Fan Fiction

The Ellen Show
By LaurenSmiles1


The music Bonkers by Dizzie Rascal start's playing and Ellen comes into the studio dancing. Everyone in the audience is on their feet, cheering. Once the music stops Ellen is sitting in her chair laughing.

Ellen: Hello everyone, now as you can tell this isn't my normal show. This show is just a interview, with two of my favorite people. So please welcome Fry and Leela.

Everyone was standing in the audience, clapping and the pair walk in and hugs Ellen, then sit down.

Ellen: How does it feel to be on TV?

Fry: Amazing, I can't believe that this is happening.

Leela: It's a pleasure to meet you Ellen.

Ellen: It's a pleasure finally meeting you two. So I've heard that you have had a nasty flood in New, New York. How bad was it?

Fry: It was really bad, the water was higher then the Planet Express building windows.

Ellen: It started coming in through the windows, didn't it. How did you feel then?

Leela: Scared, I didn't know what was going to happen. At first I didn't notice it, Fry did and he told me that we better get to high ground but of course I thought he was just messing around, then he turned me around and that's when I saw the water rushing in through the windows.

Ellen: And is that when Fry saved two people?

Leela: No, that's when he saved our co-worker Amy. She was trapped on the bottom floor and the water was coming in fast, so Fry without

thinking, jumped in to rescue her.

Ellen: Wow so you rescued three people in the flood, you are a hero.

The audience claps.

Fry: Well I'm not going to let any of my friends die because of a flood. Like Leela said, I do stuff without thinking sometimes, which puts myself at risk as well as other sometimes.

Ellen: But if you didn't save Amy, then she wouldn't be with us here today and she's sitting in the audience. Come down here Amy.

The camera changes to Amy coming down the stairs and then to giving Ellen a hug and sitting next to Leela.

Ellen: So Amy. Do you think if Fry wasn't there, do you think anyone else would of saved you?

Amy: Not at all Ellen, sometimes I'm glad Fry has his stupid brain, no offence Fry...

The audience laughs.

Fry: Non taken, even the audience likes it.

Amy: ...but like I said, I'm glad that Fry acts before he thinks... sometimes.

Ellen: I have a video tape of the mighty rescue of the two mutants, it's not my recording but the news let me have it.

Ellen plays the tape and when Fry get's pulled under the water by the shark, the audience gasps.

Ellen: So you got pulled under by the shark, I've heard not many people survive a shark attack.

Fry: Well I only came out with a half bitten leg but I was lucky.

Ellen: Well what are you waiting for? Show us that scar.

The audience cheers and claps, Fry then lifts up his pants leg to show the scar.

Ellen: Wow that looked like it was painful. This is a stupid question but did it hurt?

Fry: No Ellen it tickled... Of course it hurt, it's like getting bit by a shark.

Everyone laughs, including Ellen.

Ellen: We'll be right back after the break, so don't go anywhere.


Ellen: Welcome back to the show, if you've just joined then we've had Fry, Leela and Amy telling us about Fry's amazing rescues. Speaking of Fry, where is he?

Leela: He had to go to the loo, he said he'll be back shortly.

They carry on talking and Fry starts sneeking up on Ellen, he put's his finger to his lips to tell the audience to be quiet. Once he get's to Ellen, he screams and she jumps, everyone then laughs and Fry sits back in his seat.

Ellen: Oh my god! You've actually scared me, you don't know how long my workers have been trying to get me.

Fry: It was so worth it.

Ellen: I can't believe you done that.

Ellen eventually calms down.

Ellen: Wow. Anyway, I hear that you are together with Leela and that you have a little one on the way.

Fry grabs Leela's hand and smiles.

Fry: Yep, it was the best news I could ever ask for.

Ellen: Well I have a present for you. Instead of living in that apartment, I'm giving you a fully furnished house, complete with the babies bedroom. Not only that but I'm giving you $50,000 to help you get started.

The audience claps and Leela starts to tear up.

Leela: Oh my god, Ellen you don't need to do that.

Fry and Leela hug and they get handed the money and the keys.

Ellen: I almost forgot, we're also going to give you a Ford Mondeo to get around with.

The audience cheers again and they both hug Ellen and go over to the car.

Ellen: We'll be right back after the break.


Ellen: Welcome back. Just before the break I gave Fry and Leela a lovely new home, $50,000 and a new car, which is a Ford Mondeo. Fry I believe you wanted to do something.

Fry nods and looks at Leela.

Fry: Leela, I love you, I always have and I always will. I'm not going to give a huge speach because I'm sure Ellen has more stuff to do...

He get's down on one knee and produces a ring.

Fry: Will you marry me?

Leela starts to cry and nods, Fry smiles and slips the ring on her finger, everyone claps.

Ellen: I want a invite to your wedding.

They both laugh and sit back together.

Leela: Don't worry you will.

Ellen: I'm afriad that's all we have time for, please join me next time for more excitement and more give-a-ways.

The audience cheers and the outro music starts to play.