Fan Fiction

Over Her, Part 2
By Sarah

Chapter Two: The Phone call from Heaven and Hell

"So Fry, how's the floozy?"Bender said trying to show interest

"Bender she's not a floozy. But beside that she's good. Why?"

"Oh nothing. Just trying to rub it in Leela's face.HAHAAHAHAHAHAH," Bender said in a laughing manner.

"Shut up and smoke, Bender," Leela said with acid in her voice.

The rest of the trip Leela and Fry glanced at each other trying to make eye contact. Later that trip there was a video phone call. "Fry get it," Bender muttered.

"Leela get it," Fry said without looking up from one of his Bongo magazines.

"Fine... Hello, who's calling...?" Leela began until she saw a woman on the screen who was just a bit younger than herself. She was staring into the video phone trying to make out who it was.

"um... Hi. Is Fry there? Tell him it's Sarah and I need to speak..." she began in an unsure voice, but before she could finish Fry poked his head out from the comic he was reading to see his girlfriend.

"Sorry I didn't answer, I was busy... anyway this is Bender..." Fry pointed to Bender, who was smoking as usual with his feet up on a crate.

"Hey," Sarah said trying to sound confident, but she could feel Leela trying to stare a hole into her.

"And this is Lee..la," Fry pointed at Leela who, as soon as he did, she stormed out of the room looking upset and kicked out the box Bender had his feet on which made him fall from the shock.

"Did I say something?" Sarah asked the shocked looking Fry.

"No. I don' know what's bothering her. So anyway what did you want?" Fry asked Sarah. In the backround you can see Bender getting up again and mumbling.

"Oh no reason. I just haven't seen you in ages," she began.

"It's been 2 hours since we talked last," Fry said playfully.

"Oh god it's gonna be a long trip," Bender said as loudly as he could.

"Shut up, Bender," Fry said. "So where were we..."

After about 3 hours Bender lost it because they started the "No you hang up first". Bender decided to hang up first using the back of Fry's head.

During the conversation between Fry and Sarah, Leela had heard all of it through the thin walls of the PE ship. "Is he finally over me? What did I do? Did I say something? Oh Crap! I should have gone out with him. I mean he's not all that bad."

*Crosses to Fry, "I was a little Spanish Flea..."

*"... He's got a boyish charm to him. Oh Good God. I love Fry!!! But why did I keep rejecting him? Maybe I don't. Maybe it's just because he's got a girlfriend." Leela looked up to see Fry staring at her in a worried sort of way. "Sorry about before," Leela whispered while wiping her tears from her eye.

"It's okay Leela, I understand," Fry responded. He new all to well what it was like seeing Leela in the arms with someone else. Fry sat down next to Leela on the couch. "Are you going to be okay? Do you want me to deliever the paper instead of you. I don't think you can handle a meeting with Zapp today."

"Thanks Fry, you're a true boyfriend," Leela said but her emotions got the better of her with the last few words. "Sorry, slip of the tongue," Leela finished that sentence with a silence.

"Trust me I know what it's like. Once there was this really ugly women and I was all like 'You're one ugly guy', but man she was strong and mean," Fry said to break the silence.

"Thanks Fry, That actually makes me feel better," Leela edged away from Fry because she knew what she wanted and what Fry already had. "What do you have in common with her?" Leela asked Fry expecting him to say nothing.

"We're both from the stupid ages. And..." Fry started to say but then Bender walked in.

"Hey stop making out or whatever and deliver the piece of paper. Also what do you want for dinner?" Bender said like he was bored and upset. Fry and Leela bolted for the door to the DOOP ship.

On Board they walked through the halls not making any contact to each other. As they walked into the Bridge They saw Zapp twirling around on his chair. When he saw Leela and Fry he got up drunkenly but managed to straighten up. "Hello my sexy cyclops and ...*Shudders* Fry. So where's my paper?" Zapp said as sexily as his restraining order would allow him. "What brings you to my large ship of love?"

"What do you think? The crappy piece of paper you ordered and we have to deliever it!" Leela Snapped. he wasn't in the mood to insult him properly.

"Why... What do you mean?" Zapp said playing dumb.

"Shove a knife in it, Zapp before I do," Leela said in a calm yet evil way.

"Just sign for the F***ing paper before we do damage..." Fry said.

"But Leela,..." Zapp began, but it was too late cause she'd sucker punched him in the gut causing him to fall to the ground.

"Sign it," she said as she shoved the clip board in his face.

"Fi- fine," Zapp said as he curled up into a ball on the ground. "But you don't know what your missing...ugh," Zapp stuttered in a manly sense as Leela walked over/on him and walked to the door.

"Thanks," Leela heard from behind her. She pivoted on the spot to see it was Kif.

"My Pleasure," Leela said with a grin. She waved goodbye and turned back too see Fry had already left which wiped the grin off her face.

Back on the ship everyone was doing their own thing. Bender was cooking, Leela was reading and Fry was trying to book a first class spaceship trip to Mars for 2. Leela glanced over at Fry and wondered. "He puts so much effort into the things he loves. That could've been me. Why did I keep rejecting him? Why?"

"So how much is first class? Second? Third?" Fry asked quieter each time as though he was ashamed at the fact that he could barely afford anything. "So 75th it is. Bye." Fry had finished that phone call and was about to make the next arrangement but a call from Sarah came up saying that she had everything under control and not to worry about making any arrangements. Also that he could invite anyone else he wanted to go. She then told him to say hi to Leela and Bender and apologise for anything she might have done. He was about to hang up the phone, he was on the normal phone because of the earlier incident between the video phone and his head, as they landed back on Earth Sarah added, "See you tomorrow night, I got reservations for Elzar's, okay?".

"Sure see you tommorrow then. Bye," Fry said. Leela could be heard in the background making an indignant noise to what she had heard. Fry glared at her as he walked out of the ship to his locker.

Chapter 2.5: The Why of A Guy.

As Leela was getting her jacket out of her locker she consulted Amy about what had happened on the ship.

"S'please, Leela your just jealous. Even Zoidberg knows that!" Amy said

"Hooray for Zoidberg!" Zoidberg said and he started to run around in circles. None took notice of him.

"Of what. The fact I'm alone now or that Fry has a girlfriend?"

"To put it simply... Fry."

"How? What am I jealous of of Fry?"

They both look at Fry who quickly looked away trying to make it look like he was doing something else.

"Well G'uh, you didn't an to go out with him when he asked you out but now he has his girlfriend to be with so you feel you want him but you're just jealous."

Fry went to close his locker but since he wasn't paying attention he slammed his fingers in the door of his locker. "AHHHH! Man that smarts! Today just isn't my day," he said sucking on his fingers hoping to make it feel better. He noticed everyone was staring at him so he yanked his fingers out of his mouth and wiped i on his jacket. "Um... Everyone's invited to Mars next weekend...!" Fry said trying to cover up what just happened.

"Eh... Wha?" The Professor had been sleeping in his seat with Magic Marker on his face. While he was asleep Bender was bored so he started drawing on his face.