Fan Fiction

Leela's Return
By Silverwolf

Hi, all! This is a non-script continuation of my earlier short script under a different name about Leela leaving for her home planet. This is a drama, and I'd really love it knowing that someone read it thouroughly instead of people who just skim things. Please read it!

Chapter 1

Leela approached Planet Express offices. She hadn't been there in ten years and was quite nervous about returning. She took a deep breath, crossed the street, and headed inside. Leela walked to the front desk, behind it was a girl, about twenty, with long brown hair and dark skin flipping through papers.

"Excuse me.", Leela said.

"Oh, hi. Do you have business with Planet Express?", replied the girl.

"Not exactly. I'm looking for a Philip Fry. Does he still work here?" The girl chuckled.

"He owns the company and lives here, lady."

"Oh.", Leela replied a little surprised. "May I see him."

"Is he expecting you?"

"No. I'd rather surprise him."

"Okay, then. I don't think he'll mind.", the girl answered and pointed down a hallway. "Last office in the hall."

"Thank you.", Leela finally replied and set off down the hall towards the last office. She looked in to see a person, head hidden by a laptop, watching an old TV show that looked like it was from the 20th century, and eating Bachelor chow and Slurm gummi snacks. As the person watched TV, he uttered a very Fry-ish sounding laugh. For a split second he looked up, then double takeed when he saw the familiar face in the door way.

"Leela?", Fry said softly and surprisingly. Leela simply nodded. He jumped up from the bed and ran to her. They looked into each other's eyes and then hugged. "Oh, Leela. Is it really you?", Fry said happily.

"Yes." said Leela, very glad fainaly to see him again.

"Oh, my God! How are you? This is great! I thought I'd never see you again!", Fry exclaimed. They pulled apart and looked at each other and how they'd changed. Fry in a very similar outfit, but with futuristic shoulder hoops, pretty much the same hair. A thin pair of glasses on his nose. Leela with her hair shorter and down, wearing a tank top with a coat over it and gray skit.

"I missed you too, Fry.", Leela said.

"What brings you to my neck of the woods?", Fry joyfully replied.

"Well, let's just say I need to get back on my feet again. Can I stay here? Unless there's not enough room or..."

"Of course! This couch folds out into a bed, I'll just bring it up to the observatory. It's more comfortable up there, it's where I live."

"Uh, Fry. Just how did you get Planet Express?"

"Well, Farnsworth kicked the bucket about five years ago and I was his only living heir."

"Oh, I'm sorry.", Leela answered and Fry shrugged. Just then a guy, about 25 or so, walked into the room. Kind of short, brown hair, a little like Fry.

"Uh, Fry. I kind of got sidetracked and forgot to make the delivery.", said the guy. Fry smacked his face with his hand and sighed.

"Again, Brad?", Fry said annoyingly. "You know I really don't like to punish you, but you have to focus on your job."

"I know, I know", Brad replied. "But there was this really hot alien babe..."

"Long Gizzaboberiods?", Fry asked interested.

"You know it!", Brad answered enthusiastically. Fry smiled and then snaped out of it and went back to what he was saying.

"We have to get that package there!"

"Okay, have fun."

"Oh, no! You're coming!", Fry said scoldingly and then turned to Leela. "Sorry, but I have to get this done. Wanna come with?"

"Sure.", Leela replied and got up to follow Fry. Fry walked out of the room, grabbed the ship keys off a table, and headed for the ship with Leela and Brad following. He climbed up the stairs and sat in the captain's seat. "You're driving?", asked Leela, a little surprised.

"Yeah, it's my ship." Fry simply answered and started it up. Leela sat in the background, never having been on the planet Express ship without having to control it before. Leela thought to herself how different Fry had become, he actually seemed focused on his job and life.

Before she knew it, Fry and Brad delivered the package and they were on their way home. Felling sleepy after her long journey to Earth and the extremely stressful day, Leela was snoozing on the small couch in the cockpit room. A shake in the ship's usual smooth travel awakened her. Leela yawned, lifted her head, and looked to see what was going on. She gasped to see that Fry and Brad were struggling to keep the ship in the air.

"What's wrong?!", Leela frantically yelled to them.

"I don't know!", Fry answered, a little scared. "I just gave the ship a tuneup yesterday. We're going down!"

"I think there's a planet nearby we can land on!", Brad helpfully told Fry.

"Well, we're landing, NOW!", Fry turned the steering wheel and the ship diverted to a small planet. The planet Express ship dived down fast and landed with a huge thump and shake that knocked Fry, Brad, and Leela "head over heels."

"Is everybody okay?", Fry and Leela coincidentally said at the same time. They exchanged a quick smile and then looked around. Fry pulled a shook up, but alright, Brad from under the captain's chair that had fallen on him during the crash. The three then reluctantly ran for the door and opened it, Fry groaned to discover the ship had a lot of damage.

"Well, I bet I can fix this in about five hours.", Leela said with her old take-charge attitude.

"Naw, I bet I can take care of it.", Fry said in reply as he leaped down about four feet to the ground below. Feeling a little rejected, Leela leaped down after him.

"No, I want to help.", Leela offered again.

"You really don't have to do anything, Leela. I've got it covered." Feeling like she should be the one in charge and feeling Fry was rejecting her, Leela remarked.

"If you've got it covered, then why did we crash?"

"I don't know. I'm trying to figure that out. I don't need your help, Leela!" Without a real reason, Fry and Leela were at each other's throats. Brad came outside and approached them.

"Uh, Fry, we crashed because we were out of fuel.", Brad said sheepishly. Fry sighed.

"Did I not tell you to fill up the tank?"

"I'm sorry."

"Look, Brad. We have to talk when we get back.", Fry said sternly. "If you don't start taking things more seriously and listening I'm going to have to fire you."

"Yes, sir.", Brad said softly and went back inside.

Leela then felt all kinds of feelings, sorry for accusing Fry of being the reason they crashed. He wasn't the screw-up he'd once been and certainly not as she remembered him (more like Brad). In fact, he had become more successful than she had. Fry certainly didn't need her help anymore. Leela just wanted to crawl under a rock and disappear, she regretted tracking Fry down with hopes of gaining an understanding shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Fry. I didn't realize you're not the same person I knew ten years ago.", Leela said. Leela avoided Fry's eye contact and Fry thought for a moment and began a long speech.

"I missed you, Leela, a lot. I felt lost without you and almost took the easy way out through a suercide booth because I couldn't handle the future. Luckily, I was flat broke that day and coudln't find anybody to borrow a quarter from. That's when I received a very important phone call from a lawyer. The professor had perished in a lab accident and being his only l iving relative, Planet Express was mine. The responsibility was huge and I thought I couldn't handle it. But, I thought of you and that drove me on. I changed my ways and Planet Express is very popular now. Leela, without your guidance I would never have made it in the future, I'm forever grateful to you."

"Thank you, Fry.", Leela tearfully said in reply. "That means a lot." Fry and Leela then moved toward each other and held hands without even thinking about it. "I guess it's my turn to bring you up to date.", Leela started. "When I got to my home planet, everything was different. I was horrified at the fact that they don't care for animals of the environment at all. I grew depressed and felt I didn't belong. I tried my best, but couldn't fit in to society or locate any relatives. I was at the end of my rope, when things got even worse. A horrible storm hit the small planet, and it was plagued with disease. I think I was the only one who survived and got off the planet safely. I had nowhere else to go and I thought of you. Oh, my kind, they're all gone, Fry!" Leela began to cry and Fry held her close on the small planet, far away but so close.

"I'm always here for you, Leela."

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Chapter 2: Getting to know you

Hi, again! Sorry if this isn't as exciting, good, whatever, as my last chapter. But I wanted to continue the story and I needed some time to develop Fry and Leela out for the rest of the story. Oh, and the spell-check isn't working on my computer, so sorry if there's any mistakes ;) Enjoy, please read!

Fry tossed and turned in bed, completely relaxed and dreaming a faint dream he wouldn't remember once he awakened. A wonderful smell hit his nostrils and he rose in bed. Mmmm. Bacon? Eggs? Fry hadn't had a good breakfast in who knows how long and his mouth watered. He hopped out of bed, the smell was coming from the office kitchen downstairs.

Fry stepped over all kinds of t-shirts, pizza boxes, and other forgotten items on the floor. He looked over to Leela's side of the room, even though she didn't have many possesions right now, it was clean as ever. Leela wasn't in the fold-out bed, she must have awakened earlier. Fry hoped Leela wouldn't cramp his style living here, but didn't think she would because she had been worried about being in the way.

He put on a pair of jeans and headed downstairs for the kitchen. There was Leela, just sitting down to a good breakfast. As she lifted her fork, it almost came in contact of Fry's waiting mouth, which seemed to come out of nowhere.

"Ahhh?", Fry asked hopefully with mouth wide.

"Oh, no you don't.", Leela answered as she moved the fork away.

"Awww.", Fry said dissapointedly and gave Leela his most pathetic look. Leela just had to laugh at that.

"Fry, I woke up early to make a good breakfast and you think I'm just going to give it up to you? Not a chance", Leela smiled. "Get your own."

Fry shrugged, opened a cubard, pulled out a box or "Archduke Chocula", and poured it right from the box into his waiting mouth. Leela sighed in disgust, but smiled at his antics also. The girl secratary Leela had met earlier walked into the room carring a hollogram clipboard.

"Morning, Katie.", Fry greeted her through a mouthfull of cereal.

"Morning, Fry. Usual nutrious breakfast?", Katie answered.

"Hey, it hasn't killed me, yet!", Fry said jokingly as he put away the box. "Any buisness today?"

"Nothing on the scheudule, but I haven't chacked the overnight slot yet."

"Brad, Bender, Karli, and Alyancia here yet?"

"Nope.", Katie answered as she jotted some notes down. Leela looked up.

"Bender is still around here?", Leela asked Fry.

"Yeah.", Fry remarked in reply. "He malfunctions a lot." He then walked across the kitchen. "No coffee? I'm going to go get the paper and check the overnight package slot." Fry left and Leela and Katie looked to each other.

"I don't think we've really met.", Katie mentioned to Leela.

"Oh, I'm Leela. An old friend of Fry's.", Leela said in introduction.

"I'm Katie. I basically keep Fry organized."

"I'm, sure he uses you a lot." Leela smiled and Katie giggled.

"That's Fry alright. How long have you known him?"

"Well, ten years ago I was the captain of the Planet Express ship and Fry and Bender were my crew."

Katie laughed out loud to this, "That must of been hell."

"Oh, they things they did, once Bender bet Fry in a poker game and lost! I had to travel all the way out to Gamblex 3 to get him back." Katie and Leela burst into laughter. "Oh, good times."

Fry walked in the room after Leela and Katie had a good long conversation.

"Is it true that you got your tounge stuck to lamposts twenty times when you delivered to the frost planet?", Katie asked Fry.

"No... it was fifteen.", Fry replied sheepishly, but then laughed along with Katie and Leela. Fry checked his watch, "It's 9:00, buisness will be starting soon." He then headed upstairs, Leela soon followed. Fry settled down on his bed, reached for his laptop, and booted it up. He'd have to e-mail a few payments, make sure yesterday's delivery reached it's destination, and fianally win at solitare. Leela sat down next to him.

"If you don't mind, Fry, I'd appriciate if you'd not tell anybody that I'm staying here. I just want to get settled, that's all.", Leela said.

"That's alright, I understand.", Fry answered comfortably. "I'll just leave Katie a memo."

"Thanks, Fry. Tell me, are you and Katie very close."

"Not really, we have a more professional relationship. That girl is a wonder! I don't know how I'd manage Planet Express without her. She's Hermes's cousin or neice or something. I forget." Fry slipped on a pair of reading glasses and began to type something. Leela walked over to her side of the room and put up her hair in a short ponytail. She reached through her stuff for some mascara and wondered if she would look good with eyelash implants. Fry's watch went off.

"Company meeting.", Fry muttered. "You going to be okay up here by yourself?"

"Don't worry about me.", Leela answered and she watched Fry leave. With not too much to do, Leela laid down and thought to herself. She knew Fry had had a crush on her way back when, she wondered if he did today. Or if he had a girlfriend for that matter. Leela had always been fond of Fry, she thought he was kind of a screw up, but he had a good heart and could make her laugh. She just wasn't that interested in dating him. Today, Leela was surprised that Fry was a lot more responsible and could take charge of a situation. He still did have the same bad fashion taste and way of doing things, but that wasn't that bad. The present and the past both had had strong effects on him. Was she starting to like him?! "No", Leela told herself. She was just greatful that he had taken her in and was there for her. She pushed the thought to the way back of her mind, sat up, and walked to the window.

New New York looked pretty much the same since she left it, except for a few minor changes. Leela's eyes darted to a poster on Fry's wall of Old New York, it looked so... different, stone-age like. She thought that she would never be able to go through when Fry did, although she came close. Leela then totally turned to Fry's things. She knew she shouldn't snoop, but her curiosity got the best of her. Leela walked over his stuff to get to his desk. She laughed at the "What Part of MOON don't you understand?" magnet that was one of the ornaments on top of it. She pulled open a drawer. The first thing that met Leela's eye was a photo album. She opened it and found old pictures, most were small and of 20th century things, Fry must have been frozen with them in his wallet. She found quite a few of this one girl. Leela took one out and flipped it over to the backside, it read, "To Fry, you'll always be in my heart. Think of me often, Michelle." Leela figured it must be an old girlfriend and wondered if Fry was lonely for her. Leela turned the page and smiled at what she saw. There was a picture of her and Fry, she was pretty sure that it was taked the day she left. the binding was weak on this page, Fry must of opened to it often. Leela was just wondering if Fry had lost weight when she heard him coming up the stairs. Quickly, she threw the book back into place, closed the drawer, and went back to her side.

"Well, my crew is off the the planet Dawnia.", Fry said to Leela as he walked in. Leela and Fry walked over to each other and for a couple seconds their eyes met. "I'm going to run out to the store to pick up a thing or two, get some computer work done, and then if you want to do something together..."

"Sure.", Leela said and smiled.

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Chapter 3: Star Gazing

I'm BACK! Enjoy this, and sorry 'bout the spelling.

Leela rolled over in bed. She couldn't get to sleep, there were too many thoughts in her head. She figured it was about 2:00 at night as she stairred at the ceiling. Leela got out of bed and tip-toed across the room, praying not to step on any of Fry's things. She had made a path through them so you didn't have to step on anything to get from her bed to the door. If Fry had noticed, he probably didn't care. Leela sighed and squinted, she didn't have very good vision in the dark and combined with her bad depth-perception, she just hoped she wouldn't walk into anything, Leela hated to admit that even to herself. She made it to the door and down the stairs. Left, down a hallway, right, and she was in the kitchen off the company meeting room. Leela walked over to the sink and poured herself a glass of water.


She jumped a little and reached for a dim light switch by her. Fry was sitting in a chair by the table, Leela hadn't noticed or probably couldn't of seen him. "You get a glass of water when you can't sleep, either?", Fry asked calmly. Leela brushed back her medium-length purple hair and walked over to the table.

"Yeah.", Leela softly admitted and sat down. Fry played with the water in his glass and Leela looked to the side at the wall. Leela decided she should break the ice with come conversation.


"So... you want to back upstairs? Since we're both awake and all, we could hang out.", Fry suggested.

"Alright." They left their chairs and started back up. Leela felt she trusted Fry enough to lightly place her hand on his shoulder so she wouldn't lose her way, Fry didn't ask questions. When they reached the observatory/Fry's living quarters, Fry walked over to the wall where the Professor's old experiments and lab equipment was kept and started to feel the wall.

"What are you looking for?", Leela asked him from across the room.

"There's a switch here somewhere for the sky-roof.", Fry answered. He then found it and a soft whirring sound hit the room. A part of the roof was uncovered (but with still a glass pane) and the beautiful night sky could be seen. With a successful smile, Fry walked back to Leela. "I'll never get tired of stargazing."

Fry and Leela layed oposite each other below the sky-roof just looking up. They both knew they were ovoiding talking about what was on their minds, and wondered if the other one wanted to have a conversation about what had been keeping the other one up. Fry thought about Leela, he didn't want her to be hurt or anything and wanted to comfort and help her. He decided to make the first move

"You okay, Leela?"

Leela looked to the side, Fry was trying to look over and gain eye contact, she avoided it.

"Oh, I don't know what I'm feeling."


"Well, I..." Leela paused, resenting talking about it. She looked over to Fry and again felt she trusted him and remembered he said he'd be there for her. She'd never had a greater understanding with one person. And so she continued, "When I went back to my home planet, I thought I'd feel like I was home. But there was still something missing I couldn't get together. Now that I'm back here, I feel more at home. But I feel so different from everybody, there's nowhere where I completely belong. I'm not quite human, but I don't look totally alien, enough accepted and excused by normal society. I'm just different, I'm a cyclopes."

Fry looked to her sympathetically and answered understandingly.

"Oh, Leela. You're not a cyclopes. Cyclopes are supposed to be ugly, you're very beautiful."

Leela looked up. "Fry, that was really nice, you mean it?"

"Sure I do. I feel the same way a lot, I belong to two different worlds. When I'm here, I feel so different."

"It dosen't show up right away whe people judge you, you're the mass species on this planet."

"Yeah, but I can still feel it. I felt it a lot when I first came here, and it went away for a while. Just lately it's come back, I've having this repetive dream that I haven't had for years."

"Go ahead."

"I'm delivering a pizza in the 20th century, and I'm actually happy about it. Everything in the background is farmiliar and simple, I also feel like I know everyone. Anyway, I get to the apartment and knock. No one answers, so I knock harder. My hand goes through the door, like it's paper. I back away, confused, and then the whole building falls down, like the set of a play or a movie. I run, scared. Everything around me is crashing down and a dark version of this city shows, everything is unfarmiliar. I keep running until I end up in a room of complete darkness. I sit there, shaking, and wondering what would happen next. Suddenly, a person starts walking toward me. It's Michelle!"

Leela perked up at the name, remembering the photo album. "Michelle?"

"She was my girlfriend in the 20th century.", Fry answered and then looked down. "She also dumped me on the night I was frozen... should I continue or am I boring you?"

"Oh, no, no, no, no. Please go on."

Fry sighed, the story was getting hard to tell. "Alright. Michelle approaches me and says, 'Hi, Fry. Where have you been?' I'm so happy to see her at first, I jump up and feel that everything is going to be alright. Her expression then changes to anger for no reason, 'Goodbye, Fry.' ,she says, smugly, eyes laughing. Michelle reaches for a lever and pulls it. The ground breaks beneath me and I'm falling and falling. That's when I wake up."

Leela looked to him, she didn't want to poke in a sensitive area, but she wanted to help Fry and was curoius as always.

"Do you wish you could go back to your old life?"

Fry thought for a moment. "I used to, when I first came here. But to face reality, my old life sucked. I had a lousy job and I would of never been as successful as I am now. But, I would like to go back for just one day. To see all the people and things I left behind, and kind of say goodbye."

Fry and Leela looked to each other and gave understanding smiles. Leela squinted around the dimly-lit room. She saw a watch, probably Fry's, and reached for it: 3:23 am. Fry and Leela reached for each others hands and held tight for comfort.

"There's another part of that dream, when I'm falling, you're there and rescue me."

Leela felt herself drifting off into sleep. The last thing she remembered was a certain feel for Fry.

Fry felt a pain in his back and sat up, it was a pencil. Maybe Leela was right and he should clean up... in a few weeks. LEELA! Fry remembered what happened last night and looked around, he was on the floor on a few pillows and the sky-roof was open. Leela was asleep by his side, he didn't think he'd ever actually seen her asleep before, she was always up before him. He reached over and rubbed her shoulder gently.

"Ummm, what-what?!", Leela said as she woke up almost exactly as Fry had.

"Leela... did we, uh... you know, do it last night?", Fry asked her. Leela chuckled.

"I don't know.", Leela answered and then paused. "Seriously now, did we?!"

"I don't think so.", Fry said. The shallow part of him that liked Leela for her body was disappointed, but Fry shook it off. He looked to his watch, 9:14 am. "Oh, man! I have to get up! It's after 9:00!"

Leela snapped up, surprised. "Woah. Well, good morning."

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Chapter 4: I think I love you

About the David Cassidy song, I didn't write it or anything. God, please don't sue me!!

Over the time Leela had been back in her old life and with Fry there for her, she was healing and getting her pride and strength back inside. In the shower that morning, Leela decided she was tired of hiding, she wanted to get a job and go out and do something. She knew for a fact that Fry would help her. As they woke up together earlier that morning (even though nothing happened except their comforting talk and feeling exchange) they kind of felt a little different about each other. A feeling came over Leela. It had always been there, but it was small and subtle, Leela pushed it away and ignored it automatically. But now it was strong, there were butterflies in her stomach and her heart lept. With Fry she felt this sort of happiness that she could barely comprehend.

"I'm sleeping, and right in the middle of a good dream. And all at once I wake up, with something that keeps knocking at my brain. Before I go insane I put my pillow to my head, and wake up in my bed, screaming out the words I dread, 'I think I love you!' (I think I love you.)"

Leela turned over in bed and looked over to Fry on the other side of the room, the thought griped her and she got up.

"This morning, I woke up with this feeling, I didn't know how to deal with. So I decided to myself, I'd hide it to myself, and never talk about it. And would not go and shout it when you walked into the room, 'I think I love you!' (I think I love you.)"

Leela walked into the kitchen. Thinking about her situation, she felt the her coffee cup and looked the the ground. Fry walked in the room, grabed something and started to walk out. Leela covered her mouth to hide her wide smile and keep from shouting out.

"I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of? Afraid that I'm not sure of, a love there is no cure for. I think I love you, isn't that what life is made of? And it worries me to say, I've never felt this way!"

Leela watched Fry and smiled to herself, a song in her heart.

She sat down and put her head in her hands. She slided her hands up to comb through her hair and thought to herself. She really hadn't felt this way before, about Fry of all people. But then Leela stopped, why was she rejecting him? The thought had never really come to her. Fry walked into the room and sat down by her, sipping from a coffee cup.

"Morning, Fry.", Leela greeted him

"Morning, Leela.", He answered back. Leela decided that she better approach Fry about getting out.

"Fry, I'm ready. Can you give me a job?"

Fry thought for a moment and answer, "Well, sure I can! You can be my advanced tecnical superviser."

"What do I do?"

"Bender had the job."

"Nothing and get payed?"


"Well, I want a job where I can actually do something, you know, help out."

"Well, I can always use you. You can help me out and go on delivery missions and stuff... don't worry, we don't go by the slogan, 'Our crew is replacable, your package isn't' anymore."

Leela laughed. "When do I start?"

"Whever you want! We've got buisness today, meeting at 11:35 and take off on delivery at 12:45. I'm going on the delivery today too, I haven't gone on one in a while.", Fry smiled and got up.

"Great!", Leela said happily. "Uh, wait, Fry."

Fry stopped and turned back to Leela. "Yeah?"

Leela gathered herself up and asked Fry, "Do you want to do something together, not here, out somewhere?"

Fry couldn't believe it. After all the times he tried to ask Leela out, she always turned him down. Now SHE was asking HIM out?! If he didn't care about Leela, he would of laughed him her face. Fry just smiled. "Leela, are you asking me out?"

Leela felt a little embarassed about asking and simply replied, "Yes."

"Is 8:00 okay?"

"Uh, yeah!"

Leela and Fry turned and walked away in oposite directions. as soon as they left the room they stopped and said outloud to themselves, "Oh, my God, I'm going out with FRY/LEELA!" and wondered if the other was going out with them just to be nice. If the other didn't actually like then, they'd be horribly embarassed.

Two girls walked into Planet Express chatting to each other, they sat down at the meeting table. Fry and Leela walked in.

"Delivery today?", the blonde girl asked Fry.

"Yep." Fry said and flipped through some papers he was carrying. "We're going to..."

"...Vergon 7", Katie finished as she walked in.

"Vergon 7? Sweet! Is that the one with all the purple fruit snakes?", Brad said, as he came in following Katie. He sat down next to the second girl, she was a redhead with freckles and wearing a white coat. Leela figured she must be the current staff doctor. "Hey, Kari", Brad greeted her. Leela guessed they also must be going out.

"Oooo-kay, first order of buisness.", Fry said as he leaned down on a chair. "This is Leela, an old friend and my ex-captain from way back."

Leela smiled and sat down. Everybody gave her at least a glance and the blonde waved.

"Any buisness today before the delivery?" , Fry continued.

A chorus of "No" went through the air, and everybody got up. Fry walked over to the blonde.

"You and Leela coming?", she asked him.

"Yep, Alyancia.", Fry replied and Leela walked over to the pair.

"Who's driving?", Alyancia asked. Fry took a coin out of his pocket and fliped it into the air.

"Call it!"


"You drive!", Fry said and threw Alyancia the keys. Brad, Alyancia, Fry, and Leela headed for the ship, Kari and Katie went back to their offices to do other things. Fry looked at his watch, "Oh, Bender's on the fritz again. He's either drunk or on a killing spree. I'll deal with it when we get back."

They entered the ship, Brad took an office chair and leaned back, Alyancia took the captian's seat, and Fry and Leela sat together on the couch.

Damn, I'm getting worse and worse at ending these chapters :) Thanx, people!

Chapter 5: First Date

This one's a little shorter than the others, but I'm planning on a pretty long one next time :) I've got plans, put together it's going to be a LONG story. If I stop for a while, that dosen't mean it ended! It'll be fianal when I say it's done!! And after that you STILL haven't gotten rid of me!! I'll think up another plot line! Ha!! Anyway, read and enjoy!

With their job well done without catastrophe, the crew (Alyancia, Brad, Leela, and Fry) turned for home. To let Alyancia rest, Fry took the wheel and she retreated to her quarters. Leela looked at her wrist computer; it was 4:00 in the afternoon and she nervously remembered her and Fry's first real date that coming night. She looked over to see Brad and Fry talking about something or other and Leela stretched and relaxed. For once she was in the Planet Express ship and didn't have to drive, she rather enjoyed it. Leela went back to her wrist computer and called up a novel she had downloaded and was about half-way through reading. Before she knew it, they were pulling into Planet Express office. When leaving the ship, Leela walked up to Fry.

"So, where we going tonight? I'm sure New New York has changed a little since I've been gone."

Fry smiled at the fact that he'd actually have to fill in Leela and answered, "I was thinking of this nice little club, I forget then name, but it's not too far from here." Fry walked over to Katie to discuss the delivery, and Leela walked to the couch.

Later that night Fry waited for Leela to come downstairs, and he let out a small and covered up gasp when he saw her. She was wearing this nice little outfit and miniskirt, she really looked pretty.

"You look nice.", was all Fry managed to say.

"Thanks.", Leela replied with a smile. The they were both in a good mood as they headed outside and caught a taxi. To make a long story short, Fry and Leela arrived at the resturaunt, got their table, and ordered.

"I know I've probably said this before, but I missed you over the time and I'm glad you're back.", Fry said in a cheerful tone as he lifted a glass to his lips.

"Yeah. I thought about you in my spare time while I was away, and wondered how you were doing. I'm impressed, Fry, with the long way you've come. " Leela said. "I can still remember what you were like when you wandered into my office."

Fry gave an agreeing, "Mmm." and their food arrived shortly after. They ate, talked, laughed, and each enjoyed the other's company. A catchy sone hit their ears and a few couples got up to dance. Fry started to stand up and met Leela's eye.

"So, do you want to dance?", he proposed.

"Uh, well, I guess so."

"Guess so?"

"Well... I admit that I don't really know how to well." Leela looked down. "I wasn't asked that much." Fry chuckled upon hearing this.

"I was hoping you'd teach ME some steps." Fry and Leela both laughed and Fry asked again, "So, come on."

"But, Fry, I..."

"Don't worry so much. We can copy everyone else. Just pretend there's no one else in the room..." Fry took Leela's hand. "...only me."

Took under by Fry's care-free attitude and the way he looked at her, Leela allowed herself to be led out onto the dance floor. They tried their best to dance and probably looked silly, but nor Fry or Leela cared. It was like the whole room was empty except for them. Leela thought she'd never had that much fun before in her life.

Fianally at 11:00 they decided it was time to head home. They walked outside into the crisp and cool night air.

"Since it's such a nice night, why not walk back?", Fry suggested. Although they had just danced the night away, Leela rather liked that idea and replied.

"You know, I'd love to." They walked cheerfully walked hand in hand along NNY's streets. Without really thinking, Fry blurted out.

"Leela, do you believe in fate?"

"Fate?", she answered.

"I guess that's sort of a 20th century term. It means that two people were destined to meet. Sometimes dispite unbelieveable distance and hardship."

Leela thought for a moment.

"Forget I said anything.", said Fry, thinking he should of kept it to himself.

"You know, Fry, I do believe in fate.", Leela softly said and they stopped about a block from PE office. Their eyes met and they're heads move closer until their lips touched.

It wasn't a long kiss, but it was short and very sweet.

"How about we do something Friday night?", Leela proposed.

"I'd love to.", Fry answered. At the back of his mind he thought that would be a busy day at work, but Leela came before all that and he could never say no when he looked into her beautiful face.

Things went on as usual after that. Buisness was good, they were doing at least one delivery a day and Leela flew the ship on a few of them. As for Leela and Fry's relationship, they held hands under the confrence table, but otherwise things went as on as their usual friendship goes.

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Chapter 6: Fry's Betrayal

Hope you like this chapter, I do! Enjoy!

Heaven. Fry relaxed in warm warm heaven.

Suddenly, a sound cut the air like a knife, "BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP!!!" Fry awoke with a shock and fell out of bed. Of course, he was the only one who heard the noise, it was a metal chip programmed as an alarm clock implanted in his ear. The thought of metal implanted somewhere in his body still made him queasy, but, heck, it was useful. As usual, Leela was gone somewhere. Fry didn't know how she managed to do the things she did. They had a date tonight, and also a delivery and he had paperwork to get done. Fry moaned and got up, put on pants and walked downstairs to the shower whistling, "Every little thing she does is magic..."

Leela popped a piece of grapefruit into her mouth and headed upstairs. She had heard Fry come down to get into the shower; good, that way Fry wouldn't see her stress over what to wear today and for their upcoming date. Leela had been nervous as ever for their first date, but now she felt comfortable with Fry. She knew that he would NEVER treat her wrong or hurt her. She picked up a cute, short, blue velvet dress. After a while, Leela could hear the keys clicking on Fry's laptop downstairs.

Leela came downstairs, it was about 7:30 and she wondered where Fry was. She went into his office downstairs and found a note...

Leela- If I'm not back by now, I promise I'll meet you at the restauraunt no later than 8:30. Love, Fry

She wondered where Fry was, she hadn't seen him hardly at all. but then she smiled warmly when she realized the letter was signed, "Love, Fry" Leela went upstairs to change, strutted outside, and caught a taxi. She arrived two hyper-seconds later at the restauraunt and sat down. Her watch read 8:07 pm. She played with the ice cubes in her glass boredly, before she knew it it was 8:30. Leela wondered what possibly could be holding Fry. She trusted him and signaled the waiter for an appitizer. While a few more mintues passed by, she reminded herself that Fry was different then the other jerks, he'd show up with a good excuse... she hoped. At 9:15 her food was long eaten and her ice cubes long melted. She looked at her reflexion in the empty glass and tried to hold back tears.

9:59. Fry moaned and gasped for breath. He ran as fast as he could out into the street. He hadn't had time to change or anything, all that mattered was getting to Leela. When he fianally reached the restauraunt, he opened the door and bumped right into Leela herself. Fry opened his mouth to explain, but Leela's face left him in shock. She was trying to be cool, but it was obvious that she was really really hurt. She walked past him and outside, trying to lose him so he wouldn't follow her. Fry walked inside the restauraunt, to Leela's table, sat down, and buried his face in his hands.

Leela needed to just get away and be alone, but she had nowhere to go. She walked into Planet Express, trying not to be seen if anybody was working late and up into her old captain's quarters on the ship. Leela layed down on the bad and softly burst into tears. Alyancia walked by the room and noticed her. Embarassed, Leela wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Uh... I'm sorry.", Leela said tearfully.

"No, it's okay." answered Alyancia and sat on a chair. "What's wrong?"

"Oh, Fry is the most stubborn, self-centered, pig-headed guy I ever met! I never want to see his face again!", Leela said angrily. "I don't care."

"Hmm. Well, if you don't care and never want to see him again, why are you so upset?"

Leela realized Alyancia's point and stopped to think. Alyancia continued, "Trust me, Fry feels terrible about this."

"Hey, why are you defending him?", Leela said, trying to keep off the subject.

"Well... because it was kind of my fault he was late. We were in a galaxy I've never been to, and if I'd of just let him drive we wouldn't of gotten lost. Fry really wanted to get to you, and he tried all he could." Alyancia stopped for a second. "Here, Fry is more likely to give a meaningful apology if he thinks you're not listening." Alyancia took a small black charm off the desk. "This is a mini-camera, I'll go talk to Fry and wear this on my necklace."

"Thanks", Leela replied as Alyancia left. Leela put her head in her hands to just think about all this. A few minutes later, Alyancia returned and took the mini-camera off her neck. She hooked it to the TV and let it play...

The camera walks shakily down the hall to see Fry standing with his head against the wall.

"Fry? Fry?!", Alyancia says from behind the camera.

"Oh. Hi.", Fry answers uninthusiastially.

"How long have you been standing there?"

"I don't know. A couple hours."


Fry pulls his head off the wall to face the camera and Alyancia.

"Because I am such an idiot! When I started dating Leela, I knew she had been hurt in the past and I promised myself that I would treat her right and never NEVER hurt her. But I broke that promise. I could tell that she was really hurt by the look on her beautiful face... all because of me. I love her so much."

"Have you ever told her that?"

Fry sighes. "I'd love to tell her how much she means to me. But I can't. I don't think she loves me the way I love her. She was probably just going out with me because she knows I like her." Fry starts to look close to tears. "Oh, I love you Leela! You've done so much for me!" The tape ends with Fry's sobbing, "Please forgive me!"

Without even thinking about it, Leela put her hand against the screen and uttered a weak, "Fry!"

"He's in the main hallway.", Alyancia commented, feeling she'd made up for her fault.

Leela ran out of the ship and down the hall to Fry as fast as she could. As soon as Fry saw her, he jumped up.

"Oh, Leela, I'm-", Fry started.

"Apology accepted!"


"Oh, when you were talking to Alyancia she taped it and I saw it and I guess I shouldn't of assumed you did it delibertly and, oh Fry! I love you too!"

Leela fell into Fry's arms and they hugged... and kissed... and headed for the broom closet...

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Chapter 7: Unexpected Happenings

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Fry stretched. He loved the idea of getting all his work done for the day by simply working from a laptop. Although he was worried about a situation with a delivery from many years back, he doubted it would get serious. Fry left his office and ran upstairs to hang out with Leela. Oh, Leela. How he loved her. Fry headed into the observatory to see Leela exercising and some music playing in the background.

"Hey, Fry!", she greeted him. "You don't mind if I work out, do you?"

Fry looked at Leela in her skimpy gym outfit. "Oh, not at all!" He sat on his bed and flipped on the TV. A few minutes passed and there was a knock on Fry's door. Fry got up to answer it, and was quite surprised when his face was hit with a sponge the instant it was open. There stood Bender.

"Oh, I'm going to get you!", Fry laughed as he and Bender chased each other like children about the observatory. Leela smiled. Although there was a worry in the back of her head that they'd break something, she loved their antics. Leela loved Fry's carefree and cheerful attitude, and was glad to see Bender again after all this time.

"Alright, cut it out, you two!", Leela said jokingly and Fry and Bender stopped their chase.

"Oh, hey Leela.", Bender remarked without thinking. A few seconds later, he realized. "Leela! Where you been?"

"Around.", Leela simply said.

"Do you owe me money?"

"No. In fact you owe ME 75 bucks!"

"But that's past! I'm just glad to see you again.", Bender said in a fake voice. "Any beer in the fridge downstairs? I need to hide out here for a while. The company recallers are after me again."

"Sure, Bender. I'll go down with you.", said Fry and followed him. A few minutes later downstairs...

"You WHAT?!", Bender exclaimed.

"Well, I actually care about--"

"You're telling me it took you ten years to make it with Leela?"

Fry chuckled, "Well, yeah."

"She may not be rich... but at least you have a girlfriend."

"How's the pimping circuit going?"


Bender headed for the couch, Fry turned a corner to meet up with Leela and sweetly they kissed. At that moment, a feeling surged through Fry and he decided wanted to be with Leela for the rest of his life. Without warning, a electronic voice cut the air.


"It can wait.", Fry said and turned back to Leela.


"WHAT?!", Fry yelled out and the mood was instantly broken. He fled to the computer with Leela at his heels. "Oh, no. We're being sued for a lost package years ago; apparently it took a while for the message to reach here becuase of their planet's primitive tecnology." "For how much?", Leela asked worried. "Well, with interest... 100,000,000.", Fry said slowly and just stared spellbound. "Oh-no. What am I going to do?!" Fry left the room and walked through the office. "Katie! Katie?!"

"Right here, Fry.", Katie calmly said as she confronted the twosome. "What's up?"

"Go read the e-mail I just got. Where are the past delivery records kept?"

"Third through seventh cabinet in the main office."

Fry went to the main office and Leela helped him go through the records. A few hours later...

"Found it! This package was never signed for. There's no exact date, but it says 3001... do you remember that, Leela?", Fry worridly exclaimed.

Leela looked at the record and gulped, it was her fault the package never got there, "Ummm... I'll have to think about it."

"I can't pay this! Planet Express will go out of buisness.. and then what'll I do? We'll have to find out exactly why the package didn't reach it's destination, maybe there's a loophole."

Leela was distracted on that delivery, and they had lost the package when the cargo door was loose. Leela had forgotten to check it before they balsted off! She knew she should tell Fry, but then it would STILL be Planet Express's fault and Fry would think of her when he was bankrupt.

"Well, the court hearing is on Judgeaplex 4 tomarrow!! Lousy message service. We have until then to find something."

Leela nodded. "Why don't we sleep on it?"

Leela heard Fry's quiet snoring from across the room; she blew him a kiss and tip-toed downstairs. Once Leela was in the hallway out of the observatory, she lit a dim night light to find her way throughout the dark office. Feeling extreemly guilty, she swore to find a way to get them out of this! Leela flipped through a book of legal rights in modern time, but then felt she could barely keep her eye open. So she wouldn't be bloodshot in the morning, Leela sat down on the kitchen table just to rest her eye and...

"Well, well, well."

Leela awoke with a start. "Oh my gosh! What time it it?!"

"It's 10:30 am.", said Fry. "This is a cheerful note... considering what I have to go through today."

Leela noticed Fry was wearing a suit, instead of his usual old-fashioned getup. Behind him stood Katie, looking set on buisness as usual.

"I'll see you later.", said Fry and they kissed goodbye. "I love you. Wish me luck!"

"Fry wait!", Leela yelled, just waking up, but they were already gone. "Oh, Fry! I'm sorry! There's got to be a way to get through this!"

Chapter 8: Case Closed and Another Day Passed

Fry didn't want to admit it, but he was scared and nervous. Why did this have to happen? He was doing just fine, making money... making it with Leela. Next to him was Katie, she always looked ready to handle anything... what would happen to her if Planet Express lost?! Oh, it seemes like everything always happened to him... and effected others. And Leela, she'd have to go back to being a fate assignment officer... HE'D have to go to a fate assignment officer!! Fry shivered, he had a phobia of them. Bender leaned over and spoke to Fry from a seat behind and brought him out of his dream world.

"Don't worry, buddy, you'll get out of this for sure!"

"Thanks, Bender!", Fry said, very happy for support.

Bender turned to a guy next to him he didn't even know and whispered, "Fat chance."

Fry mumbled under his breath, "I heard that!" and waited for the plaintiff to take the stand.

Leela flipped through some records of old deliveries and company rules. "Oh, it's useless!", she cried out to the empty building and hung her head. Suddenly, a paper caught her eye. "This is it!! Why didn't I think of it before?!"

The judge raised his gravel. "I hearby order Planet Express to pay a sum of--"

"Wait!!!", a desperate voice yelled and everybody in the court room looked to the doorway. There stood Leela; she saw Fry's worried face instantly light up when he saw her. "Please, your honor, let me have a say." Leela took the floor looking tired and carrying an armful of dot-matrix computer paper. "As you can see here, Planet Express changed owners since the incident. When Mr. Fry inherited the buisness, he changed some rules. The previous owner, Professor Hubert Farnsworth, had been illegally reusing career chips. Therefore, the crew at that time was not assigned those jobs and disqualified!"

The entire courtroom gasped. The judge thought for a moment, "Case dismissed!"

"Yess!", Fry and Leela let out at the same time and ran to each other. When they met, Fry lifted Leela up and spun her around happily.

"Oh, I still can't thank you enough!", Fry said, all smiling.

"Anytime." said Leela and grabbed some popcorn from the bowl. Before she knew it, Fry was totally engrossed in the TV show they were watching. He could be like that sometimes, and although Leela pretended to be annoyed by it, she actually thought it was cute. The fact that he was actually doing something with his life made her love him even more. Funny, when he wandered into her office she never dreamed that her life would become so tangled with his. It's possible that she could of loved him all along, but just ignored it. After all, she did get this certain feeling when he was in danger and hated to see him hurt. Fry started to move his hand toward the popcorn bowl, to test him, she move her hand. Fry smiled and took it. Test passed with flying colors :)

Fry smiled at Leela and held her hand tight, so small and soft. He brushed her hair back to see her face, Leela always seemed to want to hide her face because of her eye. It was sad that such a small thing like that ruled her life. To make Leela feel comfortable, Fry always smiled when he got to see her. He could care less about her eye, his first look at her when t hey first met was her profile... mmmm. Also, when she wasn't trying to be the boss or anything she was really sweet to him, Fry loved to make her laugh. Whenever he saw her, his heart made a small leap! Oh, how many many times Fry thought about how much he loved her. Ever since he landed here she'd always been the person he fell back on, through thick and thin.

Involuntarily, they kissed. Fry lifted a glass of Slurm.

"To us! And let nothing come between."

"Cheers." said Leela. But there was one thing that bothered Leela about Fry, they way he gulped down Slurm. She hoped to make him kick that habit... that and the fact that he was so damn short-sighted and with a tendency to be stubborn. "11:00, better turn in."

"Yeah.", Fry commented and they headed upstairs with their arms around each other.

Leela yawned and opened her eye. She squinted around the room, another morning at Fry's. She ad been through so much in her life sometimes she had to just think abiut where she was for a moment. Leela stretched. Fry was to her right, she'd love to wake him up but just didn't have the heart to; Leela didn't like waking up alone very much but wasn't about to sleep late. She got up and walked to the window, it was a nice day outside today; maybe for a change of pace she'd take a quick shower and go outside for a walk this morning. The more Leela thought about it, the more she liked the idea.

Grabbing her favorite green coat that she'd had for who knows how long, Leela wrote a not to Fry (just in case he actually woke up before she got back) and headed outside. Breathing in the freash air she started off at a jogging pace. Leela felt sorry for Fry, she had heard people in his time had polluted air, thank goodness for modern tecnology.

"Ahh-woah!", Leela cried out as she bumped into a person, daydreaming early in the morning had a price. "I'm sorry! Are you okay?", Leela gasped and helped the person up. It was a guy, about her age, maybe younger, good looking.

"I'm alright. Lovely morning, isn't it?", he said and somehow got Leela to look him in the eye.

"Yeah... it is..."

"You're lovely, yourself."

"Listen, I gotta go."

"Oh, well I hope to run into you later. Get it?"

Although it was a lame joke, Leela laughed anyway; he had this kind of charm. After they went their seprate ways, Leela noticed he slipped a piece of paper in her hand... his phone number.

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Chapter 9: Hard to say I'm Sorry

Leela stretched and walked back inside Planet Express. With a mouth full of something (probably cereal) Fry was standing under the Planet Express Ship looking at it and deep in thought.

"What 'cha doing?", Leela casually asked.

"Hmmm... I think I'll tune the ship today. Got no deliveries to make."

'I'll?', Leela thought. For some reason, Fry still didn't think she was qualified for the job. In fact, Fry didn't respect her as much as she wished. Seems like when she was his boss it was all, "Yes ma'am!", but now he expects her to answer to him? Leela didn't like not being the dominant one. What was she thinking!? Leela shook off the thoughts and went to get a bagel.

She walked into the kitchen to see the package on bagels open on the counter. It must of been that way for a while because they were hard as a rock. Fry. Leela tossed them in the recyclator and went to Fry's office; he was sitting on the couch, on the phone, eating, and with his feet up on his desk.

"Fr-y!", Leela yelled to him. Fry ignored her, Leela wasn't sure if it was on purpose or not but it get her pretty pissed off. "Fry? Can we talk?!"

Fry looked up, covered the mouth piece on the phone and said, "Leela, I'm disgussing where the best place to buy imatation Beanie Babies is with Bender. Talk to me in, oh... say an hour."

This was the last straw. "Look, Fry, I don't know what's going on with you lately!"

Fry put down the phone and turned to Leela to match her angry look. "I don't know what's going on with you lately either! It's like you want to run my life!"

"Well, I don't want to be ignored, that's for sure!"

"How could I possibly ignore you?! You're always keeping things in perfect order, they don't have to be perfect!"

"You live like a complete slob!"

"Accept it! It's a lifestyle that I've kept for years and it's never done me wrong!"

Leela didn't know what to say in comeback, she searched and came up with a lie, "Well maybe if you kept in order we wouldn't of had the whole court ordeal!" Leela regretted it after she said it; Fry still didn't know that was all her fault. Fry yelled back to her without a real complaint.

"Look, sometimes you need to mind your own damn buisness, one-eyed bitch!"



Leela was shot back and ran from the room in a huff, forgetting her thoughts of her own wrong. Fry was still mad, and went back to work. He realized he hung up the phone while they were screaming at each other. Fry looked over his paper work, picked up his laptop... and suddenly dropped it on the couch and put his hands on his head feeling terrible.

"Oh, my God, what have I done?"

Leela ran into the living room and plopped herself on the couch.

"Sometimes he makes me so mad." Leela hid it down deep, but was really hurt over the fight and expecially Fry's comment of her. Although they hadn't said it, Leela was sure this was their break up. "It just wasn't ment to be.", Leela said softly to herself. Even though she could say it with confidence, she didn't believe it herself. Fry was the only person she'd had this kind of relationship with. She sighed and put her hands in her pockets. Leela felt a piece of paper in her pocket and pulled it out: the phone number of the guy she met this morning. She was tempted to call him but them said aloud, "No" and put the paper on the coffee table to her side. She wasn't going to do that. But why? Was it because she thought she and Fry would get back together? NO! It was OVER!... then WHY shouldn't she call him? It was like her conscience was fighting itself. To get rid of this whole mess from her jumbled head, Leela turned on the TV. But she found herself just switching from channel to channel to channel. She looked over at the slip of paper on the coffee table and bit her lip.

Fry left his office. He didn't want this relationship to end! He ran throughout the offices until he heard Leela's voice. When Fry saw she was on the phone, he jumped behind the door to spy.

"Hi! This is Leela, the girl you met this morning? Uh-huh. What are you doing tonight? Really? How about the club on 31st? See you tonight."

Fry gasped. He couldn't believe Leela was doing this. He HAD to get a date for tonight! Not because he was jelous and wanted to spy on Leela, heavens no... he... just... didn't have anything to do that night.

"What is going on, Fry, I have a meeting in a few minutes", said Karrie as she looked at her watch. Fry paced back and forth in front her, Katie, and Alyancia who were boredly sitting on the couch.

As you know, I called you all here for an emergancy meeting.", Fry started. "I need a date for tonight."

"Taken.", Karrie scoffed and left the room.

"Nice try, Fry, no thanks.", laughed Katie as she followed Karrie. This left Alyancia.

"Alyancia, Allie, gosh I love your hair today!"

"This is just some plan to get Leela jelous, isn't it?"

"No, no... well yes. Please? Just one evening."




"Done.", said Fry and handed her a fistfull of money.

"Nice doing buisness with you, see ya tonight." Alyancia said as she left the room.

Leela tip-toed down out of the Planet Express ship and across the room, she didn't want Fry to see her sneaking out on a date. Leela didn't know why, but somehow this felt... wrong to her. Still, she kept running through reasons to convince herself why this was right. Leela and Fry hadn't spoken since their fight the night this morning, they caught eyes once but otherwise they totally avoided each other.

Fry and Alyancia watched Leela leave from behind the ship.

"Come on.", Fry whispered to Alyancia, who sighed and followed. Leela walked down the street, caught a taxi, and went inside the club. Fry and Alyancia walked inside a few minutes after. "We'll hang out over here; I want to be noticed but I don't want to be obvious."

"Geeze, Fry, you're talking like this is some sort of secret mission."

"Code word, number two."

"Look, whatever you did, just apologize."

"If you

re not going to follow mission plans, feel free to go home."

"I won't bail on you, but keep in mind i'm only sticking around 'cause I'm making some bucks off of this."

Leela looked at her wrist computer, but before she could put it down he was here. Right on time.

"Hi... umm..."

"I'm sorry.", he said in a deep calming voice. "My name is Leo."

"Hi, Leo."


"Sure.", Leela agreed as they led each other out on the floor. It was a fast song, and Leela found herself doing a step her and Fry made up. It made her feel awful. No sooner as she thought of Fry, she spotted him across the room next to Alyancia. Their eyes met and they exchanged deadly looks.

"Something wrong, beautiful?", Leo causally asked Leela


"Well, let's take a break." Leo and Leela walked to the bar. "I'll be right back, order yourself a root beer."

"Okay, I'm getting tired of this, I can feel the hate in the room right now.", Alyancia playfully said. "I'm going to... powder my nose." Alyancia pushed Fry toward the bar and walked off. Fry sat down mumbling to himself, turned around, and found himself right next to Leela.

"Oh!", they both said at the uncomfortable moment.

Alyancia walked, chuckling, toward the ladies room. She was just thinking of asking Fry for a ten dollar bonus for the next hour when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see Leo, their eyes met and Alyancia felt a stir in her stomach.

Leela and Fry weren't sure what to say to each other and as usual, they each wanted the other to make the first move. Suddenly, Leela's eyes darted to the to the other side of the room. There was Leo... and Alyancia... kissing. Surprisingly, Fry's first thought was about Leela's feelings.

"Are you alright?", he asked her.

She turned to him. "Yeah... yeah... do you want to talk outside?"

Leela and Fry walked out together and sat on the sidewalk.

"I'm sorry about 'Mr. Smooth talk'", Fry said and this perked Leela up into a laugh.

"I'm not upset, you see, I never loved him.", Leela said and finally their eyes met with compromising looks.

"Oh, Leela, I'm sorry!"


"Remember when we first met and I stupidly asked you about your eye? I'm sorry for that. And remember when I got us lost on the moon? I'm sorry for that. And remember when I didn't listen to you about the situation with Bender and me being roomates? I'm sorry about that..." Fry continued on for a long time as Leela looked on and smiled from ear to ear. "...I'm sorry for being such a slob, I'll try to take your opinions and I'll try to change. Most importantly, I'm sorry for calling you that at the end of our fight. You don't have to forgive me..."

"I was ready to forgive you twenty minutes ago. Sometimes you really tick me off and it's fun to see you squirm, but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't make up with you." They smiled and a thought in the back of Leela's head pulsed. "Now it's my turn. I'm sorry, maybe I am trying to control you too much. And, remember that lost delivery... it was my fault. I know I really should of told you earlier but it just got out of hand!"

"It's okay... so you really screwed up?"

"You have to rub it in?"

"Of course!", chuckled Fry. "Could you promise me you won't hide anything from me?"

Leela hesitated and then gave a small, "Sure" for an answer. Fry was taking a big risk by making this next move, but he had to follow his heart. He leaned over to Leela and gave her a small kiss. The leaned together and kissed longly and with hearts full of love. During that kiss, they each hoped to never be apart again.

Chapter 10: The End

Well, you heard right, this is the very long ending chapter. For those of you whom I was talking to in the chat room weeks before, you'll see I combined two endings into one. Very soap opera-y. Enjoy!

Fry, Leela, and Katie sat at the table in the staff kitchen drinking coffee. Fry glanced at his watch and Karrie and Brad walked in the room at just that moment.

"Okay, let's go!", Brad said enthusiastically and he, Fry, and Leela headed for the ship for the day's delivery.

"Bye!", Karrie called out and started to leave the room.

"Why don't you come with?", Fry suggested.

"Yeah, Alyancia's out sick and we could use an extra hand.", Leela added on.

"Well...", Karrie though. "Okay." The four gathered on the ship and Leela took the wheel. Soon they were blasting off for Xena 10. Karrie walked back and forth on board.

"Something wrong?", Brad asked her.

"Oh, nothing, I just tend to get nervous in space."

"You'll be fine.", Brad coaxed as he took her hand.

"Aww, you're sweet.", Karrie commented as they began to feel the slight jolts of landing. Fry came out from cargo bay carrying the package after listening in on Brad and Karrie.

"Yeah, Karrie, I've always loved flying in space. Gives you a sort of thrill. Ever since I was little..."

Leela glanced up from her post, surprised and assuming that Katie, Bender, and her were the only ones who knew Fry was from the past.

"...Now, Brad, this goes to 23 Qualroblax."

"I probably won't remember, but okay!", said Brad as he took the package and left. Karrie went to the crew's quarters to rest and Fry started for the outside.

"I'm going for a walk around, coming, Leela?", Fry asked.

"Sure", Leela shrugged and the pair headed off. About an hour later, everything was done and the crew was ready to take off.

"You want to fly, Fry?", Leela suggested.

"No... I'm actually feeling a little... light-headed. Strange."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah-yeah. I'll be fine." Fry said with a slight forced smile, walked over to the couch, and sat down. Leela gave a worried glance, but started up the ship anyway. Brad and Karrie took out a deck of cards and got into a game. About half-hour later, the ship suddenly shook, Fry was awakened from "resting his eyes" and Brad and Karrie's card game was knocked to the floor.

"What's happening?", Fry asked as he looked out the ship window.

"The radar's picking up some kind of disturbance or metor shower ahead. Easily avoided, but we'll have to take the long way home.", Leela answered back to the crew. Karrie moaned a little, but the problem was easily forgotten. Brad got up to grad a Slurm and walked by Fry.

"Fry, you're sweating, are you sure you're okay."

Fry roughly rose to his feet.

"Yeah, I'm ooo-kayy." He make a coughing-gasping sound, started shaking, then fainted.

"Fryyy!!!!", Leela cried out. Karrie sprinted across the room and felt Fry's pulse and forehead.

"We have to get him to the medical room! Leela, stall the ship, movement's not too good for him. Are there any planets near by with human hospitals?", Karrie frantically said.

"I don't think so.", Leela answered with an obvious worried tone. Karrie and Brad found a streatcher and moved him into the ship's medical room. Somehow, Karrie convinced Leela to wait outside with Brad so Karrie could do her job. Leela walked around and, finally, sat still in a chair, she put her head in her hands and closed her eye. She thought to herself, please let him be okay, Fry was the best thing that ever happened to me. A little while later, though it seemed like years, Karrie came out and took Leela aside.

"Fry's body is reacting in ways I can't understand, you know him better than anyone. Is there something I should know?", Karrie said softly. Leela thought for a moment,

"I'm not sure if Fry wanted too many people to know this, but Fry was born in the year 1974 and grew up in the 20th century. Midnight 1999, he accidentally froze himself and ended up 1,000 years later here with us, we met when I was working in a cryogenics lab but that's another long story. The bottom line is, he's technically 1,035 years old and I'd imagine his body a little different genetically or something."

Karrie was speechless for a few seconds.

"Wow... that's coming together. Thank you, I'll try my best. You should get some sleep, you look terrible."

Karrie left and Leela tried to rest on the chair she was sitting in, refusing to budge from the hallway. Time passed ever so slowly, a while back, Brad left for crew's quarters to get some sleep. Slowly and suddenly, Karrie walked out of the medical room, over to Leela, and took her hand.

"You may want to sit down for this.", Karrie softly said.

This can't be good, Leela thought as she sat down and already felt a rim of tears. Karrie continued.

"We're dealing with something that around 99.8 % of people today are born immune to because we've adapted to it. Ever since Fry came into our world he has been effected from being rapidly exposed to all different atmospheres by traveling through space, and it has been slowly slowly getting to his sensitive body. Finally, his body couldn't take it anymore and he just collapsed, the planet we went to had very rough conditions. You are Brad are used to it, but I felt it a little. The result is excruciating pain on Fry and there are only two things that could happen to him: His body could finally start to adjust and Fry could be nursed back to health. Or his body could decided to just die, the decision is involuntary... I don't think he'll live through the night."

Leela looked down and shook, this could not be happening, this could not be happening! She'd just close my eye and everything will be fine.

Sensing how Leela was feeling, Karrie put her hand on Leela's shoulder and tried to comfort her.

"You know when you were a little girl catching butterflies in your backyard? You loved them dearly but knew they didn't belong in a cage in your world, and you had to let them go."

Upon hearing this, Leela burst into tears.

"I never got to tell him how much he meant to me.", she said, voice quivering. All her life, Leela tried to hold back her emotions, but now she forgot it all and just let go. Sobbing all the pain bottled up inside and soaking her favorite green coat.

Knowing there was nothing more she could do, Karrie left Leela, feeling horrible about the whole situation, and shook up and saddened by Fry's condition.

Leela must of just cried in that chair for hours and hours, for the one time in her life when she was with Fry, she was not alone. She had someone who cared about her and often felt the same way she did about life. But that was all gone, leaving her alone suddenly but also slowly at the same time as it hung on by a thread for "hour-long minutes". She felt herself ripping apart. Leela got up and wiped her eye, at any other time she would of been concerned of how bloodshot it looked but now vanity was far from her mind. She got up and noticed a note on the floor which she mouthed the words to as she read:

Leela- If you really need comfort, Brad and I are in crew quarters. Please don't feel that you have to hide to yourself, we understand. You can see Fry if you wish, but it may be painful and it is best to not disturb him. Karrie

Leela sighed deeply and put down the note. She stared at it and decided that if she didn't see him, she'd probably regret it later, Leela walked across the hall, and slowly pushed the "door open" button. When Leela saw Fry, she put her hand over her mouth and gasped. She had NEVER seen him like this before. Fry was laid down on a operating bad, hooked up to all sorts of life support systems. His heart rate and blood pressure were dangerously high and he was sweating buckets. On his face was a grimace of pain that Leela would never forget. Leela just blinked, she was all out of tears, walked over to Fry's bed and laid her head down. There she spilled out her heart, whether Fry could hear her or not, of all he meant to her and how much he saved her. How she love his antics, felt like she had known his forever, and didn't want to be without him again. Although Leela couldn't remember falling asleep, the next thing she knew she was lifting up her head hours later. Checking her watch, it was 8:04 am and Leela looked to her side. FRY!!!! HE WAS GONE!!!!

"No. No-no-no-no. NOOOOO!!!", Leela cried out to herself. She go up and ran through the ship panting and not sure what to do, suddenly, Leela heard noises coming from the captains room. She slowly walked to the room and opened the door. The moment she did, Leela felt herself being lifted up and her heart was rescued.

There was Fry. Alive and looking a lot better, lying on the comfortable captain's bed while Karrie fed him a supliment liquid. Fry looked up and the moment he did, he smiled with relief like never before to see Leela standing there.

"Fry.", Leela said softly in a hoarse voice. "You're alive." She ran to him and in the background Karrie moved away smiling to leave the two.

As soon as Fry was well enough, they made it back to Earth where Fry was admitted to a hospital and made a fast and complete recovery. All through it, Leela was at his side and, if even possible, Fry and Leela got even closer. A few weeks later...

Fry paced back and forth and back and forth. He was pretty sure Leela thought he was working and hoped she couldn't hear him pacing. Something was bothering him, Fry was more nervous than he'd ever been in his life, even when he was faced with losing his buisness. If he just forgot about what was bothering him it would go away, but Fry just couldn't. It ment a lot to him. He wanted to go see Leela, that would make him feel a lot better, but he knew she would able to sense something was bothering him and wouldn't leave him alone until he told her. Fry had thought about this over and over and each time he came to the same answer... which just made him shake to think about it. He walked over and booted up his computer, some web serfing would relax him. On the way over Fry picked up his favorite framed picture of beautiful Leela and his heart did a flip as he looked at her face. He put the picture by the computer and stared longingly at it.

Leela sat lying down on the couch, face to the celing. There was nothing to do and she didn't know what Fry was up to. Leela raised her arm over her head and fired up her wrist computer to check her e-mail and was surprised to find a message from a person she hadn't seen since high school wondering how she was doing. That made her smile and she wrote a quick reply and sat up. That also got Leela thinking about her past, which she had been trying to forget ever since she moved away from it all... and then another thought came to her. Something she hoped she'd never have to let out even since she left, Leela couldn't keep it a secret much longer but letting it out would be hard. She got off the couch and walked across Planet Express and into the ship's docking bay where she got a soda from the vending machine and looked up at the ship.

Fry strolled about the office and in the bay to look at his ship, and that's when he noticed Leela doing the same and walked over to approch her.

"I love this ship. Powerful, stunning. Ever since I first saw it... it being the first ship I saw period, iI thought it was cool.", Fry mentioned.

"Yeah. So much fun to drive, smooth too.", Leela answered back. There was a period of silence.

"So, Leela, how long have we been together?", Fry said suddenly.

"Oh, months.", Leela gleamed and they turned to really look at each other.

"Plans tonight?"

"None currently."

"Great. I'm going to take you out to someplace nice."

"I'll look forward to it.", said Leela and they held hands.

Fry and Leela sat across from each other at the table, each one of them looking sharp and dressed up.

"You look nice, Leela.", Fry commented. Leela, looking down at her new silver dress, replied.

"Thank you."

Fry looked down and drummed his fingers while Leela thought to herself how cute he looked in the blue suit with those small wire-rimmed glasses.

"Ummmm... I'll be right back.", Fry said nervously and left the table in a rush. Leela looked at his place, puzzled. She glanced over to notice that Fry wasn't going toward the rest rooms... what was up with him tonight?

Fry found a hallway with a mirror and stared into it.

"Oh, I can't go through with this.", he mumbled to himself. "But I'm going to do it!" Fry looked at his reflexion and smoothed out his hair. "Leela, you mean so much to me and you always have. I can't tell you how much you've helped me and I love you more than anything in this world, or any other world I've been to as a matter of fact. I know I don't have much to offer but my heart keeps telling me this is right, Leela... will you marry me?" Fry buried his head in his hands.

Leela, who had been watching him from around a corner couldn't believe it. Her eye was damp with tears of happiness and a smile swept her face. Someone she loved deeply had just proposed to her with an honest open heart! She began to walk toward Fry.

Fry glanced up to see Leela walking toward him in the mirror and felt embarassed and the feeling that she had heard it all and would reject him gripped him. Fry whipped around and they stared at each others eyes. Fry had never see this expression on Leela's face before.

"I will.", Leela said softly and a tear dripped down her face. They ran to each other and Fry reached in his pocket to reveal a beautiful dimond ring and slipped it on Leela's finger. Leela let out a happy gasp as she looked at the ring and they hugged each other.

"She's going to marry me!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!", Fry yelled out.

"Fry, people are staring.", Leela laughed.

"I don't care, I want the whole world to know!!" Fry picked up Leela and swung her around. Many people eating at the restauraunt had looked up by now.

"Three cheers for the happy couple!!", someone suggested.

"Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray!!"

Leela sighed with complete happiness as she looked in the mirror wearing her white and lavender wedding dress while dress maker buzzed around her making everything fit. In only a short hour, Leela would be married. Married! Ever since she was at her prom alone, Leela thought she'd never find the one for her. Alyancia and Karrie walked in wearing similar dresses.

"Wow, Leela, you look totally great! Maybe I'll be married in lavender someday.", Alyancia exclaimed. Amy strolled in the room and Leela raised her eye to Amy's prostitute look.

"Hey, Leela, I got an invitation saying Fry was going to be married, but I forgot to who. Couldn't be you, Leela.", Amy smugly said. How Leela really hated that slut, she and Fry had put her on their guest list just naming people they used to work with. Leela meant to cut her but forgot before the invitations went out.

All of a sudden, Fry came into the room wearing a messy tux and with bowtie undone. He looked slightly worried, but as always, he perked up laying eyes on Leela. As they always automatically did whenever a moment like this arised, Alyancia and Karrie left the room, pulling Amy with them.

"Fry, is something wrong? What are you doing here?", Leela questioned him as she ran to his side.

"Oh, nothing, at least not now.", Fry answered happily "I was just having cold feat and couldn't go another minute without seeing you. Now I feel this is right! Because I have the strong feeling that I'm supposed to be with you, and I can feel your pure love."

That got to Leela, finally cracking the hard shell protecting and pushing back the one secret that Leela had been hiding from Fry, the world, and herself.

"Fry, there's something you have to know. I've been lying to you, ever since the day we met."

"What?", Fry said, not believeing what he was being told.

"I'm sorry, I'm really really sorry. It just got so out of hand! Anyway, I'm not really an alien. That's just an excuse I give out because I don't like people to know. I'm a freak, mutant, whatever you want to call me! My parents abandoned me because they hated me! The more I told myself I was a unique alien, the more I believed it. I didn't really find my home planet, I spend years and years looking for it until I gave up and was at the end of my rope needing somebody. If you never want to see me again, I understand." Leela sniffled and hung her head. Fry was completely shot aside.

"Oh, Leela. Leela-Leela-Leela. I don't care whatever the heck you are, I still love you. The only thing that really gets me is that you lied and hid that from me. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself! I think you're the most beautiful girl I ever met, and if anyone thinks differently, they'll have me to answer to!", Fry boasted and Leela looked up. They fell into each other's arms and Fry held onto Leela tight. "Walk down the isle in five minutes. You ready?"

"Oh, Fry!", Leela cried out and they hugged again.

As Leela took a deep breath and opened her eye, she saw Fry waiting for her at the alter, smiling Leela's favorite smile. She knew she was doing the right thing and this was the happiest day of her life.


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