Fan Fiction

Quest for Deliverance, Part 3
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 3

Fry, Leela, and Bender shared a large bed covered in pillows and a black sheet.

As he slept, Fry had a mysterious dream. It was a dark night and he was standing behind one of the pillars outside a room on the tallest floor of a tower in an arabian city. On the floor was a six pointed star with a candle at each of the six points. In the center of the star, was a small crystal statue. A man dressed in blue and red stood before it, a flaming brazier beside him. The room was shaped in a hexagon.

"Hear me oh powers of darkness!" the mysterious stranger said. "Light the darkness and bind Iblis to me forever!"

"Iblis?" Fry asked himself. "That must be Ad Avis!"

A muscular blonde charged into the room and knocked over one of the candles.

"Devon?" Fry asked himself.

"You idiot!" Ad Avis angrily shouted. "You have destroyed my spell! Now I shall destroy you!"

He knocked over the brazier, surrounding himself with a circle of flame.

"Fool! You cannot harm me now! And I shall send thee to thy death!"

Devon simply charged through the flames and knocked Ad Avis backwards towards the balcony.

"No! No! Master please! Help Me!" Ad Avis cried as he tumbled off the balcony and plunged down to the streets below.

Then Fry awoke.

* * * * *

The trio awoke as the sun began to rise. After enjoying breakfast with Abdulla Doo, they returned outside to where their ship awaited.

"To fly in on such a contraption must have been so grand!" the guard said.

"No it wasn't!" Bender protested. "The ride took three hours, the flight was bumpy, there was nothing to eat, and the ride was so boring!"

"Ok, maybe it wasn't so grand effendi" said the guard.

Ignoring him, Bender rejoined Fry and Leela into the ship.

"Next stop, Tarna!" said Fry.

* * * * *

Tarna was a land of lush jungles and savanas. Fry catches sight of a huge tree.

"This can't be right!" he said. "There can't be a tree of that size and height anywhere in the world! Can there?"

"Well I'll tell you one thing about that tree" said Bender. "It's tree-mendous!"

The trio laugh at this joke.

* * * * *

Leela lands the ship outside of a village.

The trio stood upon the hilltop overlooking the village. An old man with a wooden staff greeted them.

"Habari monjambo" he said.

"Hello sir" said Fry.

"Mzuri bwana" said the elder.

He waved his staff towards the village.

"Behold the village of the Simbani" he said, "where we live in peace thanks to a hero from faraway lands."

"I think he's talking about Devon Aidendale" Leela said to Fry and Bender as they walked down the hill towards the village.

* * * * *

Fry, Leela, and Bender met with the laibon of the village in the largest hut.

"Habari strangers" he said.

"Habari" said Fry, Leela, and Bender.

"Mzuri" said the laibon. "You are welcome here. I am Yesufu, the laibon of the Simbani."

"Chief" said Fry, "we're on an errand of great importance, seeking Devon Aidendale."

"Johari!" said Yesufu, "bring in Devon Aidendale. The strangers are here to see him!"

An attractive native girl came into the hut, bringing in a young child.

"I believe he's too young to have placed an order for the package we are delivering" said Fry.

"Oh you must mean the real Devon Aidendale!" said Yesufu. "We fought side by side against the demons who invaded Tarna a over a year ago. During his stay here, he was initiated as a Simbani Warrior. When my foot was caught in a trap, he helped me. He showed great skill in spear throwing and on the wrestling bridge. Unfortunately, I'm afraid the man you seek is no longer in Tarna."

Fry, Leela, and Bender slapped themselves in the forehead.

"You see" Yesufu continued, "not long after our victory, he disappeared."

"To where?" asked Leela.

"Rakeesh can tell you" said Yesufu. "He fought along our side. He is in the city to the west of here."

"Well, thank you anyway" said Leela.

* * * * *

Outside the laibon's hut, Fry and Leela came across the spear throwing range. He picks up one of the spears.

"Hey Leela" he said seductively, "check out the stud!"

He throws the spear, but misses the target entirely.

"Looks like you need to practise more" a voice said.

Fry and Leela turn to face a native woman arriving on the scene.

"Who are you?" asked Fry.

"I am Uhura" said the woman. "The only woman warrior in this village."

She took a spear and threw it at the target where it hit the red dot in the center.

"It has been a while since I last gave instructions helping with spear throwing" said Uhura. "I helped Devon Aidendale prepare well for his initiation as a Simbani Warrior to prepare for the war between us and the leopardmen."

"Who won?" asked Fry.

"Actually, the tensions between both tribes were set up by demons" said Uhura. "Thanks to Devon Aidendale, Tarna is at peace and the demons banished."

"You know Devon?" asked Leela.

"We met in Shapier at the adventurers guild" said Uhura. "I left my homeland for shapier to retain my status as a warrior, for a woman cannot be a warrior and a wife. In Shapier, I meet strong man, he like me, I like him, he make strong son Simba."

She picked up another spear and threw it at the target, it landed near the first spear.

"If a woman can do this, so can I!" said Fry. He picked up a second spear on his side and threw it at the target. And again he missed completely.

"Do not be discouraged" said Uhura. "You just need to practise more."

Fry took the last spear on his side, aimed carefully, and threw with all his might. To his amazement, the spear lands on the outer edge of the target.

"I did it!" he cheered. "Leela, did you see that?!"

"I can do better" she said. She picked up the last spear on Uhura's side and threw it at the target where it hit near the red dot.

"Aw man!" said Fry.

* * * * *

Fry climbed up the rope of the wrestling bridge.

"Check this out Leela!" he said as he walked across the bridge, only to lose his balance and fall.

"Keep practising!" Bender taunted.

Leela smacked Bender on the side of his face, then clutched her hand in pain. "OW! Why did you have to be made of metal?!"

"I'm a robot!" said Bender.

Leela helped Fry stand. "Let's just head off for Tarna" she said. "We need to find Rakeesh!"

* * * * *

Leela landed the ship outside of a great city to the west of the Simbani village. Two strange lion creatures carrying a spear and shield stood guard outside.

Walking up the steps, the trio turned left and went into the city past a great temple. Several other lion creatures like the ones they saw guarding the city were walking through the plaza.

Fry, Leela, and Bender walked into a nearby house. Inside, sitting on a large star shaped symbol on the floor, was another lion creature. She wore a blue headdress and a purple bikini top.

She looked up from the scroll she was reading.

"Oh sorry" said Fry. "We didn't mean to intrude, but we're looking for Rakeesh."

"Beloved!" the lion creature called out, "someone's here to see you."

Another lion creature came out of the back room to rejoin his lifemate.

"Good gravy!" said Bender. "You're just a big cat aren't you?"

"That's liontaur" said the lion. "I am Rakeesh Sah Tarna, though everyone calls me Rakeesh."

"Ah!" said Leela, "here's Rakeesh! Maybe now we can get information on how to find him."

"Him?" asked Rakeesh.

"Devon Aidendale" said Fry. "We have a parcel for him, but we're trying to find him so we can deliver it to him."

"I know him more than anyone else" said Rakeesh. "We met in Shapier, battled the demons in tarna, but he was summoned away from us to Mordavia. We met again in Silmaria. I'm not just his friend, I'm also his mentor."

"Mentor?" asked Fry.

"I am a paladin" said Rakeesh. "I was once king of this land many years ago, but I gave up the throne to my brother Rajah after a battle against demons so I could track them down and eliminate the danger. Devon Aidendale, the man you seek is also a paladin. When we first me, he was a simple warrior, but he showed himself a man of great kindness, honour, courage, and mercy. After he was adopted as the Prince of Shapier, I gave him my sword and pronounced him a paladin. Through his deeds in Shapier, Rasier, Tarna, Mordavia, and Silmaria, he has truly earned the title. If it wasn't for Devon, I would have died in Silmaria."

"Where can we find Devon now?" asked Leela.

"Devon now lives in Silmaria" said Rakeesh. "It has been a little over a year since the closing ceremony of the Rites of Rulership. Devon was the winner, but he refused the throne to continue following the way of the paladin, just as I had done when I gave up the throne."

"Silmaria?" asked Fry.

"Go to Silmaria, and you'll find him" said Rakeesh.

"Thank you" said Fry.

"It was an honour to aid you" said Rakeesh.

* * * * *

The Planet Express ship flew over a great forest in a valley.

"Are you sure this is Silmaria?" asked Leela.

"That's what this map that Rakeesh gave us says" said Fry.

"It's upside-down meatbag!" said Bender.

Fry soon realized that Bender was right.

"Oops!" he said.

Leela landed the ship outside a small town to the north.

Outside the town gates, Fry, Leela, and Bender saw a sign that read: "Welcome to Mordavia".

"Mordavia?" asked Leela. "Isn't this another land that Devon is a hero in?"

"Well let's look around and see" said Fry.

To Be Continued ...