Fan Fiction

Race for Earth
By GrimSP


Made By Charlton Jon Villavelez aka soulkid2000

Caption: 5% Not Real and 100% Real!

On Screen: Maggie Simpson turns to an alien and everyone screams!

Part One: Rock Of Mystery

Fry, Leela and Bender show up inside their ship trying to stop the U.S. Space Army.

Leela: Captain Kenneth, stop chasing that space rock now! It is one of the messages from the aliens.

Captain Kenneth: Never. This might bring more annoying reporters. Jackasses.

Bender: You know, he's right about the reporters.

Captain Kenneth: Okay ladies, let's put on our rocket launchers in 5,4,3...

Leela pushes the button: Cloak-Shake. The space rock turned invisible.

The U.S. Space Army crew stops their rocket launchers.

Captain Kenneth: Where's that space rock? Who cares, ok guys, let's eat some more MAYO!

The U.S. Space Army Soldiers: Hooray!

The U.S. Space Army soldiers and ships go back to their base.

Bender: Whoa! I just hope the old guy will be happy. He's been cranky all year but let's get movin'.

Fry: Nice one, Leela. Now let's get that space rock.

Leela: Thanks, Fry. Although we have to put the space rock in our cargo and see what it is.

A few minutes later, the ship is about to land on the building and Leela has put the space rock in the cargo and Bender examines it with his green laser eyes he inserted in his head and a red signal appears on the point above his head.

Fry: Wow. The letters shown in this space rock looks like the ones in The Matrix.

Leela: That's nonsense, Fry. The Matrix is very old program and now it will take lots of money to reboot it again.

Fry: Damn.

Bender: Guys, my weird eyes have found the words said on this space rock.

Leela: Well?

Bender: It says (clearing this throat loudly), "They are up in the air but you cannot see them during the day or afternoon, and you'll just have to play along up there."

Fry: I know .what this means, my mom teached me this when I had to do a universal project, it is the stars.

Leela: Hmm... Bender is again scanning that sentence and you're right, Fry. Whoa, I though I never said those words before.

The ship landed and the three crew workers get out of the ship.

Farnsworth, Why, were you two late?!

Bender: That's three!

Farnsworth (calms down) Never mind.

Leela: We founds out that the space rock from the aliens was about "playing along up there" in the stars.

Farnsworth: Well, glad thing the U.S. Space Army didn't get it, but it seems we have a promblem.

Fry: What is it?

Farnsworth (gets angry) Damn Nixon's Head wants us to have a meeting about the space rock right now!

Bender: Crap! Now I won't get a chance to drink booze.

Leela: What about the wine that everyone likes, Bender?

Bender: No way, I'm not eating that shit!

Fry: Suit yourself, Bender. It's good.

Bender shrugs and disagrees with Leela and Fry.

Leela: Let's go then.


We wish this place won't be we all WHITE!

Nixon's Head: We just received from our friendly alien ORC that the other big bad aliens will destory the Earth, but they gave us a message that we can save our Earth of ours if we enter their little scam, I don't know what it is. Whoever wants to ignore this nonsense say Mamma Mia!

Everyone except the PE crew: Mamma Mia!

Leela: Wait! This might be a bad idea. Maybe it's better if we go to a safe choice that Farnsworth planned before this conference.

Nixon's Head: And what choice is that?!

Leela: Go to space the safe and cheap way and follow what scam they have in store.

Bender: Listen to this, Nixon. You have been one of the most ignorant presidents but you are the only one who can, who can...

Fry: Do what you have to do, which is to protect this rock until we find out what this rock is...

Nixon's Head: Shut up, all of you. This is now settled, we are ignoring this nonsense and we are keeping this rock as an attraction.

Fry: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait a minute, I Found a Way!

Back at the PE Building...

Farnsworth: Okay, Fry I think your choice of plan is right. We will try to answer the space rock's riddle.

Fry: Okay.

Bender and Leela: We'll come (they said very quickly).

Fry, Bender, and Leela go check out the space rock and scan it, Bender knows the answer

Bender: The answer is...

Leela and Fry: Wait! Look out!

Bender: Huh?

Bender looks behind and sees a helicopter with a logo and the words: U.S. Space Army.

Captain Kenneth: Stop scanning right now or you won't like THE BOOT!

Fry: What?!

Leela: No way, we're not gonna stop!

Captain Kenneth: Fine then. You asked for it.

A claw comes out the helicopter and the claw catches the space rock. The space rock is being held by the helicopter while the helicopter is still in motion. Of cousre, the space rock is flying with the helicopter.

Bender: That's it? HA! :lol:

Bender throws a little satelite chip and throws it and the chip lands on the space rock. A little satelite comes out of the chip while the chip is sticking on the space rock.

Fry: Call them... All Of Them!

Leela: Attention all PE crew members, come meet us in...