Fan Fiction

Quest for Deliverance, Part 6
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 6

The ship flew across the great sea towards its destination. Bender, not at all trusting Fry, held the map.

Finally, their destination came into view. It was a chain of islands bunched together around a larger island, with a tall volcanic mountain in its center.

"This is it!" said Fry. "It's gotta be!"

"Silmaria, here we come!" said Leela. "We're coming Devon!"

The ship landed outside the city gates of Silmaria. Situtated nearby across the ocean, was another island, only it looked like a building built upon the ocean.

"Dr. Cranium told me about that place" said Bender. "That's the fabled Science Island."

"I'm sure Farnsworth would love to visit that place" said Fry.

The trio approached the portcullis gate. A guard opened the gate from above.

"Let's split up!" said Leela. "I'll go west, Bender, stay in this area, Fry, go up that hill into the city."

"Yes sir!" said Fry. "Er, mame, sir, madame!"

"Whatever" said Leela.

The trio went their separate paths.

Bender opened the door to the building near the portcullis. Inside, he saw piles of books on the floor. An old man with a long white beard was sitting at the desk writing on some paper.

"Excuse me" said Bender.

"Didn't notice you coming in" said the man. "This is the Famous Adventurers Correspondence School. You may call me the Famous Adventurer, although I've been called a lot of things in my time. I mostly just run this school, but once in a while, I like to go out on more adventures."

Bender picked up a book from the desk. It was entitled "Quest For Glory".

"That's my new book" said the Famous Adventurer. "It's based on the adventures of Devon Aidendale. Did you know he was a graduate of this school?"

"He's done a lot of things obviously" said Bender.

Inside the adventurers guild near the main gate in the west side of Silmaria, Leela was reading the adventurers logbook. The last entry read: "I Devon Aidendale, the prince of Shapier, hero of Spielburg, Shapier, Tarna, Mordavia, and paladin, have come to Silmaria to save this land."

Then Leela saw another entry from a familiar name: "I Elsa von Spielburg have come to Silmaria to win the Rites of Rulership, and become king of Silmaria."

"Elsa?" Leela asked herself. "The daughter of the former baron of Spielburg? What's she doing in Silmaria?"

"Elsa boss!" a voice said across the room.

Leela turned around to see a minotaur standing near the fireplace. She approaches him carefully, not wanting to be on the receiving end of his axe.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Good see strange lady" said the minotaur. "Toro happy see visitor."

"Are you a friend of Elsa?"

"Elsa good. Elsa train me hard. Elsa powerful fighter. Elsa enchanted brigand Spielburg leader. Hero man come. Hero man save Elsa. Hero man leave Spielburg."

"He must be refering to Devon" said Leela.

"Elsa make brigands leave Spielburg. Fight brother lots. Brother dumb, but brother boss. Elsa come here be boss. Elsa meet hero man. Hero man and Elsa kill Hydra. Hero man and Elsa find destiny. Hero man and Elsa go bad place Hades. Hero man bring peace. Hero man kill bad man. Hero man save Elsa. Hero man, Elsa, Toro, monster man, and pretty fairy lady fight dragon. Dragon fight hard but hero man fight harder. Hero man offer own life for victory. Hero man brave. Monster man save hero man. Monster man die. Dragon die. Hero man, Toro, Elsa, and pretty fairy lady go Hall of Kings. Logos ask hero man if hero man be king. Hero man say no. Hero man remain hero man. Logos ask Elsa if Elsa be king. Elsa say yes. Elsa good king. Toro happy stay in Silmaria. Hero man marry pretty fairy lady."

"You wouldn't happen to know where I can find this hero man, would you?" asked Leela.

"Toro not know" said Toro.

"Well, that didn't get me anywhere" said Leela. "Good story though."

"Oh my goodness, the man you are seeking is quite a hero" the canine pottery merchant said to Fry.

"Wolfie, do you happen to know where I can find him?"

"I am sorry say that I do not."

"Well, that got me nowhere" said Fry as he continued on his way.

He crossed the small stone bridge, passed a katta fruit merchant and another katta musician. Opening the door to the apothecary, he stepped in.

Inside, a young hippie man and an attractive young woman sitting in a chair next to him, stood silently.

"Good to see you again" the man said.

Fry looked puzzled.

"Oh sorry" the hippie man said. "I thought you were Devon.

Fry stood before the hippie. "Pardon me sir, but you know where I can find this Devon? You see, I have an important parcel to deliver to him."

"You're the delivery person?" asked the man. "Devon was just here yesterday. He said something about an important parcel."

"He also said it was an anniversary present for his wife" said the woman. "For now, I gave him a pouch of magical seeds."

"Yeah, like Julanar here," said the man, "his wife is really into plants. You should have seen the garden where they make their home."

"Wait a minute!" said Fry. "Aziza told me about you in Shapier. She said you were a tree in the desert! What happened to make you human again?"

"I believe I can explain" said the man. "My name is Salim, I hail from Tarna. I came there to study the pyramids. One day, Devon came into my shop to do business, and while he was there, I told him about a dream I had where I was dancing with a tree who transformed into a beautiful woman. When he told me about Julanar, I was really excited, so I left for Silmaria. I camped out in the desert near the tree, gave her some hugs and some really good plant food. One night, the tree was gone, and there was the girl of my dreams in her place. We've been together ever since."

"Has Devon helped both of you here in Silmaria?" asked Devon.

"He gave us Pegasus feathers so we could make more stamina pills and vigor potions, hydra scales for fire-proofing oil, and even a black lotus so we could make an antidote for the poison used by an assassin who stalked the streets. He even scored us a sample of some drugged chocolate. Who would have known that the scientists at Science Island were responsible?"

"In fact," said Julanar, "when Salim and I celebrated our first anniversary together, Devon took us to this magical glade where we danced with the dryads."

"Yeah, for real, I danced with trees!" said Salim.

"In fact, we were even guests at Devon's wedding" said Julanar.

"You wouldn't happen to know where I can find him do you?" asked Fry.

"Bummer man" said Salim. "I don't have a clue. It's been a while since we last went to that garden, so we've forgotten where it is."

"Darn!" said Fry.

Leela, Bender, and Fry met in the town square. By now, the shops were beginning to close as the sky slowly began to darken.

"Guys, is it me?" asked Fry, "or are the days on this planet shorter than they are on Earth?"

"I heard from a katta merchant that the best place for gossip is the Dead Parrot Inn" said Bender. "It should be opening by now. Perhaps we can learn something if we go there, as well as satisfy my urge for alcohol."

A burly guard dressed like an arabian, holding a scimitar, stood outside the Dead Parrot Inn by the docks.

"Dead Parrot is open" he said to the trio.

"Thank you" said Fry as he, Leela, and Bender opened the door and went in.

Climbing down the steps, they stepped into a huge room. A few people sat at the tables with their drinks. The barmaid was an overweight harem girl. A slim, attractive harem girl stood by a wheel colored blue, red, and yellow.

"I'm thirsty" said Bender. "Let's hit the bar!"

Fry, Leela, and Bender approached the bar.

"Well now" said the barmaid, "what have we here? What can I get for you handsome?"

"Me?" asked Fry. "Well, we'd like a drink please."

"Do you have any ale?" asked Bender.

"We have" said the barmaid.

"I'll just have a coffee" said Fry.

"And I'll have the Special" said Leela.

The barmaid filled three cups with the separate drinks and gave them to the trio. Leela paid her.

"It's a good thing the money Devon gave us to pay for the parcel can be used here" said Fry. "It's no good on Earth."

"Please" said the slender attractive harem girl near the wheel, "don't even mention that name."

"And just why not?" asked Fry.

"Nawar here is just upset that Devon never paid much attention to her" said the barmaid.

"Can you believe the nerve of that guy?" asked Nawar. "I put on my sexiest dances and flirted with him like there's no tomorrow, and he shows no interest in me! In fact, the girl he married wasn't even entirely human!"

"Man!" said Bender, "he must have really bad taste in women!"

"And how about you handsome?" Nawar seductively asked Fry. "How would you like to have a good time? I like a man who knows how to dress and undress."

"Sorry" Fry said motioning towards Leela. "I'm with her."

"Oh darn" said Nawar. "You're just as bad as Devon."

Fry, Leela, and Bender drank their drinks.

"I feel much more alert now" said Fry.

"Ah, nothing like alcoholic beer" said Bender.

Leela slammed the contents of her drink down her throat until the cup was empty. From inside her stomach, a dragon's roar was heard.

"What was that I just drank?" she asked.

"Just today's special" said the barmaid. "It's called Dragon's Breath."

"Dragon's Breath?" asked Bender. "I heard about it back in Spielburg."

"Don't even think of drinking it unless you're hot stuff" said the barmaid.

Leela and Fry walk up the stairs towards a dark booth. A fat man sits on a chair near the table while a skinnier man stands near it.

"Excuse me" said Fry.

"Greetings" said the man. "I am Senor Ferrari and this is my associate Ugarte."

"I am a businessman!" said the skinny man standing near the table. "I make a living from selling rumours. I will be happy to sell you the information you need!"

"Put your money away folks" said Ferrari, "I will not be greedy. I will give you the information for free."

"We're looking for someone named Devon Aidendale" said Leela. "Your wife the barmaid told us about you. She said you know something about him."

"We met in Rasier. We did some business here in Silmaria where he brought me a beautiful valuable statue from Atlantis in exchange for the deed to the Gnome Ann's Inn. If you wish to spend the night in Silmaria, Gnome Ann's Inn is the place to go as we have no vacancies here."

"Sounds good to me" said Fry.

"I will also tell you this" said Ferarri, "one of Devon's competitors in the Rites of Rulership is fighting in the arena tonight. Arrange a meeting with her and you'll be closer to your goal."

"Thank you" said Leela. "We will. Come on Fry, let's get Bender and go to the arena."

Bender meanwhile was playing on the wheel of fortune near Nawar, but he wasn't very good at it.

"Lousy shot! Missed by a mile!" taunted the parrot. "You lose sucker!"

"Oh screw it!" said Bender.

					To Be Continued