Fan Fiction

My Muse
By Aled

"Just give me one more cocoacino!" Bender begged.

Cubert sighed. "No Bender, I know it's good for robots, but you might get over-stimulated."

This was the Cocoanut Hut, a 20th century-style coffee house, where they served special caffeinated drinks
and customers could read out their poetry to a cocoacino-drinking audience. Cubert worked here after school and weekends for a little pocket money.

Everyone from Planet Express was given the day off in honour, and decided to go there.

Fry sat alone, away from the rest.

"It's Fry's turn, I wonder what he's going to do," Leela quipped.

"Perhaps his assholish poetry he wrote for you yesterday, Leela," said Bender.

"If I hear another joke from him about my hair and a Jello mold, I swear, man!" Hermes barked.

"Come on, that was actually cute," Amy giggled.

"Listen to yourself... calling something Fry said CUTE?" Hermes said in mock horror. "You gotta watch what you say, man!"

Amy nodded. "Guess that just slipped out." She scratched her head as Fry stepped up onto the makeshift stage.

"Hello, everyone!" he said, his arms shaking nervously.

"I hope he doesn't make an idiot of himself just for me," Leela whispered.

"Umm... I going to read a song I wrote for someone..." he blushed and pointed to Zoidberg to cue the tape. As the music began, he took the microphone out of its stand.

"I hold my breath as you walk this way,
Tell my heart to shush its flutter,
I wanna hear each word you say and smile.
You step near me and I hesitate,
Words spill out and now it's too late,
My chance has passed and now I hate what I've done...
And once again my defences won..."

"What in the hell is he DOING man?" Bender whispered loudly.

Leela quieted him, "Shush... he's really good... he's singing it from the heart. It's so beautiful!"

"I wanna walk a mile in your shoes,
To know how you make me feel this way.
I want you to feel every emotion I've felt,
When you've just come up to say
So you know,
Though it never shows,
Cuz my pride always stands in the way,
there's something that I've always wanted to say..."

Fry glanced over at Hermes as he sang. He had tears in his eyes. He smiled at his creampuff reaction. Still, it was nice to know someone was listening. He looked over at Arnold, as they both knew it was obvious who the song was for. He smiled as he saw her politely listening. He smiled, the next verse oughta get him.

"The words never come out right,
As all my chances slip by,
And I watch my life race before my eyes.
Words unspoken, tears unseen,
A broken heart with broken dreams,
One look at you and I mount on the wings of a dove...
I'm so in love..."

Fry scanned the audience, in awe that they were swaying in time to his slow song.

"I wanna walk a mile in your shoes,
To know how you make me feel this way.
I want you to feel every emotion I've felt,
When you've just come up to say
So you know,
Though it never shows,
Cuz my pride always stands in the way,
There's something that I've always wanted to say..."

Now he stopped scanning the audience, and let his eyes rest on the beautiful Leela.

"I love you."

The last few notes faded away, and he carefully placed the microphone back into its stand. He looked out at the stunned and silent audience. Disappointed, he began to walk back to his seat away from Leela.

*clap, clap*

He looked up to see Leela clapping. Slowly, Hermes joined him, then Amy, then thunderous applause. With tears in his eyes, he sat down in his seat.

Fry sat outside watching as people left the coffee house. He smiled, he had said it... but it wasn't the first he had. Would Leela finally give him a chance? Fry understood that his stupidity often got in the way of any chance he may have with Turanga Leela, but his poetry was great.


He turned around to see Leela sitting behind him.

"Yeah?" he asked, careful not to mess up the moment

"I really liked your song. It was beautiful." She smiled at him reassuringly and walked off, leaving Fry alone to swoon.


The next day after work, everyone was shocked to hear that Leela was going to do something.

"After yesterday, I thought I'd never be shocked again; so, Leela, what are you gonna do?" Amy asked.

"You'll see."

Leela smiled, going up to the stage. Nervously she unfolded a piece of paper.

"Never known what to think of you,
I've seen you push help away countless times.
A helping hand is all I have to offer,
hoping someday you'd change your mind.

"Every harsh words stings more then the one before,
Maybe because I can remember when
Things were not always that way.
What can I do to bring back a friend
That I adore?

"I catch glimpses every now and then,
A smile, a tear, a piece of the past restored to me again,
Renewing my faith that things aren't always as they seem."

Leela paused for a bit and looked up at Fry. She smiled at his confused face and nodded.

"Got a glimpse of what you're like when the mask is off,
And how it'd be like to really talk to you.
Life is hard and no one's there to make you smile,
And an act is all you have to hide the pain for a while.
People accept and they move on,
Never care to look beyond,
And see the hurting girl.
Suffering more then they know.
And more times then I'd like to admit,
I've pretended you didn't exist,
And tried to push you away.

"I'm not as dense as I appear sometimes,
I know the difference between a laugh and a cry,
And I see the pain that reflects in your eyes.
And though I fail to comprehend,
I felt you cry out even then,
Even when you didn't know you did.

"So here's to the past and what's yet to come.
I hope now you know there's one
More reason to let your feelings show."

She looked back at the audience for a moment, then went back to her seat, the applause following her back. She glanced back at Fry's seat, only to see he had left. She sighed, wondering if he'd ever get through.


Fry sat in a stall in the public bathroom holding a photo of Leela in front of him. "Oh, Leela. My beloved Leela. Did I become your muse?"

To be continued