... a... some sort of creature in New New York..." Leela started, but Russel interrupted.

"Say no more," He said. "I know of the situation. And my answer is - no."


"New New York has never come to out aid."

"You've never needed it, or at least never told us!"

"Well... yeah... but..."

"Wait! I know why ya won't help us!" Hermes exclaimed.


"Cuz 'is family is pure evil!"

"What the hell are you talking about, smart ass?" Russel asked.

"Well, let's see," Hermes began. "There's Adolf Hitlers long lost great x23 grandson, Rupert Murdoch..."

"Rupert Murdoch?" Leela exclaimed. "Say no more!" She turned to Russel, "You are evil too!"

"I've heard enough," Russel sighed. "Get outta here, before I get my guards to pop a firecracker up your ass!"

The crew ran into the ship and blasted off. When they were 200 miles away from there, they stopped.

"Dammit!" Amy said. "Russel would have to be evil. wouldn't he?"

"Well, Fry will go over to New New Mexico soon enough," Leela stated.

"Hmmm..." Zapp muttered. "I have formed an idea! We shall sneak into the base and steal the best weapons!"

"Sounds good," Leela agreed. "But we'd better pull it off quick, before Fry does come over here."


Leela and Zapp crept on to the roof. They were looking for openings that weren't guarded.

"You know, if, for some reason, you get bored," Zapp whispered, "I just want you to know I'll be there to score you on the rebound."

Leela ignored him. An unguarded opening was in sight. She and Zapp crept over to the opening. It was open. They dropped in.

Big mistake.

They were on a ledge. Below, hundreds of guards were listening to Russels speech.

"Oh my God..." Leela muttered. She shuffled over a bit, pulling Zapp along with her.

"...and we shall attempt to make peace with this creature, and destroy the New New Yorkers..."

Leela and Zapp met the end of the ledge.

"Stay here, and keep quiet!" Leela told Zapp, before jumping over to a bigger ledge that she could walk normally on.

"...there is no way that the New New Yorkers can escape..."

There was a guard on the ledge. Leela tip toed behind him and gave him a good KICK.

It was a good kick, but the consequences were bad.

Very bad.

For you see, the guard was knocked off the ledge and he fell right into the center of the group of guards. They looked up.

"S**t," Leela muttered.

The guards fired upwards. Leela heard Zapps scream before she ran into the next room, only to be greeted by another gang of about 7 guards. Leela pulled out her guns and fired wildly at them. Some of them went down in a pool of blood, the rest retreated. Leela hid behind a wall before the guards turned around.

"Where did she go?"

"Damn! We lost her!"

"No! Search around, you dumbass!"

Leela crept around them and got out the room. She locked the door behind her. There, in front of her, was the best handheld weapon known to man, robot and alien - the Sniper Laser. Sh epicked it up and jumped out the window.

"Quick! Get over here! I need to get outta here NOW!" She yelled down her cell phone. The ship (which was still pink) hurtled towards the base and picked Leela up.

Russel and an awful lot of guards ran outside.

"No!" Russel yelled. "Get them!"

"They are tooo far..."

"Get the Sniper Laser!" Russel ordered.

"We can't," said one of the guards.

"Why not?"

"It has been stolen."


The ship zoomed across the New New Mexico desert. The crews hopes were not high - they expected NNY to be destryed completley while they were gone. They were headed there, but they didn't get there. Fry had left NNY and was running towards them.

"Oh, s**t!" Leela yelled. "Taking evasive action! Quick! Somebody get the gun and GET THAT F**KING MARK!""

As most things are, this was easier said than done. Amy was behind the trigger. It was hard shooting with the ship zooming left and right, up and down. The lasers just hit Fry's head.

Amy zoomed in a little more. Frys eyes were terryifying, especially in the dark. She zoomed in as far as it could go. She could see it! It was a bright blue diamond. Hitting it was the problem.


She couldn't bring herself to pull the trigger. He may be destroying half the world, but he was still Fry, and therefore was one of her closest friends.

No, she had to do it. She closed her eyes and pulled the trigger.

She missed.

"Oh, ass ey deh na betonee!" Amy yelled. "All that emotion for nothing!" And she comtinued to fire.

"How you doing, Amy?" Leela asked.

"Not very well, I just can't hit that spot!" Amy yelled back.

"Hold on, I've got an idea!" And with that, Leela turned the ship around so they were now facing Fry.

"What in Bubbaland!?" Hermes exclaimed.

"Amy, get to the front and start shooting," Leela ordered. "We're going in."

Amy was reluctant, but she did what she was told. She carried the gun over and lay it down.

They were getting closer and closer to Frys face.

"OK, Amy, when I give the order, fire!" Leela shouted.

180 miles...

"Yes, captain!" Amy replied.

130 miles...

"I've got da quezies..." Hermes moaned.

80 miles...

"Don't do it Leela, it's suicide!" Zoidberg exclaimed.

20 miles...

"Amy, fire NOW!"

And with that, Amy aimed and fired.


Fry was at hospital, back to his normal human state, but in a lot of pain.

Leela, Hermes, Zoidberg, Amy and Nibbler were at his bedside.

"Fry?" Leela whispered. "Fry... are you OK?"

"Not really," Fry whispered back. "What's going on?"

"It's hard to explain..." Amy started, but Fry raised his hand.

"There's no point knowing, I'm only going to be a few hours."

They sat there in silence for what seemed like hours, but was actually a few minutes.

The doctor came in.

"I'm afraid you'll have to leave, Mr. Fry needs tending to," he said. Fry groaned.

So they left.

"There's got to be a way to stop him dying, surely..." Amy muttered.

"I'm afraid there isn't," Nibbler sighed. "If there was, I would have told you by now. The only reward you got out of this was saving the world."

"So... this whole thing is about him being the most important person in the universe, right?" Leela asked.

"Yes. Would you like to know how he is?" Nibbler replied.

"Well... maybe some other time," she said.

"What happened to Zapp, Leela?" Zoidberg asked.

Leela gasped. She had forgotten about Zapp.

"I ... don't know..." Leela said. "He may still be inside the weapons base..."

"That has been destroyed," Nibbler stated.

"Then I honestly don't know."

The doctor came up to them.

"I'm afraid Mr. Fry has been left on a life support machine," he said, much to the suprise of the crew. "His heart stopped much sooner than we thought."

They stood in silence for a moment.

"I'm very sorry," the doctor said.

"Can we... see him?" Leela asked.

"Yes, you may," the doctor replied.

He led them into the room. Fry was lying on the bed, eyes closed. The life support was the only thing keeping him alive.

"When you are ready, you may turn the machine off," the doctor said quietly. He then departed.

None of the crew said anything. They sat at his bedside, Leela on the verge of tears.

It was almost an hour before anything was actually done.

"I'll miss you, Fry," Leela whispered. With that, she flicked the switch.

She stood up. She was going to find this 'Jack'...

...and slaughter him.


The ship (as it was, is now, and ever shall be, until they paint over it) soared across the sky.

"Is there any more info on this 'Jack' character?" Leela asked Hermes.

"Well, he is occasionally seen at da DOOP headquarters..." Hermes replied. "Dat's s'ppsed to be where he works."

"Right," Leela said. She blasted out of Earth's atmosphere (the barrier was shattered the instant Fry was shot) and set course for the new DOOP headquaters.

Arriving there, they noticed a number of things. One of those things was the amount of police there. They turned towards the crew.

"Who goes there?"

"We are the Planet Express crew. We come here to look for someone," Leela told them.


"Someone named Jack."

Everbody stared at them.

"That is who we are looking for," one of the officers said.

"He killed several people in the DOOP," another said.

"Well.. do you know any information?" Leela asked.

"Why do you wanna know?"

"He killed one of our friends, too," Leela answered solemnly.

"I'm sorry to hear that, m'am," the officer said. "I know who can help. See that man over there? Grey hair, sunglasses, brown tux? He can help you."

"Thanks ever so much," Leela said, and walked up to the man the officer pointed out.

"Excuse me..." Leela started, but the man interrupted.

"Howdy, hi, hello! The name's Buster, Buster Banks, is there anything I can help you with!?" he shouted.

"Uh... yes... we need some information on this Jack..."

"Aha! Say no more, lady!" Buster exclaimed. "You shall follow me, I will give you information!"

The crew followed Buster into his office. As soon as they walked in, he locked the door behind him, threw off his tux and changed his expression.

"OK, seeing as you're not the police, I shall tell you the truth," he muttered. "You see, 'Jack' is not his real name. It is actually a captain in disguise..."

"It's Zapp Brannigan, isn't it?" Leela asked.

"Yes," Buster sighed.

She could see more clearly now. Zapp wanted Fry dead so that he wouldn't get in his way. She wished that she had got rid of Zapp so long ago. But Zapp was dead now... and if he was Jack, she couldn't get her vengence... Zapp was Jack, and Zapp was dead... but there had to be a way to get her own back.

"Do you know if he was working closley with anyone?" Leela asked.

"He was working with a company named FOX," Buster replied. "'Nuff said."

"Thank you," Leela got up. She turned to the crew.

"Come on, guys. We're going on a killing spree."


The ship was now painted black, and had big red letters sprayed: DOWN WITH FOX!

They had packed all the weapons they could get their hands on. They landed a few miles from FOX studios, then made their way to the entrance.

They shot the guards. They kicked the door down.

There was Sandy Grushow, in front of about twenty guards.

"What the hell..." Sandy exclaimed.

"Time to kick your ass," Leela muttered.

With that, the crew split up and started firing towards the guards. Sandy rushed towards the exit. Within seconds, all the guards had been mowed to the floor, most without heads.

Unfortunatly, the gurads had killed Amy and Zoidberg.

The crew ran into the next room. Sandy was running into the next room, the crew in hot pursuit. More guards came down upon them, killing Hermes with a single shot. Leela fired at them, blowing off most of their limbs. Blood splattered everwhere, and Leela was shot in the leg. She took no notice. She continued to fire, and soon, all of the men were dead.

She ran into the next room. Sandy had a gun right in her face. Before he could pull the trigger, she kicked his arm and the gun flew out of his hand. She pulled out her guns, but then she realised that she was out of ammo.

It was all fists and feet.

Sandy kicked Leela in the stomach. Leela acted like it didn't hurt, and punched his face, kicked his shin and threw him across the room. Sandy got up and ran at ther, only to have Leela raise her fist, which he ran straight in to. Leela kicked his head in while he was down. While he was moaning in pain, Leela went up to a ledge. She jumped off, but Sandy dodged her. Leela fell on her hands and knees, and Sandy kicked her stomach twice more. Leela jumped up and kicked his face twice, laned on her feet and grabbed his arm, and kicked his stomach. Sandy went flying acoss the room.

It was then Leela remembered - she had more guns! She pulled out to Machine-lasers and blasted Snady's head apart.

Leela heard a gunshot.

She felt a sudden pain shoot up her back.

Another gunshot.

More pain.

A series of gunshots followed. More pain.

She had been shot by none other than Rupert Murdoch.

"How do you propose to kill me know, Turunga?" Rupert laughed. He left Leela there to bleed to death.


Leela walked across the field. In the distance, she could see Amy, Zoidberg, Hermes, the Professor, Bender (who had shut down at hospital) and Fry.

Fry ran up to her, and they found themselves hugging.

"Fry... wehre am I?" Leela asked.

"The afterlife," Fry answered. They smiled at each other, then walked over to the rest of the group.

Nothing mattered anymore.

They were re-united.



Well, there you have it, my first proper fan-fic. I don't know how long it'll be until I finish The Ice Cold Building, I've rather lost my interest in it. Thanx go to... yep, you guessed it... Graham. You're super, dude! E-mail any comments to mattybwoy@aol.com. Remeber - subject name must be TLZ or it might be counted as SPAM (that stuff really sucks).