Fan Fiction

Over Her, Part 4
By Sarah

Chapter Four: The Date to Elzar's and Back Again.

The next night Fry was waiting for Sarah to arrive for their date. He had Changed from his usual outfit into a tux and had a shower for the occasion. He was pacing up and down the room waiting for her to arrive. He had bought her some roses and chocolate as he was a man of tradition. He started to think about what would happen if Sarah and Leela met... He had an image of Sarah and Leela having a kick boxing match. "That would be so cool. Cause they'd be all like 'I love you Fry' and I'd be all like 'I don't love you Leela, I love Sarah'," Fry said but then he heard a voice from behind him.

"My ear's are burning," Sarah said in a bantering sort of voice. Fry turned to look at her. She was wearing a dress that resembled the one that Leela wore to the opera but it finished much shorter and had a cut up the side and a piece of silk around her shoulders and a pair of short gloves. Her hair was pulled back in a bun with flowers pushed through it. To Fry she looked so perfect it made his jaw drop. "Well are you going to just stand there?" she asked in a playful sort of way as she rushed over to give him a hug. She reached around the dumbfounded Fry

"Sarah, you look amazing. Ah... How much of before did you hear?" he asked in a worried sort of way as he let go

"From 'That would be so cool'," she said coolly. "Did you mean the last bit about me?" She raised one of her eye brows.

"Of-course-I-did!" Fry said, but he slurred his words together but she understood him.

"Oh. Is there... was there anything between you and Leela?" Sarah asked him. Fry walked away from her to the window and watched the sun go down. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to..." Sarah said in an upset sort of way as she walked over to Fry and put her arm around his shoulder. Fry put his arm around her waist and she rested her head on his shoulder as they watched the sun go down over the city and horizon.

Fry broke the silence, "Well I used to like Leela but then she said to me we were only gonna be 'just friends' so I gave up on her. Then I met you and you put meaning in my life. Without you I don't know what I'd do." Fry then suddenly said, "I love you."

"And I love you too." She had said this a little easier than Fry had. She moved in towards Fry. They were just inches away from kissing but then a voice from behind them made her withdraw.

"And I love the TV and watching it so leave or bite my shiny metal ass!" Bender said in a lovey dovey sort of way.

"Go get sold for pieces you scrap heap," Fry said turning around and glaring at Bender

"Maybe we should go or they'll give our table away," Sarah said grabbing Fry by the hand so he wouldn't rip Bender to pieces. They walked out of the apartment.

Fry said, "Hey, Bender, you do know the TV's a guy,right?". Then the TV said, "Hey Baby, wanna get lucky?" in a manly sort of way.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Now I can't watch TV without getting hit on by the TV. Thanks a lot," Bender screamed.

Meanwhile at Leela's Apartment.

"Hey Leela how about we go to Elzar's on a double date? So you can forget about Fry," Amy said to as she was patting Leela on the back who was still sulking about Fry.

"Okay. Who are we going with?" Leela said as she pulled her head out of her pillow with here cheeks stained with tears.

"I've got some friends who'll go."

Within minutes, Amy had organised a date for Leela and had called Kif for herself. "Now I'll just go home and get a dress and we'll go, K?"

"Yep," Leela said as she was looking through her wardrobe to find a dress that was perfect for the night ahead. "Aha. I'll wear this!" She pulled out the dress she wore to the opera. "This is perfect. It's just the sort of thing that would work."

Ten mins later, she was ready to go out on the town. She was wearing her hair in a ponytail with chopsticks through the hair tie and her make up covered the redness in her cheeks from before. She heard the door bell ring and she rushed over to answer it. "ZAPP?!? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Well I heard that Amy and Kif were going on a double date with you and one of my soldiers, so I executed him and took his place on this date." Leela threw up a little in her mouth. "Well? What are you waiting for? Aren't you going to invite me in?". Leela responded by shutting the door on Zapp's foot as hard as she could.

After awhile, Amy and Kif showed up and Kif fainted at the site of Zapp, Amy was close to it too. "What are you doing here? Where's Steven?" Amy asked Zapp.

"Let's just say I shot him. I mean I shot him. No I mean he didn't want to come cause I shot him," Zapp said.

At Elzar's

Fry's View

"..so then I became King of a planet because I drank him," Fry said telling Sarah the story of when he was King.

"Wow," Sarah said in an interested sort of voice. "So what happened next?" Fry continued his story till they got inside to see Amy, Kif, Zapp and Leela. He ignored them because he didn't want to ruin the night. They were lead over to a table that read : V.I.P. "Are you a VIP?" Fry asked as he pulled the chair out for Sarah.

"Yes. I used to be friends with Elzar before he started this restaurant. Anyway we eat free. And that's always good." Fry looked relieved because he thought he had to pay for dinner. "I got these for you." He handed her the roses and chocolates.

"Thanks so much!" She took the gifts and put them in her bag (it was a bag that had an infinite amount of space in it).

Fry lent forwards and grabbed Sarah's hand. "You look so beautiful tonight, you know that don't you." Fry said staring into Sarah's eye's

"Thank you Fry, You look handsome yourself. I'm so lucky to have you," Sarah said looking back at him lovingly.

Fry leaned into kiss Sarah. After a few second He pulled away. "I love you" He said to her more longingly than ever. "And I love you no matter what." They kissed again until the waiter came over to take their orders. After ten mins of trying to find something they'd like they went back to talking about stuff and junk. "So how old were you when you got frozen?" Fry asked Sarah

"I was 13 when I was accidentally frozen, but I was woken up ten years ago. I moved from Australia to New New York, because I was reminded of where I came from and who I left behind." Sarah's voice trailed off."What about you?"

Fry explained what had happened too him. "... then I met Leela and Bender and started working at Planet Express." At this point they had finished their meal and were just talking. Fry glanced over at Leela to see she was staring at them. He quickly looked away and at Sarah. She had noticed that Leela was staring too.

"I was going to tell you something tonight but since Leela's there, I don't want too be heard," Sarah said in a distant sort of way.

Sarah and Fry were holding hands as they were leaving the resturant.

Leela's View

"Leela? Why aren't you talking to me?" Zapp asked her.

"'Cause your an id..." she said looking around then spotting Fry and Sarah at the door coming in. Fry had his arm around her and she had her arm around him. Then she noticed that Sarah was wearing practically the same dress as her. "The nerve of her that bit**," Leela thought to herself as she watched them being guided over to the VIP section. Fry pulled the seat out for Sarah and pushed it in for her. "Oh god, it's sickening," Leela thought. Then Fry gave her the flowers and chocolates he'd bought for her.

They began to order their dinner, Fry grabbed Sarah's hand and said something to her but Leela couldn't hear what they said. She looked over to Zapp who was stuffing everyone's food in his mouth like he hadn't eaten in days. She looked back at Sarah and Fry to see they were kissing. "Get a room," Leela thought as Sarah started to play with Fry's hair.

She then dared to look over at Zapp again who was talking about a fungus he had found earlier. "... I mean you would not believe how big it was..." Zapp said in a proud sort of way.

Leela started pound her head on the table trying to get the image of Zapp and a fungus out of her head. "Why...Why...Why?" The rest of the night Leela keep glancing over at the couple with hate and envy... She watches them leave the restaurant. She gives them one last look of hate them then returned her head too the table with her head in her arms.

Back to Fry and Sarah

Fry was thinking about what had happened in the restaurant..."You look cold," Fry said to Sarah, who was lightly shivering because of the sudden change of weather. "Here." He gave her his jacket

"Thanks," Sarah said looking into Fry face. "Hey Fry..."

"Yeah," Fry said turning to Sarah.

"Where do you want to go now?" Sarah asked seductivly.

"I don't know..." Fry said not picking up the hint "Oh... Sure" Fry said finally with a grin on his face. "Before we go... What did you want to tell me?" Fry asked with a worried look.

"Nothing. Nothing..." Sarah said in a distant sort of way.