Fan Fiction

My Life now In the Future
By The Kif


My life turned around when I was told I was now 2d. Amy and I walked into the board room to discuss what transpired the night before.

“My god look at you what happened?” Fry axed with a shocked look on his face.

“well all I remember is waking up this morning and I was standing in front of the mirror and then Amy walked in and said that I look better that I am 2d.” I replied in horror.

“Hey professor what do you think caused Michael to change from 3d to 2d?” Leela axed in curiosity.

“Well let’s go and find out what might have caused this.” The professor replied walking towards a machine.

“What are you going to do to him and what the heck is that machine?” Amy axed with a worried look.

“This is a new experiment of mine. This is called the blood cell transformer.” Said the professor turning it on.

“What will this do for me?” I axed not knowing what might happen to me.

“It will find out what happened to your DNA to turn you into 2d. And not only has that Zapp Branigan wanted you in court in front of the DOOP.” Farnsworth said in anger.

“I really don’t care what Zapp wants. All I want to know is how I can go from 3d to 2d.” I said getting ticked with what is going on so far.

Then the machine that the professor put my DNA in was done analyzing it.

“Bad news everybody.” The professor said looking at the floor.

“What is it?” Leela axed in terror.

“It turns out that the DNA from Amy transferred to Michael and that is how he turned 2d.” He replied happily.

“So what you think you just explained to me is that there is no way for me to turn back to 3d?” I axed with a confused look.

“Yah I guess.” The professor replied in his old man laugh.

“So Michael what do you want to do now?” bender axed in a cheerful manner.

After bender axed I passed out.

“Great here we go again.” Zoidberg said.

That is all I heard. After about 3 hours I came around.

“What happened to me? Why am I 2d?” I axed looking at everyone in a worried way.

“Great he lost his memory.” Fry replied. “Do you know were you are?” he axed waving a hand in front of my face.

“Nope.” I replied. “Who the hell are you people?” I axed trying to stand up to walk away.

“Hey Michael this would help your memory.” Amy replied as she leaned over and kissed me.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” I axed. “You already have a boyfriend.” I said backing way from her.

“Not any more. We had to break up after you and fry found nibbler.” Amy replied looking at me with that I like you look on her face.

“Wait I remember we went out on a date and then I woke up and I was 2d. After that I don’t remember.” I said looking around the room.

“That is because you passed out and is now 2d.” Fry said in disbelief.

“So now I am 2d sweet.” I said punching a wall.

“What do you mean sweet meat bag?” Bender said punching me in the arm.

“Put a sock in it you garbage can.” I replied taking off one of my socks.

“Who you calling garbage can skin tube?” bender axed slapping me in the face.

“I am not a meat bag or a skin tube you drunken walking lunch pale.” I replied slapping him back.

“Alright you to stop arguing you two before I shut you to up myself.” Leela said angrily.

“But this is my life I was born to argue.” I said yell at her.

“Yah like I was born to steal.” Bender said trying to take a watch off of me.

“Yah steal things like garbage.” I replied grabbing it out of his hands.

“Do not.” Bender said snapping back.

“Do to.” I replied getting ready to punch him.

“Stop it before we all kick your asses.” Everyone said at once in angry tones.

“Like trash can says, bite my shiny meaty ass.” I said to everyone.

“That is it you are going to get a bending.” Bender said pulling up the metal on his arms.

“That is it you two are going to be apart for the day.” Hermes said getting between us two.

“Fine I am walking out of here right now.” I said getting up off the table and started to walk out.

“Hey wait for me.” Fry said following behind.

“What you going to go with that dirt bag?” Bender axed in an angry voice.

“That is it it’s go time.” I said turning and lunging at Bender.

I ran for a blowtorch and bender ran for a shovel.

“Alright you to you have gone too far. Michael if you turn on that blowtorch and get bender with it. And Bender if you hit Michael with that shovel I will dislike both of you.” Amy said straight forward with a look that would kill if they could.

“Fine with me I will be gone before the break of night back to my world.” I replied walking out.

Amy started to walk away sobbing.

“You are a very dark man and have no feelings for others.” Leela said to me in a hatred voice.

“Your right what the hell have I be come?” I said walking away with my head down walk out upset with myself.

I started to think to myself, “What did I do wrong? Why am I acting like this in front of these people? These people are now my friends and I need to work on it.”

I walked back to the meet room. I looked at Bender.

“Sorry man for my actions and that is all I have to say. Well I mean I lost my life when I turned into 2d and I never meant to take it out on you.” I said upset.

“Dude that is what I mean I thought that I was mean but I am also sorry for what I said to you and for my actions towards you to.” Bender replied hugging me.

“Were did Amy go I want to apologize to her for being a real jackass.” I said being harsh to myself for my actions.

“She went to the locker room.” Leela replied hugging me.

“Were is that?” I axed looking at Bender.

“Follow me and I will show you.” Fry said walking to wards a door that locker room.

I followed him to the locker room.

“So Fry what did you and Leela do last night when you two left the bar?” I axed with a half smile on my face.

“We did the nasty last nighty.” Fry replied with a huge smile on his face.

When we walked into the locker room and there was Amy sitting there on the bench crying.

“Amy please listen to me I am sorry for my actions towards you and I am not the person that you thought I was. And I am going to go and leave you in peace.” I said rubbing her shoulders.

“Everyone we have a delivery.” The professor said in a disappointed voice.

“Well let’s go and find out what it is.” Fry said walking away.

Upon going to the meeting room that is when we find out about our mission I fell over backwards then got back up again.

I looked at Leela and axed “what the hell happened that I fell over backwards?”

“You slipped on some water and took the dive.” Leela replied with a smile on her face.

“What are you smiling about you one eyed freak?” I axed with sour voice.

Leela started to cry. I felt bad for her. We walked into the office.

I looked at the professor, “hey professor turn me back into 3d and I want to go back to my world.”

After I said that the video phone rang.

“Planet Express.” I said after I picked it up.

Zapps face came on the screen.

“Hi there Michael I hope to see you in court soon.” He said with a grin on his face looking at Leela.

“Take your court and do something unspeakable with it.” I said with laughter in my voice.

“See you soon.” Zapp said still grinning.

“What ever meat bag.” I said looking over at Bender knowing I took one of his lines.