Fan Fiction

Lost Time, part 1
By María M Salazar

This fic is also available in Spanish, click here for Tiempo Perdido, parte 1

[6:00am Planet Express´ Lounge. Sometimes happen incomprehensible things...]

Professor: (asked angry, and he looked at the floor)Who did this?! If I find the guilty, I promise I will...

Bender: Hi buddies! Wow! How did this great spot?

Leela: It looks like oil or something weird.

Professor: (sigh) I´m going to do a DNA test, when I find the guilty he´ll be severely punished.

[Two months later, the professor did the DNA and the Planet Express´employees are waiting impatient the results...]

Amy: I´m sure that I didn´t do it, I´m not so dirty!

Bender: (ironically) I don´t think so, because you have sex with everything.

Amy: (angry) GRR!

Fry: I don´t know if I did it...Perhaps I was drunk.

[Finally, Hermes left the lab and went to the T.V room, where they were waiting]

Hermes: And the guilty is...Bender Bending Rodriguez!

Bender: (shouting) Yeah!

Hermes: You had a failure in your operating system that it connected with your oil tank...And the oil is really expensive now.

Bender: It means that I can be rich selling my own oil?

Hermes: Yeah, but you can die.

Bender: What difference does it make? I´ll be rich!

Hermes: (sigh) Ok, do what you want...Fry can I talk to you?

Fry: Sure!

[They went to Hermes´ Office]

Hermes: Fry, Did your parents talk to you about your family?

Fry: Yeah, Why?

Hermes: The Professor thinks that you can have a twin.

Fry: WHAT?! I only have a brother called Yancey!

[In that moment, the professor appeared]

Professor: Not necessary.

Fry:(scared) What?! What does it mean?

Professor:When I did the DNA test I found other New New Yorker with your same DNA.

Fry: Who is he?

Professor: It´s a man, called Lewis.

Fry: (impressioned) Wow! And how was it possible?

Professor: Well, it has a small scientific reason. When you were born, two minutes later was born your brother.

Fry: Why my parents didn´t say it?

Professor: I don´t know, but I think that they didn´t love him and other family adopted him.

Fry: (crying) It was really cruel.

Hermes: Don´t worry. You must think that you was really lucky because your parent loved you.

Fry: No, they didn´t. My mother was an addict of sports and my father was obsessed with a nuclear war that never arrived. But...I was the past! I´m going to look for my brother!

Professor: Good luck! Here, the address.

[Fry went to the T.V room]

Leela: What happened?

Fry: Nothing, except that I´ve other brother.

Bender: Awww...Am I going to steal to one more meatbag? Fry, you are a good fiend!

[Three days later, Fry was thinking in his brother, He could not sleep and eat. He decided go to visit him, but he´s going to do it in secret... In that same week Bender decided to sell his oil, and the Professor forgot to punish him]

Leela: Fry, where do you go?

Fry: (sigh) I´m going to visit my brother.

Leela: That´s so sweet...Can I go with you?

Fry: OK, but don´t say it to anybody

Leela: OK, my lips are sealed!

[They arrived and Fry was more nervous than ever]