Fan Fiction

Fry's BFF
By Jenny Ngo

A delivery boy with a soft red jacket, spiked orange hair and a bandaged neck stumbled upon the Planet Express headquarters. He heard of it and looked around here, finding any co-workers and fellow crew members. Strangely, everybody was gone, leaving him late, yet lonely... 'Why has everybody left me here?' he thought to himself, 'How come I'm as lonely as a pup?'

Hearing a beam of light behind him, a redhead looked up and saw something shiny and sparkling. He walked into a sparkly, but shiny device that happened to be a laptop of Amy Wong. On a top of it was a note, written as a message. A laptop was pale pink, so a he picked up a note and read it... It says:

"Dear Fry,

We have left Planet Express; and we're very sorry. You are too late for a meeting here. From now on, we have moved onto Tokyo to find you a new friend ^_^ Meanwhile, you can go on Amy's laptop for your account, make sure you'll find a friend request that he sent to you. Amy's busy looking for him as well. She accidentally brought your laptop with her. If you surf hers and go on the internet, you must not be lonely.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth"

'What have I heard of: The Planet Express' department, Tokyo, a new friend, or Amy taking my laptop with her?' he thought, 'She, her friends and her family, along with the others, have actually left me here. Don't panic, Fry, just make sure you're not alone.'

While standing still, Fry looked sneakily around the room, making sure that no-one is here or sounding straight to him... He's safe; so he pretends to sit down (and he did!). He puts down a note, placing it next to a laptop, and turns on a gizmo. There's something colorful in the desktop... it's a Kiki Kitty wallpaper! It contains a small, yet cute white kitten herself and some multicolored critters around her, surprising him before your eyes (It reminds him of the background of a Kirby game that he's playing since he's 20!). 'That Kiki Kitty, those colorful creatures, they're a bit too cute and cuddly! That's awkward.' thought Fry, 'there's no such thing as Gaia Online crossovers!'

And so, a redhead began to surf the laptop for the internet. He can see online videos, play games, raise virtual pets and chat to every friend, until he heard a high-pitched voice (similar to a chipmunk), "Hello, Mr. Fry! Ur account haz good news dat we left U! Ur BFFs will not go back 2 NNY 4eva; LMFAO XD!!!" Fry got distracted by a chipmunk voice, just a little bit shocked. 'Ugh, that dumb voice is actually a weird-looking chipmunk glitch;' he thought angrily, 'that internet text, those memes and lots of retarded phenomena surprised me a lot with it...'

Later, Fry (still online) logged into Gaia Online, obtained Gaia Gold, customized his avatar and then, he finally found himself with a newcomer’s friend request he was looking for. Accepting it, he heard an identical Fry voice say next to him, "Hi, Fry! What are you looking on the internet?" Fry himself blushed and answered, "I’m just looking for some cool items to pop in a customization of my avatar. Sometimes, according to a chipmunk glitch with a text, my friends never returned to ‘New’ New York." "Aww, they didn't pretend to..." a voice said softly, "but don't worry; they're still safe there. I'll make sure they're finding a new friend for you, because you're my BFF."

An owner of an identical Fry voice kissed Fry on a cheek. He felt it rubbing against his cheek, and stared at it... it was an extra head! It looks like Fry's head is duplicated and put next to the original. Both necks are fully healed when he outgrew his bandage, so his heads saw each other and blushed. "Wait a minute..." one said to the other, "did you kiss me on a cheek or did you sprout of my 'shoulder'?"

"Eh, same old same old, bro; we had been divided from one being while online. Your co-workers and friends are still safe in Tokyo, don't worry."

"Okay, Fry. Amy brought my laptop with her and let hers here."

"Oh... Are you using it?"

"Yea; she added us to her friend list on her account."

"O rly? Do you mean I'm not alone anymore?"

"Exactly, we're BFFs, because BFF stands for 'Best Friends Forever'!"

"Ha ha ha! We're not lonely people, Fry; besides, a bandage of my neck is gone, so it's fully healed, so is yours."

"Thanks pal. According to a note that I received from Professor, my co-workers are looking for a new friend after they went to Tokyo without me, so I’m forced to surf on the internet and accept his friend request. After that, I'll try and project you here until my friends come back with him..."

Later, after having spent some time on a laptop, Fry took a rest in the lounge room, enjoying having two heads. They smiled at each other while he wrote a journal about how he accepted a request from a new friend. The one on the right nuzzled the other on the left, kissing him on a lip. "Oops, I kissed you on a lip... that's bisexual," he said, "I hope Bender's gonna take a photo of us when he returned from Tokyo with a newcomer." "Ha ha, I guess," the other one laughed, "but nice expression you have." "Aww thanks ^_^"

Shortly, a two-headed Fry sat down on a sofa after he went to his apartment. "So, Fry, a new friend is going to be here with you later after you accepted his friend request;” one head smiled. "Um, okay, then," replied the other, "he’s so happy about me while our co-workers are looking for him, but Bender was not to mention that we’re sharing each other’s body, because he forgot to bring some soda." Fry puts both heads against each other and snuggled.

"BFFs forever in ‘New’ New York;" One said softly to each other, “I love you, Fry.”

"Aww ^_^ I love you too, Fry :)"