Fan Fiction

My Life as a Futurama Character, Part 2
By The Kif


Leela, Fry, Bender and I were on the ship waiting for Amy to get ready to go.  Then Zoidberg scuttled up to me and told me that I would have to get an examination done before going.

“So what is the big deal it is not like I am going to explode in space while in the ship now would I?”  I axed sarcastically.

“Well no but it is mandatory and every one had to go under the examinations!”  He exclaimed.

“Ah no.”  Amy screamed like she seen a ghost.

The four of us ran off the ship to seen what the hell was going on out there.

“Someone cut the main gas line to the ship.”  Amy said looking at the gas line.

After she said that everyone looked at me like if I did it.

“How could it be me when I was with you the whole time and never left anyone’s sight?”  I axed with a scared look on my face.

“Well you could have done it when coming back from Zoidberg office.”  Fry said with a grin.

“That is not true he was walking with me.”  Hermes said walk towards the ship looking to see what the heck happened.

“Well let’s get this thing fixed so we can go.”  Leela said.

“What do you need any tools or what?”  I axed ready to run for the tools that would be needed.

“No we need to get a new line. And give me about an hour.”  Leela told everyone angrily.

While waiting to go I was talking and helping Leela and she was surprised that I stayed with her and helped.

“I guess we don’t have to go now do we?”  I axed jokingly.

“We have to go and save Nibbler.”  Leela said turning away and started to sob.

“What is this for?”  I axed holding a brace.

“I have no clue let me see that please to look at.  Oh this is for the line.”  Leela said looking at me with that I like you look on her face.

She put the brace on the line.

“What about the rest of the line we need to fix that.”  I said putting the pipe in place.

“Want me to let the others know that the line is now fixed or just let them sit and watch TV?”  I axed standing there not wanting to go.

“No tell them to get ready to go.”  She replied.

“Aw now I have to go and I don’t want to now after what happened.”  I thought to myself.

As I was going to tell the others to go to the ship.  They were already walking to the docking area.

“Oh you heard?”  I axed looking at them like they were crazy.

“Hell no we listen to no one and do nothing for everyone!”  Bender exclaimed.

When we finally got on the ship Fry looked at Leela and axed Leela out she said no then we were off.  Half way into space I got sick.  It went all over the ship and most of it went on Leela.

“Hey if you are going to get sick there is a washroom in the back.”  Leela said looking at the main door to the main deck.

I was on the way back when I got lost on the ship and ended up in the dark matter engine room. I walked in to the room that is when I noticed that one of the engines was going out.

“Leela, Fry, Bender someone we have a problem in the dark matter engine thingy room.”  I yelled running trying to find my way back to main deck.

I ran around the corner when Fry and Amy came running.

“Michael what is going on?”  Fry axed looking at me in a panic.

“I got lost on the ship and I ended up in the dark matter engine room and I seen that one of the engines was going out.”  I responded in a fast response.

“Go back and see Leela and stay there until we get back and tell bender to come.”  Amy told me pointing the way to the main deck.

I went back to the main ship area I looked at bender. 

“Fry and Amy need your help.”  I said to him while I was still panting.

“What happened?”  Leela axed looking at bender to go and help.

“Oh man this all I need is to work.”  Bender replied looking like he was ticked for working.

“Just go and help them Bender.”  Leela said to him holding a bottle of beer.

“Bender take your time.”  I told him with a grin.

“So Michael how old are you?”  Leela axed getting interested in me.

“21.” I replied looking out the side window.

“Since this is your first trip to outer space how do you like it?”  Leela axed me with a smile on her face.

“It is different then what I thought it would be.”  I replied still looking out the side window.

“Leela this is Fry.  We would like some more help back here tell Michael to bring some more dark matter with him.”  Fry said while moaning.

“Hey instead of telling me what to do why don’t you ax? And what do you need help with any way?”  I axed Fry like I really want to go and help.

“Well let’s see the left dark matter engine is down so can you come and help?  Please?” Fry axed in a begging voice.

“Fine I am on my way just hold on.  Leela I will be back to talk to you.”  I said looking at her on my way out blushing from earlier.

When I walked into the dark matter engine room Bender looked at me and said “it is about time you got here meat bag.”

“Hey leave him alone Bender he is trying to help us as much as he can so back off.”  Amy said throwing something at him.

“Amy do you like him or something?”  Fry axed trying to put dark matter in the engine.

“No.”  She replied looking at me like she wanted to go out or something like that.

“Even if she did like me I would not go with her.”  I said snapping at Fry.

“Well that would be something a 2d going out with 3d.  I am not sure how that would workout and then what would happen if someone tried to do something I would not want to risk it.”  I explained standing up for myself.

“Hey chumps come and get this thing fixed so I can go back and have a drinking contest with the auto pilot.”  Bender said angrily.

“How are we supposed to fix it?”  Fry axed looking at me like if knew how to fix it.

“Well how much dark matter do you have on this ship?”  I axed looking at Fry.

“Well, we have all that dark matter,” Fry said pointing to the far left corner, where the dark matter was stacked in a pile.

“Good.  Fry and Bender bring it here.  Amy when they bring all the dark matter over here you and I will put it in to the engine.  And then Bender go out and check the gas line.”  I said like a boss.

Just then Leela came running in shouting.  “The right dark matter engine is down and the nimbus is not far from here.”  She said panicking.

“Amy and Leela go and call Zapp and tell him what is happening with the ship.  Then when you get the sign that Zapp is on his way call back to here and I will get ready to go aboard the ship hopefully not being seen.”  I explained really fast.

Leela and Amy went running to call for help.  That left Fry, Bender and I working on the engine.  Just a few minutes later Leela came on the radio.

“New game plan.  Fry you go aboard the ship and don’t be seen. And Michael you come back up here with me.”  She said with a sweet tone in her voice.

“So long suckers.”  I said to Fry and Bender like bender would say it.

I went running back to the ships main area.  Amy came running out of the ships area.

“Hey Michael just try to be a good boyfriend to Leela but don’t try to hard.”  Amy said with a slight tone of disappointment in her voice.

When I went into see Leela she ran up to me and kissed me on the cheek.

“We are about to board the nimbus and you will be with me.”  She said with a big smile on her face.