Fan Fiction

Tori's Birth
By Jenny Ngo

Fry stumbled upon a professor's lab, where he knew that a Clone-O-Mat was fully fixed. After all, his mates returned from Tokyo with a new friend (red-orange hair, green hooded sweater, thick orange jeans, red shoes and a Japanese accent) whom Fry accepted a request to be friends with. But, they are in a TV room while playing with him.

Later, a new friend went to a professor’s lab and introduced himself to Fry. “Hi, I’m Kenny, from Tokyo;” he said, “what’s your name?” Fry felt excited to see a newcomer (that his friends found) and said, “Hey, Kenny; I’m Fry, everybody’s favorite redhead.”

“Oh, you’re a cheerful delivery boy working with Bender and Leela.”

“Yea; I’ve described that you have a Gaia Online account, so do I.”

“I know, Fry. I heard it. Amy Wong said you're such a hyperactively cute-looking person I’ve ever mentioned ^_^”

“Aww, thank you, Ken; my dear Leela reckons I’m cute and lovely.” Fry smiled, “When you see her, tell her I said hi!”

He watched as Kenny walked off and was able to speak with the rest of the Planet Express crew members.

Fry, preparing to activate a fully-fixed Clone-O-Mat, grew a second head like he did while playing on Amy's laptop... "Hi, Fry. Kenny’s been a very nice person whom Planet Express found during a Tokyo trip," one of his heads said softly to the other, "so what are you doing?"

"Hi, bro; pretending to activate a Clone-O-Mat..." a second replied to a first, "We've tried some of Professor's creations including an Alien Dancing Gizmo."

"I know, brother. That weird-looking device makes people dance uncontrollably."

"Exactly, Fry! You think I'm such a smart person like you."

"Yea, we'll make sure a Clone-O-Mat doesn't malfunction, so a female version of you emerges from it." Fry's heads purred and snuggled each other and then, shared their thoughts by merging into the original.

Shortly, Fry was ready to start an activated Clone-O-Mat, going create a girl. 'Alright; I use to push a button,' he thought, 'and create a young female counterpart and name her, Tori.’ He did push a button! A Clone-O-Mat almost forced a female Fry to come out, but it suddenly malfunctioned and fired a massive blue laser beam (like a Shoop da Whoop accent) at him; Bender, Amy and Zoidberg ran in and watched as an unbearable heat of it duplicated him into four identical people; one of the three clones was a fearful Fry without a name and obsessed with everything cute like candies and toys while the other two were a stubborn pair of *evil* clones and acted like a normal Fry whom they stole a personality from.

After that, all four Frys found themselves staring at one another. The original cried, "HOLY SHIT!!! I pressed a wrong button!" The three Fry clones looked confused and a stubborn pair laughed at him, "Ha, ha! You spoke like Eric Cartman, you motherfucker!"

Neither Bender, Amy or Zoidberg said anything; a fearful Fry clone hated foul language, so he tried to escape, but is captured by a stubborn pair. "Whaah; Let me go, you evil doppelgangers of me," he cried, "I'm too frightened to run away!" "No way, you clone liar!" roared one of the stubborn pair (nicknamed Max), "A cloning gizmo altered me and Rex into a pair of wild punk-rock ‘fireballs’!" The other of a pair (a bigger one nicknamed Rex) hissed at a fearful one, "You're too weak to fight us both, hot potato!" Fry saw as a stubborn pair called the fearful clone, Hot-Potato, and left him crying, so they laughed at a poor Fry clone and then set out to look for Amy, Bender and Zoidberg to join.

Shortly, the original Fry came towards a fearful clone crying; a clone hated that name, Hot-Potato. He saw the original looking at his face. "Please, don't hurt me..." a clone sobbed, "I'm too scared to run away from a pair of evil clones!" The original Fry comforted him softly and quietly replied, "I won't hurt you, brother, because I'm not evil, but a nervous duo swore at us and loathed me much, so they teased you for being a 'clone liar'."

"And they called me, Hot-Potato, a dumb name that doesn't fit me well," said a clone, wiping his tears off his face. "I'm a nameless one of the three Fry copies." "I know. You're only a fearful clone obsessed with everything cute like toys and candies," Fry smiled, "the other two are a stubborn pair who each lacked a delta brain wave." He cheered up a fearful clone by hugging him tight. Smiling at the original, a clone kissed him on a cheek.

Fry put his arm around a clone's shoulder and asked, "Brother, I'll give you a name that fits you much better."

"Okay," replied a clone, "I need it cute and lovely."

"It's Tori; some people think it's a Japanese meaning of a bird and a sweet name for girls."

"Yea, it sounds perfect if it fits me, Fry."

"Uh-huh... I was going to protect you from a stubborn pair of evil clones. A device that I've just activated is completely broken, so we're not alone anymore."

Fry kissed Tori by a cheek and cuddled him. "You're not fearful anymore, Tori," he said softly to Tori, "I'm always here with you now..."

The End!

Moral: Look after your pets and they'll smile!