Fan Fiction

By LaurenSmiles1

Let's zoom in on the Planet Express crew, when Hermes is walking in carrying some letters.

Amy: What's it this time Hermes, more bills for the professor.

Hermes: No mon, it's more of de's fan fiction scripts.

Leela: Oh great, more boring fan fictions...

Hermes: Actually dis one you get to choose ya own story line, slightly.

He hands everyone a piece of paper.

Amy: Wow, it's set out real good.

Leela: Yeah, wait what!?

Leela has read something on small print on the bottom of the page.

Leela: The audience would like it if I make out with Amy and go out with Zapp!

Amy: I only have to choose one...

Fry starts shaking his hands frantically.

Fry: Oi. Did people just forget about me in the fan fic?

Bender: And the mighty Bender?

The camera turns back on Leela, Amy and Hermes.

Fry (OS): I'm disgraced, I should do something but I can't think.

Bender: Yeah well the writer can just bite my shiny metal... Oi my ass! It's gone.

We see Bender trying to locate his 'ass' and the crew laughs.

Leela: I think she finally got sick of you saying bite my shiny metal ass.

Bender: I want it back! This is just like the time where I gave it to the robot devil, damn you!

Fry walks over to Leela and Amy and puts his arms around their shoulders.

Fry: So I'm meant to end up going out with one of you. Who wants me?

The girls both look at each other and smile.

Leela: The audience wants romance and sexiness, well let's give it to them.

Amy nodded and they both got locked in a kiss, Fry stood back jaw dropped.

Fry: Girls I think this is children friendly, I really don't think you should be doing that.

We see a hand come on screen, grab Fry's collar and pull him off screen, we then focus on Hermes.

Hermes: This is getting outa control, I don't want to be apart of this.

He vanishes and we just hear his voice.

Hermes: Oh, wise girl huh. Put me back in the frame this instance.

Hermes returns in the picture but only as a head in a jar.

Hermes: Ok, this is getting ridiculous. Why am I just a head in the jar?

Bender: Read the small print Hermes...

We turn to Bender who is still trying to locate his ass.

Bender: Now, I was sitting here and it must of dropped off somewhere around here.

Suddenly Zoidberg appeared behind him.

Zoidberg: Hurray I get a part in this fan fic, here friend I have you ass.

Bender: My ass!

Bender grabs his ass and put's it back in place, then gives Zoidberg a kiss on the cheek.

Hermes: Why de hell did you just kiss Zoidberg for mon?

Bender: (Tearing up) He found my ass. What are you going to do about it now writer!?

Hermes: I wouldn't temp her, she'll do something that you might regret.

Bender: Like what, there's nothing she can do that I can be afraid of.

A spider appears behind him, and he turns around and screams.

Bender: Oh my god it's a spider! GET IT AWAY FROM ME!

We see the girls and Fry getting dressed again.

Fry: That was fun... Hey why is everyone staring at us?


Fry: I thought you told the writer that nothing she can do will scare you shitless.

Bender: I'm not scared shitless...

He poops out a brick.

Bender: ,,,Ok but techincally that's not called 'scared shitless', that's called 'scared brickness'. Oh yeah Bender is great.

Amy: Spider behind you.


He then runs out the room, Zoidberg follows and everyone laughs.

Leela: Well that made the room eventful.

Fry: What do you mean? I thought it was eventful when we were going at it.

Leela: No Fry, the camera wasn't even on us so that didn't even count.

Amy: Thank god it wasn't on us, I would of had some explaining to do to Kif.

Scruffy: Scruffy enjoyed watching you though.