Fan Fiction

My Life as a Futurama Character
By The Kif


It all started at the Planet Express building where Leela and the others sat there watching TV.  Then when the news came on it was about a person that came from the world of 3d and was seen in New New York. While the others sat there watching Leela went to go to the store.  Upon going back to Planet Express she was jumped by 3 men. She tried to fight her way out but somehow managed to get beaten up even more. Then this mysterious person came to her aid and beaten the hell out of the men.  When she looked at me I asked her if she was ok she replied in a gasping voice yes.  I helped her up then she asked me who I was.  When I went to answer her.  She noticed that I was 3d and she tried to beat me.  Just then out of the corner of my eye this orange haired man came running and he tried beating the hell out of me as well.  Although I knew who they were this question came to mind.  “Leela, Fry what the hell do you two think you are trying to do?”  I asked in a joking laughing way because I knew that I shocked them.

They were surprised that I knew there names and then Fry looked at Leela and then back at me and asked “How do you know our names and what do you want from us?”  Fry asked with his hands still in a fist.  I knew that they were confused as much as I was.  I explained to them what happened. This is my story of what happened to me getting there.

“I fell as sleep I dreamed about the future and then the alarm went off and I rolled over to turn it off. While doing so I fell off the bed and I kept on falling then I came to and I was at some cryogenic lab.  When I was met by some people I asked about you Fry and you too Leela.  They told me that you would be at the Planet Express so that is where I was going to meet up with you people.  When I was walking three people just jumped Leela so I joined in and beat the others up that is when you came along and started to beat on me fry.”

After explaining what happened they were more convinced. I meant them no harm.  Fry, Leela and I walked back to Planet Express.  Up on walking in to the building that is when I met the others.

At first when I saw Zoidberg I thought that I was still sleeping because I thought this is not real and I needed to get the hell out of there.  He had on doctor’s cloths and sandals like he always wears.  Zoidberg started to get annoying so I ran out of the room screaming. Up on running out of the room and turned the corner I ran right into Amy who was carrying a cup of coffee and I ended up running into her and the coffee went all over her and she was not happy about that.  I fell backwards and then was out cold.

When I came to everyone was standing around me.

“Hey you.  Are you alright?”  Leela asked in a concerned voice.

Leela was wearing a white tank top and black pants with black boots.

“I think.” I said still kind of out of it.

“Good news everyone.”  The professor boomed.

The professor was wearing a white lab coat with a bunny rabbit pajamas bottom and his purple slippers.

“Good.” I said, “Anybody got any aspirin?”  Asking like I have a hangover.

“I found out were this guy comes from.”  Said the professor giving off that old man smile.

“He came from the 20 th century just like Fry.”  Said the professor.

“Cool this calls for a drink.”  Said a robot.

“By the way I am bender.”  Bender said.

Benders a fog hatch grey robot who had a beer in one hand and a cigar in the other I might add.

“Wow the 20 th century.  What year?”  Fry asked as he punched me in the arm.

Fry wore a white shirt, a red coat, blue sweats, white running shoes, and has orange hair.

“So you are anything like Fry?”  Amy asked then a smile came over her face.

Amy was wearing a three piece black nylon track suit and had black hair.

“Cool a drink, a robot, 2005, and no.”  I replied confused.

I was wearing blue cut off shorts, black running shoes and a sleeveless red see through shirt.

“Cool 2005 what is it like?”  Fry asked.

“Not bad the same old thing as what ever this year is.”  I said.

“I was frozen in the year ---.”  He was going to say before I cut in.

“Wait a minute where is Hermes, Zapp, Kif, and Leelas cute pet Nibbler.”  I asked as if I really wanted to meet them.

Just then Hermes walked into the room.

“Who is this guy?”  He axed like he always does.

Hermes had on a brown business suit with a black silk tie.

“I am Michael.”  I said sarcastically.

“I am into rave, techno, and club mix that sort of thing.”  I said doing some rave.

“Cool.”  Everyone said amused at the same time.

“Everyone we have a mission to go on it is to the Nimbus ship to save Nibbler.”  The professor said.

“Hey Professor Farnsworth what exactly what are we doing?”  I axed in a demanding voice.

Everyone gasped when I said Farnsworth.

“No one calls him Farnsworth it is just professor.”  Fry said to me with a sour look on his face.

“When you get aboard that nimbus you will be face to face with Zapp Branigan.”  Hermes said looking at Leela and the rest of us.

After hearing that I looked at Leela and then she looked at me then we both started to shiver.  Then she started laughing and then I started to laugh.  She walked up to me and I turned to her.

“I have a plan I don’t like Zapp and I want to know ---.”  Leela was saying before I cut in.

“I know that you don’t like Zapp so why don’t we act like we are going out?”  I axed with a smile.

“Well for one I don’t know you and for two I was going to act like Fry and I are going out so this way you can go and look for nibbler.”  She said looking over at Fry.

“So does that mean we are dating?”  Fry axed with a look of interest on his face like he is going to get lucky.

“No dumb ass.  You and Leela are a decoy. That is the only way for me to find and save nibbler.  If you have problem with that then lets go right here right now.”  I told him getting into a fighting stance.

I looked at Leela and said to her. “Don’t worry about a thing.  I will take care of everything and if something were to go wrong I will know how to handle it.”  I said to her.

“Aw that is sweet but I would not even dignify him with an ass kicking.”  She replied.