Fan Fiction

Perfect Fry, Part 2
By GrimSP

Based on a flash movie, "Perfect Kirby".

PF2 Preview

We see Charlton playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.

Graham walks into his room.

Graham: Ok Charles, when I get back, make sure you make another great chapter of PF.

Charlton: Okay dokey.

Graham leaves.

Charlton is then looking around then turns off his Xbox.

Graham then enters his room.

Graham: Now Charlton...

Graham looks around and see he is not there. Then he looks out of the window and sees Charlton running.

Graham: Oh no. Not again....

Note: Some of you might know that I have been trying to make a series after I'm done with the stories. Now I'm done with that. You get to meet the Futurama characters, Nintendo characters, Homer Simpson, other stuff, and all the other characters that I made in this series are originally made by me. Also this story will have 2 contents. Also this episode is based on a game called Alien Hominid except with PF style. One of the contents is a commercial break which shows flashback from my other stories or something else and also a phony commercial. Also another content is out-takes. A new content that I have thought up of are deleted scenes. Also you might have know that I have put up a preview of this chapter. It's just to bring more humor. There might be out-takes on other episodes of this series. All the stories that I am now making might be for the series or something else or I might do sequels that are not my based on my series so you should watch out what you are reading (::lol::). This second episode is all about a alien who's UFO has been shot down by the FBI. But there's a surprise in this one. So, enjoy the show!



Episode #2: Area Alien Zero

Mission Tip: Is Dr. Pepper really a Doctor?

Series Created By: Charlton Jon Villavelez (aka soulkid2000)

We see a UFO in space that is just wandering around in Earth.

Then a FBI agent named Smith wakes up and sees a UFO on the camera. The FBI agent presses a button and the UFO gets shot and falls down outside their HQ.

Smith: Okay, dudes. Bring it to, California.

FBI Agent 55: Yes, sir!

The UFO is placed on a truck and the truck goes away. The alien has just escaped his UFO only to see that when he got, it was on a truck that was leaving with it.

The alien goes after the UFO but then he is surrounded by the FBI Agents.

The alien then screams and is running away and the FBI agents are tracking him down. Also the alien is trying to track down his UFO.


At The PA...

We see Fry and Prof. Dollar eating at the cafeteria.

Prof. Dollar: So, Fry. What did you do on Friday?

Fry: Uh... you know. A little bit of this, a little of that.

Scene: Flashback.

Hot Dog Guy: Hey, give that to me.

Fry is holding money.

Fry: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Now back to the cafeteria scene.)

Brett: (on speakers) Fry, please come to the darkroom immediately.

Prof. Dollar: What did you do this time, Fry?

Fry: Don't know.

Brett: (on speakers) Oh Prof. Dollar, bring in your spy stuff.

Brett leaves the speakers and Prof. Dollar goes to his place.

Fry then enters the dark room.

Fry: Uh... Brett, you wanna see me?

A light appears.

Brett: Yes. I have a mission for you.

Fry: So this would be my second mission, right?

Brett: Actually this will be your first official mission.

Fry: Yeah Yeah. Who do I kill and who do I kill the most?

Fry: (Wait, did I already say that two times? You know what, forgot about it.)

Brett: Here's the mission. A friendly-alien and his UFO has just landed in New York. The alien's UFO is on a truck and the alien is trying to follow it. Also the FBI is following him. WE heard rumor that the alien won't stop until he gets his UFO. Your job is simple with these objectives...

1. Find And Protect The Alien

2. Look For Where Is His UFO

3. Take Him To Safety

4. Make Sure FBI Is Gone

5. Alien is Gone With His UFO

Fry: Wait a minute... there are aliens?

Brett: Yes.

Fry: Oh, I know they are real, I just didn't know they work for us.

Brett: What are talking about? Of course there's one working in the cafeteria.

We have a flashback...

Phil: Oh yes. I would like to have the "Mentos" hamburger.

Then we see a big alien with a book that says "English For Alien Dummies"

Cafeteria Alien: Da mur that goim ratgut meoir mouthwash.

Phil gets confused.

(Now we're done with the flashback)

Fry: Also it looks like these are cheap objectives. Whoever wrote that must be a bad writer.

Then Brett and Fry look at Charlton.

Brett: The mission is hard... the FBI is a bad one, you have to stop them while protecting, finding, and saving the alien.

Fry: So anyway, when do I start?

Brett: With your new partner Leela here... now!

Fry, Leela, and Mario enter a hovercraft. The hovercraft has just left the PA HQ and Mario is now driving the hovercraft on the streets.

Leela: Now we have to find the UFO, right?

Fry: You're right.

WE also see Mario driving the hovercraft.

Mario: I'm ya cooking some ya pasta for everyone.

Leela: No thanks. I'm full. I ate too much Pizza.

Mario: Fry?

Fry: No thanks. I already ate Pasta, remember?

Mario: Oh yes.

Leela then looks outside the window.

Leela: Hey look!

Fry: What?

Leela: It's the UFO and that alien.

Fry and Leela look outside the window and see the UFO and the alien.

Fry: Good. Mario, stop. We found him!

Mario: Okay then.

Mario then stops and Fry opens the door.

Fry: Thanks.

Fry and Leela exit the hovercraft and the hovercraft goes away.

Fry sees the aliens and Leela see the FBI guys.

Fry: I'll take the aliens...

Leela: And I'll take the FBI guys,

Fry: Okay

Leela: Ready?

Fry and Leela: Go!

We see the alien running and then Fry grabs his hand.

Leela shoots one of the FBI guys.

Leela then kicks one of the FBI guys then she kicks more.

Fry and the alien are safe.

Fry: Hi, I'm from the Perfect Agency and I'm here to help you.

The alien points to his UFO.

Fry: First we'll get that as soon as Leela is done fighting.

We see Leela kicks the FBI guys. All of them is dead except one.

The FBI guy then shoots Leela but then right before Leela got hurt, a bullet just went through the guy's heart.

Fry and Leela turn around and see it was the alien with a gun. The alien is shaking and in fear.

Leela then hugs the alien.

Fry: Okay... now let's find his UFO.

Leela drops the alien off her. The alien is pointing to one of the sunglasses in the floor as well as a Star Map.

Fry: Of course...

Fry and Leela: Hollywood, California!

Fry: That's where our HQ are. Except that it is really far away.

The alien then points to his UFO that's on the truck.

Fry: Don't worry, Alien. WE know where they are taking your UFO.

Back at the PA HQ.

WE see Homer, Bender, Phil, and Brett playing Monopoly except using real money. The other staff members are watching them.

Brett picks up a card.

Brett: D'oh!

Homer: Hey. That's my line.

Phil grabs the card from Brett and sees it.

Phil: Hahahaha. Brett, you get to go jail.

10 seconds later...

1. Bender ($600)

2. Homer ($500)

3. Phil ($200)

4. Brett ($50)

Fry, Leela, and the alien come in.

Brett: Hey! You were suppose to do those crappy objectives.

Fry: Not a problem.

The alien throws the star map and the sunglasses and those land on the table.

The staff: Hollywood, California.

Fry: Let's go gang.

The staff leaves their HQ.

All the staff members walk all the way to Hollywood.


Charlton: Hello, it's a commercial break. I have a flashback for you all. This flashback is half of the ending of my final chapter of my first story, Spaceship. This flashback contains SPOILERS!

Amy: Okay passengers, get in crash positions.

::the passengers run around and sit in very twisted ways::

::The plane comes to the field::

Fry: Okay... looks like everything is calm.

Peter on phone: Um... Fry... you're too low, damn it!

Fry: Huh?

::Leela looks outside::

Leela: Holy crap! You're hitting the ground.

Fry: Oh no!

::the plane's wheels break::

Leela and Fry: Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

::The plane keeps on moving every gate::

At the airport...

Lady: Plane is in gate 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107...

::The plane has stopped::

Lady: Plane is at gate 299.

People: Phew.

Near the plane...

Amy: Thank you for using Planet Express.

::people vomit::

::Then the people leave::

Fry: I love you so much, Fry, I mean Leela.

Leela: I love you too.

::Then Fry and Leela kiss alot::

Next morning...

Bender: Will you two stop kissing?!

Farnsworth: Good news everyone, we can still use Planet Express as an airline? What do you think?

::The crew look at each other and scream::

The crew: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spy and rap music start.

"Perfect Life"

Fry: I used to be a simple guy who played alot of video games,

Mario: Then I take a look at my pasta and realize it's never plain.

Leela: But that's just perfect for a one-eyed lady like me

Bender: I steel shiny things like alot bling bling bling.

Donkey Kong: At 4:30 in the morning I try to kill those near here,

Phil: Prof. Dollar feeds his pets and Brett rocks, just kidding.

Brett: I have been crying so long.

Homer: Even Lisa thinks I'm still dead for now...

Prof. Dollar: I'm the cheapest of this land, and I'm into boringness.

Brett: I got a bible on my hand and a wig on my head.

Mario: But if I finish cooking all the pasta and all of you wake up.

Homer and Bender: Then we're going party like it's 2999.

The staff: We been spending most our lifes. Living in a perfect life. We've been working like elfs, Living in a perfect life. There's hard shooting and sacrifices , Living in a perfect life. We sell cheap video games at discount prices, Living in a perfect life.

Mario: Hitchin' up the buggy, makin' lots of pasta.

Bender: Raised a poker game on Monday, soon I'll make another.

Homer: Think you're really sexy. Think you're pure of heart. Well, everyone knows my wife is a million times as better as you.

Phil: So don't be vain and don't be whiny or else...

Fry: Me and Leela might just have to get medieval on your ::beep::

The staff: We been spending most our lives, Living in a perfect life, We're all crazy non-civilians, Living in a perfect life, We wish there was no bad FBI and noisy cows, Living in a perfect life, But it's okay someone better Brett is here, Living in a perfect life!!!!!!!!!!!

The alien then drops the drumsticks.

The staff cheers themselves.

We see the UFO.

The staff then rushes to the the UFO and then they get blocked from the FBI guys.

Fry: Let's fight!

WE see the Perfect Agency and the FBI running towards each other and battling.

Fry shoots the guys, Mario throws hot pasta to the guys, Leela kicks the guy, Bender gives them paper cuts, Homer throws empty beer glasses, Phil then dodges the guys, Prof. Dollar uses his pets to kill the guys, The alien uses the drum sticks and uses them to hit the guys, Brett is just running away because there are guys chasing him, and the other staff members are shooting and fighting.

We see all the FBI guys dead.

Fry: Thanks guys. You can go. Me, Leela, and the alien will get the UFO and come back.

The staff: Ok.

The staff leaves.

Fry, Leela, and the alien see the UFO being held by a helicopter. They shoot the helicopter and the UFO falls down. The one who was driving the helicopter is also dead.

Back at PA...

Phil: Now we are done playing a game of Monopoly...

1. Bender ($1,000)

2. Homer ($800)

3. Phil ($500)

4. Brett ($0)

Fry, Leela, and the alien come in.

Brett: Whoa. It's like Deja Vu again.

Bender: Shut up, Brett.

Homer: Yeah.

Bender and Homer then does a handshake.

Fry: We're done with mission.

Brett: Great!

Fry: So where's my stats?

Brett: The writer got tired and confused doing the stats.

Then the whole staff looks at Charlton.

Fry: Anyway, good-bye alien.

The Alien: Bye.

The whole staff is in shocked and then looks at Charlton then turns around and looks at the alien.

Fry: You speak our language?

Brett: Be carfull, Fry!

Homer and Bender: Shut up, Brett!

The staff: Yeah.

Brett: Sorry.

Fry: So, what's your name?

The alien: You can call me... Sam!

Prof. Dollar: I thought your name was Alien, Tom, Dan, or Mr. Bean.

Sam: Nope.

The staff looks at Sam near his UFO.

Sam: Call me anytime you need help?

Fry: How?

Sam: Using Bender of course. See ya.

The staff: See ya.

The staff leaves.

Sam enter the UFO, drives it, then it disappears.

Fry: See ya, Sam.

Leela then touches his shoulder.

Leela: It's great you are finally learning.

Fry: Thanks. It's also great that I am learning about you.

Leela: Really. What do know about me so far?

Fry: You're sexy, smart, cool, and most of all, great at combat.

Leela then says Aww in a very cute way.

Leela: Thanks.

Fry and Leela turn around and see nobody near them.

Fry: Leela...

Leela: Yes Fry.

Fry: When you became my partner, I really didn't care about what partner I had. But when I met you, I just froze and then started to have a crush with you. Ever know what that feels?

Leela: Yes. I also had a crush on you too once I met you.

Fry and Leela then look at each other then hold their hands as well as their heads closer.

Fry and Leela kiss for a very long time.

Fry and Leela stop kissing and then froze. They are still holding hands.

Fry: It's still better that we are a couple and agents together.

Leela: You're right.


We see a bed with Fry and Leela naked...

Fry and Leela are laughing.



Another Note: Well I hope you all liked the second episode. I know the ending is too dramatic but I wanna do it anyway. I almost made it a deleted scene. Of course you might have noticed that I have been making fun of myself and Brett. Also I'm sorry if I am making fun of anyone in this episode or series. I do apologize. Also there are out-takes available but some. But we do have a 2 new content, deleted scenes and History (Behind The Episodes). There's only 2 deleted scenes of them. One is was the second version of the preview but got deleted. Another one was the really funny ending. Also we have a look about how the ending of PF1 and PF2 was done. So... Enjoy Them!



PF Ending History

Charlton: Once we were done with episode one, everyone was glad and they had fun during the making.

Fry: When I first asked to be in a show, most of the cast knew how to fight except me. Also Brett didn't even need to fight because his character is just don't get respect. But when I was asked to learn how to fight, it took me about a month.

Charlton: I also added Out-Takes which the whole crew and staff wanted to be put up.

Phil: We laughed at the out-takes so much, we wanted to be put up.

Charlton: I did put up. When the pilot came out by Graham, I was impressed the next day after the pilot was opened, it had so many hits. And I would to thanks anyone who was on this project.

PF2 Ending History.

Charlton: There were 2 versions of the ending . One was about Fry and Leela and the other one was Brett. I picked Fry and Leela.

Fry: Me and Leela really wanted to do the ending about me and her being now a couple. We are actually a couple in real life.

Leela: Me and Fry are actually a couple in real life.

Charlton: It's been a big shock but we somehow have calmed.


Scene 1: PF2 Preview

We see Charlton playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.

Graham walks into his room.

Charlton then turns off his Xbox.

Charlton: Ok Graham, when I get back, make sure you lay out my new and long and another great chapter of PF.

Graham: Okay.

Charlton: Okay. Use my computer and lay it out while I use the john.

Charlton enters his bathroom.

Graham then looks around...

Charlton then exits his bathroom and sees Graham nowhere..

Then he looks out of the window and sees Graham running.

Charlton: Oh no. Not again....

Scene: Really Funny Ending

The staff still looks up the sky.

Brett: So, are we gonna look at this all day?

Everyone raises their leg up and then they face Brett.

Brett: Oh crap...


Scene: The Handshake

Take One

Homer: Yeah.

Bender and Homer almost does a handshake but then falls down.

Take Two

Homer: I'll hold the George character and you'll take the Seinfeld character.

Bender: Ok.

Homer and Bender do a handshake by using the characters.

The staff and crew laughs.

Take Three.

Homer: We'll pretend we're that dumb guy, Brett.

Charlton: Action!

Homer and Bender: (mocking) I'm bald just like the baldest of them all, Brett.

Everyone laughs.

Scene: Monopoly

Take One

Bender: Shut up you mother :beep:.

The staff, crew, and Bender laughs.

Take Two.

Bender: Homer, you forgot your line.

Homer eats a donut.

Homer: D'oh!

Everyone laughs.

Take Three.

Homer: Bender, you forgot your line.

Bender: I already did my line, it's your turn to do you line now.

Charlton: Cut!

Everyone laughs.

Take Four.

Homer: Seriously you forgot your line.

Bender: We even didn't start filming now.

Homer: D'oh!

Homer and Bender laugh.

Take Five.

Homer: Bender, you forgot your..

Bender: We're done filming this scene now. It's already done.

Bender leaves.

Homer: Whoa. Deja Vu.