Fan Fiction

Metal Tomb Of Terror
By Baker

Hey Everybody, my names Baker. Because this is my first piece you will most likely think it sucks and if you don't like it please do not come to my home with bats and guns (Like so many others have :-( ) I prefer not to be beaten to a bloody pulp thank you. Plus It will make me sad *tear*. Also I would love to hope and see cartoon network buy more eps so we can leave the writing to the good people of Futurama. And so like many others this is my poorly written fanfic. Hope you like it!


Frys head slowly nods down, as he starts to sleep while Hermes talks. There are black rings under his red swollen eyes.

Hermes: Now to start off with my 10 oıclock meeting. First we have been using blah blah blah...

The more Hermes talked the deeper Fry would go into his little dream world.

Hermes: -And if I do say so myself, they are smellin' quite nasty so I shifts are required to clean them. Fry, today is your day so get to work on 'em!


Hermes: What in Babylon!...Fry wake up. We give you plenty of time to do that at home!

Fry: huh..Oh ok.

Amy: What's wrong, Fry? You look awful. Why are you so tired?

Fry's asleep again.

Amy: FRY?!

Fry: Sorry. I've been having some weird dreams. They've kept me awake a lot at night.

Leela: About what?

Fry: Well... Iım not quite sure. I just see flashes of stuff. Itıs always the same stuff, but the more I have the dream, the longer the flashes becomes. First in the dream itıs always me, Bender, and Leela. Then I see myself playing the holophoner and I actually play well-

Bender: Wow, that is scary!

Leela: Bender, shut up! Go on Fry.

Fry: Thanks Leela.

Fry looks lovingly at Leela.

Fry: It looks like we're in this metal room or... a tomb. Then there's this music and the walls shake. As the walls start to cave in a metal spike as big as me falls from the ceiling and...and..

Amy: And what?

Fry: Strikes Leela in the heart and...

Fry looks down

Fry: Kills her.

Professor: Oh my!

Fry: Then I wake up in a cold sweat and canıt go back to sleep.

Leela: (Thinking) Why would he wake up like that. Yeah, itıs kind scary but itıs not like anything actually happened to me. I thought he would be over me by now.

Leela: (another part of her mind) Well, you still love him.

Leela: No I don't.

Leela's mind: Then why do you always think about him or have these long talks with me, huh?

Leela: OH SHUT UP!


Fry, Bender, and Amy are sitting on the couch watching All My Circuits.

Calculon:...But why?

Fembot: Because I knew you would have done it even if I wasn't there!

Calculon: I would never kill your brother!

Fembot: O, Calculon!

Amy: Fry, why aren't you over Leela yet? I mean yeesh she's rejected you so many times before.

Fry: I dunno... Itıs just that--

Leela is about to walk into the room, when she hears what Fry and Amy are talking about.

Fry: When I'm around Leela I just feel like thatıs were I'm suppose to be; next to her. It just feels right. People say noone's perfect but thye're wrong. Leelaıs perfect in every possible way, if not to everybody else then to me. I love everything about her. I love how she talks. how she walks. The way she looks at me whether she's mad or happy. Her perfect eye and hair, her perfect body and soul. Iıd do anything for her.

Amy: Aaw, how cute. But next time don't spew crumbs at me.

Fry: Sorry. Too bad she canıt love me, the way I love her. If only she could love me a little, then Iıd be happy.

Bender: Will you two shut up? Calculonıs about to get married.

Leela: (To herself) God I feel awful. What did Fry do to deserve this? All those times I've yelled at him for being stupid and he still loves me. Maybe I should think about this...


Fry is playing his holophoner. On the stand is a holophoner book. It reads: My third holophoner... book. Fry has gotten much better but still falls out of tune in the same way .

Bender walks in.

Bender: You just canıt give up, can you?

Fry puts down his holophoner and sighs

Fry: Itıs not like I canıt give up. Itıs just I don't want to.

Bender: Why?

Fry: Because I wanna impress Leela, to make her love me instead of hating me.

Bender: But why?

Fry: (sighs)

Bender: Listen meat bag, Everybody knows she doesn't hate you. She loves you. You can't be that thick headed.


Amy and Leela are sitting on Leelas's couch watching All My Circuits.

Narrator: All My Circuits is brought to you by Moms Old Fashion Robot Oil. Made by a robot for a robot.

Leela: I've been thinking--

Amy: About Fry?

Leela: Yeah, how did you know?

Amy: Because you think about him all the time.

Leela: Oh.

Amy: Okay, now what did you want to say about Fry?

Leela: I heard you and Fry talking today and, well, I think I feel the same way about him. But Iım not quite sure. But if I am then I just don't know what to do about it afterwards. What would I say to him. What if he rejects me and finds some other girl better than me and they get married and Iıdbealoneforeverand--

Amy: Leela, slow down! Fry loves you. He would never find another girl and think she was better, not even if he was brain washed.

Leela: Yeah he would never hurt me like Zap or Alkazar did.

Amy: Guh!

Leela: So how do I tell him?

Amy: You start by going to his apartment and tell him how you feel about him. Now!

Leela: How about tom--

Amy: Now!!

Leela: Okay, Iıll be right back.

Leela leaves. Amy continues to watch TV. A few minutes later the phone rings.

Phone: Collect call from the Nimbus.

Amy: Oh great, Zapp. I wonder how he got Leelaıs phone number. Iıll take it.Iım bored any ways.

Zapp appears on the screen.

Zapp: Well hello Leela, what... wait you're not Leela!

Amy: Buh!

Zapp: Then where is she?

Amy: Oh no place particular... Just telling Fry how much she's in love with him. (Hee Hee)

Zapp sits up right, all wide eyed.

Zapp: What!? Confessing her love to someone other then the Zapper! You're kidding right?!

Amy: What difference does it make? She never loved you.

Zapp: Maybe not emotionally but physically, She loved me more than life itself. Who wouldn't want any of this sweet sweet candy?

Amy: No wonder Leela hates you so much!

Amy hung up the phone.

Amy: What a spleazeball.


Outside apartment building opening music.
Inside apartment Fry is still playing the Holophoner.

Fry: *sigh* How come every time I play it sounds like crap?

Bender walks by.

Bender: Maybe because you are crap.

Bender walks in and sits down.

Fry: Maybe I should just give up.

Bender: That's the spirit!

The doorbell rings

Bender: Iıll get it. I was gonna leave any ways to go pick up some hookers. Want me to bring you back some action?

Fry: No that's okay.

Bender: Suit yourself.

Bender leaves to get door

Fry: No, I shouldn't give up playing the holophoner. Itıs the only way Iıll get Leela to love me again.

Fry starts thinking about Leela and begins to play again. Itıs better this time but still bad.

Fry: Damn fingers!

Fry continue to play.


Bender opens the door.

Bender: Look if you're not selling porno or be-- oh itıs you. What do you want?

Leelaıs at the door.

Leela: Nice to see you to. Is Fry home?

Bender: Yeah, he's in his room playing that stupid holophoner again.

Leela: He still plays that?!


Leelaıs watching Fry play the holophoner for her in Leela's living room.


Bender: Yeah, He really sucks at it. But he keeps playing the damn thing to no end. Same stupid person playing the same stupid songs with the same images.

Leela: What kind of images?

Bender: Duh! You and him.

Leela: Oh...well could I see him?

Bender: (as Bender moves to the side) He's in his room.

Leela: Thanks.

Bender leaves as Leela comes in. Leela hears the music and opens Fryıs door. Leela watches and listens for a few minutes.

Leela: Hey Fry.

Fry sees Leela and quickly tucks the holophoner away.

Fry: (waving the colors away) Oh, hey Leela!

Leela: I didn't know you still played the holophoner. Well not until Bender told me.

Fry: Yeah, well I still suck at it.

Leela: I thought it was good.

Fry: Really! Oh...why'd ya' come here?

Leela: I heard you and Amy talking today at work, and I need to tell you how I feel about you. Itıs just .. its been weighing on my chest and I have to say it...

Fry: (thinking) Here it comes ³Fry I hate you get out of my life!²

Fry looks down in sadness (writers note: I know that's not a good word to use there but o well)

Leela: Fry... I love you!

Frys head flings up like he didnıt hear right.

Leela: I love you and its taken me a while to even admit it to myself.

Fry: I've been waiting for this for the longest time. I love you too Leela.

Leela grabs Fry into a deep passionate kiss. They both slowly lie down on Fryıs bed.


Fry awoke with a start and sat up. Beads of cold sweat were running down his face.

He had the dream again. He looked to the left of him. There was Leela sleeping. no spike through her, so he lied back down again and put his arm around her to make him feel like she was safe. Leela feeling his hand takes it and puts it to her face. Then in only a few seconds they both fall asleep again.


Zapp and Kif are in their pjıs (aw how cute!). Kifs eyes are blood shot it seems like he was dragged out here against his own will (poor guy).

Zapp: Damnit Kif I just cant go to sleep.

Kif:(barely awake) Any reason sir?

Zapp: Well after your girlfriend--

Kif: (exited) You saw Amy? How was she doing?!

Zapp gives Kif a glare. Kif shuts up.

Zapp: As I was saying; your girlfriend told me Leela loved that wimp Fry. Look at me compared to him. What does he have that the Zapper doesnıt?!

Kif: (To himself) A life.

Zapp: What was that?

Kif: Nothing sir.

Zapp: I have got to do something about this! I have got to stop him!

Zapp falls over and is snoring.

Kif: *sigh*

To Be Continued...

Hello again my fellow Futurama fans! I told you that would suck. You know I can not write anything I mean in school I got like F's in writing. Don't I suck. O and one more thing. Once again please donıt beat me up I'm a girl who can kick ass! haha jk I cant. But please donıt let the bats fly. **PLEASE I do encourage feedback @ PrincessREN42@aol.com** so long till next time.