Fan Fiction

Partially Human
By Dwayne Anderson

(Note: This story is set after the events in "Leela's Homeworld" and has nothing to do with a book of the same title that I plan to start writing soon.)

It was a beautiful afternoon in New New York. Just today, Leela had learned the truth about herself. She was not an alien, but a mutant.

All her life, she had been wondering if she was an alien and the only survivor of her species. But now, the truth had set her free.

Leela was now walking down the street to the Planet Express building. Accompanying her was Fry.

"So all along, I wasn't an alien, but a mutant," she said.

"Tell me about it" said Fry. "Now you understand more about yourself."

"But there's one thing that worries me Fry" said Leela. "What if people find out I'm a mutant?"

"Relax, Leela" said Fry. "You've been living on Earth all your life and on the streets. Nothing happened."

"Well, I guess you're right," said Leela. "So what if I'm actually a mutant? I'm sure nobody will even care."

Several people walking on the street on the other sidewalk stopped at what she said.

"What? What did she say?" asked a woman.

"Is Leela, the one eyed woman working for Planet Express really a mutant?" asked a man.

"Somebody call the police!" said a woman.

Fry and Leela kept on walking. They hadn't even heard the gossiping crowd.

A little later, at Planet Express, Leela was telling everyone the good news.

"You're a mutant?" asked Amy. "All these years, I thought you were an alien!"

"Well you were wrong," said Fry. "Very wrong!"

"I feel like celebrating tonight," said Leela.

Suddenly, the doors burst open. In came several police officers who proceeded to brandish their guns at Leela.

"Freeze freak!" one of them said. "Don't move or we'll zap you until you're nothing but charcoal!"

"Hey? What's going on?" asked Fry as they handcuffed her.

"You're under arrest for being a mutant!" said a police officer. "You do not have the right to remain silent! You do not have a right to an attorney! You do not get one phone call!"

"Hey! Let go of her!" said Fry. "She's done nothing wrong!"

One of the officers shoved his weapon into Fry's stomach.

"Stop us and I'll kill you!" he said.

As the officers hauled Leela away, one of them said, "Have a nice day."

The door closed.

"What was that about?" asked Zoidberg.

"How did they find out that Leela was a mutant?" asked Fry. "Did someone hear us on the street?"

"What's going to happen to Leela?" asked Amy.

"Well I'm not going to stand here and wait!" said Fry as he stood. "I'm going to the police! They should listen to reason!"

Later, Fry found himself behind bars. Sharing his cell was Leela.

"Fry, what are you doing here?" she asked.

"They didn't listen to reason," said Fry. "I also came to save you!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Leela.

"To save you from a fate worse than death!" said Fry. "Whatever your fate is?"

"I don't have any rights," said Leela. "I don't get one phone call or even call a lawyer!"

"Well there is going to be a trial!" said Fry. "Everyone accused of a crime has the right to a fair trial! However, in your case, it won't be so fair."

"But I did nothing wrong!" said Leela.

"Exactly!" said Fry. "Leela, it's perfectly normal for you to be different from everyone else. I read about it in a book called 'Partially Human' written by Dwayne G. Anderson sometime in the early twenty first century!"

"I've got to read that book someday too," said Leela, "If I ever get out of here!"

A little later, Fry and Leela were in a courtroom with their fellow workers and about fifty civilians. Since they weren't allow to hire a lawyer, Fry decided to represent them.

"Next case" said the bailiff, "the city of New New York vs. Turanga Leela! All rise for the honourable judge!"

Everyone rose as the judge came in. However, he was a robot.

Everyone sat.

"Turanga Leela" said the judge, "you are accused of being a mutant. If you are guilty, the city will banish you to the sewers. How do you plead?"

"Plead?" asked Leela. "Well, something like this."

She suddenly threw herself at the floor and begged for mercy.

"Please have mercy on me!" she cried. "So what if I'm a mutant?! I'm not a bad person!"

"Plea accepted," said the judge. "I will now pass sentence."

"Hey, wait just a darn minute!" said Fry. "You can't prosecute Leela just because she's a mutant! She's been living on the streets all her life and nobody even cared!"

"Maybe that's because nobody knew she was actually a mutant," said the judge. "They all thought she was an alien."

"So what if Leela is different from everyone else?" said Fry. "Everyone has to be different! And that's what makes us great! Haven't you ever read 'Partially Human' by Dwayne G. Anderson?"

"No" said the judge. "I was only built yesterday. And further more, I happen to be illiterate!"

"Your honour, you and everyone in this city sicken me!" said Fry. "Just because Leela is different doesn't mean she is a bad person! Let me tell you all something, being different is not a crime! But racial prejudice is!"

"Young man, I will not stand for this!" You'll join your freak girlfriend in the sewers!"

Suddenly, the doors at the back of the room opened up.

"Somebody help!" shouted a man as he entered. "The mayor has been kidnapped and is being held hostage!"

"Where?" asked the judge.

"In his office!"

Leela stood. "I'm going!" she said. "I'm going to prove once and for all, that even though I am different, I am not dangerous!"

And she turned and ran out the courtroom.

"Case dismissed!" said the judge as he banged his gavel.

Leela ran up to city hall and burst open the doors.

Eventually, she found the mayor's office and kicked the doors opened.

Inside, was a masked man holding a gun on the mayor, who was tied to his chair.

Using her kickboxing skills, Leela quickly dispatched him. Then she untied the mayor, using the ropes to bound the gunman.

A little later, a crowd was gathered outside city hall.

"Turanga Leela, for saving my life, I am deeply grateful to you," said the mayor.

"Thanks" said Leela. "Does this mean you're dropping the charges against me?"

"No" said the mayor.

"What?!" said Leela. "After all I've done?"

"The law is the law," said the mayor. "No mutants allowed on the streets! Officers, take her to the sewers!"

"Wait!" cried Fry as he made his way through the crowd.

"What now?" demanded the mayor.

"I'd like to say a few words," said Fry. "First of all, I want you all to know that even though Leela may be a mutant, she is unique. Our differences are what makes each of us special. And further more, she's been living on the streets all her life, and nobody cared."

"Ok young man" said the mayor, "you've said your few words."

"Mister, I'll have you know that if you don't allow Leela to stay, we won't vote for you in the next election!"

The crowd cheered.

"And we won't pay any taxes!" said Fry.

The crowd cheered again.

"Alright, you win," said the mayor. "Leela, welcome back to New New York city!"

"Yay!" cheered Fry and the Planet Express Crew.

That night, Leela sat in bed. She was reading "Partially Human".

The door opened. In came Fry.

"Enjoying the book?" he asked.

"Yes" said Leela. "Fry, thanks for saving me today. You're a true friend."

"I learned from the book," said Fry. "Friends don't walk out on each other."

The End