Fan Fiction

Futurama: Universe of Malice, Part 10
By Kenneth White

Chapter 10 - Invincible Enemy

It was about 6,000 years ago, and an area on the planet Earth would be changed forever. The island was located in the Mediterranean Sea, and on the island lived a race of people. A race that was simple at first, but then began to advance very quickly.

The people's capital city became a brilliant example of advanced design and architecture. Composed of a series of canals and concentric walls, in the centre of the city was a hill, atop which sat a large temple. The temple contained a gold statue of Poseidon, the God of the Sea. This monument depicted him driving six winged horses. And in one of his hands was a golden trident. Fork-like at one end, with a special jewel at the other.

The item had been found shortly before the civilisation began to advance. An ordinary man who was swimming in the waters at the edge of their island came across the item wedged in a large rock. It was made of a strong metal, covered in gold with a beautiful orange gem at one end. Upon retrieving it, he decided to keep it as a simple ornament. But when time came to make a sacrifice to the gods, by throwing a treasured item into the nearby volcano, the strange metal object was the choice. This is when it was discovered that this was no ordinary item.

Upon being thrown into the lava, the object would not melt. In fact, the gem began to glow. The people witnessing it were shocked, and after a risky retrieval of the object, everybody thought that the item must belong to the gods. Even more of a surprise is when the strange button on the object was pressed, a large bolt of lightning shot out of the other end of it, flailing around wildly and even killing a few witnesses. It was after this that they came to the conclusion that it must have been part of none other than Poseidon's famous trident. To pay homage to their God of the Sea, the people created the statue of him in the centre of their city, and created another half for the holy object. The object was placed in the statue's hand, where it stayed glowing constantly.

It all made sense to the people. An object from the sea of great power had come to them, an island nation that, according to their legend, was founded by Poseidon. Many were curious as to why the object had come to them though, with a good number of the local philosophers and scientists thinking that rather than just being an object, that it was also a gift. After some study of the new object, they came across an astounding fact: it could be used to harness and store electricity.

Hence, they became the first race of Earth to harness the power of electricity. With this unique gift came sudden technological advancement. Things became easier to make and build, and with advanced technology came advanced thinking. Weapons and military affairs in general were no longer required by them, architecture and art was more sophisticated. The had more innovative agriculture and irrigation systems that any other race of their day, and women were given equal rights to the men. Electricity allowed them to have hot running water, and allowed them to produce things better and faster. Hence the statue located in the centre of town wasn't just a tribute to their God, but also, in a way, the Earth's first power plant. The people were unmatched in their greatness; Atlantis was unmatched in its greatness.

But with great power comes great responsibility. And absolute power corrupts, absolutely. And the authorities of Atlantis were no exception. It all happened so quickly, when the ruler of Atlantis became power hungry and greedy. He took the trident, in an attempt to wield it's awesome power. But he was still just a mortal man, and when the power held within the gem was fully released into the ground, it started a terrible earthquake. This action not only tore through the land around the great Atlantean city, but also disturbed the nearby volcano. The entire civilisation was wiped out as thick plumes of ash blotted out the sky, creating violent hail and lightning storms. This ash smothered the islands in the area, destroying crops The quakes alone shook the whole area to pieces, toppling large structures, while gargantuan tsunamis, over one hundred feet high, spread outwards, destroying coastal settlements and wiping out every ship or boat on the sea. In one day and one night, the civilisation of Atlantis was completely destroyed.

Fry slowly drew the dagger from his jacket, holding it nervously, but threateningly. As Alesia began to hide behind Fry, the creature before them hissed loudly and slowly took one step forward.

"Wh-wh-what is i-it?" she asked nervously.

"How the hell should I know?!" Fry said back to her. "I don't even know who I am!"

"We-we-well what are we going to do?!"

"We could run. But I'd say he'd probably catch us!"

It was then that the creature sprung at the two of them, hissing menacingly. Fry and Alesia both screamed and dived to the side, Fry to his left and Alesia to her right. The monster landed between them, now separating them and looking back and forth to decide whom it would go for first. Fry decided to make its decision for it.

"Come and get me!" he said, unusually brave, standing up with the dagger in one hand and his other beckoning the beast. He just wanted to lure it away from Alesia.

"How ssstupid do you think I am?!" it hissed at him. Fry jumped in shock.

"You can talk?!" he said.

"Very good!" it responded. Fry then found himself reeling into the air, as it swung it tail around in a flash and hit him in the side. He slammed into a nearby tree with a squeal then dropped to the ground.

"You can feel pain," it stated. It's gaze then turned to Alesia, smiling malevolently with sharp, dripping fangs.

"Wh-wha-what are y-y-you?!" Alesia uttered, trembling on the ground still.

"The ultimate threat here," said the creature. "I am a Seilarch. Currently the dominant sssspeciessss on this planet. And you, are not from here. You probably had sssssomething to do with those sssspace piratessss!!"

"Th-th-they c-ca-captured us, and w-w-we escaped," Alesia trembled.

"Neither you nor the piratessss are welcome on Verrone Five!!" the Seilarch, raising it's tail in preparation to strike. "You are both unwanted alienssss!!!"

It's tail began to stab forward, but halted as a voice rang from behind it.

"Not so fast!!"

It turned its head to see Fry, standing awkwardly behind him. Fry held the dagger in his right hand and looked at the Seilarch exhaustedly.

"I've still got some fight in me left!" Fry announced, standing fully upright determinedly. "And I'm going to--"

Fry's last words were cut off, as the dagger fell from his hand, standing upright in the soft ground. Fry simply slumped to the ground also, then stopped moving. The creature snorted at the unmoving figure with contempt.

"Foolisssh creature!" it hissed before turning its gaze back to the girl. Who had gone.

"WHAT?!!" the Seilarch exclaimed in disbelief.

It looked around frantically, then saw her at the top of a small nearby tree.

"You can't hide from me, alien!!" it smiled.

With a fearsome battle cry, the beast swung its tail violently at the trunk of the tree. The razor-edged appendage had no problems slicing through the wood, and Alesia found herself falling to the ground. Curling up and rolling as to limit the force of the impact, she found she had tumbled near where Fry lay.

"This endssss NOW!!" the Seilarch screeched, leaping into the air and roaring, it's claws and tail pointing towards its targets in attack. Alesia screamed, pulling her arms over her head and recoiling.

It seemed like forever had passed before she stopped and opened her eyes. There was silence except for the sound of somebody choking, or something very much like it. She could also feel something on her back. She looked around and gasped.

There beside her were both the creature and Fry. Fry was on his back, leaning forward, with his right arm thrust upwards. Above him was the Seilarch, and in its neck was the dagger. Holding onto that dagger, was Fry's hand. Fry was looking up at the creature with determination, holding it up almost completely. The Seilarch was kneeling, its right arm lying lifelessly on the ground on the other side of Fry, and its left lying across Alesia's back. The tip of the monster's tail was sticking into the ground, right beside Fry's neck, though it was the Seilarch that was making the horrible choking sounds. It and Fry were staring at each other, and after only a few seconds, it ejected a large splatter of green blood right into Fry's face from its gaping mouth. With that, both of them collapsed completely, the beast slumped on top of it's slayer, olive blood slowly running out of the wound and it's mouth.

Alesia carefully slid out from under the creature's arm, then crawled to where it and Fry lay. First, she removed the sharp tail from the edge of Fry's neck, then gently pushed on the heavy creature, eventually removing it off of Fry. Fry's head was almost completely covered in the dark green blood, and there was a long, but fortunately not overly deep, cut on his neck here the tail was. Alesia wiped some of the blood from his face and gently shook his shoulders.

"Fry!" she said, a hint of urgency in her voice. "Wake up!"

There was no response from him. She shook him a little harder.

"Come on, Fry! Wake up!"

No response. A tear ran down her cheek as she shook him again.

"You HAVE to wake up! I'm not going to get out of here without you!"

Nothing. At least not immediately. Just as Alesia feared the worst, a frown formed on Fry's face and he slowly opened his eyes. He smiled wearily at her.

"I'm okay," he said. Alesia's face lit up and she hugged him close to her.

"Oh Fry!" she gasped with relief. "I thought I'd lost you!"

"Not yet," he smiled, his head resting on her shoulder. He suddenly winced though.


Alesia let go, and Fry lifted up his shirt and jacket. Alesia gasped a bit as he revealed the nasty wound on the left side of his body.

"Oh my!" she said. "It looks nasty!"

"Yeah, it smarts a little," Fry said, trying to put on a brave face.

"Wait here," Alesia said, standing up. "I'll be back soon."

As she ran off towards the nearby stream, Fry lay there and looked at the monster he had slain.

"I hope we don't see any more of you guys," he said to the corpse. Alesia then returned, holding a large piece of sopping wet cloth. It appeared to be her piece of dress add-on.

"Take off you shirt," she said.

Fry slowly removed his jacket and his bloodstained, dirty white t-shirt. Alesia proceeded to dap the wound with the wet material, Fry wincing each time she did.

"I'm just going to clean the wound," she said simply. "Then I'll bandage it up."

When the wound was relatively clean, she took the bloody cloth and returned to the stream. Fry reached over and grabbed one of the large, soft leaves from the nearby fallen tree. He began to use it to wipe the blood from his face. He got the last of it off with his shirt just as Alesia returned with a now cleaned piece of cloth. She wrung out as much water from it as she could and then she ripped the cloth so that it became a longer piece of cloth. She also ripped it into two pieces, one of them smaller that the other. She folded the smaller piece over six times so that it was a small square of material six times as thick as before. She placed this bit gently and directly on the wound.

"Lift your arms," she said. Fry obeyed. Then used the longer piece of material as a bandage, wrapping it around Fry's waste several times tightly. She finally tied it in a knot at the back, suddenly realising that she now had her arms around Fry and that when she looked back up, his face was just inches from her own. Alesia blushed and just stared at him.

"Wow, thanks," Fry said, completely oblivious to Alesia's look. "I don't know how to thank you?"

"I do whispered," Alesia quietly, still transfixed on him.

"How?" Fry said, wondering what she meant.

"Don't resist," she said in a melodic whisper.

"Resist?" Fry questioned with complete ignorance. "Resist wha--"

Fry's words were cut off as Alesia's lips touched his, as she gave him a very deep, and very tender kiss. Alesia closed her eyes and held him closer, while Fry's eyes bugged out in surprise. He certainly didn't resist the kiss, a kiss which Alesia made sure wasn't overly emphatic, but showed enough strength and desire for her to get the message across. It was simply, very enchanting. After what seemed like to both of them hours, but was really only a few seconds, Alesia slowly broke the kiss, biting on Fry's bottom lip slightly as she let go, making it stretch and then spring away. This was followed by a period of awkward silence, both of them red in the face.

"I'm sorry," Alesia said quietly with embarrassment, turning away a little. "I don't usually act like that! Or, at least I don't THINK I do?"

"Th-that's okay," Fry answered, not sure what to make of what happened. "It was a very.... pleasant experience. I forgot about the pain for a few seconds there."

Alesia chuckled coyly and Fry put his shirt and jacket back on.

"I suppose we'd better keep going then," he said, purposefully trying to change the subject as to avoid the awkwardness, as he pulled the dagger from the Seilarch's neck and wiped it on the grass.

"Yeah," Alesia nodded, still looking a little flustered. "Good idea."

The two continued onwards, leaving the dead creature that had almost killed them behind as they entered the jungle. And both with more than a few things on their minds.

"Here we are, men," said Lieutenant Commander Raker. "Scoria."

Raker pulled a dark hood over his head, which was attached to the black robe he wore. The other five men did also. They were Kif, Fitzgerald, McGinley, Trotter and another DOOP Ensign. They stood outside a large city on a dusty looking dark planet. A small, rough looking spacecraft sat behind them. Raker motioned towards the city ahead.

"Let's go," he ordered. "And be careful. This place is filled with criminals."

The group followed, with Kif walking beside Raker and the others behind. Fitzgerald appeared to be having trouble trying to conceal his large rifle. They entered the city gates, passing by various large and strong looking buildings in a dark and busy town centre. The dusty road was filled with strange looking wanderers, walking in all different directions. After a while the soldiers wandered past a small wooden both. Behind it, two little strange people with clown-like clothes and make up, long pointy noses, and bright fluffy hair could be seen from the waist up. One appeared to be male, the other female. Ensign Trotter stopped and chuckled.

"I love these things!" he said. "Hey guys, let's watch the show."

"No," said Raker simply. "There's not enough time."

"Awww, just a couple of minutes, sir?" Trotter pleaded. "I love puppets."

It was then that a scruffy looking human passed by the booth, clearly taking something from the bench of the booth. The little clown-like male person saw it.

"What the hell?!" he said in a high pitched voice.

He then disappeared below the booth and soon reappeared with a long piece of wood. He jumped out of the booth and began to run after the thief, it now clear that he wasn't a puppet at all. The unaware criminal was suddenly hit in the shins with the piece of wood, hard enough to make him fall down. The mad little man then leapt on his face and began whacking it with the stick repeatedly.

"You thieving bastard!" he squealed as his victim yelled in pain. "You stole my stuff! You bastard! Take this!"

"Come on," said Raker forcefully. "We've got work to do."

The others followed, Trotter and Kif both looking back with strange, worried looks on their faces. Raker led them to a large building and stopped. There were bright lights everywhere and loud music could be heard inside.

"Here we are," Raker said proudly. "If Outlaw is anywhere, he'll be here."

"Why?" asked Kif, clearly confused. "Do you even know what this place is?"

"Not really," said Raker. "But every scum-hole place for space rogues has a large, dark, noisy, atmospheric bar-like establishment located near the centre of their town where all the biggest, most-wanted outlaws spend their time. It's just the way things work."

"You heard the Lieutenant Commander," said Fitzgerald. "Set lasers to kill!"

"No," said Raker, putting his hand up. "Stun is fine. Let's go."

They entered the building, Fitzgerald once again mumbling something about guns under his breath. For a while the cloaked DOOP soldiers just stood in the doorway and looked around. The smoky room was quite dark, though dimly lit in some areas. The room was filled with various strange looking aliens, none of which looked very friendly. A loud band played at the far end of the room beside a machine that had smoke wafting out of it and a sign that said 'Bar Cigarette Smoke Generator' on it. Many of the customers of the bar looked back at the group suspiciously, including the barman, who was a rough looking Neptunian.

"Find a free table," Raker whispered back to them. "Hopefully near the door. Wait there and look around for any suspicious creatures while you wait. I'm going to talk to the barman."

The others all nodded behind their hoods, then sat at an empty table nearby. Kif looked around the tables surrounding them to look for anybody who could be Outlaw. There were a lot of suspicious beings, but not all looked like bounty hunters. There was a tall, hammerhead-like alien with dark green skin and yellow eyes, wearing a tuxedo and holding a martini. A scruffy looking fat man, with a large black beard, a pirate hat, and a badge that said 'Ask Me About Loom' on it. A shady looking cloaked character across the room that just sat there smoking a pipe. A large, hairy, pig-like creature with rough leather clothes, studs and rings all over his face and a large mug of something vile. Everybody in the place looked shady all right. A robot approached the disguised DOOP men. It travelled on caterpillar tracks, had four arms and stopped there with a pencil and notepad in two of its hands. The other hands held a drinks tray and a dirty bar cloth.

"What'll it be?" the droid asked politely, almost not really fitting in with the atmosphere there. The nearest DOOP ensign turned his cloaked head towards the robot and spoke with an evil hiss, his face completely obscured from the darkness of the hood.

"Cideerrr!!! Flaaagonssss!!!"

"Okay then," said the robot, scribbling on his note pad. "Five flagons of cider, coming up."

As the robot wheeled away, Kif leant over to the ensign.

"Did you really have to order it like that, Ensign Elcoat", he whispered.

"No," the ensign whispered back in a strong, English accent. "But it fits in with the style of the place. Plus, I just LOVE cider."

Meanwhile, Raker didn't seem to be having much luck with the barman.

"What makes you think that I even know this Outlaw?!" the Neptunian snorted.

"You're bound to know him if anybody does!" Raker said from beneath his hood. "You run the most popular bar in the quadrant!"

"Who says I do?!"

"The big flashing sign above your head!" Raker argued back, pointing up. The barman looked up and sighed.

"Fair enough then!" he growled. "I don't know where he is, but I know he ain't here. But that creature over there may be able to tell you?"

He indicated a brown skinned creature with a large, round head and bulbous yellow eyes that was sitting by itself at a small table, drinking from a large liquor mug. It was tall and thin, dressed in light armour. A large metal helmet sat on the table.

"A Trevni," Raker said. He then wandered over to where the others waited for their cider.

"Kif. Fitzgerald. Come with me," he said. "I think we've found somebody who can help us."

Kif and Lieutenant Fitzgerald stood up and followed Raker. Just before they got to the table, Raker whispered back to them.

"Take note, this guy is a Trevni. They speak in complete opposite to normal language. Almost like reverse psychology."

Raker took a seat across from the creature, and Kif and Fitzgerald stood on either side. The creature looked across and Raker, it's eyes narrowing.

"I don't care what you're doing here!" it said in a raspy voice. "Stay!"

"We're not going anywhere!" said Raker. "We need information from you!"

"Sure," it uttered "I'll tell you anything!"

"We'll make you speak! Now, do you know of a Bounty Hunter named Outlaw?"


"Don't lie to us, we know you know him! The barman told us you're pals with him!"

"That barman is very good and honest!"

"Oh, I'm sure he is. Now! Tell us where we can find Outlaw!"


Raker turned back to Fitzgerald.

"Fitzgerald. Show our friend here that we mean business."

Fitzgerald smiled beneath his hood and showed the Trevni the gun he was holding. The creature jumped a little.

"What's the matter?" said Raker. "Scared?"

"Yes! Very scared!"

"Oh, don't lie to us, we know you're scared. Now are you going to tell us or not?!"

The Trevni sighed.

"Never! I won't tell you."


"Outlaw doesn't have an away at the north beginning of the country. It's not a small away, far from a minor cross-country."

"So, Outlaw has a house at the south end of the city. It's a tall house close to a major highway. Is that right?"

"That's not what I said!"

"Excellent, thanks for your help."

"Anytime, my friends!"

"Let's go, men," said Raker. "We're off to find us an Outlaw!"

"How do you know he wasn't lying?" Kif asked Raker.

"Simple," Raker answered. "If he was lying, he'd be telling the truth."

"There it is," said Admiral Gordon. "That has to be it!"

He stood on the bridge of the DOOP Ship Nebula, pointing at the large metallic orb in the distance. Behind the Nebula were another eight large DOOP ships, including the Corona and the Cumulus. Along with it travelled Mom's large, personal star ship, escorted by three smaller ships, as well as a massive, planet-destroying laser cannon with 'Sal's Wrecking Co.' on it.

"My God!" said the Lieutenant at helm control. "Look at the SIZE of that thing!"

"Admiral," said an Ensign from another control panel. "We have Decapodian and Omicronian ships approaching."

"Excellent," the Admiral nodded. Once the Martians, Globetrotters, Neptunians, Trisolian and other ships have arrived, we can begin the attack."

The Omicronians joined the group of DOOP ships, with more than twenty large, circular warships. The lobster like Decapodian vessels did the same, and there was at least twenty of them also.

"How long until the attack begins, Lieutenant Berts," the Admiral enquired.

"Eight hours and twenty six minutes, sir."

"Excellent. I'll be in my quarters until then. Notify me if the...... thing makes any aggressive manoeuvres. If any of the other captains or admirals want to speak to me, direct the transmission to me directly."

"Yes, sir."

Admiral Gordon left the bridge, entering the lift.

"Not long to go now," he said to himself when the doors had closed. "Then we'll see how tough you really are."

5 Hours later

Stumbling into another clearing, Fry fell to his knees, breathing heavily with beads of sweat dripping from his head. He clutched his side and winced, causing Alesia to come running to him.

"Are you alright?!" she asked.

"Yeah," Fry lied. "It's just this heat is really getting to me."

"Let me look at the wound."

"No, it's fine," Fry refused. "I just need a drink, that's all."

As he began to crawl tiredly towards the stream, Alesia bent down and put an arm around him, supporting him.

"What are you doing?" Fry asked, sounding a little annoyed.

"I'm helping you," she said. "The sooner you drink, the sooner I can check that wound."

Fry managed a weak smile. He just couldn't say no to those eyes. Not after what happened between them just a few hours ago.

"Thanks," he said. She returned him a quick smile, then continued to help him to the riverbank. Fry knelt at the water's edge, sloshing handfuls of water into his mouth. Alesia splashed some water onto her face and took a small drink while he did so. When he was done, Fry wiped his sleeve across his face and sighed with satisfaction.

"Ahhhhh... much better!"

"Okay, now to check that wound," Alesia said firmly.

"I told you, it's fine!" Fry grumbled.

Alesia responded by reaching forward and poking him in the side.

"OWWWW!!! What the hell'd you do that for?"

"Sorry, but if you were okay that wouldn't have hurt! Now stop being a baby and let me look at it!"

"I'm not a baby!" Fry argued. "In fact, I'll look at it MYSELF!"

With that claim, Fry swiftly removed his jacket and shirt, then began to untie the bandage knot. Or at least try to.

"Uhh..... could you please untie this for me?" he said shyly.

Alesia just smiled and Fry turned his back to her and let her undo the knot. After she had, Fry carefully removed the makeshift dressing from his side and examined the gash.

"See!" he said. "I told you I wasn't a baby! I can..."

He trailed off and begun to go a little green in the face.

"Ewwwwww! It's disgusting! I don't wanna touch it!!"

As Fry had indicated, the wound wasn't a pleasant sight. There was a thick glob of yellow puss all over it, as well as other signs of infection. Alesia winced also.

"It's clearly infected," she said. "And the heat of this jungle doesn't really help. I just wish I had some clean dressings. I suppose the best we can do is clean it up a bit, wash what we've got, and reapply them until we find a way to civilisation."

"I'll never eat creamed corn again!" Fry declared. "Assuming that is I ever DID eat it."

Alesia began to clean the purulent injury, causing Fry to jump a little. As he leaned back he looked into the blue sky above and noticed something hovering in the sky.

"Hey, there's a bird up there. Looks a bit like an albatross."

"What's an albatross?" Alesia asked, washing the cloth in the stream.

"You don't know? They're large birds that live near seas and oceans."

Alesia suddenly stopped and looked and Fry.

"What did you say?" she asked.

"I said, they're large birds that live near seas and oceans."

She gasped and leaned forward, looking at him in the eyes with a huge smile on her face, her arms grasping his shoulders.

"Do you know what this means?!" she asked with glee.

Fry stared blankly at her for a few seconds.

"That you didn't know what I said the first time, so I had to repeat myself?"

Alesia shook her head quickly. Fry thought some more.

"That for some reason I know what albatrosses are, but you don't?" Fry asked.

"Well, yeah...." Alesia said. "But we must be close to the sea or ocean you saw!"

Fry's face brightened.

"Hey! Yeah!"

"Let's quickly get this wound dressed, then we can see HOW close we are!"

She wrapped the cleaned cloth around Fry's waist, Fry put his shirt and jacket back on, and the two continued to follow the water downstream. Within just a few minutes, they pushed their way though the last of the trees and came across what they were searching for.

Before them lay a vast, sandy beach. To their left was flat sand for as far as the eye could see. To their right the coastline curved around where some steep cliffs were situated, the sand ending and a cluster of rocky shore taking it's place. A cool sea breeze greeted their faces, and the only noise was the odd bird and the gentle ambience of the ocean washing across the beach. The two of them were both in awe for half a minute or so.

"We made it!" Alesia said, smiling happily. "We made it!"

Without much thought, she gave Fry a forceful kiss on the mouth, one so quick and stealthy that he didn't have much time to react. He chuckled, a little red in the face.

"I suppose we'd better find a place to rest up," he said. "Look."

He pointed to the sky just above the ocean horizon. Sure enough, the sun was starting to drop. Almost as a signal that they had made it just in time.

"We should try the cliffs over there," Fry added, pointing to their right. "They did well for us last time."

Slowly walking along the long beach towards the rocky area, sure enough there was a cove in the side of the cliffs. The two spent the next hour or so carting some leafy bush branches over to the area, then found another tree with the fruit they had eaten earlier. By the time this was done, the sun was looking like half an orange ball sitting on the far edge of the ocean. The endless stretch of water sparkled from the final rays of the giant star, and the dull light only enhanced the beauty of the bright glow of the distant sky, a mix of reds, yellows, pinks and blues.

Alesia was just finishing off making her leafy bed when she looked down towards the beach to see Fry sitting on the sand near the water's edge. She slowly wandered down to him and stood beside him.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" she noted quietly, looking out at the spectacular sunset that Fry was also regarding.

"Yeah," Fry said, his eyes half-closed in a calm manner. "I can't recall seeing anything quite like this. Though with a whole area of blankness, that's not surprising."

Alesia sat beside him in the sand. There was a moment of silence.

"Hey, when was the last time you checked that radar thingy?" Fry asked her.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, almost jumping a bit. "I completely forgot about it!"

She checked the wrist computer.

"It's closer now!" she said. "Same direction, to our right, but not as far now. It stopped moving too."

"That's good news," Fry smiled. This was followed by another long pause, before Fry spoke again. "So... have you made your decision... about your memory and all...."

Alesia's face instantly saddened. Fry's expression quickly matched hers.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" he said. "I guess you don't like being reminded about that, huh?"

Alesia just sniffed.

"Let's change the subject," Fry suggested. "I mean, why talk about such a gloomy subject during this beautiful sunset?"

She managed a teary smile.

"You're so sweet," she said, her large eyes staring at him. She gently leant up against him, her eyes closing with content as her head rested lightly on his shoulder. Fry couldn't help but smile.

"Awwww, you're just saying that," he said modestly.

"No," she smiled. "You've been so nice to me."

"Hello!" Fry said, chuckling a bit. "Who was the nurse today, huh?"

Alesia removed her head from his shoulders and looked into his eyes again.

"I did it because I care for you so much."

She leant over and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. When it finally ended, she smiled at him, the returned her head to his shoulder. Fry just smiled.

'She's been so strong,' he thought to himself. 'And this is so relaxing. I could just sit like this forever.'

After a while Fry absent-mindedly turned his eyes towards the right and caught something in the distance: lights. Not natural either, lights of civilisation. It was the urban glow of a coastal city. A huge grin came to Fry's face, and he was about to tell Alesia when he noticed she had fallen asleep. He smiled at her.

"It can wait until morning," he whispered to nobody in particular. He placed a light kiss on her forehead, then stared once again at the setting sun.

To be continued