Fan Fiction

Quest for Deliverance, Part 2
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 2

As Fry, Bender, and Leela slept, a large balloon flew over the meadow and began to descend.

Out stepped a young muscular blonde man who proceeded to pick a large bouquet of flowers from the meadow. Then as quickly as he had come, he returned to his balloon, and ascended into the sky, Fry, Leela, and Bender completely unaware of his presence.

Early the next morning, Fry, Leela, and Bender awoke.

"I'm hungry" said Fry.

"Me too" said Leela. "Let's go pick some fruit from that tree."

Walking towards the tree, the trio were awestruck by the fruits appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Fry reached for a fruit, but it quickly disappeared from his grasp. So he put his face forwards and managed to take a bite.

"Oh man!" he said. "All of a sudden, I'm not hungry anymore!"

Leela took a bite of one of the fruits.

"Wow!" she said. "I've never eaten anything so delicious!"

Fry picks up a handful of flowers from the meadow. "Whoever this Erana was" he said, "she sure got the royal treatment in burial!"

"These flowers are so beautiful!" said Leela. "I heard from the magic shop owner named Zara that they are used as magical components in potions."

Sheepishly, Fry offered the flowers he had picked to Leela.

"How about a little magic of my own?" he asked.

Leela took the flowers from him.

"Oh Fry, nobody has ever given me such beautiful things!" she said.

"Don't thank me" said Fry, "thank Erana."

"Where to?" asked Bender as they sat down in their chairs inside the ship.

"To the desert land of Shapeir" said Fry. "That's what the Sheriff told me. Let's get moving! After all, this is an important parcel. Take us away Leela!"

"Shapeir, here we come!" said Leela as she pulled the throttle.

The ship lifted off the ground and up into the sky towards its destination.

Shapeir was a land of vast desert as far as the eye could see.

Leela landed the ship outside the city gates.

Leela, Fry, and Bender climbed down the steps and stepped onto the sand.

"Pardon us" Fry said to a guard nearby, "is this Shapeir?"

"It is effendui" the guard said.

"Effendui?" asked Fry.

"I think it means friend" said Leela, "or whatever it means."

The trio walked under the archway into the front plaza of the city.

"You! Strangers!" a merchant said from his stand. "I have just the thing for you! A keychain with a duck!"

Ignoring him, Fry, Leela, and Bender entered the nearby inn. A sign over head read "Katta Tail Inn".

As they entered, a strange creature arose from the pillow on which he sat and bowed his head. He looked like a human with a cat's body.

"Welcome" he said. "We are honoured to have such fine guests here in our inn."

"Thanks" said Fry.

The trio sat down, sharing a table with a bearded chubby man dressed in a robe with a turban on his head. He was eating his lunch, which consisted of leg of lamb glazed with a pale yellow sauce, breadsticks, and a salad.

"I don't think I've ever seen someone eat so much as you" said Fry. "Who are you?"

"I am Abdulla Doo" the chubby man said. "Welcome to the land of Shapeir, ruled by Harun al-Rashid(may he reign forever)."

"Pardon us for interupting your meal" said Leela, "but we're looking for someone by the name of Devon Aidendale.

Immediately, upon hearing that name, Abdulla Doo stopped eating.

"The man you speak of is a great hero in this land" he said. "We met in Speilburg after I lost my possessions and treasures to a band of brigands. I never saw who their leader was, but they also had a mighty minotaur by their side. Devon recovered my stolen treasures, among them was a magic carpet, which was what I used to bring him here to my beloved homeland. He freed our land from the ravages of the four elementals, then went on to free our sister city Rasier. He is now the adopted son of our sultan, earning him the title "Prince of Shapier""

"Where can we find him?" asked Leela.

"He is not in Shapeir" said Abdulla Doo. "But feel free to look around our city, asking the katta. He is a hero to the katta people as well."

"Well, thank you anyway" said Fry as he, Leela, and Bender stood.

"Come back later" said Abdulla Doo. "The food here is delicious!"

"And tonight" said the Katta at the entrance, "my Sheema will dance!"

"Here, take this" said Abdulla Doo, handing Fry a rolled up paper. "It's a magical map, used by Devon during his stay here in Shapeir."

"Thank you" said Fry.

Outside the inn, Fry unrolled the map.

"This is so confusing!" he said. "It looks almost like a maze!"

"Well let's head north for now" said Leela. "There's a plaze just up ahead through this street."

They entered the tunnel and proceeded north.

At the end, they emerged into a new plaze with a fountain in the center.

"I'm getting hot" said Fry. "It must be the desert sun."

The trio quenched their thirst in the fountain.

"Alright" said Leela, "let's split up and ask around. Perhaps someone knows where Devon went off to."

Using the magical map, Leela entered a building that looked like an adventurers guild. No one was here at the time but her.

Leela read the logbook at the right wall.

"Devon Aidendale, hero of Speilburg."

Bender walked out of a shop.

"Who does that gnome floating on a cloud named Keapon Laffin think he is?!" he said to himself. "I can't make sense of his greeting!"

At the end of a street, Fry knocked on a door with an eye on it.

"Come in" a female voice spoke out.

The door opened and Fry stepped in.

"Welcome to my humble home" an attractive woman with black hair said to him.

"Who are you?" asked Fry.

"I am the enchantress Aziza. Come sit down at the table and we can talk."

Fry sat down at the table.

"Shall we share tea?" asked Aziza.

"Yes please" said Fry.

Out of thin air, a kettle and two cups appeared.

"How did you do that?" asked Fry.

"I am an enchantress" said Aziza as she took one of the cups and began to drink.

Fry picked up the other cup and began to drink. The tea was refreshing.

"Aziza, I seek the Prince of Shapeir, Devon Aidendale. We were told that he is not here in Shapeir."

"Just mentioning the name makes people smile, for the adopted son of the sultan is one of the greatest heroes this world has ever seen. He came to me with questions on how to defeat the elementals that attacked our city. He also freed the spirit of the tree woman Julanar, giving her hope for the future. After saving Shapeir, he moved on to Raseir, our sister city to save it from darkness. Rasier, ruled by a wizard named Ad Avis, sought to unleash a powerful djinn named Iblis, but he was foiled by Devon Aidendale. Three months after his victory, Devon was summoned to the faraway land of Tarna to prevent a war."


"Yes, Tarna."

"Right, so my companions and I should head for Tarna. Thank you Aziza for the information and tea."

"It has been a pleasure."

Nightfall was coming as Fry, Leela, and Bender met back at the Katta Tail Inn.

"What did you learn?" asked Fry.

"He signed his name at the guild just like he did in Speilburg" said Leela. "I tried questioning his location with the weapon smith, but all he did was brag and boast. He was so arrogant that Issur!"

"Were you able to learn anything from him?" asked Fry.

"He said that Devon had joined the Eternal Order of Fighters, but in the duel, he refused to kill his fallen opponent."

"How about you Bender?" asked Fry.

"I got nothing" said Bender. "I couldn't make sense of anything Keapon Laffin said at the magic shop."

"I learned from the enchantress Aziza that Devon left for Tarna after saving Shapeir and Rasier. Tomorrow, let's head for Tarna."

"For now" said Leela, "I'm hungry!"

As Fry, Leela, Bender, and Abdulla Doo sat at a table eating their meal, a beautiful female Katta in a pink bikini and g-string began to dance.

Fry, Bender, and all the other men in the inn were awestruck with desire. Leela seethed with jealousy.

When the dance ended, everyone clapped and applauded for the female Katta.

"It's settled then" said Fry. "Tomorrow, we leave for Tarna."


To Be Continued