Fan Fiction

Mindless Attraction
By Singer1108

(Almost two years had gone by since Fry and Leela had started dating. Since then, the two of them ranted a small apartment and were settled in within a week. They lived normal lives, going to work, coming home, spending time together, the usual things couples do. Fry had taken a sick day off work and was laying on his couch, wrapped in a blue blanket with an ice pack on his head. He had been asleep for quite some time for when we awoke, Leela was sitting next to him, holding his hand.)

Leela: Hey stranger. How you feeling?

Fry: A lot better now that you're here.

(Leela smiled, leaned in and kissed his forehead)

Leela: Hm, you're still a little warm. Do you want me to get you anything?

Fry: No, that's ok. I've got everything I need right in front of me.

(Fry sat up slowly and pulled Leela closer to him. He began to kiss her neck gently. Fry felt her body relax and began to kiss her face, getting everywhere but her lips. Leela, appearing to be aroused by the situation, pulled away and turned to face Fry.)

Leela: (sweetly) Maybe we should wait. At least, until your feeling better.

Fry: (teasing) But you're my medicine! I'm perfectly fine!

Leela: As sweet as that is, you really need to save your energy.

Fry: Oh, alright...leave me disappointed.

Leela: (flirty) When the time is right, you wont be.

(The next morning, Leela woke to find Fry missing from her side. She sat up slowly, allowing her body to wake up. She sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing her eye when she heard the door open)

Fry: Morning sunshine.

Leela: Hey there. You feeling any better today?

Fry: A lot. I told you you're my medicine and lucky for us, it's Saturday, so I can make up all that lost time when we weren't together.

Leela: (stretching) Can I get a shower first?

Fry: Nope.

Leela: (angrily) Why not?

Fry: Because you're getting a bubble bath first. I already set it up.

Leela: Oh...wow. Thanks?

Fry: Don't mention it. Just go get in before the water gets cold.

(Leela beamed at him and got up to get her usual attire out of the dresser. She then proceeded to the bathroom to enjoy the bath Fry set up. About Twenty minutes later, Leela emerged from the bathroom to find Fry hard at work in the kitchen.)

Leela: Need some help?

Fry: No, it's almost finished.

Leela: Is there any coffee?

Fry: Yeah, I just made a fresh pot.

Leela: Thank you!

(she grabbed a cup from the cupboard and filled it with coffee)

Fry: Today's going to be a good day.

Leela: And why is that?

Fry: I dunno, just this feeling I have.

Leela: Well let's hope this feeling of yours is right.

Fry: They usually are. After all, it was a good day when we got together.

Leela: It sure was.

Fry: Why don't you go on in the living room? I'll bring you breakfast in two minutes.

(Leela obeyed and took a seat on the couch, sipping away at her cup of coffee. Nibbler jumped up on the couch and sat in Leela's lap. Smiling, she reached down and gave him a light pat on the head. Fry came in carrying two plates. )

Fry: Down boy!

(Nibbler stared at Fry before obeying.)

Fry: Here you go, Leela. Wildberry pancakes, your favorite.

Leela: Alright! Ten points for remembering!

(Fry laughed, handed Leela her plate, and kissed her on the cheek before taking a seat beside her)

Fry: So, how do you feel about a romantic day out?

Leela: (teasing) Hm...tempting...very tempting.

Fry: I asked the professor if we could borrow the ship today, so we can go anywhere you want.

Leela: (still teasing) Extremely tempting...

Fry: C'mon, you know you want to.

Leela: Well, alright. That sounds like a great idea.

Fry: Great! Now finish up, I wanna take you somewhere first.

Leela: Oh? Where?

Fry: That part, I can't tell you.

(about a half hour later, both Fry and Leela were ready to go. Leela was still oblivious as to what Fry's surprise was, considering she was blindfolded.)

Leela: So why am I not allowed to see where we're going?

Fry: It's part of the surprise.

Leela: Can't you at least tell me how far we're going?

Fry: Just a few blocks. You'll be fine, I'll be directing you the whole time.

Leela: You better be, mister.

Fry: Just trust me.

(Fry took her hand and led her out the door and out of the apartment building. Seven blocks later, Fry and Leela were standing in front of the Planet Express building. Fry removed Leela's blindfold. Leela on the other hand, was not amused.)

Leela: You made me walk seven blocks to come to work on a Saturday?

Fry: Well how else were we going to get the ship?

Leela: Oh, right.

Fry: Besides, your surprise is inside. Just come on.

(Fry took Leela up into the professor's lab)

Leela: What are we doing here?

Fry: Remember the Holoshed? The professor fixed it.

Leela: You sure about that?

Fry: Positive, and Bender isn't even allowed in here so it won't malfunction again.

Leela: OK...

Fry: How about you go inside it?

Leela: Why?

Fry: That's the surprise.

Leela: Is it going to work this time?

Fry: I promise it'll work.

Leela: Well alright, I'm trusting you.

(Leela walked inside the Holoshed and waited while Fry set it up. He walked in behind her a few moments later. )

Fry: Before I show you the surprise, I have to tell you something first. The professor redid the Holoshed so that now you can relive certain memories, even if they're good or bad. What you're about to see is a memory of mine.

Leela: Good or bad?

Fry: (shrugs) That depends on how you look at it.

Leela: It's bad, isn't it?

Fry: Well, yeah, to me, but I want to share it with you. That way it will make the memory better.

Leela: Fry...

Fry: Just watch. I really want you to see this. (clears throat) Run: Project Fry.

(Before Leela had time to register what Fry was saying, the room turned into the inside of the space ship. There stood the holographic Fry staring out the window at a message in the sky.)

Voice: Detonation in 3-2-1!

HoloFry: NOOO!!!

(the bomb blew up, causing the message to vanish. Just then, HoloLeela appeared.)

HoloFry: Did you see it?

HoloLeela: See what?

HoloFry: (sad whisper) Nothing.

(The HoloImage vanished, forcing the real fry and Leela to come back to reality. Fry took a deep breath and looked over at Leela, noticing that she was crying)

Fry: Leela?

Leela: (sniffling) Fry, I-I'm so sorry.

Fry: Leela-

Leela: It was all my fault.

Fry: Hey now, that wasn't the reason I brought you here.

Leela: (crying harder) You moved the stars for me, and I blew it up!

(Fry embraced Leela and held her close, rubbing her back to calm her down)

Fry: I'm sorry, Leela. I just wanted you to know.

Leela: And I'm glad you showed me. I just wish I would have seen it.

Fry: But you know about it now. That's all that matters.

Leela: But, if only-

Fry: Don't dwell on the past. All that matters is what's happening right now.

Leela: And what happens in the future.

(Leela lifted her head to look up at Fry)

Leela: I love you too, Fry.

(She kissed him gently, letting it linger, then broke the kiss and hugged him tightly. Fry wrapped his arms around her waist)

Fry: (whispering) I'm glad.

(a few minutes later, Fry and Leela were on the ship, flying into space)

Leela: So, where is it we're going?

Fry: I'll be nice and let you pick.

Leela: Then put the ship on autopilot.

Fry: What?

Leela: Put the ship on autopilot and meet me in my cabin in 5 minutes.

Fry: (excited) You got it.

(Leela disappeared and Fry sat alone behind the wheel of the ship.)

Fry: OK, so how do I put the ship on autopilot?

(Fry began to push random buttons hoping one would work)

Fry: Duh, you idiot! The autopilot button.

(He pushed it and felt the ship take control. He got up from the seat and exited the deck, noticing rose petals on the floor. He followed the trail to the door of Leela's cabin and knocked.)

Leela: Come in.

(Fry walked in to find Leela in her pajamas sitting on the bed. The room was only lit by candles)

Fry: Nice. (teasing) What's the occasion?

Leela: Glad you asked. I rented all of your favorite movies and I thought we could watch them together.

Fry: (disappointed) Oh. That's not what I had in mind.

Leela: (rolling her eye) Patience, Fry.

Fry: Yeah, I know. I'll wait.

(He walked over o the bed and sat down. Leela got up and put the first movie in, sat back down on the bed, and cuddled up next to Fry.)

Fry: This is great, just a nice evening together.

Leela: Yeah.

(For the rest of the night, the two of them sat together, embracing and kissing. Soon after the second movie began, Leela fell asleep. Fry watched as her chest moved slowly up and down while she slept. He was happy to be with her, and as he replayed the events of that day, he realized that Leela had told him she loved him for the first time since they started dating.)

Fry: (thinking)It all makes sense now. Now I get why she's waiting. She wanted to make sure she was in love with me.

(He continued to watch her sleep, stroking her hair every now and again. As he watched her sleep, he began to realize what it meant to be happily in love)

Fry: (smiling) I guess opposites really do attract.

(With that thought in mind, he turned the movie off, blew out the candles, and went to bed, wrapping his arms around Leela.)

(A few hours later, Fry and Leela were awaken by the sound of the ships siren)


Leela: What the hell's going on?


(Leela ran to the control room only to see the ship heading straight for an unknown planet.)

Leela: Fry, I told you to put the ship on auto pilot!

Fry: I did, I swear!

(Leela checked and couldn't believe her eye. The auto pilot was on, but the ship was acting like it had no control.)

Leela: We're heading straight for that planet! Fry, fasten yourself in, I'm going to try to pilot the ship away from here!

(Fry ran to his seat and strapped himself down while Leela tried to get the ship back under her control)

Leela: It's no use! We're gonna crash!

Fry: I'm sorry Leela! I'm sure this is my fault somehow!

Leela: I don't think it was this time!

Fry: In case we die, I just want you to know that I love you more than my life.

Leela: I love you too, Fry.

(Leela did her best to control the ship, but eventually gave up. The ship was lost to the pull of gravity and was spiraling towards the planets surface.)

(Fry and Leela were screaming as the ship neared the surface. It was almost certain they were going to die. Seconds later, the ship hit the planet, completely covering the ship in a light dusting of yellow sand. Fry had hit his head on something and was knocked out cold. Leela hit her head on the steering wheel, also leaving her unconscious. After a few minutes, Fry began to wake up.)

Fry: Ow, my head.

(He looked over and saw Leela laying on the floor. He shouted her name and ran over to her)

Fry: Leela! Please don't be dead! Wake up, wake up!

(Leela made no movement, nor did she respond. Fry checked her pulse and relaxed when he found that she was still alive.

Fry: C'mon Leela, I know you're still with me! Just wake up!

(Leela began to move. Slowly she sat up, rubbing her head)

Leela: ...ouch...

Fry: Leela! Oh my god, you're OK!

Leela: (screams)

Fry: What! What is it?

Leela: Who are you and what do you want with me?

Fry: What the hell are you talking about? It's me Fry, your boyfriend?

Leela: What? Who am I?

Fry: What do you mean "who am i"? You're Turanga Leela, captain of The Planet Express delivery company. Also, my girlfriend?

Leela: Turanga? (giggles) That doesn't sound like a name.

Fry: Oh no, this isn't good. We have to get you back to Earth so you can see the professor.

Leela: Did you say your name was Fry?

Fry: ...yes...

Leela: (giggles) That's a silly name.

Fry: OK Leela, do you remember how to fly a ship?

Leela: I knew how to fly a ship?

Fry: (frustrated) Yes, you did. Here, sit in the captains chair, maybe you'll remember if you look at the dashboard.

Leela: Okey dokey!

(Leela stood up slowly and walked over to the captains chair. She eyed the wheel, the various buttons, and the chair itself.)

Leela: I'm not sure I can do this, Fry.

Fry: Yes you can. I believe in you. Just sit in the chair and you'll remember. I just know it.

(Leela took a deep breath and sat down. Looking at the dashboard in front of her, Leela braced herself. She reached forward hesitantly and gripped the wheel. Almost as if an electric shock had gone through her body, she jerked her hands off the wheel)

Fry: What's wrong?

Leela: I-I don't know. As soon as I touched the wheel, all these...images appeared in my head.

Fry: What were they of?

Leela: I'm not sure. Let me try again.

(She reached out and gripped the wheel tighter than before and closed her eye)

Leela: (softly) OK, I see...lines. A lot of jumbled lines.

Fry: Lines? Oh, the ship coordinates!

Leela: And now I see arms...my arms...outstretched towards a button.

Fry: C'mon Leela, what button?

Leela: The engine start button.

Fry: You remember! Leela, do you think you can fly us back to the Planet Express?

Leela: I dunno...maybe.

Fry: I'll help you if you get scared. You can do this, Leela.

Leela: (quietly) I can do this.

(Leela opened her eye and pressed the engine start button. The ship roared to life and Leela began to pilot her way through space.)

Leela: Which way to the Planet Express?

Fry: Just a little farther, you're almost there.

(Leela flew the ship forward for a few more minutes until Fry gave her the landing signal.)

Fry: Remember how to land?

Leela: Rodger!

Fry: Good, then let's see it!

(Leela played with a few buttons and put the ship safely on the ground inside the P.E. building)

Fry: Nice job! Now come with me. We need to get you to the professor.

Leela: Who's he?

Fry: My great nephew times a billion.

Leela: Sounds great.

(Fry led Leela out of the ship and met with the professor in the living room.)

Fry: Professor! Something's wrong with Leela. She's lost her memory!

P.F: And how did that happen?

(Fry explained the crash and how he had to convince Leela of her ability to pilot the ship)

P.F: Oh my, this is tragic.

Fry: Leela, do you remember who this is?

(Leela looked the professor up and down)

Leela: Nope.

Fry: AGH! What do we do, Professor?

P.F: Until we fully understand why she touched the steering wheel of the ship and suddenly remembered how to fly it, there isn't much we can do.

Fry: Damn it! Now you listen to me! I've lost Leela once, and I'm not ready to lose her again! You figure out how to fix this! And if you can't, I will! This isn't over until the fat lady sings, you hear me!?

(Fry fell to his knees and began to cry)

Fry: This isn't happening. This can't be happening.

(Leela looked down at Fry crying on the floor. She knelt down beside him and put her hand on his shoulder.)

Leela: (looking up at the professor) Your name...is Professor Hubert Farnsworth...president and founder of the Planet Express delivery company.

P.F: Precisely.

Fry: (sniffling) Wait, how'd you know that?

Leela: Those images again...the memories...they came back.

Fry: But you still have no idea who I am, do you?

Leela: (pause) No.

Fry: This doesn't make any sense! What did he do to make you remember him just now?

Leela: I just looked at him and it all came flooding back.

P.F: My, this is puzzling. You remember how to fly a ship by touching the wheel and you remember me just by looking at me.

Fry: Maybe the amnesia is starting to wear off.

P.F: Doubtful. Amnesia usually takes longer than an hour to wear off.

Leela: Maybe there's a pattern.

Fry: A pattern?

Leela: Look, this is just as frustrating for me as it is for you. I want to remember the things I forgot. Maybe there's a pattern to how I'm remembering things.

P.F: Of course! You remember things as they appeal to your senses! You touched the wheel, you saw me...

Fry: That just leaves taste, smell, and sound!

Leela: I guess that makes sense.

Fry: Let's think about this for a minute...who do we know that can appeal to Leela's sense of taste?

Bender: (VO) I'm back, baby!

Fry: BENDER! That's it!

Bender: Whatever I did, I swear I didn't do it.

Fry: Bender, I need you to make Leela something to eat. It's for the sake of her memory.

Bender: Big Boots lost her memory?

Fry: Yes, and she doesn't remember anyone.

Bender: What? Who can forget about lovable Bender?

Leela: I can.

Bender: Leela, prepare to say hello to your memory of me.

(Bender walked out of the living room and into the kitchen to make Leela some food.)

Leela: OK, now who do I not remember that can appeal to my sense of smell?

P.F: How about that Chinese girl who has the same bloodtype as me?

Fry: Amy? Yeah, that might work. Her perfume might help Leela remember who she is.

Leela: And what about sound?

Fry: I guess that leaves Hermes and his Jamaican music.

P.F: How do we get her to remember Zoidberg?

Fry: Forget Zoidberg! How are we going to get her to remember me? I am her boyfriend after all.

Leela: Wait, you're my boyfriend?

Fry: Yes. We've been dating for two years!

Leela: Really?

Fry: Yes really. We live together a few blocks away.

Leela: Huh. How strange. You'd think I'd remember you first.

Fry: (under his breath) you would think.

P.F: Not to end this love fest, but someone should call Amy and Hermes and get them here quick.

Fry: I'm on it!

(Fry grabbed a nearby telephone and called Amy and Hermes, filling them in on what has happened to Leela. Within ten minutes of hanging up, the two of them arrived.)

Fry: OK you two. Leela seems to remember you if something about you appeals to one of her five senses. Amy, she might remember the smell of your perfume, and Hermes, she could remember the sound of your music. If we're right, it will trigger her memories of you.

Amy: This sounds a little far-fetched to me.

Hermes: But it's worth a shot.

Fry: Amy, go talk to Leela.

Amy: Aye-aye!

(Amy walked over to Leela, who was sitting on the couch, and took a seat beside her.)

Amy: Hey Leela, remember me?

(Leela stared at Amy for the longest time, taking a deep breath before answering)

Leela: You're...Amy Wong...an engineering student at Mars University!

Amy: That's right! Fry, it worked!

Fry: Excellent! Hermes, play something, and quick!

(Hermes sat on the floor and waited as Fry tossed him a set of bongos)

Hermes: What the hell are these?

Fry: It's the only thing I could find, just play them!

(Hermes rolled his eyes and began to play. Leela watched and listened before she spoke up)

Leela: OK, I think I got it. Your name is...Hermes Conrad. A bureaucrat, married, and have a son named Dwight.

Hermes: Sweet bongo of the Congo! She remembered!

Fry: That's four of the five senses! Bender needs to hurry!

Bender: (enters the room) Shut up, meatbag, I'm here. I made Leela's favorite pancakes.

Fry: That's perfect. Here Leela. bender made these for you.

Leela: Wildberry pancakes? My favorite!

(Leela began to eat the pancakes one by one until they vanished)

Bender: So, do you remember ol' Bender?

Leela: Bender...Bender...Bender Bending Rodriguez? The drinking, smoking, pornography loving robot who doesn't nothing?

Bender: Nailed it!

Leela: Yeah, I remember you.

P.F: Splendid! She remembers us all!

Fry: (depressed) Except me.

Leela: Aw, cheer up Fry. I'm sure there's a way to make me remember you.

Fry: But there aren't any senses left for me to appeal to.

Amy: Maybe you appeal to her in a different way.

Fry: What do you mean?

Amy: Maybe there's something about you that triggers her memory differently from us.

Fry: You mean...

Leela: Love?

Fry: That's gotta be it. Leela, this is going to be the hardest thing for me to do, but I'm going to have to make you fall in love with me all over again. Just answer me this: Are you willing to try?

Leela: (thinking) I want to remember him. he says we were dating...and I saw how hurt he was when I said I didn't remember him. I feel something there, but what is it? Oh, if only I could remember...

Fry: Leela?

Leela: I'm sorry, what?

Fry: (taking a deep breath) Are you willing to let me try to make you fall back in love with me?

Leela: (pause) Let's do it.

(a few hours after the accident, Fry was with Bender at his apartment at the Robot Arms. Fry was pacing rather quickly while bender sat on the couch smoking and watching.)

Fry: How am I going to do this, Bender? I'm not even sure what did it the last time.

Bender: And you're asking me because...?

Fry: I don't know, maybe because you're my friend? C'mon Bender, you're suppose to help me when something like this happens!

Bender: How am I suppose to help? I don't know what I'm suppose to do!

Fry: Ugh, it's no use. I should have known better than to ask an emotionless robot for help.

Bender: Hey! That was uncalled for!

Fry: Well it's true!

Bender: I may not have emotions, but that doesn't mean I can't help!

Fry: How? How can you help when you have no idea how I feel? I can't lose her, Bender. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me. My whole life has changed because of her. (calmly) Without her, I'd probably be dead.

Bender: Dead? Isn't that a little much?

Fry: I don't think it is, Bender. If I didn't have her, I would have used the damn suicide machine.

(Bender was quiet, stunned by what Fry had said. Fry stood against a wall and took slow, deep breaths to try and calm himself down.)

Bender: I'm sorry, Fry.

Fry: No, don't be sorry. I should be the one to apologize. I shouldn't have yelled.

Bender: No worries, I guess I understand.

Fry: (grinning) Thanks.

Bender: So, what are you going to do now?

Fry: I have to figure out how I'm going to make Leela remember everything about me.

Bender: She only remembers people as they appeal to her senses...

Fry: Maybe I should try starting there first.

Bender: What are you going to do?

Fry: Let's start with touch, since that was the first sense she encountered with remembering something.

Bender: So you are going to have to try to do something to spark her memory of your touch.

Fry: I guess...but how?

(Leela was in the living room of the Planet Express, relaxing on the couch and watching TV. Amy came in a few minutes later carrying two cups of tea.)

Amy: How's the headache?

Leela: it's being stubborn and not leaving.

Amy: You sure you don't want to go to a doctor?

Leela: No, I'm fine. I'm sure it will go away.

Amy: Well, if it doesn't, we have to go.

(Amy handed her a cup of tea and sat down next to Leela.)

Leela: Amy, what all can you tell me about fry?

Amy: you truly don't remember him, do you?

Leela: No, I don't. It feels like I'm playing a cruel joke on him. I don't even know the guy and it bothers me to see him upset.

Amy: Why does it bother you?

Leela: I really don't know. He seems like a really nice guy and I noticed that he cares a lot about me.

Amy: Well no spluh. You guys have been together for two years.

Leela: We have?

Amy: Yeah. You two were so happy together. Everyone here was sure you were have gotten married sometime soon.

Leela: M-married?

Amy: Well, that's what we thought. But now, because of all this, I'm not sure what's going to happen.

Leela: I....UGH! I'm so frustrated! Why! Why can't I remember him?! How is it something so bizarre can make me remember everyone else but I can't remember the one person I might have ended up marrying?!

Amy: No one understands it either, Leela. If there was something any of us could do, we'd do it.

Leela: Oh, I just wish I could see some of your memories of him! That way I would have proof that none of this is imaginary.

Amy: ...hey...wait a second.

Leela: What?

Amy: You just gave me an idea.

(Amy stood up from the couch and motioned for Leela to follow)

Leela: Where are we going?

Amy: The holoshed.

Leela: What's that?

Amy: (turns) Seriously?

Leela: Memory problem, remember?

Amy: (groans and turns back around) Right.

(The two got to the Professor's lab and Amy walked over to the large metal box.)

Amy: Go inside, Leela.

Leela: Uh...I'm not sure I can trust this.

Amy: Just go in!

Leela: ...fine.

(Leela went in, Amy pushed a few buttons and walked in behind her.)

Amy: OK, you want to remember Fry, so I'm gonna help. You'll see my memories with him in it.

Leela: Neat!

Amy: (rolling her eyes) You're so different now. It's almost like you have a whole new personality or something.

Leela: How did I use to act?

Amy: Grumpy, bossy, stubborn, selfish-

Leela: OK, alright, I get it. Just do the memory thing.

(Amy reached into her pocked and pulled out a remote and pressed the play button)

Amy: Alright. Memory number one, the first time I met Fry.

(the room illuminated and turned into the garage of the planet express. Amy had walked over to Fry, was introduced to him by the professor, and made a note that he was from the 20th century. )

Leela: The 20th century?

Amy: Yep. He accidentally got himself cryogenically frozen and ended up here. You were one of the first people he met when he was unfrozen.

Leela: Really? That's so ironic.

Amy: Uh...yeah, sure. Anyway, here's memory number two, The titanic cruise ship vacation.

(The room changed again and turned into the Titanic. Amy had approached Fry, kissed him, and explained that she needed him to help fool her parents. The scene changed again and Leela was standing next to Fry. Zapp appeared, causing Leela to freak and kiss Fry in an attempt to convince Zapp of her new relationship.)

Leela: That's the night you met Kif right?

Amy: Yeah, it was so rom-HEY! You remember?

Leela: I remember that night, but I don't remember Fry being there.

Amy: But...that doesn't make any sense.

Leela: (sighs) No, it doesn't.

Amy: Well maybe the next memory will help you remember.

Leela: No, I don't want to see anymore. I just want to be alone.

(Leela turned and walked out of the holoshed. Amy stood there staring at the door waiting for Leela to come back. When she didn't, Amy shook her head and walked out behind her.)

Amy: (thinking) What are we gonna do with her?

Bender: Maybe you should hold her hand or something.

Fry: We could try that.

Bender: We?

Fry: Oh right...I could try that.

Bender: What if that doesn't work?

Fry: Then I'll give her a hug...embracing counts as touching, right?

Bender: Can't see why it wouldn't be.

Fry: OK. Then if that doesn't work...I'll rest my hand on her cheek, maybe move my thumb around a little....if she'll let me.

Bender: Right. We have touch out of the way, what about sight?

Fry: I could show her Project Fry again.

Bender: That won't work.

Fry: Probably not. What else can I do?

Bender: Sight is sorta tricky. Maybe you should be in the same room as her everywhere she goes.

Fry: Bender, I'm not going to stalk my girlfriend.

Bender: You got a better idea, skin tube?

Fry: Well...no.

Bender: Then stalk away.

Fry: Maybe I'll just be around her when I can. It's better than stalking.

Bender: What's next?

Fry: Smell.

Bender: Yes, you do.

Fry: I do not! How would you know!?

Bender: That's not important. How is Leela going to remember you with a smell.

Fry: Hm...I have cologne I wear on special occasions. Maybe I should try using it again.

Bender: Now we're up to sound...any ideas?

Fry: I always use to hum 'Walking on Sunshine' when I was working. Think that will work?

Bender: It could. Now what about taste? You can't cook worth crap.

Fry: I know, Bender.

Bender: So what are you going to do?

(Fry let a smile break across his face. Bender looked at him in confusion)

Bender: C'mon Fry, the suspense is killing me!

Fry: (pause) (smiling) I have to kiss her.

Bender: Kiss her, huh?

Fry: Yep. Not to sound corny about it but if I want Leela to remember me, she has to...remember how I taste. So a kiss should do it.

Bender: (unenthusiastically) Sure thing.

Fry: There's just one problem.

Bender: Oh man.

Fry: I'm starting to think that the only way she'll remember me is if I do everything in one night. I need to touch her, let her see me, smell me, hear me humming and I have to kiss her. I need to make sure I do it in that exact order. I can't screw this up.

Bender: Good luck with that.

Fry: I'm going to need it. I need to find a place to do this all...

Bender: Again, good luck with that.

(Bender got up and walked out of the apartment. Fry leaned up against a wall, closed his eyes, and pinched the bridge of his nose.)


Fry: (thinking)Why do I have the feeling that this whole situation seems a little strange?

Leela: (thinking)Fry...from the 20th century...come on Leela THINK! He's gotta be in there somewhere.

(Leela was sitting alone outside on the P.E balcony. She has been out there for a few hours trying to remember Fry.)

Leela: (slams her fists on the ground) DAMN IT! Where are you, Fry?!

(She leaned her head against the wall and closed her eye. The sun was setting and the temperature was slowly dropping. Leela took steady breaths, trying to hold back the tears.)

Leela: (softly) Why did this have to happen to me?

(The following morning, Leela woke to find herself laying in a bed. Confused, Leela got up and walked out of the room. She walked downstairs and into the living room only to find Fry asleep on the couch. She stared at him, studying his face, his body, his hair, everything. Her heart began to speed up inside her chest and for some reason, she was having trouble breathing.)

Leela: What's going on?!

(Fry began to stir at the sound of Leela's voice. Sitting up, he stared at Leela wondering why she was up so early.)

Fry: What's up? Something wrong?

Leela:(sits down next to fry) I-I don't know. I just walked down here, saw you laying on the couch...and my heart went crazy.

Fry: (rubbing eyes) Crazy?

Leela: It's hard to explain. It's almost like it was excited to see you.

Fry: I'm not following.

Leela: I think...my heart remembers you.

Fry: Really? That's good news, right?

Leela: I can't say. How come my heart can remember you, but I can't? It doesn't make any sense.

Fry: Maybe, deep down, you really do remember me?

Leela: Just how deep?

Fry: (sighs) Leela, you may not remember everything about me, and you may not ever remember, but clearly something inside you remembers me. I'm willing to to whatever it takes to wake up your memories, even if that means waiting.

(Leela looked up at Fry and smiled)

Leela: You mean it?

Fry: Of course I do. I love you, and that means whatever happens, we're in this together.

Leela: (pause) We're in this together...? Why does that sound so familiar?

Fry: (softly) You said it to me...on the night we got together.

Leela: I..said it.

Fry: To me, yeah.

Leela: So if I remember saying it, that means you are in my memories!...somewhere.

Fry: Let's say that your memories of me are locked up in a brain dungeon. You and I are on a quest to find the key that unlocks the door to set them free.

Leela: (giggling) Sounds like an adventure.

Fry: Great! But Leela?

Leela: Hm?

Fry: Can we talk more about this in a few hours? It's five a.m.

Leela: Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't realize what time it was.

Fry: No worries. I'll see you in a bit.

Leela: Yeah. See you.

(Leela leaned in and kissed Fry gently on the cheek before getting up to leave)

Fry: (smiling) Hey, wait. What was that for?

Leela: (smiling) Something inside me wanted me to do it.

P.F: Are you barking mad?

Amy: I thought it would help!

P.F: You thought wrong! do you have any idea what you have done? Who in their right mind puts soy sauce on their scrambled eggs?

Amy: Professor, I-

P.F: No excuses woman, no excuses! Now get back in that kitchen and make my eggs right!

Amy: Professor, these are my eggs! Bender isn't finished with yours yet.

P.F: Well tell him to hurry up, damn it!

Bender: Hey! Just because of that, I'm going to burn them.

P.F: Damn you, Bender! Would you really let an old man starve?

Amy&Bender: Yes.

P.F: (mumbling) Ooh! Lousy good for nothing robot.

Fry: (VO) Uh...good morning everyone.

(Fry and Leela were standing in the doorway but because of all the arguing, no one seemed to notice. Leela was standing nervously behind Fry, peeking over his shoulder into the crowded room.)

Amy: Leela! Where'd you go yesterday? You had us worried.

Leela: I..uh...went home.

Bender: Oh no, did you and Fry-

Fry: No! No, we didn't.

Bender: Then why is she hiding behind you?

Fry: That's a good question. (turns head to face Leela) Why are you hiding behind me?

Leela: Uh...nerves?

Fry: What are you nervous about? You know these people. They're your friends.

Leela: I know, but it feels like I'm meeting them for the first time.

Fry: Oh, I get it. Well, there's no need to be nervous. They won't bite.

Leela: Right.

(Leela came out from behind Fry and stood beside him)

Leela: Good morning, everyone.

Crew: Morning, Leela.

Fry: So professor, what's the deal with the ship? Why'd the autopilot malfunction?

P.F: I'm not even sure it malfunctioned at all. I think the gravity of the planet you were near was so strong that it pulled the ship down to the surface.

Fry: Is that possible?

P.F: It very well could be.

Leela: That explains a lot.

Fry: What do you mean?

Leela: The ship has crashed several times before, but none of us have ever suffered major injuries like mine.

P.F: Precisely. The impact wasn't anywhere near as strong.

Leela: So when the ship crashed, it had to have been bad.

Fry: But the ship suffered minimal damage.

P.F: Which still baffles me.

Leela: Do you think that will ever be explained?

P.F: There are some things that can't be explained with science, Leela.

Amy: So what are you saying, professor?

P.F: I'm saying it's a miracle they even survived that crash. Leela was damn lucky she didn't lose her life, not being buckled in and all.

Leela: A captain always goes down with their ship, Professor.

Fry: Wait a minute! You mean to tell me that this whole thing could have been prevented if she has strapped herself in?

P.F: That's my guess.

Fry: DAMN IT! I should have payed attention to that!

Amy: What are you talking about?

Fry: She told me to strap myself in but she didn't even try to save herself!

Leela: Now hold on just a minute! Do you honestly think I was trying to kill us?

Fry: Maybe not me, but you didn't even try to save yourself!

Leela: This is crazy.

Fry: Is it? You wanna know what's crazy? "A captain always goes down with their ship" that's what crazy!

Amy: Fry, calm down.

Fry: No! I will not calm down! You know what that does to me, Leela? It hurts me. It makes me think that you weren't really happy being with me. You wanted out, but you wanted to get out without hurting me. Honestly Leela, did you think that by dying you would be hurting me less? I would have been fine with a simple break up! Sure, I would have been hurt, but I could accept it. Do you have any idea what kind of damage you would have done to all of us by dying? You wouldn't have just hurt me, you would have hurt your parents and friends.

Leela: Don't you think I know that? I may not remember you 100% Fry, but I do remember being happy before the accident. I remember opening my eye and seeing your face wondering "Who is that handsome stranger?". Then, for a split second, I remembered. But as soon as I remembered, all my memories were GONE!

Fry: Oh, so now you're blaming me for this?! The memory of my name erased your life?

Leela: (trembling) I'm going to go out on a limb here and say yes!

Fry: Oh really? Have you ever thought about this? Since I'm the one who "erased your memories" maybe I'm the only one who can give them all back!

Leela: (startled) W-what?

Fry: You heard me. You and I both know that your life isn't complete because I hold the key to unlock certain memories.

Leela: Well you know what Fry?

Fry: No Leela, what else don't I know?

Leela: If this is who you really are...then you can keep those memories to yourself. I don't want them.

(Fry stared at Leela, his mouth hanging open. The room was quiet, a little too quiet. Leela stared back at Fry with a stern look on her face)

Fry: So that's it? Just like that.

Leela: Just like that.

(Fry became quiet, all the color draining from his face.)

Fry: I...I have to go.

(Fry turned his body away from Leela and headed out the door out to the streets of New New York.)

Fry: What is this, some kind of sick joke?

(Fry had been roaming the streets for hours. The sun was shining brightly, appearing to be slowly setting. The shadows of the buildings were covering the streets)

Fry: What am I suppose to do now? If I go back, Leela will probably yell at me again, and if I go home...man I don't even want to think about it.

(Fry made his way over to a crosswalk and began to cross, ignoring the red "Don't Walk" warning. He was halfway through when the sound of a trucks horn pierced his eardrums. Fry turned his head only to see the truck coming straight for him. He quickly shut his eyes and waited.)

(Fry's eyes shot open, the bright lights of the hospital room burning them)

Voice 1: How long has it been?

Voice 2: Almost three weeks.

Fry: (softly) L...Leela?

Leela: Fry?

(Fry's vision was slightly blurred, but there was no mistaking the sound of that voice.)

Fry: W-where am I?

Leela: You're in the hospital. Everything's going to be just fine.

Fry: What happened?

Leela: You hit your head hard when the ship crashed and you wouldn't wake up.

Bender: We thought you were a goner.

Fry: Wait a minute...Leela, you were the one who hit your head really hard! You lost your memory, and you couldn't remember me, but you could remember everyone else. Then you and I got into a fight, and...and the truck! I got hit by a truck!

Leela: Whoa, slow down there speedy, none of that happened.

Fry: It-what?

Leela: It was all just a bad dream, Fry.

(Leela started to come into focus as she bent down to kiss Fry on the forehead.)

Fry: It...was just a dream?

Leela: It was just a dream.

Fry: So, you know who I am?

Leela: Of course I do. You're Phillip J. Fry, my best friend, my coworker, and most importantly, the man I love.

(Fry smiled and reached his hand out for Leela to hold. When she did, Fry gently pulled her onto the bed and wrapped his arms around her.)

Fry: You have no idea how happy those words just made me.

Leela: Just how happy?

Fry: I could do backflips.

Leela: (turns to face him) But you don't know how.

Fry: I know.

(Leela reached her hand up to Fry's cheek and gently sat it there. Fry moved his face closer to hers, until their lips finally met. They kissed passionately at first but soon became more serious the second time around. Leela was the first to pull away.)

Leela: As soon as you're out of here, I have one special night planned for the both of us.

Fry: Oh?

Leela: And like I said...(she kisses him)...you won't be disappointed.