Fan Fiction

Over Her
By Sarah

(Opening credits, caption: Subtitles : We hate FOX.)


Chapter One: A Fight to Remember.

The Planet Express Crew were awaiting for the ever predictable "Good News Everyone" that was delivered every morning sealing their near doom. But till then everyone was talking about the long weekend coming up. Everyone was just sitting around except Fry who had a jitter.

"Leela will you..." Fry began to utter in a scared sort of way.

"No. So anyway Amy..." Leela said without a glance at Fry, who was trying to put out the fire that had just started on his jacket from one of Bender's fire burps.

"But I need you..."Fry begun again.

"I said no Fry! I'm not going out with yoooooh. My God! You're on fire!" Leela said as she looked over to Fry.

"Well d'uh, now put it out. Quick!!!" Fry said growing anxious.

"Bender cover your vent next time," Amy said running after Fry, who was bolting around insanely screaming "AHHHHH!!!".

"Well maybe he should learn to dodge it if he doesn't want to get burnt?" Bender said, taking a puff from his Zuban.

After the 'Flaming Fry' was put out and treated for third degree burns, Leela was wondering what he wanted. She walked over cautiously towards him as he was acting very hostile since what had happened. "So what did you want before?" Leela asked worryingly at the fact that she thought he wanted another date.

"A fire extinguisher! Why? Wh-What did you think," he asked with venom in his first few words but after then he saw the look she had in her eye he softened his voice.

"Well I though that you wanted another date. Because you always ask me. I'm so sorry..." she stuttered seeing that Fry that was still upset from before.

Fry turned away from Leela. But then he turned back. Fry understood how Leela felt so he had to tell her something which he had been keeping a secret from her for weeks. "I have to tell you something Leela... um," Fry began but found it hard to tell her.

"Yes?" Leela said looking at Fry hopefully expecting something along the lines of "will you go out with me?".

"I've... I've met someone else," Fry finished looking at his feet.

"What!?! When?." Leela asked shocked at what Fry had just told her.

"She was at the Hip Joint a couple of weeks ago. I meant to tell you but you wouldn't listen to me," Fry said becoming more confident with each word.

"Oh. Um? What are you doing on the long weekend?" Leela said trying to both hide her disappointment and shock.

"I'm going to Mars with my girlfriend," Fry said slowly so that each word sunk into Leela's mind. He then looked deeply into Leela's eye which he has never done before without feeling butterflies in his stomach. He felt nothing.

"Good news everyone!" the Professor bellowed in an unusual tone.

"Aw Crap!" I thought that he'd forgotten," Bender said as the Professor briefed the Crew about their mission.

"You'll be delivering a piece of ordinary paper to the DOOP ship in outer orbit," the Professor said, then turned and said gravely to Leela "*Sigh* Zapp wants you to deliver it to him, again."

"Hell, not again." Leela usually got Fry to do it for her. But since the fire incident earlier he wouldn't even look at her face anymore.

"Am I finally over Leela? I feel like she's just another Bender or Amy." Fry looked over at Leela with some hope of feelings. Still nothing. "Then again, she's starting to notice me. Maybe she's Jealous of...?" Everyone was staring at Fry. Then he realised that he was thinking out loud again... "Aw Crap, not again!" Fry thought but said again.

Bender began to play back what Fry had said/thought. All the while Bender was laughing and lighting Zuban in the background.As Fry and Bender loaded the ship Amy and Leela were checking the ship for any leaks.

"So Leela, how's the Fry status?" Amy asked tightening the valve under the dark matter engine.

"Let's just say it's going through a rough period," Leela said ticking off some of the boxes on her clip board.

"Well what's wrong? He offered another back rub or beg for sex?"

"No, nothing like that," Leela said in a dismissing way.

"Well what is it? Another wedding proposal?" Amy asked in a cutesy way that suggested that she was trying to annoy Leela

"No Amy. Just leave it okay!" Leela yelled, dropping her clipboard in disgust.

"Spleesh Leela! I know he's got a girlfriend. He told me a couple of weeks ago. I'm just stirring the pot," Amy said with a giggle.

"Oh. Why didn't you tell me?" Leela asked in a hurt and upset

"Well, like you would care! G'uh, you wouldn't of cared anyway!" Amy said as she walked off to the lounge room leaving Leela standing in shock.

Stay Tuned for Chapter Two: The Phone call from Heaven and Hell.