Fan Fiction

Over Her, Part 3
By Sarah

Chapter Three: Ape Mud Fights and Rings

Fry's Apartment

Fry had gotten out a bag for his trip next weekend and started packing it. He was bored of watching TV. He was trying to zip ot shut but no luck.

Bender strutted into the room smoking his Zurban Cigar. "Hey meatbag, who was on the video phone earlier?" Bender inquired.

"That was Sarah. My new girlfriend," Fry said looking up from his stubborn bag to Bender. "Why?"

"Well do you love her?" Bender asked Fry as if he had a script

Fry thought about what Bender had just asked. "Yes. I do."

"What about Leela? Have you forgotten about her or what?"

"There's nothing between us," Fry said close to tears.

"What about the opera? And that whole bee thing?" Bender looked away towards the widow because he couldn't stand it when Fry cries. "Has she forgoten?

"Completely!" Fry said trying to dry his tears. "She doesn't want anything to happen between us. But with Sarah... I don't know. There's something there and she want's things to happen. Hell, she even asks me out on dates instead of waiting for me to ask. And she cares how I feel and say," Fry said thinking about everything he has said.

Later that night, Fry saw a piece of paper an the table next to his bed. "What's that?" he said to himself as he reached over for the paper. "Oh. This is Sarah's number..." He glanced over at his phone and thought about calling her and asking her to come over. "Yeah, may as well. I need some company insted of Bender for once." He picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"Hi, who's this?" Sarah asked in a voice that Fry felt comforting.

"Hey," Fry said.

"Hi," Sarah said in a suspecting sort of way. She knew he wanted something other than talking.

"How are you?" Fry asked trying not to get straight to the point but insted in a squeaky sort of fashion.

"Good. What did you want. I can tell it's something involving me and you because your voice has gone all squeaky. So what's up?"

"Did you want to come over? I haven't seen you in ages," Fry asked in a needy sort of way.

"Sure. I'll be over in a second. Bye"

"Bye," Fry said. He hung up the phone and laid down on his bed. But then he looked out of the corner of his eye the was a HUGE mess all over the apartment. "Aw Great... I have 10 mins to clean all this up." He looked around to see a vacum cleaner. "Awesome...". 2 minutes Fry threw the broken vacuum to the floor. "Suck's up anything, my ass." Then he tried it the old fashion way by thowing his old slurm cans and dirty clothes out the window. "That'll learn 'em." But then he heard someone say his name.

"Fry, is that you throwing stuff?" It was Sarah.

"Oh Shit, um... No... it's the teenagers upstairs!" he screamed. "Damn those crazy teens!" he said shaking his fist at the window above.

"Ok. Hey isn't this the shirt you wore the other day?"

"No...!" Fry screamed down at Sarah.

"Shut up, Some of us are trying to sell crack here!" A voice yelled from the alley.

"Sorry!!!" Fry shouted again. "Whew, That was close." Fry puffed as he backed away from the window. He made a mad dash trying to clean up before Sarah. He colapsed on the couch for 2 seconds but then the doorbell rang. "Ow. My various areas." Fry panted as he walked over to the door. "Hey, Sarah, what brings you here?"

"You invited me over," Sarah said in a blunt yet happy sort of way.

"Oh yeah, that's right... Sooo. What do you want?" Fry asked putting her hands her pockets.

" How about a movie? Or Rocket Skating? Or..." Sarah suggested.

"Or An Ape mud fight?!?" Fry interjected looking excited. Sarah gave him a discouraging look. The happiness wiped off Fry's face and turned into dissapointment. Sarah thougt of a way to make them both happy

"*sigh* Alright, we'll go to the Ape mud fight then dinner ,okay?" she suggested. Fry face went alight with excitment. He grabbed Sarah by the hand and lead her out of the room so fast that it was like he'd had one coffee too many "Relax Fry. It's like I'm the first peson that's said yes..." Yet again she had said the wrong thing. Fry had let go of her hand and turned around. "I'm sorry Fry, I din't mean to hurt your feel..." Sarah began to apologise to Fry. He put his finger on her lips to signal that he had to say something.

"Sarah, it's not that, don't worry and just enjoy the night. I'll tell you later. Only if you have fun though," he said trying to make her feel better and stop worrying. He put his arm around her shoulders and she put her arm around his waist and walked all the way to the Madison Cube Garden like that.

During the fight Sarah kept looking up to see the look on Fry's face which reminded her of why she was doing this. Eventually the fight ended and everyone was leaving the Stadium. Most of them were guy teenagers covered in zits but there was the occasional 40-year-old with a computer or two. They were the last ones there because Sarah had fallen asleep on Fry's shoulder. Suddenly there was a torchlight pointing at them and someone saying, "Stop making out and exit the stadium."

"Shh..." Fry said. "She's asleep. We'll leave when we're good and ready." Fry said in a whisper but in a threataning way.

"Fine. I don't care. Leave when ever you want. I just wanted to talk to someone," the Guard said in a depressed sort of way. He trotted off and left the Stadium. Fry looked down at his shoulder to see Sarah was awake.

"Did you just threaten that guy for me?" Sarah asked. Fry nodded. "How sweet," she said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Twenty mins later Fry and Sarah left the Stadium the same way they came in but a lot closer. When they got to the movie theater they spoke again. "What do you want to see?" Fry asked. "Seeing as I picked the Ape Mud Fight."

"How about a horror? Or a Romance? Or a comedy?" She looked up at Fry. "What do you want to see?"

"Like I said: it's your choice," Fry said looking back. "Your eyes are so pretty."

"Thank you Fry...Don't change the subject. What should we see? How about..." Sarah started to scan the list of movies. "I know. How about The Ring?"

"Sure. And if you get scared you can hold my hand..." Fry said as they purchased the tickets.

Half way through the movie

Sarah was laughing and Fry was looking through the space in between his finger.

After the movie

"Fry are you okay?" Sarah asked looking at Fry who was shaking.

"S-Sh-Sure. I-I-I'm f-fa-fa-fa-fine," he said crossing his arms and stated rubbing his arms. His face was twitching slightly.

"Oh, what happened to 'If you get scared you can hold my hand'?" she said in a mocking sort of way. She gave him a kiss to calm him down. It had some effect but he still had darting eyes

"So where to now?" Fry asked.

"Maybe a walk in a park?" Sarah suggested. "*YAWN...*"

"I think we should call it a night." Fry said seeing that Sarah had had enough.

"No-OOhh I'll be fine..." She yawned again and began to slump.

"*Sigh*" Fry said picking Sarah up. "Come on sleepy head."

"No. I'll be fine..." she finally gave up and went to sleep in Fry's arms.

Fry looked down at her. She was so cute when she was asleep...

"Fry?" Amy called from behind him. "What cha got there?"

"Oh, hi," he said waving what he could of his hand. "It's Sarah. She's been really tired lately."

"Aww... How sweet," Amy sighed. "Isn't it Kif?"

"Uh... Ah.. Yes," Kif answered.

"I'd love to stay and chat but it's almost 3:30 in the morning so I'd better get Sarah home or my arms will fall off," he said. "Bye. See you tommorrow." He waved goodbye to the couple and started too walk home.

Wait for the first encounter in Chapter Four: The Date to Elzars and Back Again.