Fan Fiction

A New Parallel Universe End To Parasites Lost.
By Rush

Scene Outside Coffee Shop. Fry and Leela sit at a table outside the café which is across the street from the Planet Express building. Fry takes a sip of coffee. He picks a bit off his muffin and tosses it to some owls on the ground nearby. They hoot and eat it. Leela pours another cup of coffee for Fry and herself. She smiles.

Leela: 'I had a great time today. The flowers, the puddle, the way you hurt that guy. But can I aks you something?

Fry: 'Anything.

Leela: 'Why did you do all that stuff?

Fry sighs.

Fry: 'Leela, there's something I've wanted to tell you for a long time but every time I try I get nervous and my mouth feels like it's stuffed with peanut butter, even when it's not.

Leela: 'What is it? Is it about Bender?

Fry: 'No, it's about you and me.

Leela: 'And Bender?

Fry: 'Bender's not involved. [He reaches out and holds Leela's hands.] Leela ... I love you.

Leela: (softy) 'You do?

Fry: 'Yes. But it's only recently that I've been able to articulate my thoughts. I love you, Leela, and I always have.

Leela: 'Fry, that's the sweetest, most wonderful-- Wait! Recently? Like since you ate that toilet sandwich?

Fry: 'Yeah! I don't know why but my life really turned around that day.

Leela thinks for a moment.

Leela: 'Stay here.

Leela runs halfway across the street to the Planet Express building but Fry calls out to her.

Fry: (Shouting) 'No! Stay with me Leela. I gotta tell you something!

Leela: 'Fry I can't stay here with you...because..there...[walks back over to the table] They're trying to get rid of the worms inside you.

Fry: 'Worms? What about worms? Who's trying to get rid ...Ow! My Pelvic splanchnic ganglion!...Worms inside me? I have worms?

Leela: 'Fry...You see, I was meant to distract you but I had a change of heart and what I mean by that--

Fry: 'Leela, what is this all about?

Leela sits back down on the opposite side of the table form him and takes his hands.

Leela: 'So, what is it you gotta tell me.

Scene Pelvic Splanchnic Ganglion Room. The crew are all inside, tickling it.

Farnsworth-Droid: 'Stop! New plan.

Hermes-Droid: 'What you got in mind?

Farnsworth-Droid: 'To the brain!

Cut to Outside Coffee Shop.

Fry: 'Remember the first time you held my hand, back down in the ruins of Old New York?

Leela: (softy) 'Yes.

Fry: 'Well that was the first time, I really felt love for anyone but I didn't really know what I was feeling at the time. All that I knew was, it was a good feeling.

Leela: (softy) 'So you loved me then, did you? Without the worms?

Fry: 'Yes. And especially when I had my very first kiss, from you on the Titanic.

Leela's eye starts to fill up with tears,her lower lip quivering.

Leela: (crying) 'Oh, Fry.

Leela gets up off her seat, sits down on Fry's lap and makes-out with him, with her tears dipping onto his face.

Cut to Worm Fortress. The crew run up the stairs into the Planet Express all the way the worms fire at them. The ship takes off and heads into a vein.

Cut to Outside Coffee Shop. Fry and Leela making-out.

Scene Fry's Vein. The ship flies very fast up the vein with Amy inside the gun turret firing at the white blood cells and worm tanks chasing after them. One worm tank shoots at hits the ship's left wing blowing it off.

Cut to Cockpit. Bender throws his arms in the air.

Bender-Droid: (panicking) 'We've been hit! Abandon ship!

He heads for the door but Hermes and Zoidberg restrain him.

Farnsworth-Droid: 'No! Were almost there! Just need to make a U-turn around the shoulders.

Bender clams down and walks back to his seat.

Hermes-Droid: 'Why didn't we just go this quick way before?

Farnsworth-Droid: 'How am I supposed to know? I'm a senile old man...Wha?..Where am I?...Who am I?...You are all of you?..Go away!...Well whatever, to the brain!

Cut to Outside Coffee Shop. Leela and Fry are still making-out but Leela now pulls back.

Leela: 'Let's go to my place, but first.

She press her lips against his into a deep kiss.

Cut to Fry's Brain. The crew run towards medulla oblongata. An army of worms chase after them.

Worm Mayor: 'Kill the outsides!

Farnsworth-Droid: 'Wait! If you kill us we'll kill Fry too and you with him.

Worm Mayor: 'What? No!

Farnsworth-Droid: 'Unless you leave.

Worm Mayor: 'Never!

Farnsworth-Droid: 'You have 5 seconds. One, two, three, two, three, one, four, zero, one--

Hermes-Droid: (whispering to Zoidberg) 'Just cut it!

Zoidberg nods and goes to cut it but Worm Mayor shouts out.

Worm Mayor: (Shouting) 'No wait!

Hermes-Droid: (whispering to Zoidberg) 'Don't cut it.

Worm Mayor: 'You win! We'll leave. But one day one of you will be eating a fast-food burger and boom! [the whole crew look at Zoidberg drooling oil out on the floor] You'll be crawling with us. Ever wonder what makes special sauce so special? Yo!

Scene Planet Express Farnsworth's Lab. The crew all stand up wearing their net suits apart form Zoidberg lying on the ground drooling and whooping.

Farnsworth: 'Good work people![takes off helmet] Good night now. Oh go look for Leela and tell she doesn't need distract Fry anymore.....Oh and also one more thing!

Farnsworth walks over to Amy who just taken off her helmet,with two fingers he hits Amy across the face like Uncle does to Jacky Chan in "Jackie Chan adventures".

Amy: (in pain) 'Ow!

Farnsworth: 'Kick that crawfish thing.

Amy kicks Zoidberg, waking him up and also stopping him whooping.

Zoidberg: (in pain)'Ouch!

Farnsworth walks out of the room as the others look around the place searching for Leela and Fry.

Sometime later back in the very same room.

Amy: 'Leela! You can stop distracting Fry now.

Bender: 'She's not here. I've looked everywhere. What about you Jerkberg?

Zoidberg takes his head out a bin, he speaks spitting crumbs.

Zoidberg: 'What?

Bender: (waving his hand) 'Ahh, forget it.

Zoidberg sticks his head back inside the bin.

Scene Leela's Apartment Building Corridor. Fry, who's body has turned back to it's normal shape, and Leela stand outside her apartment. She holds the flowers from earlier.

Fry: (thinking)' Apartment 1I? That's funny! Having one eye and owning an Apartment called Apartment 1I at the same time. Oh my God did I say that out loud? [looks over at Leela with a smile on her face,taking out her keys] Oh thank God! Say something nice (Speaking) Nice Apartment Leela.

Leela: [opening the door] 'Thanks. I should warn you though , it's a little under-furnished.

They walk in. Fry nervously stands at the door trying not to say anything.

Leela: (softy) 'Come on. Let me show you around.

Cut to Leela's Lounge.

Fry: (thinking)' My God there's almost nothing in here, We'll you got a TV I'll give you that. Oh crap. Did I say that out loud?

Leela: 'I'm thinking of having a window installed.

Fry: (thinking) I guess not(Speaking) 'I think the view's perfect already!

Leela: Oh, that's the corniest thing I've ever heard! Let me show you the bedroom.

Fry: (thinking) 'Great work there by me. But I can't just to go sleep with her now, she's doesn't deserve that. I gotta show her my holophonor.

Fry holds her back.

Fry: 'Wait,a minute.

They sit down. Fry pulls out a case and opens it. Something blue is inside.

Leela: 'A holophonor? Only a few people in the whole universe can play that, and they're not very good at it.

Fry: 'They don't have you to inspire them.

He assembles the holophonor and begins to play. Loud music across between rock and roll and the sounds of nails being scraped against a blackboard are the sounds it makes.

Leela: 'Stop!

Fry: 'I'm sorry, I-I, I just got nervous and I-I--

Leela: (softy) 'It's Ok. come on.

Scene Leela's Bedroom. Fry and Leela are making-out on her bed.

Leela: (softy) 'I think the worms are gone from you now but I don't care. Because I haven't felt this happy since double-soup Tuesday at the orphanarium.

Fry: 'Un, me too Leela. I-I love you.

She gently squeezes him and speaks to him as soft as she would speak to Nibbler if he was hurt.

Leela: (very softy) 'And I realized I love you Fry[moves her head closer to his] from the first time I felt your hand, back down in the ruins of Old New York.

She kisses him, they fall slowly onto the bed locked in a kiss.

Narrator: (voice over) 'Fry could not sleep that night, even though he had made love with Leela and other things, he was so afraid once she would make up, she would just consider him as another Zapp Brannigan and kick his sorry ass outta here. Fortunately that did not happen.

Later round the time of 5 am.

Fry who's naked is wide awake lying next to him, is the naked,sleeping peacefully form of Leela ,cuddled up against him, her hair is loose it being everywhere some of which covers his face and a blanket covers them.

Fry: (whispering,stroking her hair) 'Leela, you'll never know how much I love you.

Fry's heart skips a beat from Leela stirring, she wakes up and stares at him for a minute, all the while Fry heartbeat goes higher and higher.

Leela: (softy) 'Hey sleepy head. Sleep well?

Fry heartbeat lowers but can't think of anything to say, he starts to sweat.

Leela: (softy) 'You didn't think[gives him a heard brief squeeze] I was gonna kick you out? Did you?

Fry: 'Yeah, I did.

Leela: (softy) 'Fry, I love you. So there's nothing to worry about life will be truly better for you, for now-on in the future and maybe, just maybe you can play your holophonor better to me sometime. Without getting all nervous on me.

Fry kisses Leela's cheek and she returns it.

Leela: (very softy) 'Now sleep[kisses him lightly on the lips] baby.

Fry's eyes close,he instantly falls asleep and the phone rings.

Operator: [on phone] 'Collect call from...

Bender: [on phone] 'I'm not giving my name to a machine.

Leela: 'I'll accept.

Bender appears on the phone screen sitting on his couch with a bottle of beer in his hand.

Bender: [on screen] 'Have you killed Fry?... Wait who's the lucky sleeping chump?

Leela: 'That would[affectedly strokes him on the head]be Fry.

Bender: [on screen] 'Whoa![his eyes zoom out so far they fall out of their sockets]Really?

Leela: 'Yes.

Bender: [on screen] 'All right, good night now. Need to find my eyes now.

Bender hangs up.

Leela: 'Never try and change someone too much, who you already love.

She closes her eye,cuddles up against Fry, warps her arms round him and falls asleep with a truly happy smile across her face.

The End.