Fan Fiction

Perfect Fry
By GrimSP

Based on a flash movie, "Perfect Kirby".

Note: Some of you might know that I have been trying to make a series after I'm done with the stories. Now I'm done with that. This series is called Perfect Fry which is similar to Fryfan's SpyORama but with much humor, action, and parodies. Also you get to meet the Futurama characters, Nintendo characters, Homer Simpson, (a little bit) of Seinfeld, other stuff, and all the other characters that I made in this series are originally made by me. Also this story will have 2 contents. One is a commercial break which shows flashback from my other stories or something else and also a phony commercial. Also another content is out-takes. There might be out-takes on other episodes of this series. All the stories that I am now making might be for the series or something else or I might do sequels that are not my based on my series so you should watch out what you are reading (::lol::). This pilot is all about how Fry got into the Perfect Agency and how well he can do on his first mission! Well, I hope you enjoy the show!

Episode #1: Perfect Another Day

Mission Tip: Never fight with your mouth full with food.

Series Created By: Charlton Jon Villavelez (aka soulkid2000)


We see Fry playing Perfect Dark for the N64.

Fry: Wow. I can't believe in the year 3000, N64 now cost only 99 cents.

His phone rings. Fry picks up his phone.

Fry: Hello?

A voice is heard.

Brett: Hello this is Brett, is this Fry I'm speaking to?

Fry: Yes.

Brett: Good. Now Fry, I see you are a big fan of video games right?

Fry: Yes.

Brett: Well, do you play on Xbox Live?

Fry: Yep.

Brett: Remember my gamertag, Head Brett?

Fry: Yeah. I remember you. I played with you on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.

Brett: Well, to tell you the truth, I'm actually the head of a secret agency known as the Perfect Agency and this agency is to make Earth a better place. and I want you to join it.

Fry is confused.

Fry: Is this Kramer, my next apartment-door neighbor?

Brett: No Fry. So you wanna join?

Fry: Okay, sure.

Brett: Good. Then come meet me in a white car in 1 hour. I'll be right near Pasta Cafe. Also come alone.

Fry: Okay. See you Kramer.

Fry and Brett hang up the phone.

Brett: I hope I'm doing the right thing.

Bender: I hope you are!

Fry then leaves his apartment and sees Kramer leave his apartment too.

Kramer: Fry, you wanna go to England and have X-cellent waffles with me.

Fry: No thanks.

Kramer: Okay dokey.

Fry and Kramer then leaves the plaza.

1 hour later...

Fry sees a white car and enters it.

Fry: Hello?

Fry and Brett meet and they shake their hands and then let go.

Brett: Hello, Fry. I am Brett.

Fry looks at Brett and see he is wearing a gray shirt and black pants and also he is bald.

Fry: Uh... hi?

Brett: Now what I am about to show in about 5 minutes is a secret so don't tell anyone that's off-campus.

Fry: Okay.

Brett: Good. Now Fry, I would like to present one of the workers in the agency.

Fry looks behind and sees two guys.

Brett: Fry, I'm sure you remember Mario and Luigi.

Mario: Hey ya it's a me, Mario. Nice to meet ya Fry. Hey ya, I'm going cook Pasta for everyone when we get there.

Luigi: Mario, we have been eating Pasta for 3,000 years. Can we eat something else, like... pizza?

Mario then takes his arms and hands off the drivers' wheel.

Mario: What! This is an outrage!

Luigi: Ahh! Mario watch out.

On the window is a creature...It's Mewtwo! (from Pokemon) And it's covered in blood and then is flown away.

Mario puts his arms and hands on the drivers' wheel.

Brett then is in shocked and then closes the window that shows Mario and Luigi.

Fry is confused.

Fry: That was weird.

Brett: Don't worry. You'll get used to it.

Brett and Fry then get out of the car and enter an building that looks like Peach's Castle.

Fry: Wait a minute! I know this place! This is where they fans of a futuristic cartoon can go in and have fun.

Brett: Yes. It is TLZ but underground it is much better. Underground is where are headquarters are. Thank god the staff of TLZ helped us.

Brett and Fry enter the elevator.

Brett pushes a red button that says "DON'T TOUCH!"

Fry: Uh, you shouldn't have done that.

Brett: Don't worry... that's just a distraction.

Fry: Hmm...

Brett: Still not used to the future?

Fry: No.

Fry and Brett then exit the elevator and enters the PA's HQ.

Fry: Sweet.

Then Fry's word echoes.

Fry: Hey you, shut up.

Then Fry's words echoes.

Brett: Uh, Fry. It's better if you don't do that.

Fry: Okay.

Brett: Now Fry, I shall tell you about the staff.

We see Bender, Leela, Mario, Luigi, Samus, Homer Simpson, Joanna Dark, Prof. Dollar, Amy, Zoidberg, Prof. Bluehair, Phil, Detroit, and Brett.

Fry: I already know you Brett.

Brett: Okay.

Brett than leaves the line.

Brett: So you'll get to know more about the staff later on the series.

Fry: What did you say?

Brett: Nothing.

Fry stares at him.

Fry: Okay, forget about that.

Brett: Okay, now let me show you where Prof. Dollar's place is.

Fry: Okay.

Fry and Brett go inside Prof. Dollar's place.

Fry: By the way, who is Prof. Dollar?

Brett: Prof. Dollar is just a professor but likes to be paid 99 cents or one dollar a week.

Fry: Hmm. That's cheap.

Brett: Yeah.

Prof. Dollar turns around and he looks like he has pointy hair, glasses, and is wearing a labcoat. He turns around.

Prof. Dollar: Hello Fry. I'm sure you already know my name.

Fry: Yes.

Prof. Dollar: Well I have all the weapons for you...

Prof. Dollar brings out a open suitcase showing all kinds of weapons.

Prof. Dollar: such as laser, 50. Cal, D.Eagle, G3A3, Falcon 2 Scope, and Magsec 5.

Fry: Sweet. All of these weapons are my favorites from the games that I played.

Prof. Dollar: Well I hope you enjoy them...

Brett: Yes. But first you gotta learn how to use them. One of the workers that will help you, his name is Phil.

Fry: Okay, sure.

Fry walks over a big room.

Phil: Hello Fry. My name is Phil and today I'll teach how to fight.

Fry: Okay.

Phil: Right down to business. How is your combat?

Fry: Let me check.

Fry kick his leg up and then falls down.

Fry: Ouch!

Phil is in shock.

Fry: Okay, how is your shooting?

Fry: Let me check.

Fry picks up a D. Eagle and tries to shoot at the target but then misses.

Fry: Let me try more.

4 Hours later...

We see blood, bullets formed into a smiley face, and fire on the wall.

Brett: Fry! Stop it.

Fry: Sorry.

Fry then stops having his fun.

Brett: Now you'll know your mission.

Fry: Sweet.

Fry and Brett enter a dark room and we see the projector showing a map of England.

Brett points at the map.

Brett: Okay Fry, what is this?

Fry: Uh... a map.

Brett: Okay but what kind of map.

Fry: Uh.. things.

Brett: No Fry, this is a map of England.

Fry: England? I thought there was no England, only Ireland.

Brett: That's not true, Fry. Now your mission is to find out who is bringing Xboxes to England so that there will be no more Xboxes.

Fry: Wait!

Brett: Yes. Huh? Fry!

Fry is speaking on his cell-phone.

Fry: Remember to bring Chinese food. Okay.

Brett: Fry!

Fry: Yes.

Brett: I think you need some help.

Fry screams.

Fry: No I don't!

Brett: I think you do.

Fry: No I Don't!! I'll show you all I don't need one! Good day, Mr. Brett.

We see 2 signs that says "Go Left For Daycare" and "Go Right To Exit".

Fry enters a room on the middle of both of the signs.

Fry slams the door.

Brett: Uh... Fry, did you realize that you just walked into a closet.

Fry then uses a gun and shoots the door and the door falls down.

Fry: I knew that!!!

Fry then goes to the exit.

The next day...

Brett is using a camera. The camera is showing Fry sitting on his couch and watching television.

Brett calls Fry.

Fry's phone rings and Fry picks it up.

Fry: Hello?

Brett: Uh, Fry... are still doing the mission?

Fry: Uh... yes! I almost cracked this case.

Brett: Really? Because my cameras show me that you are just sitting on your couch and just watching television.

Fry: Huh? Where?

Fry looks around and sees a camera on top of his refrigerator.

Fry: Oh, crap. Wait! I have to pick up Kramer's mail.

Fry and Brett hang up the phone.

Fry picks up Kramer's mail and then drops it in Kramer's apartment.

Fry: A job well done.

Fry then see boxes with a picture of a letter X.

Fry: Wait! Xboxes, Kramer, England, X-cellent waffles. Oh my god! A penny!

Fry then picks up the penny and then puts it in his pocket.

Fry: Oh wait! Kramer is sending the Xboxes to the "X-Cellent Waffles) company from England!

Fry then leaves Kramer's apartment and then enter his own.

Fry picks up the phone.

Fry: This is Fry! I need a ride to the PA HQ.

Then Mario and the arwing crashes Fry's apartment.

Fry enters the arwing.

Mario: Okay. I'll be your driver today. I'll take you to ya HQ.

The arwing then enters the HQ.


Charlton: We now go take a flashback from my first story... Spaceship.

::people charge into the Planet Express building::

Farnsworth: Wait!

::People go to the doors and hurt their heads::

The people: Oww!!!

Farnsworth: The doors are locked.

The people: D'oh!

::people rub their heads::

::Farnsworth activates the doors to open::

People: Yeah...

We see Brett lying down on a couch in Prof. Dollar's place.

Brett: I just feel that Fry needs help. If he doesn't pass, I have to delete his memory.

Then we see Prof. Dollar making a drawing of himself smiling while holding two one-dollar bags.

Prof. Dollar: Well, he gotta admit. He's a beginner. And beginners should always be given a second chance.

Fry enters Prof. Dollar's place really fast.

Fry: Brett! I know who is the one who is bringing the Xboxs to England.

Brett: Yeah right, Fry. Pull my hair to see if I care.

Fry: Seriously. My next apartment-door neighbor Kramer is bringing the Xboxes to the "X-Cellent Waffles" company and the company is in England.

Brett: Wait a minute... Of course! Your neighbor Kramer has been a big fan of waffles and since the waffles company is about to go bankrupt, Kramer try to help them!

Fry: Let's stop him now.

Brett: Okay. To The Great Fox!

10 seconds later...

Fry and Brett are near the Great Fox.

Fox: Hello, my name is Fox McCloud and I'll be your driver today.

Mario: Hey ya, Fox. You don't have to do ya driving. I'll do it.

The staff: NoNoNoNONoNoNoNoNoNo!

Charlton: Please god no! (then cries)

Mario groans.

Mario: Ya fine then.

Mario leaves.

Fry, Brett, and Fox enter the Great Fox.

Fox: (on speaker) Please buckle up and sit on your seats and enjoy your flight. Also enjoy your in-flight movie, Zilla AS God, Rated R for cartoon violence, stupid language, and Japanese talking.

The movies ends.

Fry: It should be called God as Zilla, or GodZilla. So anyway, we need to get their fast!

Brett: Actually...

10 Seconds later...

Brett: we're here already.

Fry: Good. Who knows what his mid is up to.

We see Kramer on his plane.

Kramer picks up gum that is sticking on his shoe.

Kramer: (talking to himself) Huh? This must be the gum that I ate when I was 11.

Fox: (on speakers) We are now in England. Fry, time to land.

Brett: Would you still like to get a partner?

Fry: Okay.

Brett: Okay. Your first partner is... Bender.

Fry: Sweet. I knew Bender ever since we had that party because I just joined.

A arwing is landed on the grass (of England). And we see Bender exits the arwing that was driven by Mario.

Bender: Thanks Mario.

Bender tips Mario.

Mario: Your welcome ya...King Bender.

Mario leaves with the arwing.

Fry also exits in the Great Fox but lands on the ground.

Fry: Ow!

The great fox leaves.

Fry gets up.

Fry: Next time, I drive.

Fry and Bender now see Kramer near a "X-Cellent Waffles" truck company and they walk up to him. Kramer doesn't notice they are there.

Kramer: Yeah Yeah. Just put those Xboxs in that box of boxes in this boxes truck.

Kramer then sees Fry and Bender.

Kramer: Ahh! Fry! You! What are you doing here?!

Fry: Kramer, I'm from a secret perfect agency...

Bender: (whispers to Fry) Which is not a secret anymore?!

Fry: Right... (thinks Bender is wrong). Anyway, I'm here to arrest you.

Kramer: Uh... you'll never catch me!

Kramer then runs up the stairs.

Fry: Stupid Kramer.

Bender: I'll go follow him.

Bender follows Kramer to stop him.

Bender: Hey, don't make me get boned!

Fry turns around and sees someone.


Italian: Hey! I'm trying to make ya phone call. Keep it down there if you know what's good for yya...

Fry shoots the Italian.

Fry then kills alot of people from the waffle company.

Fry then shoots a guy's ketchup.

Ketchup Guy: Hey, why you!

Fry then shoots the guy that used to have to ketchup.

Fry then enters a room.

People: What?

Fry then shoots all the people but the people are not dying, there dying in slow-motion.

Fry has just wasted ammo.

All the people had died, but one person hasn't.

Fry then jumps and then kicks the guy out the window and then the guy lands on a store called "Hyrule Store"

Link: This is so boring. I should do adventure again.

The guy lands and crashes on Link's stuff.

Link: Hey! Why you?!

Link then kills the guy really hard and then finishes.

Link: That.. felt... GOOD!!!

Fry's phone rings. Fry picks it up.

Bender: Help! I'm on the top of roof...

Kramer then kicks Bender on the head and Bender lies down sleeping.

Bender:... The roof right next to you.

Fry hangs up the phone and sees Bender sleeping.

A Guy: Hey!

Fry then finds a Xbox. Fry smacks a guy with the Xbox and then throws an Xbox to another guy and the guy's head comes off.

Fry: Ew! You two don't look pretty anymore.

Fry then sees a rope hanging on the Great Fox. Fry holds to the rope.

Fry: Yee haw!

Fry then is on top of the roof.

Kramer: Okay, Fry... you're next!

Fry then bends down in order to dodge the bullets.

Fry then takes out a D. Eagle then shoots someone...

Brett and Prof. Dollar is on the roof and right next to them is Bender sleeping.

Brett: Is Bender gonna be okay?

Prof. Dollar: Let me think.

10 seconds later...

Prof. Dollar: He's okay. He's just sleeping. That is all.

Brett sees Fry with a dead Kramer.

Fry: I'm done.

Brett: Great! Here's you stats.



Mission Status: Complete.

Agent Status: Active

Mission Time: 36 Hours

Weapon Of Choice: D. Eagle

Kills: 89

Accuracy: 55%

Shot Total: 500

Head Shots: 75

Body Shots: 100

Limb Shots: 75

Others: 250


Fry: Yeah! I'm the greatest!

Fry then shoots wild and accidentally shoots a guy.

Fry: Okay... see you on Saturday!



Another Note: Well, thanks for reading the pilot of my new series and I would like to thank you all for reading it. I would also like to thank Graham for putting up my stories. I hope you all give it a awesome review. If everybody likes this series, they can email me or just rank this. The more everybody likes it (by emailing me or ranking this pilot and other episodes), I would make more episodes. Now here are some out-takes.



Scene: Opening. Take One

Fry: I can't believe the N64 has now online support.

Take 2.

Fry: I can't believe the N64 costs only 99 cents... I'm just joking! The N64 costs $100 still in the year 3000.

Charlton: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take 3.

Fry: Wow......................

Charlton: So?!

Scene: Phone Call. Take One.

Brett: Is your refrigerator running

Fry: Shut up!

Take Two.

Brett: Is this SpongeBob?

Fry: No. Spongebob's from England.

Take Three.

Brett: Is this SpongBoob? HahaHahaHa. SpongBoob? What the hell is that?

Fry: From your mother.

Take Four.

Brett: Is this Neo?

Fry: No. He's at that mental place.

Take Five.

Brett: Is this Charlton.

Fry: He's your father.

Brett: Or son.

Fry: Yes.

Take Six.

Brett: You know, crime doesn't pay!

Fry: Whatever!!!

Take Seven.

Brett: Is this Fry?

Fry: No. I mean...

Brett hangs up.

Take Eight.

Brett: Is This Brett?

Fry: No. This is Fry speaking.

Take Nine.

Brett: Is this Fry?

Fry: Is this Brett?

Take Ten.

Fry: Is this Fry?

Brett: Yes.

Take Eleven.

Brett: Is this Fry?

Fry: A yessssssssssssss.

Final Take (after this take we did correct)

Brett: Wazzzzzzzzaauppppp?!

Fry: Wazzzzzzzzzzaaaaauuuuuuuuupppppp?!

Charlton: Shuttttttttttttttttttt upppppppppp!

Scene: Fry Lands On England. Take One.

Fry: Next time, no one drives.

Take 2.

Fry: Next time, Charlton drives.

Charlton: Booyah!

Take 63

Fry: Next time, Brett drives. Wait, forgot about that one.

Brett: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scene: Ending.

Fry: Okay... see you Sunday, wait that's a bad day... see you on Monday.

Fry: Okay... see you on Wednesday, wait that's a bad day... see you on Friday! (then he smiles and leaves)