Fan Fiction

Perfect Fry, Part 3
By GrimSP

Based on a flash movie, "Perfect Kirby".

Note: Well I just realized that some people liked Episode 2 of PF. So I thought up of a much better storyline. I also wrote or made also there are new unknown characters in this episode. There's also a big twist in this one. I also want to point out that there's another song in this one. Also out-takes are included, no deleted scenes today, we have more than one commercial, and there is history about how PF3 was made, about some of the characters, and Charlton sits down and tells out when of the episodes about Fry's unofficial-missions and about his wedding going to come out! Also I would like to point out that Fry get's a new partner. Enjoy The Show!

Charlton: And now another exciting episode of...

We see the letters PF layed out on a Seinfeld sign as well we are hearing Seinfeld music.

Charlton: PERFECT FRY!

We then hear Star Wars music.

Then words come out.


Series Created By: Charlton Jon Villavelez (aka soulkid2000)

Episode 3: GENEPUSSY

1 month ago... Leela and Fry have just gotten married and have a new baby. Leela and Fry have been happy ever since. Leela couldn't be Fry's partner since she is now taking care of her new child. And Fry has been working successfully in the agency by completing assignment after assignment. Fry has also become trigger happy as he is, and is eager to once again begin another exciting adventure. Unknown to him, a traitor with diabolical plans of world destruction is closer than he thinks.

Mission Tip #3: Sleep If You Can...

We then look at a planet that is orange, wait. Wrong Earth.

Now we look at our Earth, the blue one. Then we zoom into the PF Agency.

Narrator on TV: Now we're back with "That 2990's Show!"

Seinfeld music is heard during the show.

We see 3 guys in one room together with cell-phones in their hands and then they all call each other.

3 Guys: Wwwwwaaaaaassssssuuuuuuuppppp!

Then they got another call.

3 Guys: Hello?

Bill Clinton Junior: This is the president calling in to say wwwwwaaaaaassssssuuuuuuuppppp!

3 Guys: Wwwwwaaaaaassssssuuuuuuuppppp!

Now we go back to the cafeteria scene where it takes off right after Fry and Detroit just finished watching the show and eating.

Fry: Do they still say that line back then?

Detroit: Don't know.

Prof. Bluehair: Hello guys. I made come coffee for you. Who would like some?

Fry: I'm full.

Detroit: I'll try.

Detroit grabs the coffee and drinks it,

Detroit spits out the coffee.

Detroit: This coffee is horrible!!!

Prof. Bluehair: It's Cherry Coffee.

Detroit: I hate cherry!!! You're fired.

Prof. Bluehair leaves and cries.

Fry: Man, Detroit. Do you think you're being rough on him?

Detroit: Oh, shut up, Fry!

Fry: What?!

Fry takes out his 2D. Eagles and it's pointing Detroit's head

Fry: What did you say to me?!

Detroit: Sorry Fry! Please don't shoot me!

Fry removes his guns away from Detroit's head.

Mario walks in.

Fry: Hey Mario.

Mario: Hey ya. Oh and by the way, sorry I couldn't make it to you and Leela's wedding. It was me and Peach's anniversary.

Fry: Not a problem.

Mario: Thank ya. And by the way, how's it going for ya two?

Fry: Good. Leela had to take care of the baby so that means she won't be my partner anymore.

Mario: Sorry...

Mario drinks the cherry coffee.

Mario: Hey ya! That's ya good coffee!

At Prof. Bluehair's apartment.

Prof. Bluehair turns on all his lights

Prof. Bluehair: How dare Detroit fired me!!!!!!!!

We see him making something.

Prof. Bluehair: But I'll get my revenge!

Prof. Bluehair: Mahahahahahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prof. Bluehair's Mom: Be quiet!

Prof. Bluehair: (speaking quietly) Sorry Mom. Hoohoohoohoohoo


Charlton: My dad taped this.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Thank you all for making me governor of Ohio.

Agent: Sir, that's California.

Arnold: Oops.

10 Seconds Later...

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Thank you all for making me governor of California.

The next day...

We see Fry in his apartment (his apartment is now in the PF Agency).

Fry's phone rings.

Fry wakes up. He's about to pick it up but then is hearing his favorite song on his message taker.

A song is heard on the phone machine.

"Phone Call"

Message Taker: Sooo- Sorry We Cannot Take Your Call. Ba Boom Boom Ba Ba

Fry smiles, then jumps up and dances on top of his bed.

Message Taker: We're not at home now. We would've answered the phone, but clearly we're not at home. And your call's an important one! We'll get back to you.

Fry then jumps again and spins around and then lands on his bed.

Message Taker: You Make Sure That We Do!

Fry then jumps again.

Message Taker: Leave A Message So We Know You Called!

Fry then is river-dancing on top of his bed.

Message Taker: Leave A Message! Name And Number! C' Mon! Leave A Message!

Fry stops river-dancing and sings more.

Message Taker: Start Recording At The Tone!

Fry jumps off his bed.

Fry and the Message Taker: Mentos... The Message Taker!

The song ends.

We see a Futurama: Universe Of Malice poster above Fry's bed and a Charlton Jon Villavelez doll.

We hear a beeping noise on Fry's phone. Fry picks up the phone.

Brett: Wake up, Fry. You're late for...Wait! Why am I even calling you?

Brett and Fry hang up their phones.

Brett charges into Fry's room.

Brett: Fry!

Fry: Ahh!!!

Fry covers himself with a blanket.

Brett: Fry get up, you're late.

Fry: Alright Brett.

Brett closes the door and leaves Fry's room.

Fry: Shmuck.

At the main room.

We see all the staff at the main room.

Brett: You're right. The Mets suck!

Phil: Yep.

Brett: Yep.

Brett and Phil drink Slurm.

Fry walks into the main room.

Fry: What's happening?

Brett turns around.

Brett: 'Bout time you got here.

Fry: OK Brett. What is so important that you have to wake me so early in the morning?

Brett: Don't you remember? You're getting a new partner today.

Phil: Maybe Fry doesn't need another partner.

Brett: Why not?

Phil: I'm not talking about Bender. I mean do you remember his second one? Marco?


We hear Super Mario Bros. music.

We see Marco and Fry under a table. Over the table are criminals who are talking about what should they wear in a crime scene.

Lenny: Okay guys. Wearing black suits give it away, especially if you are in a Tom Clancy game.

The criminals look at Tom Clancy.

George: How about we wear Easter bunny suits.

George giggles in a happy way.

Lenny: For the last time, George! Your whole Easter bunny suit idea sucks!

Fry: This is too long.

Marco: Be patient, Fry.

Fry: Hey, I have a idea.

Fry picks up a dead rat.

Fry: Let's play catch with this dead rat!

Marco: Uh... I don't think so Fry.

Fry: Come on. Catch!

Fry throws the dead rat to Marco and the dead rat goes into Marco's mouth making him choke.

Marco exits the table.

The criminals: Hey! It's a spy! Get him!

All the criminals kill Marco.

Blood comes into under the table. Then Fry leaves quietly.

Fry: Hey! It's all his fault for doing such a lousy catch!

Prof. Dollar: Remember Conker?


We hear Donkey Kong music.

Fry and Conker look at a tank.

Fry: Do you think it still works?

Conker: Don't know.

Fry gets up the tank.

Conker: Be careful Fry.

Fry plays on the control panel.

We see a sign that says "ATTENTION: DO NOT dance on the control panel".

Fry then dances on top of control panel (Of course, he doesn't know how to use the tank).

Rockets and even a Charlton dummy comes out of the tank.

Conker: Uh, do you even know how to work a tank?

Then the tank points to Conker.

Fry: Yes I do.

The rockets then come out and destroy Conker.

Fry looks around. Then Fry hides.

Fry: Hey! No one can actually prove... that I killed him.

Brett: What are you talking about? You showed the whole entire thing on DVD and showed it to everyone. Remember?

Scene: DVD Flashback

Fry is holding the DVD remote.

Fry: This is my favorite part.

We then see Fry who just killed Conker on the TV screen.

Fry: Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

(Done with flashback).

Fry: Oh yeah... He He He He He He!

Phil: Heck! Even Joanna was his partner once.

We see Joanna looking at a book that's called "The PERFECT Legend Of Joanna Dark".


We see King Dedede with his big hammer, as well we see Waluigi, Wario, Boo, and Toad. Right behind them are the X-Cubes.

We then see Joanna wearing no disguise but Fry is wearing as Luigi.

King Dedede: Now. We plan to deliver these X-Cubes and counterfeit controllers to WALL-TO-WALL*MART on Sunday. We'll be loading 'em on the W-Mart Karts so no one suspects a thing.

Fry: (Whispering) Hey, Joe.

Joanna: (Whispering) What?

They are both whispering to each other.

Fry: Look.

Joanna then sees the buffet.

Joanna: So what?

Fry: So I'm saying if I can go to the buffet now.

Joanna: No. We're in a mission. It's very important.

Fry: Well I'm going eat at the buffet and you can't stop me.

Fry then tries to go to buffet but then is pulled by Joanna.

Joanna accidentally removes Fry's disguise. The criminals are in shock.

Fry: Oops.

Fry then smiles a lot.

King Dedede: PA's here! Get them!

Fry: Run!

All the criminals are shooting at them. First they destroyed the walls, then destroyed the buffet.

Fry: No!

Joanna kicks the exit door. Then Fry and Joanna exits.

Then King Dedede then throws his big hammer but doesn't work.

(Back at PA)

Fry: Joe! If you would let me just eat at the buffet!

Joanna: Don't talk about that one anymore. You almost got us killed.

Fry: Almost?

Brett: But since Leela couldn't be Fry's partner for now, well I think is going to be a good match-up.

Brett opens the door. We see Samus behind the door. And we are also hearing Samus music.

Brett: Oops. Wrong door.

Brett closes the wrong door. And opens the right one.

Brett: Introducing... Rick!

We Rick as a penguin.

Fry: Uh... Brett.

Brett: Yes?

Fry: He's a... He's a penguin?!

Brett: Yeah....

Fry: He's weird!

Brett: I know. It's even hard to understand him sometimes. But they say "He's the best in his league." Well... get along.

Brett leaves them.

Fry and Rick face each other.

Fry: Hi, Rick.

Fry and Rick shake hands.

Rick then is doing sign language.

Fry: Oh, really?

Brett: What did he say?

Fry: He said he beat up 32 people by using a carrot and a cotton swab.

Phil: Wow!

Fry: Well, I can do something cool too. Hey Rick watch this.

10 seconds later...

Fry dresses up as Mario. Fry is also near the real Mario.

Fry is holding a mustache, a Mario hat, and a star.

Fry: (first clears his throat then speaks) Mamma mia.

Brett: Whoa! I can't even tell which one is which?

Rick roll down his eyes. Rick removes Fry's disguise.

Phil: Whoa! Rick, how did you know which one is which?

Rick then rolls his eyes again.

Fry: Nobody knows which one I am. How could you have known?

Fry then stares at Rick.

Rick then rolls his eyes.

Fry: Well, if you are going be my new partner, then I have to see if you good. Okay, Brett. What's our mission?

Brett: There's no mission.

Fry: What?! So you wake me up early! And have no assignment for me and Rick to do?!

Detroit rushes in.

Detroit: There's a terrible monster destroying the city!

Everyone is in shocked.

Brett: Uh... Fry?

Fry: Let's go Rick.

Rick and Fry go outside and see the Spanish Godzilla.

We see the Spanish Godzilla destroying everything.

Spanish Godzilla: iBueno!

Fry: I have an idea. Let's shoot it!

Hippie: Don't shoot it! It's one of God's special creatures.

Fry: Great! A stupid hippie!

Samus comes in and she kills the hippie very hard and then we hear a big sound.

Fry: Thanks Samus!

Samus: Your welcome.

Samus leaves.

Fry then shoots the spanish godzilla but still he's not dead.

Fry: Well, I run out of ideas.

Rick grabs Fry and both of them hide.

Then we see Rick's leg trips the Spanish Godzilla.

Spanish Godzilla: iNo es bueno!

Spanish Godzilla lands on the road and dies.

Fry: Wow! Rick you did it.

Alot of people cheer for Rick. Rick bows.

Mario: Hey ya! Party at the-a agency!

We then hear music in BG.

We then alot of girls cheering for Rick.

We see Kerrigan and Tifa from Final Fantasy, We see Misty, 2 police cops, and a nurse from Pokemon, and we see Lara Croft.

Fry: Oh well. At least I still have my wife.

Fry looks around.

Fry: Where's Leela?

Leela left a note.

Leela's Note: Very busy!

Fry: Okay.

We then see Phil break-dancing.

Prof. Dollar: Help! My lab has been destroyed!

The music stops.

We see Mario dancing and singing on the disco floor.

Mario: Around the world... Around The World.

We see Prof. Dollar's lab in a mess.

Fry: Geez, what a mess! Looks like Brett's last date.

Everybody laughs.

Brett: (whimpering) Hey!


Charlton: Visit This Place!


The whole agency look around Prof. Dollar's lab which was destroyed.

Fry: Hey, I found Prof. Whiskers (Prof. Dollar's cat).

Brett: Hey! Look at the computer.

Brett points to a computer that appears to be the only undamaged equipment in the lab.

We see a sign above Brett.


Blams: 10023442206

Protections: 1266676

Brett uses the computer.

Brett: Hmm... the last time this computer was used was when it was searching a gene. Let's see... this gene is called the Genepussy.

Fry: Octopussy? I mean Genepussy. What's that?

Then Prof. Dollar looks around and sees his latest experimental potion is missing.

Prof. Dollar: No! My new flavor for Kool-Aid: Double Cherry!

Phil: Uh, how about you make a much more interesting flavor? Like Pineapple-Cherry? Or something?

Prof. Dollar: No. That'll be just plain god!

Rick pokes on Fry telling him to look at the computer.

Brett: Let's see... Genepussy and Double-Cherry Kool- Aid together. Apparently when the molecular structure are combined they created a deadly gas product.

Prof. Dollar: Well then. I have to test this combination. Glad thing I have extras of them.

Prof. Dollar grabs his extra double-cherry.

Fry: But where can we get this Genepussy.

Prof. Dollar looks up for it in his computer.

Prof. Dollar: Well I happen to find two people. Brett and Phil.

Fry: Wow!


Charlton: Me, Homer, Bender, and Mario play a game called "Song Titles". It's all about you have to say a title of a real song.

Homer and Bender face each other.

Bender looks at Homer.

Bender: Oops I did it again.

Everyone laughs.

Homer: Uh... bye.

Everyone laughs.

Homer then goes back in line.

Mario is up next.

Bender: I believe I can fly?!

Everyone laughs.

Mario: Mamma mia.

Mario then goes back in line.

Everyone laughs.

Charlton walks up to Bender.

Bender: Bye, Bye, Bye.

Charlton doesn't know what to say.

Charlton: Uh... nice pants.

Everyone laughs so much.

Homer: I could have said Bye, Bye, Bye but I thought that wasn't a song for some reason.

Everyone keeps on laughing.

Charlton: Hey you, nice pants!

Prof. Dollar is using a injectionator.

Prof. Dollar is about to inject Phil but then Phil kicks him.

Prof. Dollar: Sorry.

Phil and Brett meet each other.

Brett: Mr. Phil, hello. (then he smiles)

Phil punches him in the face and blood comes out of him (he's not dead).

Phil: Use his blood!

Fry: Yeah. It's all over the floor.

Prof. Dollar then uses Brett's blood.

Prof. Dollar: It will take a few hours to test.

Fry: Ok. But for now, how about we play some Super Smash Bros. Melee 2!

Charlton: Later...

Everyone drops their controllers.

TV: This game's winner is KIRBY!

1. Fry playing as Kirby

2. Phil playing as Samus

3. Mario playing as himself

4. Rick playing as Mr. Game And Watch

Fry: Yes! In your face.

Then Fry dances.

Prof. Dollar walks in.

Prof. Dollar: Okay everyone, we're set!

10 seconds later...

Prof. Dollar: Okay everyone, we're ready to test the combination!

We see everybody looking at the test results.

Prof. Dollar: I found a noble person to test this.

We hear Jaws music.

We then look at the person and it's Charlton Villavelez. He is locked in a room and is also locked in the chair.

Charlton: Hey.

We switch that says Alive, then says Kill Charlton. Graham puts the switch on Kill Charlton.

We see the Genepussy coming from the vents.

Charlton: Uh guys. There's a problem. There's gas coming from the vents... Oh my god. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Everyone gasped a lot!

Then it's over... We then see... a skeleton covered in blood.

Fry: Dear God! So someone is using this gas?

Brett: Not just anyone... Prof. Bluehair.

Everyone gasps as they see a video of Prof. Bluehair taking the double-cherry.

Fry: Hmm. He just fired yesterday by Detroit. Maybe he wants to get back at us. I didn't even know he had such an evil secret double life?

Brett: I don't know Fry. Some of the most regular people have very interesting secret lives.

We hear Spider-Man music as well we see Peter Parker dressing up as Spider-Man.

Phil: Oh Brett. That's so not real.

Phil looks around.

We then see Phil dressing up as the Green Goblin.

Fry: But how can Prof. Bluehair make this gas when didn't have a blood sample form Brett or Phil?!

Prof. Dollar uses his computer.

Prof. Dollar: Here's one more person.

Prof. Dollar looks at the person.

Prof. Dollar: Oh my! It's Richard Nixon's Head!

Brett: Good news. You just have been given a new mission.

Fry: 'Bout time.

Brett: Our resources tell us that the president is at the Alaskan Airbase and is then going on Air Force One.

We then hear Perfect Dark music.

Brett: Here are the objectives that you and Rick must complete.



Prof. Dollar: Also I have a few gadgets for you.

Prof. Dollar gives the suitcase of gadgets to Fry.

Fry: Sweet! Ok Rick, let's go! I call shotgun!

Fry runs up to the arwing.

Fry then sees Crystal and Fox together.

Fry: What the... What are you doing here Crystal?

Fox: Well Crystal and I got sick of Mario's cooking so we decided to eat some Alaskan food.

Fry: Wow! That's where we are going.

Rick then sits in where Fry is about to sit.

Fry: Hey! You stupid penguin! That's where I was about to sit!

Fox: Well looks like you have to sit in the trunk.

Fry: The trunk! Damn it! Fine!

Fry then sits in the trunk.

Fry: Stupid Rick! Stupid Fox. Stupid Brett! Stupid- Hey!

Fry picks up a bag of peanuts.

Fry: Peanuts.

Fry opens the bag of Peanuts and sees what's inside it is dead rats.



Fry: Here's my story about me and a creature.

We see Fry caught in a web.

Fry: Damn you, SPIDER-MAN!

Spider-Man gets away.

We then see the arwing landing in Alaska. We also hear Perfect Dark music.

Rick lands perfectly on his parachute.


Fry lands and falls down all the way down to the snow and then comes back up and then gets hit on the head from the suitcase.

The arwing then comes in.

Fox: Good luck Fry.

Fry: Yeah. You too Fox! (saying in a angry way). Okay, Rick, let's...

Fry sees Rick is not right near him. But then he sees him already surfing in his surfboard.

Fry: Show off...

Fry then gets on top of his suitcase to find where he was but then he starts surfing.

Fry: Oh no! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Fry then hits on a tree and then lands and falls down all the way to the snow and then gets up and then gets hit from the suitcase again.

Fry: Not one word!

Rick gets the suitcase and opens it.

Fry checks the suitcase.

Fry: Let's see here... Falcon 2, Proximity Mine, Tranquilizer, Baloney sandwich.

Fry then eats the sandwich.

Then Fry picks up a gun.

Fry: Hey, what's this.

Fry then accidentally pulls the trigger.

Guard #100: How do you like the dreds G?

Guard #67: Dude, you're lame.

Then the bullet makes a sound and then the guards have been notified and also the guards are yelling.

Fry and Rick hides in a big rock.

Fry: Don't panic... I have an idea.

Fry comes up to every guard and all the guards' gun point at him.

We see Fry wearing a mustache and is having a German accent.

Fry: Aach... Now gentlemen, don't be hasty.

Guard #100: Huh???????????????

Fry: I was asked by president Richard Nixon's Head to give you all a refresher course on 'gun-handling.'

Guard #1: Oh. We thought you never be able to get here.

Fry: You see this guard's gun has grenade launcher on. If he just pulls the trigger it would destroy anyone near him and his gun like his enemies but mostly his allies.

Guard #1: Idiot.

Guard #100: Sorry.

Fry uses Guard #100's gun and then kills the guards. Once he wasted ammo, his mustache fell off.

Guard #1: Ha!

Guard #1 was the only one alive outside the airbase.

Guard #1 was about to shoot Fry but then Rick throws a big rock on his face.

Guard #1's face is filled with blood and then he falls down.

Fry disguises as a guard and Rick wears cool sunglasses (like the ones from The Matrix). Also Fry is holding a PDA and a few weapons.

Fry: We bad.


Note: Fry smiles alot during the takes.

Charlton: Cheesy Wheezy Nachos Commercial: Take One

We see Fry with a bag of Cheesy Wheezy Nachos.

Charlton: And Action!

We see Fry holding the bag upside down my mistake.

Fry: Before I drink a glass of lemonade, I eat 108 Cheesy Wheezy Nachos!

Charlton: Uh, Fry. You're holding the bag upside down.

Fry: Oh. Sorry.

Fry holds the bag correctly.

Fry: Before I drink a....

Charlton: We're not rolling yet.

Fry: Oh. Sorry.

Take 2

Charlton: Action!

Fry: Before I drink a glass of lemonade I eat 108 Pukey Poopy Nachos!

Charlton: You said Pukey Poopy Nachos...

Fry: I know! Could you believe it?

Charlton: It's Cheesy Wheezy Nachos...

Fry: I know! Could you believe it?

Take 3

Fry: Before I drink a glass of lemonade I eat 108 Cheesy Wheezy! They're the...um...ehh....

Fry then picks up his script.

Fry: Greatest!

Take 4

Charlton: Action!

Fry's mouth is full of nachos.

Fry: What did he say?

Charlton: I said Action!

Fry: Oh. Sorry.

Take 5

Fry: Before I eat these so called nachos I eat something much better... Oops.

Take 6

Fry: Before I drink a glass of lemonade I eat 108 Cheesy Wheezy Nachos!

Then goose poop lands on him.

Fry: They're the greatest!

Charlton: Uh...

Fry: We're done! Um... guys. What's wrong?

Take 7

Charlton: Okay Fry it's been 10 minutes since you have been reading just one sentence. Are you done reading now?

Fry: Yes.

Charlton: Good. Ok... now... Action!

Fry: Uh...................... I forgot lines.

Take 8

Fry does not smiles and is talking in a very not interesting way.

Fry: Before I drink a glass of something blah blah.

Fry sleeps.

Charlton: Prof. Dollar, give him some wake-up pills!

Prof. Dollar: Ok.

Final Take

Fry smiles and is now talking in a very interesting way again.

Fry: I love NACHOS!

Narrator: You heard this guy said, these Pukey Poopy Nachos are the greatest! Oops.

Charlton: Not again.

The Narrator And The Ending Of The Cheesy Wheezy Nachos Commercial: Final Take

Narrator: You heard this guy said, these Cheesy Wheezy Nachos are the greatest!

Now we go inside the airbase.

Link: I know you have it!

Lady: Have what, sir?

Link: I told you already. It's called The Flute Of Seasons.

Lady: Why do you think we have it?

Link: Why? Because The Flute Of Seasons has the ability to change the weather. Also why is it snowing in the August.

Lady: Sir, we're in Alaska.

Link: Don't give me that!!!

Lady: Sir, really we don't have it.

Link: Fine. Here's my phone number if you have it.

Link uses his Master Sword and writes his phone number on the wall. His phone number says "(516) 541-0495". Then Link leaves.

Fry and Rick enters.

Objective 1 Completed: ENTER AIR BASE

Lady: Sir, what is your name.

Fry: Uh...my name is... uh Bond... James Bond. He he he he

Lady: Nope. "James Bond" isn't here at the list.

The guards then get angry and hold their guns tight.

Fry: Quick! What do we do Rick?

Lady: Oh! Rick. Come right in Rick and whatever your name is.

Fry: How did we get in.

Rick tells in sign language that he doesn't know why.

Fry: Ok. Let's get right in.

Fry then walks up to a guard with a pen.

Fry: Can you write your phone number in this paper using this "PEN"? So I can contact for the ski party next week.

Guard #31: Party? Sure

Guard #31 doesn't get killed by the pen. He is done writing his phone number.

Fry: Uh... thanks. Stupid pen. Doesn't work.

Fry throws a pen and the pen turns into a taser. The taser flies and then harms a guard.

Fry: Oh.... it's a taser....

Guard #31: What?

Fry: you're still here? Wait! Don't move.

Fry grabs the taser and then pants. Then he stops panting.

Fry: Ok.

Fry uses the taser and kills Guard #31.

Objective 2 Completed: OBTAIN FLIGHT PLANS

We see Rick on top of the table with the flight plans with him.

Fry comes in.

Fry: Hey...

Rick is telling him to not come in.

Fry: What?

Fry then realizes he accidentally turn on the alarm.

Fry: Oops.

Fry shoots the roof and now it's destroyed.

Fry and Rick gets up and then enter the Air Force One.

Objective 3 Completed: BOARD AIR FORCE ONE

Guard #63: Blue-Raven, This is Desert Fox. I have searched the room and I see the silent alarm has gone off, But there is no trace of the perpetrator. I suggest you commence operation 'Go-Go.'

Guard #99: Huh?

Guard #63: Leave the Stool, The Pigeon is out.

Guard #99: Huh?

Guard #63: Get Air Force One off the ground now!

Guard #99: Huh?

Guard #63 hangs up on him.


Charlton: These are just little descriptions of the upcoming PF episodes...

License To Beer- After a party, Homer and Bender has just forgotten that the whole staff of PA is on vacation. Now they are going have the time of their lives... looking for the


Hard Halloween: HELL- A collection of Halloween shorts based on just two genres "Horror" and "Comedy".

Little Red Suitcase- What's inside a little red suitcase is a bomb that would make the whole world explode after 48 hours.

AGENT ON FIRED: The Legend Of Fry- After Leela got fired and it was all Fry's fault, he gets fired.

HOMER ON FIRE- Lisa has just got kidnapped and Homer is the one who can save her. Will he save her? Featuring the appearances of Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Snake, Chief Wiggum, Ralph Wiggum, and of course himself... HOMER SIMPSON.

Behind PF- The ultimate behind-the-scenes of Season 1 of Perfect Fry!

Fry then is holding a PDA. He clicks on a button and now the PDA turned into a fax machine. Fry puts the flight plans on the fax machine.

We see the PA HQ has now the flight plans.

Now we go back to Fry and Rick.

Fry: Okay. Now we need to locate the president.

10 Seconds Later...

We see Fry and Rick already killed alot of people.

Fry and Rick see alot of creatures from the game "Metroid Prime".

Then Samus comes in.

Fry: Hi, Samus.

We then hear Matrix music.Samus kills alot of the creatures with her big laser gun. One of the creatures destroys her disguise. Now we see her wearing nothing but a bikini. Now Samus is just punching and kicking the creatures. All of the creatures are dead... except one. Then Ridley comes in.

Fry: You should leave Samus.

Samus: Okay.

Then Samus gets her disguise back on and then she flies away.

Fry shoots Ridley so much. Blood comes out of Ridley while he was still alive. Now... he's dead.

Fry: Okay. Now let's get the president.

We see the president writing a letter.

The president's head is used for a robot.

Richard Nixon's Head: Thank you for this time of... unknowingness...? I think that's a word. I'm sorry my dad vomited...

Fry and Rick rushes in.

Fry: Mr. President!

Richard: What? Who are you?

Fry: My name is Fry and I'm here to save you from a crazy mad man who wants to kill you.

Richard (President Richard Nixon's Head) then looks at Rick.

Richard: Rick!

Rick and Richard shake hands.


Fry: You know Richard Nixon's Head!

Rick tells Fry "Yes."

Richard: Rick was at my inauguration. So what brings you and Hot Dog here?

Fry: It's Fry! Now look, there's a crazy made scientist named Prof. Bluehair who wants to get a blood sample from you so that he can use it for a concoction, to create a deadly gas that can easily terrorize people.

Richard is confused.

Richard: You talk fast...

Fry: Quick! We have to depart this place and go back to HQ.

Fry, Rick, and Richard then finds the exit.

Then we hear the words "Stop right there!"

Fry: Oh my god! It's Prof. Bluehair! Run!!!!!!!!!

We see Detroit with a gun.

Detroit: What?

Fry: Huh? Detroit, what are you doing here?

Detroit: Well what are you doing here?


Charlton: COMING SOON... THE ULTIMATE ACTION-COMEDY SERIES IS BACK...THIS TIME ONLY ON... A LIMITED COLLECTOR'S EDITION? That's right. Soon there will be a Perfect Fry: Limited Collector's Edition. This edition includes all of Season 1's Episodes, behind-the-scenes, more outtakes, secrets, pictures, interviews, on the cast and maybe the TLZ staff, fans of the series, friends. Also previews, trailers, and more commercials! COMING 2005!

Fry: We're trying to get the president out of here because Prof. Bluehair is trying to terrorize people by using a deadly gas known as "Genepussy". We know all about from Prof. Dollar's computer.

Detroit: Then you know too much.

Fry: Huh?

Detroit: Apparently you thought it Prof. Bluehair who looked up the gene, sorry to tell you this but I was the one who looked up that gene?

Fry: You?

Detroit: Yes. You see "Genepussy" is a funky gene. I also needed to find a person who has great power and holds the gene. I knew Prof. Dollar's computer was the only one that had this sort of info. So first I created a distraction for you all by realizing Spanish Godzilla. Once all of you left, I looked it up and I found out that President Richard Nixon's Head had the gene. Also the reason why I need the president's blood is because first I need a clone of him.

Fry: A clone?

Detroit: Yes. You see, "Genepussy" is a gas that can not only kill people, but to clone them. First I need to kill the president, use the blood sample from the president, then just put the the blood sample back into the president's body (which turns out to look like a skeleton), and then there is the cloned president. Once the real president is gone forever, the cloned president will make me leader of military action. I'll conquer every country in the universe. Making me ruler of the universe. Then finally kill Prof. Bluehair and his awful-coffee-making skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone is confused.

Fry: That is so STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Detroit: No it's not!!!!!!!!!! Now hand over the president.

We see... Prof. Bluehair come in!

Prof. Bluehair: Not so fast Detroit!

Fry: Prof. Bluehair?!

Detroit: Bluehair? What are you doing here? I thought I fired you.

Prof. Bluehair: Maybe you did, but that didn't stop me from stopping you.

Fry: Oh great! Another flashback!

Prof. Bluehair: Well I was furious when Detroit fired me. So the next day, when all of you left, I saw that Detroit just left Prof. Dollar's place. So once he left, I then came into the place and then saw Detroit searched on the something known as the "Genepussy". I was then mad. I also found out Prof. Dollar left out his new double-cherry Kool-Aid. I grab that and I sent out to find Detroit.

Fry: But why was the lab in such a mess?

Prof. Bluehair: Oh....

We see Prof. Bluehair accidentally stepped on a doll and then we see later causing a mess.

Fry: Uh... but all of you didn't knew that when the double-cherry Kool-Aid and the blood sample are combined it creates a much more deadly gas?

Detroit and Bluehair: No.

Fry: Oh.

Rick is telling Fry something.

Detroit: What is he saying?

Fry: He says but one thing doesn't add up. How come Prof. Bluehair took the Double-Cherry?

Bluehair: Detroit hates the flavor Cherry!

Detroit: It's true. I do.

Bluehair: I used the double-cherry to create Detroit's ultimate fear.



made by "got something" company

Then someone crashes in... It's....

Kool-Aid Man: Ohhhhhhhh Yeaaaaaah!

Detroit: NOOOOO!!!

Detroit is running away from the Kool-Aid Man is chasing him.

Detroit shoots the kool-aid man but he dodges them.

Then Detroit shoots again.

We see Bart Simpson and Charlton. Charlton is flying the plane and Bart is just drinking is soda.

Charlton: I hope my parents find out I'm doing something more talented then just...

Then Detroit's bullet hits Charlton. Charlton is dead.

Bart is not suprised... he's still drinking his soda...

Then moments later Detroit killed Kool-Aid Man.

Kool-Aid Man: Ohhhhhh Nooooooooo!

Detroit: You're dead Bluehair.

Then Detroit's gun is empty.

Fry: Rick! We have to exit...

We see Rick and the President just left.

Fry: Oh... Prof. Bluehair, we have to leave.

We see Prof. Bluehair and Detroit fighting alot.

Bluehair: Go now.

Fry: (breathes first then talks) Okay.

Fry jumps off and Fry then hangs on President's metal leg.

We see Prof. Bluehair and Detroit fighting more.

Detroit is then wounded and is laying on the floor. Then Detroit finds a gun and then shoots it but then the Bluehair dodge it and then jumps off. The bullet cracks the wall making the Air Force One explode! Detroit is dead!

We see Prof. Bluehair just hang on Fry's leg.

Fry: Hey ya. Are you ya HUNGRY?

Everyone says "Yes."

Objective 5 Complete: DEPART AIR FORCE ONE


The next day....

Fry: Uh... Phil, Brett...

Fry then walks up to the movie room and sees that everybody is there.

Brett: Fry, the movie's just beginning.

Fry: You mean the new one?

Brett: Yes! The newest release.

Fry: Alright! I'm gonna get some popcorn.

Fry then cooks the porcorn.

Fry then comes back in the movie room with the popcorn. Then Brett grabs some of the popcorn.

Fry: Slob...

Fry then goes back to his sit and is happy to watch.

Then we see Joanna tickling Rick.

Fry: Uh... slob?

Then Mario turns off all the lights and Brett starts the movie.

Everyone is happy.

By Charles Delnegro (of HGS)

We see Bart and Lisa in a blank space.

Bart: Guns. A lot of guns.

Then millions of gun come in.

Lisa: And lunch. We need lunch.

Then two McDonalds' Happy Meals come in.

Lisa checks her happy meal.

Lisa: I have no toy.

Bart: I already have this one.

Bart's toy is Homer drinking.

Lisa: Bart! Let's just finish this.

Bart and Lisa enter The Matrix.

Neo comes in.

Neo: Hey dudes! Now remember guys, there are no nachos!

Lisa: Do you anything to do besides this?

Neo: No...

Neo leaves.

Bart: A agent.

Chalmers then comes out of his disguise. Then he eats his hot dog.

Chalmers: (talking with his mouth full) Mr. Bart...

Lisa: Just run Bart! Run!

Bart: No I'm gonna fight! Hey, DODGE THIS!

Bart brings out his big laser gun and kills the Chalmers agent (not the real Chalmers).

Lisa: Whoa!

Bart: DELETED!!!


Another Note: Whoa! You just finished watching another PF episode (the third one). I'm sorry if I was doing anything bad to Charles' series "The Matricks". Also sorry it took about one month to finish Genepussy. But I hope you all were impressed with the PF3 previews. Hopefully the Hard Halloween episode won't take that long. Also about the limited collector's edition will come out once Season 1 is finished. The collector's edition will come out in the year 2005. Now we show you HISTORY, then after that is outtakes, and a note from the Hard Halloween episode. Enjoy The Features!


Interview With Charlton

Charlton: Um... for those who read some of the missions in this episode, well soon I'll be making a episode about all of those missions in this one, Also I am making a episode of Fry and Leela's wedding. Hopefully all of this will come out in 2005.

PF3 History

Charlton: We had a big task for us about this episode.

Fry: I was surprised that the second one wasn't okay. But we thought that now we should do way better.

Phil: This one has more comedy and action I think.

Brett: I think this episode will have the great style just like the style was in this first PF episode.

Prof. Dollar: It's getting more real now.

Charlton: I hope this becomes a big success just like the first episode.

Detroit: I was also happy to see me in this wonderful series. Hopefully, I'll be BACK!

Prof. Bluehair: Also I though that when Charlton was going to make a parody of The Matricks I wasn't quite happy with it. Once I saw it, it made me laugh. I'll be shown in most or some episodes of PF.

Detroit: Me and Bluehair are actually friends and we're a action-comedy team really.

Prof. Bluehair: Me and Detroit have been friends since High School. And we got alot of progress with each other from action and comedy.

Samus: Also for those why I'm with Fry and Rick sometimes because I used to be Fry's partner.

History On Some Of PF Characters

Name: Phil
Job: Cheif Combat Trainer
Age: 29
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 156 LBS
Eye Color: Brown
Description: The hard-hitting, hard partying trainer of the bunch. Always happy to lend an ear or a fist to help any situation.

Name: Joanna Dark
Job: Perfect Agent
Age: 22
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 110 LBS
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Description: The sexy, red-headed, perfect agent. She hangs around the agency for any breath-raking assignment and stays for all the cute agents.

Name: Rick
Job: Perfect Agent
Age: Unknown
Height: 2' 5"
Weight: 25 LBS
Eye Color: Green
Description: The newest addition to the agency and he is already popular with the ladies and everyone who's anyone. Silent, But Deadly.

Name: Fry
Job: Perfect Agency
Age: We Don't Know Because He's From The Past Not The Future. Unknown.
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown.
Eye Color: Brown
Description: The trigger happy agent who hates criticism, But loves to take action. A agent with a heart of gold, and a gold-plated magnum.

Name: Brett
Job: Head Of The Perfect Agency
Age: 26
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 145 LBS
Eye Color: Blue
Description: Bald and insecure. Oh, and the head of the agency. In charge of organizing all missions or assignments and hiring of agents. Also he is a prime target for cheap jokes.

Name: Mario
Job: Cafeteria Cook
Age: Unknown
Height: 3' 9"
Weight: 105 LBS
Eye Color: Blue
Description: The always happy pasta freak and video game icon. He'll dazzle you and his bizarre Italian accent and crazy noodle entrees. Mama Mia!

Name: Prof. Dollar
Job: Top Scientist
Age: 38
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 145 LBS
Eye Color: Unknown
Description: A genius and a spender. He can't walk into a 99 Cent Store without being disgusted. A respected colleague who needs no introduction.

Name: Richard Nixon's Head
Job: U.S. President
Age: 67
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 155 LBS
Eye Color: Blue
Description: The Happy Go Lucky Leader of the World, Err, America. He's like any other carefree American; takes chances, can't spell, and doesn't vote! God Bless America!

Name: Samus
Job: Perfect Agent
Age: 24
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 135 LBS
Eye color: Blue
Description: The deadly bounty hunter raised by the chozo. An on/off agent with extraordinary battle skills. Just out to save the world when you least except it.


Scene: Testing "Genepussy" On Charlton

Charlton: I'm not dead? I'm not dead! Thank you Jesus! I have never been so...

Charlton then gets shot in the face. Charlton is dead.

We see Fry holding the gun.

Fry: Well someone had to shut him up!

Scene: What A Mess?!

Fry: Geez, what a mess? Looks like Brett. Geez, what a mess? Looks like Brett's last date. Geez, what a mess? How stunned were you Brett? Geez what a mess? Uh... BRETT SUCKS!

Everyone laughs.

Brett: (whimpers) Hey.

Scene: The Double-Cherry Kool-Aid

Prof. Dollar: My new flavor for Kool-Aid, cherry!

Fry: That's double-cherry.

Prof. Dollar: Double-Cherry?

Prof. Dollar looks at it in the script.

Prof. Dollar: (mad) Who the hell wrote that?

Scenes: Falldowns

Scene One

Fry: I don't know about you guys but I'm...

Fry accidentally let go the president's leg. But Bluehair is also holding the president's other leg. Fry falls.

Fry: AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I hope I have a parachute. Hey I do!

Scene Two

President falls down the stairs because he ran too fast.

Richard: Oh crap.

Scene: Prof. Whiskers

Fry throws Prof. Whiskers to Brett's face. Brett's face is covered with blood.


Fry: HaHaHaHaHaHa! Uh.. Brett?

Scene: Snow Day

We see Fry making a snowman.

Fry: We're rolling?

Charlton: Yes.

Scene: The Cherry-Coffee

Take One

Prof. Bluehair: You want some coffee?

Detroit: I'm full.

Fry: That's my line.

Take Two

Prof. Bluehair: you want some coffee?

Detroit: I'm not hungry.

Prof. Bluehair: Just drink the damn coffee.

Scene: The Lady.

Lady: Can I have your... uh....

Charlton: Cut!

Lady: (speaking like a man) How long do I have to be dressed up as a woman?

Scene: The President's Break

Richard is telling a joke to a bunch of dolls.

Richard: I'm going to rule America. Wait I already am. Hahahahhaha. Come on guys, laugh! I'm the president!

Fry and Phil come in.

Fry: What's wrong with the President?

Phil: We don't know. We have been having trouble with him since day one.

Richard: Also instead of America, it's called Nixon-a-ca.