Fan Fiction

My Life now In the Future, Part 2
By The Kif


When the crew and I boarded the Planet Express ship to go to the DOOP headquarters I realized that Zapp will be shocked and same with the courts when I show up and I am 2d.

“Amy what will you tell Kif when we show up and you and I are together?”  I axed in a goats voice.  “He will be upset!”  I exclaimed laughing.

Amy laughed at the goat’s voice.

“That was funny what other voices can you do?”  She axed probably thinking I am a freak.

“I don’t know.”  I said in a dead guy’s voice.

“What was that about Kif and Amy?”  Leela axed looking at me.

“We are together.  Kif and Amy were together and that will hurt Kif because she is technically his love.”  I explained knowing that I might have messed things up for those two.

“Oh now I know what you’re talking about and that was not nice of you to take her away from Kif and that probably will hurt his feelings when he finds out.  And that is not fare to him now is it?”  Leela axed in a concerned way.

“Your right I want to get the hell out of here and then wake up and all of this will be just a dream I think.”  I said with confidence.

“Leela what is up with you and Zapp anyways?”  I axed holding pictures that Fry found.

“What do you mean what is with Zapp?”  Leela axed in curious voice.

“Well when Fry went looking for nibbler he found these.”  I said giving Leela the pictures.

“Were did you find these?” Leela axed looking at Fry.

“I found them when I went into Zapps room to look for Nibbler and I came across these.”  Fry replied with a worried look on his face.

Amy looked over Leelas arm and looked.

“Wow what a great outfit.”  Amy shouted out.  “That would look great on me.”  She said looking at me like if I wanted to see her in those.

“Fry thanks for finding these I will tell you what I am going to do with them.  I am going to burn them when we get back.”  Leela said crumbling up the pictures in her hands.

“Yah like if we do make it back.  I mean I make it back.”  I said looking out the window at the planets as we went by.

Amy walked over to me, “put you arms around me,” she said smiling up at me.

“Well I want to the thing is that I want to get you and Kif back together again and not come between you to.”  I said looking at her with a sad face.

“If you need me I will be in the dark matter engine room.”  I told everyone as I turned and walked out.

“Wait Michael I want to talk with you before we get to the DOOP headquarters.”  Fry said following behind.

When Fry and I walked in to the engine room that is when we had a serious talk about relationships and what can happen.

“You been with girls before.  I want to know how to make Leela like me more then what she does now.”  Fry said to me looking right at my eyes.

“Well for one, you can’t make a girl like you.  You have to work for her to like you and the way your going now by the time I am done my business here I think that you will have her in your arms.”  I replied with confidence.

“What if Leela does not like what I am doing for her now and she leaves me?”  He axed in a profound way.

“You won’t have to worry about that.  I mean yesterday you to went back to her place right?”  I axed while scratching my back.

“True.”  He replied looking at floor in shame.

“Hey there is nothing to fear I know and you know that she likes you.”  I said putting my hand on his shoulder in comfort.

“Your right if I made all the right moves so far there is nothing to fear.”  He said lifting his head with a smile.

When we finished the talk we walked back to the ships main deck area Leela looked over.

“Is everything ok?” she axed in a concerned voice.

“Yah everything is ok.”  I replied looking at Bender who was having a drinking contest with the ships autopilot.

“What does Zapp want from me anyways?” I axed myself looking over at Amy knowing that she was just a scared as I was.

Then I axed out loud, “what does Zapp and the DOOP want from me?” looking at Leela.

“Well for one you were 3d and now your 2d and I am sure that the DOOP will have no problem telling Zapp that he is crazy.”  Leela replied laughing.

“Crazy is right he is nuts.”  Fry replied hugging Leela.

When Fry hugged Leela she didn’t tell him to get off or nothing like that.  She turned and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you Fry.”  Leela whispered in to his ear loud enough that I was the only to hear it.

I looked across the deck towards Amy. 

“Amy are you ok?”  I axed walking towards her.

She turned and looked at me replied with a smile yes.  I now knew that she was not scared.  I walked over to the couch sat down beside her.  I took her hand and held it.

“I am not sure how to say this but I think I love you.”  I said nervously to her with a tear rolling down my face.

“that is sweet but I am not sure if I can face Kif again knowing what happened between us will destroy everything that Kif and I had.”  Amy replied starting to cry.

When she stood up and walked out I had a felling that I did something wrong and guilt came over me and I had to fix something.  I knew that I could not fix what happened the night before.

I think I was now in hell and had to get the hell out before it was too late.  I got up off the couch walked over to Bender who was working on his 45 th martini.

“Hey Bender.”  I said to him picking up the martini shaker and starting to drink what ever was in there.

“Hey get your own martini shaker and martini and leave mine alone.”  He said snapping.

“Hey I need something to calm down and relax.”  I replied still drinking his martini.

“So what was that all about?”  Leela axed.

“What about what?”  I looked over at her confused.

“Between you and Amy?  She walked out just wondering if everything is ok.”  She axed knowing that I was not in a great mood at this point.

“Yah everything is ok I think I ruined the relationship between her and Kif.”  I replied looking at the floor.

“Fry take the controls I am going to talk to Michael.”  She said walking over.

She sat beside me. “There is nothing to fear nothing is going to go wrong.”  She said putting her arm over my shoulder giving me a hug.

“I know it is that when I go into the DOOP head quarters I am not sure what is going to happen.”  I said looking at her trying now to focus everything on Zapp and the rest of DOOP.

“Hey Michael I need to talk to you.”  Amy said walking back towards the couch.

“Ok.  What is bothering you?”  I said looking at her with half smile on my face.

“There is nothing to worry about because Kif contacted me and it is over.”  She said crying.

“Great what have I done to everyone here?”  I axed my self knowing that when I came here all I did was mess things up instead of helping.

When I looked up out the window I know that my life was going to change when the DOOP head quarters came closer into view.

“This is it hell here I come.”  I said out loud knowing that every thing I had was going to be taken right here and that is what I feared.