Fan Fiction

Over Her, Part 5
By Sarah

Chapter Five: I'm Walking on Sunshine and Hate.

The next morning Fry was whistling the tune of 'I'm Walking on Sunshine' on his way home from Sarah's Penthouse suite. He met up with Leela who was carrying a bag of groceries. "Hey, Fry. I saw you at Elzar's with someone last night. Was that Sarah?" Leela asked a little upset with what had happened.

"Yeah. And why were you out with Zapp?" Fry asked.

"Because he shot my date and took it upon himself to replace him," Leela said in a discouraging sort of voice.

"Oh..." Fry begun but the his phone rang. "Sorry. Got to go. Bye." As Fry walked away he answered his phone "Hey Sarah, How are you?" He turned the corner and left Leela in the street.

"Oh good I thought I'd just tell you that you left your wallet at my house," Sarah said.

"I'll come right over and get it," Fry said in an urgent sort of way.

"Also you left your briefs," Sarah said with a giggle in her voice.

"No wonder why I felt so free," Fry said in a playful way. "Okay I'll see you in a minute, K. Bye."

Leela was listening from around the corner but when she heard that conversation and broken down in tears running home dropping most of what she had bought.

At Planet Express Leela was confiding in Amy about what Fry had done. "He didn't even say a real goodbye he just grunted 'Bye'," Leela said mincing the last bit like Fry had done.

"I'm not going to sugarcoat the truth anymore, Leela. You've just got to accept the fact he's over you. Like all the guys I dated and dumped. He has someone and you should find someone too. I know you were just waiting for a while till you were ready to get serious, but you left him on hold for too long," Amy said in a serious sort of way but keeping her pearky-ness.

"B-B-But He knew I was just not ready for a relationship with him. Wh-why did he do this to me?"

"Leela! He didn't do this to you. It's has nothing to do with you. It's Fry's life, Not yours!" Amy yelled hoping that it would help the situation but she knew it was just because she was frustrated.

"What Fry do this time?" Bender asked.

"Bender! Have you been eavesdropping?!?" Amy yelled.

"Mostly yes and maybe," Bender said. "So are you going to ဠ tell me or what?"

Leela suddenly started to blurted everything that had happened this morning. When she stopped she burst into more tears than before.

"Well, if you want my opinion..."

"Which we don't." Amy intergected.

"You should forget all of the and just give Fry the cold shoulder and completely ignore him. That'll make him sorry he didn't say goodbye properly." Bender made a little chuckle then left the room.


Fry rounded the corner to Sarah's apartment complex. He was still whistling but his lips were starting to hurt so he decided to stop. As he got into the elevator he thought to himself, "Good times..." Because he had spent most of the trips in this elevator either making out or laughing with Sarah. As reached the top floor he walked through the doors to the end of the corridor. "Here we are at 34CC." He knocked on the door to hear a shower turn off and a lot of rushing and stuff falling over. "Man she's clumsy," Fry thought to himself. The door opened a crack to that an eye could see through it.

"Oh Fry. You scared me," Sarah said in a slightly worried voice but then she relaxed in the last few words. "I thought you were a burglar." She rushed up and hugged him so tightly that he couldn't breathe.

"Is there something wrong? You seem tense," Fry choked out trying to hug Sarah yet get her off. "Sarah?"

She had loosened her grip around his throat but still hung on. "Fr-Fry, do you love me?" she asked looking up at him.

"Of course I do! Why? What's wrong?" Fry asked in a worried sort of way.

"Nothing... It's nothing," she trailed off again.

"Are you sure?" Fry asked her because he could tell something was wrong.

"Yes, I'm sure," Sarah said again, but Fry was sure there was more. "Here's your stuff, Fry." She passed him he's briefs and wallet.

"I'll go put these on," he said pointing out his breifs.

"Sure," Sarah said as she walked over to get a coffee.

Fry went into the bathroom to put his briefs on he was looking around and saw a pregnancy test on the counter. "What she got that for..." Then Fry realised something. Something which explained why she was acting so weird. She must have thought she was pregnant. As Fry walked out of the bathroom he rushed over to Sarah and hugged her. "No matter what, I'll stand by you and only you," Fry said.

"Th-Thanks. How'd you know?" Sarah asked shocked at the fact Fry knew.

"You have to clean up better next time," Fry smiled at her and she smiled back.