Fan Fiction

Love's Complicated
By LaurenSmiles1

It was a cold winter morning and all the Planet Express crew were sitting around the conference table, drinking hot chocolate.

Fry: Nothing beats a cold winter morning like hot chocolate.

He took a sip which burned his mouth and made him scream out in pain, this got a chuckle out the crew.

Leela: Yeah nothing beats burning your mouth in the progress.

When Fry calmed down he managed to smile and she returned it. Then the professor walks into the room wearing short clothes. like you would in the summer.

Amy: Oh my god professor! How can you wear them?

Professor: What these? Easy, I just get myself ready. Look at you lot, how can you be all wrapped up when it's a lovely day outside.

Amy looked out the window, which showed it was raining.

Amy: Professor, it's freezing and it's raining outside. I wouldn't really say it was a lovely day outside.

The professor just waved his hand, sat at the table and turned on the big screen TV.

Linda: Well Morbo, this rain is going to last a month at least non stop. This means there might be flooding in some parts of the areas.

Morbo: Morbo is excited that the puny humans will be trapped in there homes.

We see the Planet Express crew look at each other.

Bender: Trapped in one building with you lot!

He stood up.

Bender: Fine but one condition, I get the quarters on the ship to myself.

Fry: Oi wait, where am I going to stay then?

No one answers him so he get's up and walks out the room Wait, what about Nibbler? He's going to be trapped in Leela's apartment by himself. Fry then get's ready to head out into the rain.

Meanwhile Leela and Amy had moved to the lounge and decided to watch a chick flick.

Amy: I can't believe that Dave isn't agreeing to go out with


Leela: Yeah shame

Leela didn't sound interested in the movie but her mind was else where. Suddenly Fry walks into the lounge soaked to the bone, Leela jumps up and looks at him.

Leela: Fry! Did you go out in the pouring rain?''

Fry couldn't talk he was shaking that much so he just nodded.

Leela: What for?

He opened his jacket and Nibbler hopped out and went straight to Leela.

Leela: Oh my god! You went and got Nibbler.

Leela petted Nibbler then looked at Fry.

Leela: Thank you.

Fry still shaking uncontrollably, managed to stick his thumb up.

Leela: Let's get you dried off.

She grabbed Fry's hand and pulled him out the room. Once in the bathroom, Leela put a towel around his shoulders and then pulled him into a hug. Fry had calmed down shaking a little bit to manage to speak.

Fry: Leela what...are you doing?

Leela: I'm giving you my body heat to warm you up. If the blood rushes to your heart to fast, you could die. I

think that's the saying.

Fry: Thank you.

Fry hugged her back, then then both looked at each other and smiled.

A couple of weeks later, it was still raining and the flooding was getting bad. The crew were still trapped inside the building but they were having more fun then they thought, at this moment in time they were playing hide and seek. Leela was the one trying to find them and she wasn't having much luck in finding them, she ended up in the same room as Fry when water came rushing in through the windows. Fry rushed out of his hiding place in noticing it first.

Leela: Fry I don't think you get the drift of hide and seek.

Fry: I know how to play it but I think we should stop and get higher.

Leela: Why?

Fry doesn't say anything he just turns her around.

Leela: Oh..

She rushes around the building trying to get everyone to a higher level.

When they were all in the observation deck, Hermes looked to make sure that everyone was here.

Hermes: So we have, myself, Fry, Leela, Professor, Bender, Zoidberg and Nibbler... Where's Amy?

Everyone looked around and heard a scream coming from below them, they looked out the door and realised that Amy was still down there and the water was rising fast. Without thinking, Fry dived in to rescue her and Leela was worried... a little for Amy but alot for Fry. She could admit that she had a little bit of feelings for Fry but she couldn't admit them to him face to face. Fry had been under the water for quite some time. then he finally comes back up gasping for air and holding Amy.

Fry: Grab her, this water is freezing.

Hermes grabs Amy and drags her onto the floor, Leela helps Fry out the water and then closes the door, he lies on the floor gasping for air.

Fry: She's not breathing... we need to do CPR.

Hermes: Don't worry mon, I know how to do it.

Hermes performs CPR on her and everyone watches on, hoping that she'll start to breath again.

After five minutes of Hermes trying to get her to breath again, he finally decides that it's not going to happen, it's taken too long. Suddenly she spits out water and gasps for air, Fry goes over to her side to calm her down.

Fry: It's ok your safe now, your not going to drown.

Amy then hugged Fry and thanked him, Leela looked at Fry and smiled, then looked else where when he turned his head to look at her. Fry led Amy over to the couch.

Fry: You need some rest, you'll feel better afterwards.

Amy: Thank you so much for saving me Fry, what would I of done if you wern't here.

Fry just shrugged his shoulders and then left Amy to get some rest, he then walked out to the balcany, where he saw Leela standing looking out over the city.

Fry: Are you ok?

Leela jumped at his voice and turned to face him.

Leela: Oh jesus Fry, don't sneak up like that! You could of given me a heart attack.

Fry: Sorry, do you want me to leave you alone?

Leela: I would love the company.

He went and stood next to her, looking out over the flooded city.

Fry: Not much to look at anymore.

Leela: Yeah... that was very brave Fry, you rescuing Amy like that.

Fry: I would do it for anyone, anytime.

Suddenly they heard two people shouting in the city, they looked in the direction that it came from and saw Leela's parents.

Leela: Mom! Dad!

Leela looked on worried and Fry had already taken his top off to dive in after them, Leela looked at him.

Leela: Fry becareful.

Fry could tell how scared she was, he walked over to the edge of the rail and everyone had already came out the building to see what the scream was. Fry jumped over the edge of the rail and swam over to Munda and Morris, they both held onto him the best they could. When he got them back over the building, Hermes had already put something over the edge to help them climb up but before they started to climb, Fry felt something brush past his lef. Looking down he saw that it was a shark, he then looked up.

Fry: You two quickly climb up, there's a shark in the water . All I care about is your safety, for Leela's sake.

The both nodded and started to climb up the ladder, Fry went to climb up when the shark grabbed his leg and pulled him under. Leela screamed when they saw blood come to the surface but Fry then popped his head back up screaming. He grabbed the ladder and started to pull himself up, when he was out the water everyone could see that he had huge teeth marks in his left leg and it was bleeding badly.

Once at the top everyone helped him over the edge and again Leela looked on worried.

Leela: We need to stop the bleeding, quickly.

Bender looked at Fry and saw his eyes half closed.

Bender: Stay with us buddy, your not going to die.

Fry let off a small smile and then everything went black after that.

When he woke back up, Leela was sittin next to him.

Fry: Leela?

Leela: So you're finally awake. How are you feeling?

Fry shrugged, went to sit up but winced at the pain.

Fry: Ok, I'm not feeling too well.

Leela: You saved my parents Fry. Thank you so much.

Fry: Like I said before, I would do it for anyone.

Leela smiled and grabbed his hand.

Leela: There's something I want to tell you, I...

She get's interupted by her parents who walk into the room, they smile when they see Fry awake.

Morris: Your awake!

Munda walks over and hugs him.

Munda: Thank you so much for saving out lives.

Fry: It's not a problem. What ere you doing up here anyway?

Munda: Tha sewers are flooded, all of out belongings are lost. We had to swim up here and by the time we had, we were both out of breath and tired but then we saw you and Leela standing on the balcony, I decided to scream to get your attention. I still can't believe that there was a shark in the water.

Fry: Well, your safe and I'm glad that the shark took me and not you. Leela doesn't want to admit it but she needs her parents, even if her friends are here to help her, no one should live without their parents and I should know.

Leela started to get tears in her eye and then her parents let Fry get some rest, Fry saw Leela wipe her eyes.

Fry: What's the matter?

Leela: It's you Fry, you have no idea what effect you have on me.

Fry: What effect? Do you mean a good or bad effect?

Leela grabbed his hand and smiled.

Leela: You have a good effect on me, I was going to tell you before my parents came in... I like you Fry.

Fry: I like you as a friend aswell Leela, your my best friend.

Leela: No not like that, well I like you as a friend but I also like you more then a friend. I started to feeling it when you jumped off the balcony to save my parents, no one else would of done that.

Fry continued to smile and he gave her hand a squeeze, Leela would of given Fry a kiss but Amy came rushing into the room.

Amy: Guy's you have to come and watch the new quickly.

She then rushed back out and the pair looked at each other, Leela then helped Fry up and he put his arm around her shoulders, and she supported him as they walked towards the observatory, where the crew were watching the news.

Linda: The next story is unbelievable, we tell people to stay indoors and not go in the water. Once man didn't listen to us and he saved the lives of two people but nearly lost his own. Let's see the footage.

The camera then changes from Linda to a recording that someone had done of Fry, when he saved Munda and Morris. It shows them Fry jumping off the building, saving Munda and Morris, to getting pulled under the water by the shark and then getting out with just his leg bitten. Once the video goes off, it goes back on Linda.

Linda: This man is truely a hero, not only did he save the lives of two mutants but it shows us that all people shouldn't treat the mutants like there outcasts. This man is truely a hero to all of us, not only to the people he saved. If he's watching this now, congratulations sir, your a hero to mankind.

The whole crew turned and looked at Fry, who was speechless. Bender walked up to him and patted him on the back.

Bender: Congratulations skintube, you've made the news. Now I think this is time for a celebration drink.

Leela pushed Bender out the way.

Leela: It's not time for a celabration drink, I think it's time for something more special.

Fry looked at her and she gave him a passionate kiss, everyone whistled

Amy: Leela loves Fry, Leela loves Fry...

They brake the kiss and laugh.

Leela: That is true Amy, I do love Fry.

Fry: I love you two Leela.

Once the flood had nearly cleared up, the Planet Express crew, Munda and Morris had been having a blast together. Fry's leg wasn't fully healed yet but thanks to Zoidberg, he could just walk on it. He still limps and he can't walk far distances but as least he could try and walk again, he and Leela had been spending more time together, this isn't because they were stuck in the same building but because they loved each others company. Then the day when all the water had cleared up, everyone walked outside, Leela of course helped Fry. As soon as Fry set foot outside, two people walked up to him and thanked him for putting his life at risk to save the mutants. Even Linda came up to him for a interview.

Linda: Hello sir. What's your name?

Fry: It's Fry.

Linda: Well Fry. How does it feel to be on the news?

Fry: Great. All I have to say is, never treat anyone differently, everyone should be tret the same. Mutants don't belong in the sewers, they are living creatures just like us. If we can live up on the surface, then the mutants should to.

The crew all agreed and the camera turned on Linda.

Linda: Well folks you heard it from Fry, even though everyone looks, sounds and acts differently, we are all the same. A living, breathing creature. Fry, for your efforts to save the mutants, we are paying for your hospital treatment for your leg. I hope that you make a full recovery and don't go jumping into anymore shark pits.

Fry laughs and tighten's his grip around Leela.