Fan Fiction

My Life as a Futurama Character, Part 4
By The Kif


We docked back at the Planet Express around 3 PM and all of us were tired from that mission.  It was good to be back.  The professor examined Nibbler then came back out after about a half an hour.

“Good news everyone.  Young Nibbler is ok.”  The professor said cheerfully.

“Yah.”  We all shouted in happiness.

“So there is nothing wrong with him?”  Hermes axed dumbly.

“Nothing is wrong.”  The professor replied yelling at Hermes.

“So what do we do now?”  Fry axed poking me in the arm.

“We drink.”  Bender replied reaching into his chest cabinet.

“I can go for a Molson Canadian right about now.”  I said looking through the window at a bar across the street.

“Molson Canadian.  What is that?”  Leela axed looking at me.

“It is a beer.”  I replied in a Canadian accent.

“Michael what do you think of the future now that you have seen it for your self?”  Hermes axed in curiosity.

“It kicks ass.  It is better then the year 2005.”  I replied laughing my brains out.

“Where’s Zoidberg?”  I axed looking around the table for him.

“That barnacle.  He bugged me the whole time that you the crew were gone.  So the professor and I made dinner for your return.”  Hermes replied looking towards the kitchen.

“What did you make anyways?”  Fry axed drooling.

“A nice lobster Zoidberg.”  The professor replied happily.

“You cooked Zoidberg?”  Leela axed looking upset.

“I wouldn’t even cook him.”  Bender said hugging Leela trying to comfort her.

“Yah we cooked him for dinner.”  Hermes replied in a joking voice.

“Whoa what we cooked Zoidberg.  I don’t remember any Zoidberg in the pot when I looked.”  The professor said going crazy.

After those remarks Leela stormed out of the conference room balling her eyes out.  Fry, Amy and I went after her.

“Leela wait.”  We called to her trying to catch up.

Leela turned around.

“What do you want?  Leave me alone.”  She said running from us.

“Yeesh she cared for Zoidberg that much?”  Amy axed feeling sorry for Leela.

“I thought she cared for me.”  Fry replied sobbing.

“Dream on skin tube.  She kissed me on the cheek on the ship before you, Bender and Amy called me to help.”  I said not helping any.

“She what?”  Fry axed with an upset look on his face.

I knew that Fry cared for Leela but Leela don’t care for him in the same way so I knew I could do something to help out before it was to late for me to do anything at all.

“Fry I know that you care for Leela.  And both of you are upset.  So if you want me to I can talk to Leela and see if she would go with you on a date.”  I said to Fry who now looks happy that I said that.

“Well what about me?”  Amy axed.  “I lost Kif cause of that mission.”  She said crying.

“Let me find out what is what.  I want to figure things out then I will be back.  Mean while Fry you go talk to Leela.”  I said putting y hand on his shoulder in comfort.

When I left the TV area and went to do some work Zoidberg came out of his office.

“What’s with the long face?”  He axed me with a worried look.

“Whoa.  Come with me I want to show you something.”  I said to him taking him to the TV area.

“What are you talking about?”  He axed confused.

“When we got back from the mission Hermes and the professor said that they cooked you for dinner.  And Leela got all emotional over that statement.   Then I told Fry what Leela did to me on the ship.  He got all upset.  And Amy is now with no one after the fact that we saved Nibbler.”  I explained.

We walked back to the TV area. Over in the far left corner of the room Leela and Fry were talking.  Amy was sitting on the couch sobbing.  I looked at Zoidberg with a smile on my face.

“What is with the long faces?”  Zoidberg axed cheerfully.

“Zoidberg you alive and not dead.”  Leela replied happily.

Leela walked up to Zoidberg and talked.  I walked over to Fry.

“So did you talk to her about going out?”  I axed trying to help.

“Yah.  She said she would think about it.”  He replied know that the answer was no.

I felt good that I knew that I helped one person out and now to help Amy.  I walked over to the couch and sat beside her.

“Hey can I talk to you.”  I axed holding her hand.

“Sure.”  She replied looking at the floor.

“I know how much you cared for Kif but there is something that I need to tell you.”  I said trying to be cheerful.

“What is that?”  She axed looking at me and the tears fading.

I sat there trying to say I love you with out messing it up.

“Well are you going to tell me something?”  She axed again getting impatient.

“I know that you are going through a hard time now.  But if you like to I would like to take you, Fry and Leela out tonight.  That would make things better.”  I said hoping to fix things for everyone.

“Really you would take us out tonight?” Leela axed as she overheard.

“Yah I am going to take all three of you out.”  I replied reaching for my wallet.

“But first I have to go home and change.”  Leela said walking towards her coat.

“So do I.”  Amy said walking towards the door.

“And this is what I am wearing.”  Fry said looking at the white shirt and red coat that he had on.

“Fry those cloths are so retro they are like so yesterday.”  I said, “1985 called they want those clothes back.” 

“We are going shopping.”  I said to Fry laughing.

“Shopping?  We love things like shopping can we come to?”  Both Leela and Amy axed with out hesitation.

“Yah sure.”  I replied.  “I need to tell you something Amy.”  I said hoping to get the words out right.

“Like what?”  Amy axed with hope in her voice.

“Like I fell in love with you the first time I saw you.  And there is nothing that can change that for the world.”  I said looking like a fool for saying that.

She smiled at me.  She walked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Fry was there something that you wanted to tell Leela?”  I axed wondering what it might be.

“Leela I wanted to tell you something.  I love you.  I always have loved you.”  Fry said sincerely.

“That is sweet Fry but I am not sure if you really do love me.”  Leela said to Fry with a sad look on her face.

“Then let me prove to you that I am really in love with you.”  He said with a smile on his face reaching into his pocket pulling out a small blue box.

Just then everyone else walked into the room.  “People we have another mission to go on this time dropping a package.”  Hermes said business man like.

Fry knew that this was his chance and he was going to take it no matter what the hell happened.

“Leela.  Will you marry me?”  He axed with a grin on his face.

Everyone including me chocked at the thought that fry axed Leela to marry him.

“Sorry we have plans to go out tonight so take that package and shove.”  Leela said smiling at Fry.

After she said that Amy, Fry, Leela and I left the building.  2 hours later we arrived at the mall.  After arriving we went to go do some serious shopping.

“Amy and I are going to that really expensive place were the prices are $200 plus.”  I said smiling at Amy knowing that is what she probably liked.

“Well Fry and I will be going to some of other place.”  Leela said holding Fry’s hand.

While Leela and Fry were doing there thing Amy and I went and did our thing.  20 minutes went by then we left the store.  Amy was now wearing a one piece red dress that went down to her knees.  She was also wearing black high heel shoes.  I was now wearing black pants, a red and black dragon shirt with silver dice buttons.

We walked down the mall and met up with Leela and Fry.  Leela was now wearing a black dress that sparkled in the light and white dress shoes that also sparkled.  Fry was wearing a black and white tuxedo with a black tie and grey dress shoes. Then we walk to a hair salon.

“Hi welcome to Jose’s hair studio can I help you?”  Axed the clerk.

“Yah we would like new hair styles.”  Leela replied pulling out the pony tail from her hair.

“Well yah we need a new hair style that is why we are here.”  I explained to Leela.

“It does not matter with me why we are here I want to go for dinner.”  Fry replied holding his guts.

“What are your names?”  Axed the clerk.

“I am Michael.  I am Fry.  Leela and I am Amy.”  We all replied.

“Ok thank you.   Call me Jayne.”  She said.

“Leela and Michael please follow me.”  Jayne said.

Jayne showed us to our chairs.  Fry and Amy sat behind us.  10 minutes has passed Fry and I was done first.  Leela and Amy were still getting there hair done.

“Fry you look great.  Leela would love you tonight.”  I said jokingly.

My hair was black with blond streaks and a little bit of red in it.

“Right Leela and I will not go to bed with each other tonight.”  Fry said punching me in the arm.

Fry still had his orange hair but it was shorter.

“Right that is why you and Leela ended up in bed in that onetime you had worms.”  I said punching him back.

“How do you know all of thaaaaa?”  Fry screamed in horror.

“What Fry what is wrong?”  I axed Fry laughing at his scream.

“Leela I love what you have done with your hair.”  He said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“What do you like what I have done with my hair?”  Leela axed Fry kissing him back.

“What about my hair?”  Amy axed me in a sexy voice.

Fry and I looked at each other then laughed.

“You two are jerks.”  Leela and Amy said at the same time like we were idiots.

“Yah we love your hair styles.”  Fry and I replied joking around punching each other.

Leela still had her purple hair but she had brads in her hair.  Amy had blond hair and a makeup job done on her face.  We left the mall and then went off to eat some dinner.

Sometime into dinner we were starting to have a good time.  Laughing joking and sang with others while they did karaoke.

“Amy and Leela you should go up.”  I said laughing.

“Yah you should Leela you have good voice.” Fry said agreeing.

“No I can’t.”  Amy said in disappointment.

“Well why not?”  Leela axed pulling on Amy’s arm.

“I am not feeling that great right now.  I’ll have 3or 4 more beers first then I will go up to sing.”  Amy replied laughing.

“You did have 3 already. How many more do you need?”  Fry axed taking a sip of his drink.

“A lot more not to remember this night once it is done.”  She replied looking at me.

“Well why?”  I axed getting a weird vibe from her.

“It is a woman thing.”  Leela replied laughing.

“Leela conference.”  Amy said stumbling off the chair.

“What woman thing are they talking about?”  Fry axed looking at me with a concerned look on his face.

“Fry tonight is your night man.  Tonight is our night they want us Fry.  Tonight they want to party like 1999 again.”  I said tapping his shoulder.

“You mean yes.”  Fry screamed in joy.

“Yes what?”  I axed trying hard not to laugh.

“You mean Leela me bed?”  He axed knowing what would happen.

“Tonight we get snu-snu.”  I said jokingly.

“Snu-snu?  I am up for snu-snu” Amy said standing behind me.

“Busted.”  Fry said to me slapping my shoulder.

I looked at Fry and I looked at Leela then at Amy.

“Hey Michael what is wrong?”  Amy axed holding my hand.

“Nothing in the morning I will be no longer.”  I said in disappointment.

“What does that mean?”  Fry axed holding Leelas hand.

“Nothing it is that in the morning things happen.  Screw that I don’t want to talk any more about this.  Hey barkeep who’s leg do I have to go after to get some drinks over here.”  I said stroking Amy’s arm.

Hours later all four of us come stumbling out of the diner drunker than a then a robot that had not alcohol.

“That was an awesome night ladies.  Let’s go home.”  I said as tripped over the curb.

Fry and Leela were laughing and then helped me up.

“Are you alright?” Leela axed laughing.

“Yah I am fine so were now?”  I axed laughing as well.

“I am going home and Fry is coming with me.”  Leela said leaning against Fry.

“Night you to.” Amy said walking away.

“Hey Fry don’t do any thing that I would not do.”  I yelled out joking.

“Shut up Michael.”  Leela said walking away.

Amy and I walked down the street back to Planet Express.

“Shush.  The professor is sleeping.” Amy said giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Ah got it.”  I replied whispering following her.

When we walked to Amy’s room and closed the door she started kissing me.

“Michael I love you.  I don’t want this night to end.”  She said passionately.

We fell onto the bed and started to make love.  Kissing each other passionately.  Then it was over.

I woke up the next morning back were I was before.

“Man that was a weird dream.”  I thought to my self.

It was one of those dreams that people have that seem real.  But I thought nah it was just me being so tired of work and stuff like that.  But being in the year 3000 was warped.  But I like it here 2005.

I crawled out of bed and looked at the clock.  Great Saturday just what I thought.   I put some cloths on and went to the bathroom. As I walked into the bathroom there on my cheek was Amy’s red lip stick. 

Was this dream real or was I freaking out.

“Morning hon.  You look better now that you are no longer 3d.” Amy said standing behind me.


The end or is it?