Fan Fiction

Mayor Flexo
By Tom123

Beginning Caption at Bottom: If not completely satisfied…


It begins with the Planet Express crew at the table, Prof. Farnsworth reading a newspaper. Everyone patiently waits, except for Bender, for the Prof. to finish reading it. Then soon…

BENDER: Aren't you almost done old man?

PROF. FARNSWORTH: What? Oh, you all are here. Why don't you go to the sun and buy me a souvenir.

BENDER: We'll need money. Let me hold on to it.

LEELA: I want to see what has his attention so much. He usually falls asleep during anything I say.

Professor suddenly collapses on the table, asleep.

FRY: Well it's obvious why. You're boring!

LEELA: That is not tr….

Soon Fry also falls asleep. Leela decides to ignore everyone and read the article.

LEELA: Hey Ben….

Bender falls asleep. Leela gets sick of this and kicks Fry and punches Bender.

LEELA: Bender, this is something you might be interested in!

BENDER: What? Is there a new rich person in town I can mug?

LEELA: No read this article.

BENDER: Hey look! The Mayor is allowing a robot to be mayor for a week! That could be ME! I can imagine it now…

Bender dreams of a fiery place, him as everyone's leader. A wonderful place where he forces manual labor on people for no reason. Bender soon snaps out of his dream back into reality. Bender leaves to go put his name in for the contest. He soon gets to the line and is at the end. By the time he gets to the top of the line, it is midnight and no one is there. Bender thinks of a devious plot to win. He inserts 100 pieces of printing paper in his compartment and closes it. His compartment sliced each piece into 10 slips. They all print Bender's name onto it and he prints them out of his mouth into the box.

The next day the mayor calls a meeting too pull out a name from the box.

BENDER: Ok, now if I don't win, I'll just threaten the "new" mayor.

MAYOR: And the winner is…. Flexo!


FLEXO: In your face Bender! Maybe if you put it in as much as I did…

MAYOR: Congratulations! And don't any of you robots count on another one of these soon!

FLEXO: So am I mayor right now?

MAYOR: Of course!

FLEXO: Bwah-ha-ha-haaaa!

Flexo then leaves into the mayor's office.

FLEXO: Well, I am mayor now. I wonder what I should do…

Flexo soon notices a picture of him being dragged away by the cops. He remembers Bender getting him arrested and grows angry.

FLEXO: Well, as mayor I think I'll need a deputy mayor…

Flexo goes all the way to Robot Hell, and starts an interesting conversation with the Robot Devil.

ROBOT DEVIL: You want ME to be your deputy mayor?

FLEXO: Uh…. Yes?

ROBOT DEVIL: Well, with an opportunity like this I guess I could let go of the first 32 claims against you to keep you here forever.

FLEXO: What about the other 52?

ROBOT DEVIL: I'm a robot, not a miracle worker.

FLEXO: Ok I have one job for you to do as deputy mayor.

ROBOT DEVIL: I have a few hours before my favorite soap opera is on. What is it?

The scene cuts to 3:00 in the morning at Fry and Bender's apartment. Fry has fallen asleep in front of the T.V. and Bender is in his closet-like room. It then cuts to the outside wall where you see the Robot Devil climbing up the wall with his claw-like hands. He gets to the window and uses one of his fingers to cut a circle through the window (like you see in many spy movies), and jumps through, knocking over 2 bookcases, which fall toward the volume button on the TV causing the volume to rise constantly. The Robot Devil hid behind a very small plant, and his upper body was still visible when Fry was awake. He looked around the place and said,

FRY: Bender go back offline or whatever…

ROBOT DEVIL: Uh… sure buddy whatever you say.

Fry soon falls back to sleep.


The Robot Devil opens Bender's door and grabs him. Bender wakes up and is shocked, but the Robot Devil give him a plug-in that makes him numb. The Robot Devil starts to walk away, but then Fry, still half-awake half-asleep, starts to say something.

FRY: Bender, are you asleep?

ROBOT DEVIL: Uh, of course Fry! Why do you ask?

FRY: I was going to take one of your beers and if you were awake you would have broken my hand.

BENDER: WHAT!? You were going to take one of my beers? I'LL KILL YOU!

Suddenly Bender's anger at Fry disables the plug-in and runs toward Fry choking him constantly. The Robot Devil was in no hurry and was drinking one of Bender's beers laughing at Fry. Bender too busy choking Fry didn't notice. Fry, meanwhile woke entirely when Bender started choking him, and saw the Robot Devil drinking the beer.

FRY: Bender, he's drinking one of your beers!

BENDER: Why I'll kill you too!

Bender starts to approach the Robot Devil but then he pulls out a shocking stick and shocks Bender, causing him to go offline. Fry watched Bender get shocked and started to run towards the Robot Devil, but it was too late because the Robot Devil already grabbed Bender and jumped out the window sliding down the rope that was there before. Fry just watched and thought to make the best of a bad situation.

FRY: Well, since Bender isn't here to drink these beers, I might as well drink them for him before they get cold.

The scene cuts to the next day at the Planet Express building, Fry trying to explain to everyone what happened to Bender.

LEELA: Wow, so you had Bender's beers? By the time Bender gets back you better have all your hospital insurance paid up.

FRY: Leela, you are missing the whole point of the idea. Bender was captured by the Robot Devil.

LEELA: Fine, but if you don't have your insurance paid up, I'll probably said I told you so.

PROF. FARNSWORTH: Well I may be old, but it doesn't mean that I don't know a clue when I see it.

Everyone was staring at the Professor as if waiting for a clue.

PROF. FARNSWORTH: What do you all want now?

HERMES: There is a thirteen percent chance that you didn't pay them their rightful pay ever, and an Eighty-seven percent chance they are waiting for your clue.

PROF. FARNSWORTH: Leave me alone! Just because I am old doesn't mean I don't know a good clue when I see it!

The professor falls asleep in his chair leaning back, his newspaper lying on top of him.

FRY: The professor is repeating himself again.

HERMES: We all see that, mon. Not all of us are morons!

Everyone stares at Hermes blankly.

HERMES: Ok I'M not a moron.

LEELA: Let's get back on the case at hand. Where is Bender?

ZOIDBERG: It's in the newspaper again, maybe?

HERMES: Good idea, mon!

Fry reaches over to Hermes and slaps him in the face.

HERMES: Right, I mean, get away you filthy stink bug!!

FRY: There now everything is back to normal.

LEELA: Bender is still gone you idiot!

ZOIDBERG: Why won't anyone listen to my ideas?

FRY: I got an idea! Let's look in the newspaper! It might be there again!

ALL EXCEPT ZOIDBERG: Hurray! Good idea, mon. Great idea!

Zoidberg starts crying and runs out of the room. No one notices and keeps congratulating Fry on his (most likely) first idea ever. Amy grabs the newspaper and searches for any clue Fry thought could be in the newspaper.

AMY: Hey, I think I found a clue!

FRY: What is it?

AMY: Didn't you say that it was the Robot Devil who captured Bender?

FRY: Yes.

AMY: Well take a look at this.

Amy tosses the newspaper at Fry and everyone gathers around him, including Amy. Everyone instantly sees the clue Amy spotted.

FRY: Wow, this clue puts everything into perspective.

HERMES: Yes indeed mon.

Everyone is staring at the front of the newspaper, at a picture with Flexo at the front of city hall. In the background you can see the Robot Devil with his arms crossed, wearing a hat that says Deputy Mayor. Everyone starts to read the article that says:

Yesterday morning the mayor of New New York announced the winner of the contest we told you about in the previous issue. He announced that the winner of the contest for "Mayor for a Week" is Flexo, a Bending unit. Flexo decided that if he was going to be mayor for a week, he needs a deputy mayor. He picked the Robot Devil out of all the robots in New New York, and thinks that this town needs change. Coming from a bending unit that usually isn't a good thing. Recently re-divorced from his ex-wife Angelene, we got a statement from Flexo. "When I am done with this town, there will be two Robot Hells." Well that appears to be pretty unfortunate, seeing how the rules stated that they can not be taken out of office until the week is up.

Everyone looks at everyone else and exchange looks.

LEELA: We must save Bender and stop Flexo.

FRY: I second that.

The professor wakes up after hearing everyone talk like this.

PROF. FARNSWORTH: Or maybe instead of stopping him, we should just hide out on Mars for a week.

AMY: I'm already calling for a ride out of here.

Amy dials a number on her cell phone.

AMY: Hello? I'd like a cab to Mars…

LEELA: Well, I for one will not let Flexo push us around for a week.

PROF. FARNSWORTH: I already suggested Mars, what do you want now?

FRY: Leela, you are the only one who wants to go get Bender.

Leela punches Fry in the shoulder in an attempt to get him to go with her.

FRY: Oh, nice try, but that gives me even MORE reason to stay here!

Leela grabs Fry by the ear and walks out of the room.

The scene cuts to Bender strapped to a chair and his eyes open. .

BENDER: Where am I? Is anyone there? HELP!!!

Flexo and the Robot Devil walk into the room.

BENDER: Why did you capture me? What did I do to you?

FLEXO: If it weren't for you, I would still be married to my wife.

ROBOT DEVIL: And I would have one more person in Robot Hell!

BENDER: Ok, ok, I see the Robot Devil's problem, but how is it my fault you got divorced Flexo?

FLEXO: She felt bad that you still loved her, and divorced me for that reason!

BENDER: Ok, but now that we all understand each other, why don't you let me go, and we all live in peace and harmony.

ROBOT DEVIL: You know peace and harmony isn't my thing, just like I know its not your thing.

BENDER: So you can't blame me for trying.

FLEXO: Actually, I can. I am the mayor for a week. So you are wrong.

The scene cuts to Fry and Leela outside the mayor's building. It is around midnight and Leela is climbing to the top of the building. Fry didn't find that the easiest way to get in so he walked in the front door. Leela, meanwhile, made it to the top of the building and climbed down a ventilation shaft. She followed the shaft to the first floor where Fry was. When she got there, she noticed when Fry walked through the front door, he got captured by the security guards. She was looking down, planning to follow them to Flexo.

SECURITY GUARD #1: Aww, man what is that smell? You put your deodorant on this morning didn't you?

SECURITY GUARD #2: Yeah, maybe it is this guy we grabbed?

FRY: Nope, but I recognize the smell. It smells like a good friend of mine. Her name is…

Leela was listening the whole time and then crashed out of the ventilation shaft.

FRY: (finishing previous statement) LEELA!

Leela kicks the two security guards, knocking them unconscious. She hits Fry a couple times.

FRY: What was that for?

LEELA: I heard you saying that I smelled bad.

The scene cuts back to Bender.

BENDER: Come on. Let's join hands and sing a little song I made up called Love.

FLEXO: I happen to know you wouldn't write something like that.

Fry and Leela burst into the room and the Robot Devil and Flexo are shocked.

FLEXO: How did you find us?

LEELA: I thought this was the ladies room.

ROBOT DEVIL: Then why did Fry come in here?

While the devil was saying this, Fry was putting a finger to his mouth as to tell him to shut up. Leela turns around at the Robot Devil's statement. Fry makes a kind of sorrowful smile and Leela hits him again.

LEELA: I think we can all understand each other. Give us Bender.

FLEXO: Why should we?

ROBOT DEVIL: I have encountered Leela before. You don't want to pick a fight with her. Trust me.

FLEXO: Fine, you can take Bender, but I will still be the mayor for the rest of the week.

Fry, Bender, and Leela give each other glances of evilness. They walked toward Flexo and the Robot Devil. You see the shadows of Fry, Bender, and Leela over the cowering bodies of Flexo and the Robot Devil.

The scene cuts to outer space near the earth and you see the Planet Express ship land on Neptune. They drop of a rather large crate and swerve back to earth. The crate rattles and out pops the Robot Devil and Flexo tied together, back-to-back.

FLEXO: Well, this is just great.

ROBOT DEVIL: You had to have me as your deputy mayor and had to capture Bender, didn't you?

FLEXO: Well, I couldn't think of anyone better for either an evil deed or kidnapping someone.

The scene cuts (yet again) to the Planet Express building and they are talking inside at the table.

ZOIDBERG: Everything is back to normal. Now Bender, do you have any food after being captured?

BENDER: No, you stupid lobster! Don't make me cook you!

Bender puts on his chef hat and chases Zoidberg into the hallway.

LEELA: Well, Flexo isn't mayor, we have Bender back and everything is ok.

FRY: The important thing is that I had one of Bender's beers and lived to tell the tale.

Bender walks into the room staring angrily at Fry.

BENDER: Don't think I haven't forgotten about that! I'll kill you yet!

Bender starts choking Fry, and then is cut to the credits.