Fan Fiction

More Pizzazz
By Lottz

(It’s late at the Planet Express Building, and Professor F is asleep in his chair, and owl flies past)

(Phone Rings)

Professor F- What wha whose there, don’t hurt me for the love of god don’t hurt me!(He picks up the phone)

Professor F-Who’s there don’t you know it’s the middle of the night…… I’ve won a competition you say hrmmm…

(Next day round the table)

Professor F-Good news everyone! I won a competition!

Leela- Well done, what have you won?

Professor F-What I haven’t won anything?

Leela- *sigh*

Professor F-Now as I was saying I’ve won a competition, and I’ve won a trip to Scotland while they ‘revamp’ the Building!

Fry- Scotland, you say, isn’t that where the yeti lives?

Bender- No that’s the Himalayas idiot

Fry- Well I was close Leela- No you weren’t. When do we leave?Professor F- Tomorrow at the crack of dawnAmy- Oh no I won’t have time to take my daily cuteness reduction medicine!Hermes- where will be staying? Edinburgh? Glasgow? Dundee?

Professor F- Somewhere called Moray


Zoidberg- Will there be Food?Professor F- It says theres plenty of seafood cafes?

Zoidberg- Bleh you people disgust me!

Leela- Well we better start packing!Fry- Swish!

(At Fry & Benders Apartment)

Fry- Scotland’s cold right? So what shorts, long sleeved jumpers and gloves?Bender- No its summer so t-shirts and shortsFry- well I’ll bring long sleeved tops incase

(The Next day…)

Leela- all set?

Fry- Check

Leela- No fry your meant to say yes or no

Fry- Oh ok then, yes sirLeela- Ok then let’s get into the shipBender- High ho off we go!!(They all clamber into the ship)Leela- Bender pass me the map pleaseBender - map?

Leela- Yes the mapBender- Map?

Leela- Yes the mapBender- Map?

Leela- BENDER!Bender- Jeez ok heres the map

Leela- Right we’re in Scotland but where’s Moray… Ah ha there it isFry- Yay we’re there?!

Leela- yup!

(Once they had found there hotel)

Professor F- Ok Leela you’re in a room with AmyLeela- Grrrrr

Professor F- Bender & FryBender & Fry – WoohooProfessor F- and Hermes, Zoidberg and I will share the biggest room!Leela- Um I’m going out to see some of the local area err yeh I am!

(Leela walks out)Fry- I’m going to find the local pub with Bender!

(Fry and Bender walk out)

Amy-I need to phone my mum…(Amy walks out)

Hermes- Im going to see the Ruins of Lossiemouth

Professor F- Isn’t that the places of the failure of the launch of Virgin Galactic where the launch destroyed the whole town in a explosion?Hermes- Yes, It’s very interesting apparently!

Professor F – Then I’ll go with you! You’ll need some company

Zoidberg- What about Zoidberg?Hermes- Go amuse yourself with the beach you stinky lobster

Zoidberg- Yay a beach I’ll mingle with the locals

(But back at in NNY, in the Planet Express building things are going pear shaped, and its not Benders bean-bag)

Mom- Yes, now I have control over Planet Express, I’ll just give it more ‘Pizzazz’ then I’ll take over it mwah hahahahahaha!!

To be continued ….