Fan Fiction

Parallel Lives - Where I Belong, part 15
By Graham Dawson

Much later, with the first light of dawn creeping past the tall curtained windows, Fry reached out to touch Amy’s shoulder and then just watched her as she slept. He felt it then. Contentment. The peace of a decision made. He smiled and rolled onto his back to stare at the ceiling.

Something pressed against his temple, something cold, hollow, and then he heard the sickening metallic click of a gun being cocked, at the same time as that malevolent eye rose out of the darkness. She stared at him, anger and confusion filling her face.

“Now, how did you get here? Time to leave, Fry...”


The gun flashed. Fry sat upright with a silent yell and a deep, shuddering breath. He looked around but the room was deserted. There was only Amy, quietly snoring in the bed next to him, her pale bronze skin catching the first rays of light from the window. He blinked away a terrified tear and lay back against the pillow until his heart stopped trying to leap out of his chest.

Sleep refused to return. The dream had seemed so immediate that Fry almost couldn’t believe it had just been a dream. Of course, he was still alive and didn’t seem to have any bullet holes in him. Just too much excitement, that was all. He slipped from the bed and padded across the apartment to find himself a robe.

Things came to life as he stepped away from the bed. The curtains drew back, revealing a panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline, and lights around the edge of the spacious room brightened to highlight nooks and niches in the walls, all accompanied by a few bars of some sort of oriental music.

Fry stopped in his tracks to look around the room. It seemed much bigger in the daylight. “Wow.”

“Don’t act like you’ve not seen it before,” Amy said through a yawn. She stretched out on the bed and smiled at Fry, before flipping over to pull her pyjamas from the floor. “You must have been here when you were with ‘me’, right?”

“In my universe your apartment is tiny.” Fry felt oddly exposed and wondered why until he remembered he was butt-naked. He cast around for something to wrap himself up with, eventually settling on an old piece of cloth hanging from a nearby table. “And it was dark when we came in last night. You got a robe I can borrow?”

“Sure, there’s a dozen or so in the bathroom, you should find one in your size.”


“And then you can put my priceless Japanese silk scroll painting back where you found it,” Amy added to his back. Fry looked down at the cloth wrapped around his waist and spent a moment marvelling at the fine brushwork on the tiger’s fur. He grinned over his shoulder as he carefully put the painting back in it’s place.


Amy just shrugged and grinned. “It’s okay, mom and dad can always buy me more.”

Which was just Amy all over, Fry thought once he was safely in the bathroom. And she was right, too; the closet was filled with robes of all different sizes, from a few silk ones that looked like they’d barely fit over even Amy’s slight frame, to something that looked like it’d been left behind by a one of the Harlem Globetrotters. And probably had, he realised. Fry carefully pushed the robe aside and selected something a little more his size.

There was a smell of frying bacon in the air when he emerged. Fry sniffed appreciatively and made his way toward the kitchen where he found Amy gingerly poking at a skillet.

“Wow, you can cook?”

“Oh, sure.” Amy smiled as she shuffled the bacon around. “I’m not great, but you men always seem to come back if you see a woman cooking breakfast. I once strung out a guy for three weeks with badly made waffles. I swear- ai hsi bal!

Amy leapt back as the skillet suddenly burst into flame, filling the kitchen with thick white smoke. The sprinklers erupted, drenching them both to the skin in seconds and Fry bit his tongue at the sigh of Amy’s attempt to look dignified in the pouring stream. She gave up eventually with a defeated grin.

“I guess we can order out...”

Fry just laughed.

“I suppose I’d better call Yancy,” Fry said, some time later.

“Sure, whatever,” Amy mumbled before rolling onto her side. She started snoring a moment later. They were back in bed again. It had been Amy’s idea, with the reasoning that they were already naked anyway, and Fry hadn’t seen much to argue against. He rolled over to pull at his robe, hanging near one of the concealed air vents, lurching Amy out of her nap again. She stared at him, bleary eyed, and smiled as she flopped over to the side of the bed.

Amy pulled a cellphone out of some tiny nook under the bed and held it up. “I’ll call up some breakfast. Video phone’s over there,” she added, waving toward the far end of the apartment.

Fry took a little time to marvel at the apartment again as he made his way to the phone. He couldn’t remember too much of Amy’s place at home. It had seemed impressive at the time, if a little messy, filled with high-tech gadgetry and the trappings of wealth and a rather impressive array of discarded underpants. This Amy seemed to have a lot more taste, as far as Fry understood such things, preferring the sort of understated opulence that mere wealth never achieved. With that in mind he was starting to wonder about his own motivations for staying. On top of the thought that he might be doing it just for the money, there was a niggling thought at the back of his mind that kept asking is it just to spite Leela? And, in all honesty, he couldn’t deny that it was.

The phone was hidden away in a little alcove, bathed in a soft light from some diffuse location above. Fry sat down with a heavy sigh and stared at his reflection in the black screen. “Sure you want to do this, me?”

Of course I do, he thought as he dialled the number for his- for Yancy’s apartment. His brother answered almost immediately.


“Hi bro, how’s things?”

Oh great, except you didn’t come home last- wait, is that Amy’s apartment?”

“Yeah.” Fry grinned and wiggled his eyebrows.

Yancy stared at him through the screen, his expression carefully neutral. “At least now I know you were somewhere safe and not in some back alley having your organs removed.”

“Hey come on, Yancy, give me a little credit. I make plenty of good decisions!”

And don’t mention Michelle, right?” Yancy returned Fry’s suddenly strained grin and leaned toward the screen a little. “I hope you know what you’re doing, Phil.”

“Oh, do I ever! I’ve got something to tell you.”

Yeah, well much as I’d like to hear about your sex life, it can wait, I have something more important to tell you first. I got a call from Leela.”

“Leela?” Fry wrapped his robe a little tighter and shivered. The room suddenly felt very cold. “What did she say?”

She said she was leaving you behind and something about things not working between you. I... I didn’t realise you two were-”

“We’re not.” Fry shook his head slowly and sat back, frowning. “Are you sure that’s what she said?”

She was pretty precise about it,” Yancy replied. “I’m sorry, Phil.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. I was calling to tell you anyway. I’m staying.”


“I guess I don’t have to call her now,” Fry said, ignoring Yancy’s apparent lack of enthusiasm. Of course his brother was glad to have him around, right? “So I guess...”

His voice trailed away as Neena walked into view, wearing one of Yancy’s t-shirts and apparently very little else. Fry felt his jaw drop at the sight and grit his teeth to keep it closed. Yancy couldn’t quite meet Fry’s eyes when Neena leaned down to peer into the screen.

Oh, hi Phil! I should probably thank you...” she glanced at Yancy and smiled. Her brow crinkled just a tiny little bit in a way Fry recognised as Leela when she was scared and hiding the stress. “We’ll talk later. Yancy, coffee?”

Oh, uh... sure.” He waited for Neena to walk out of range before giving Fry a plaintive look. “This isn’t what it looks like.”

“The hell it isn’t! She- you... Yancy, what-” was all Fry could manage before Amy, out of nowhere, draped her arms around his neck and planted her lips firmly against his. Fry wilted under the assault and slid down in his chair, dazed, when Amy finally let him go. She rested her head on his shoulders and sighed at the screen.

“Okay, I guess I can’t really talk,” Fry muttered.

“Hi Yancy!”

Amy,” Yancy said with a stiff nod. He glanced over his shoulder again and leaned a little closer to the screen. “This really isn’t how it looks, Phil.”

Yancy, your coffee’s getting cold!”

I’d better go. See you at work?”

“Sure,” Fry said as the screen blanked away. He stared at his reflection for a minute then sighed, stood up and returned to stare out of the panoramic window. A moment later Amy joined him, slipping an arm around his waist and leaning on his shoulder.

“I heard what Leela said.”

“It doesn’t seem right,” Fry said, watching the traffic as it built up around the Manhattan skyline. “I know she was mad at me last night but I didn’t think she’d actually leave me behind.”

“You were going to make her do it.”

“I guess...” He turned away from the view and stared around the apartment. It was a very nice apartment. “I’d better get going.”

“Oh, there’s no rush,” Amy said, walking her fingers up his back.