Fan Fiction

Love At Long Last, part 5 - Engagement Party
By LaurenSmiles1

[Scene: Leela's Apartment]

The next morning after Fry proposed to Leela. The young couple are lying in bed cuddling close to each other. The morning sunlight coming in through Leela's bedroom window, starts to move towards Fry's head, once it hit is head he started to stir and try and bring the blankets over his head. But that didn't work out since Leela had it tightly wrapped around her. He started to open his eyes and getting them to adjust to the bright light. Looked over towards Leela as she sleeps peacefully. He tries to move his arm from underneath her head without disturbing her, sits up and thinks.

Fry: [Thinking] Wow I can't believe it. I'm getting married to the girl of my dreams.

He looks over his shoulder and smiles. He goes to get up put he feels something stopping him. He hears a sweet, soft voice.

Leela: [Soft] Morning sweetie

Fry: Morning. Did I wake you?

Leela: No, the sun did though [Giggles] Where are you going?

Fry: We need to get ready for work.

She pulls him down on the bed.

Leela: [Stroking his hair] I'm sure Amy can explain [Kisses him]

Fry: [Excited] OK!

They start to giggle and pull the covers over them and plan to spend the rest of the day together. But at planet express, things begin to stir.

Amy: [Shouts] Bender give me my wallet back, NOW!

Bender: [laughing] Or you'll what? Get Leela on me?

While Amy and Bender were arguing, Hermes came through the door.

Hermes: What's going on here then!

Both Amy and Bender then stop shouting at each other and looked at Hermes.

Amy: [still annoyed] Bender took my wallet again!

Bender: Did not, Lier!

Amy: Did to!

Bender: Did not!

Hermes: [Annoyed] Bender give Amy her wallet back mon. And come in the conference room. The professor wants to speak to you two.

Bender give Amy her wallet back, but not before taking 10 dollars from it. Amy checks to see if she got all her money back.

Amy: Hey, you took some money off me.

Bender: Oh here we go again. I didn't take your money.

Amy: Did to!

Bender: Did not!

They both walk towards the conference room while still arguing about whether he took the money or not. When they get in the room the Professor and Hermes are waiting. The Professor is tapping his foot. Bender and Amy both walk over towards the table and sit down. Still arguing over whether Bender took her money.

Hermes: [Very annoyed] Amy it's only 10 dollars. Your rich, I would think that 10 dollars isn't a problem for you!

Amy: It's not. Bender just needs to learn that stealing doesn't get you anywhere.

Hermes: He's not going to learn that, he's a robot!

Professor: [Still tapping his foot] Where are those two workers?

Hermes: [Looks at his watch] Yeah even Bender is here before Leela!

Amy: Oh I forgot to tell you. But they might not be coming in at all today.

Hermes: Why?

Amy: Fry proposed to Leela on our double date last night. I still don't know when their wedding is though.

Hermes: [Surprised] You mean she actually said yes!

Amy: Hey don't think that, they were having a really good time. I even got my mate who spins the decks at the club to record them. [Hands him the phone]

Hermes: [Smiles while watching the lift] Sweet babalon, did Fry really do that lift or are my eyes playing tricks on me.

Amy: He really did the lift.

Hermes: [Hands the phone back to Amy] Well we have to do something. We have enough money to throw a small party. Put don't tell them.


Professor: What's everyone getting excited about?

Hermes: Fry and Leela just got engaged

Professor: [Un-interested] And I just got a different liver. [He falls asleep]

Bender: [Smoking a cigar] So what's this meeting all about then.

Hermes: Well it was going to be about that we need to deliever that package to the party planet.

Bender: [Springs out of the chair] Party planet you say?

Hermes: Yes but they cancelled at the last minute. And this is going to help us because we won't need to buy a lot more stuff.

Amy: [Going through the box] Well it looks like we've got everything we need. Oh wait what's that? [While trying to reach towards the object she falls in, a few seconds later we see her hand come out the box holding the small metal box] Got it!

She climbs out the box rubbing her head. She places the metal box on the table and everyone looks over it.

Amy: What is it?

Hermes: It looks old what ever it is?

Bender: Is it valuable?

Zoidberg walks in.

Zoidberg: Vot's everyone looking at?

Amy: This metal box. Have you seen something like it before?

Zoidberg: Oh my god [He gasps and runs to the other side of the room] It's a evil device, if opened something terrible with come out and try to kill me.

Hermes: What are you talking about mon? I don't believe that nonsense.

Bender: Yeah I stopped believing it when he said 'It's a evil device' How could it be evil if it only want to kill Zoidberg.

Amy not listening to Zoidberg, gently opens the lid just a tiny bit to peak inside.

She screams. Bender, Hermes and Zoidberg all turn to face her.

Hermes: [Shocked] What is it?

Amy: [Surprised] It's a ring. Oh my god it so big.

Bender: That's what she said! [Laughs] So like I said before is it valuable?

Hermes: [He looks closely] Well it's real, but I don't know how much you would get for that.

Bender: [Takes the ring] Who cares I'm selling it. [He walks out and no one can say a word]

Meanwhile back at Leela's apartment. They both were out of bed and Fry was in the shower, Leela was making dinner.

[Scene: Kitchen]

Fry: [Off screen singing] I'm walking on sunshine, whoa. I'm walking on sunshine, Whoa. And don't it feel good.

Leela is giggling to herself.

Leela: [Thinking] He is so happy. I'm actualy glad I said yes to him. These are going to be the happiest days of my life.

She heard Fry stop singing and the shower stop running. Fry walks out of the bathroom with his normal clothes on (clean of course), he walks up to Leela and wraps his hands around her waist.

Fry: Smells lovely [Kisses her neck]

Leela: Thanks, it should be ready soon. Do you want to set the table?

Fry: Sure.

While Fry is setting the table, Leela is just putting the eggs on the plate, walks over to the table and sets them down.

Leela: Its your favourite eggs, bacon, beans and fries. Enjoy.

She kisses him and sits herself down.

Fry: [Smiles] I'm sure I will.

Both of them start eating and chatting.

Leela: [Eating] I've been thinking, when are you going to move your stuff into here.

Fry: [Talking with his mouth full] I'vbe been thinbking thbe sambe thing.

Leela: [Slightly holding back a giggle] What have I told you about talking with your mouth full?

Fry: [Swallowing] You've said nothing. You haven't told me anything about talking with my mouth full. But I'll stop. Sorry.

Leela: Oh really I thought I did, oh well. Anyway what did you say?

Fry: [Taking another bite and swallows] I said. I was thinking the same thing. I mean I know you wouldn't want to move in with me and Bender. So maybe I would move my stuff tomorrow.

Leela: Why tomorrow?

Fry: [Puts his hand on her hand] Well I was thinking that we could go for a walk in the park or on the beach.

Leela: [Smiles] That's a lovely idea. I think a walk in the park would be best.

Fry: Sweet! [Smiles]

They continue to eat their dinner. Five minutes later they are finished and Fry is giving Nibbler the scraps. Fry helps Leela with her coat before he grabs his own, Leela puts Nibbler on his leash and they head out the door.

[Scene: Park bench]

Leela and Fry are sitting on one of the park benches over looking a grass field where Nibbler's just running around. Fry has got one arm over leela's shoulder and Leela has her head rested on his chest.

Leela: [Getting sleepy] This was a lovely idea Fry, thank you.

Fry: [Smiles] Your welcome, anything for you.

After a while of watching Nibbler run about playing with the other creatures, Fry feels Leela's breathing starting to slow down. He looks down and realises that she's fell asleep. Instead of waking her up he decides to gently lie her down on the bench and sit infront of it.

A hour after Leela fell asleep her wraist device starts to ring with causes her to stir. Fry looks towards her and try's to turn it off, but it's to late, she sits up smiling towards Fry and answers.

Leela: [Still a little sleepy] Hello?

Professor: Leela could you and Fry please come to the P.E building please?

Leela: [Confused] Why? Is this about us spending the day off? If it is then sorry.

Professor: Why be sorry when I don't have to give you two money for the day. Thank you. Anyway it's not that, I need to talk to you two about a experiment of mine. Where are you?

Leela and Fry both look at each other and think the same thing. 'This can't end up good'

Leela: Ok professor we'll be there and we're at Madison Cude garden.

Professor: Ok get here as soon as you can. I can't wait to show you my invention.

The professor hangs up and Fry shouts for Nibbler. They both leave the park holding hands and head towards planet express. When they get there Hermes is standing at the door.

Hermes: [Acts Cross] Where have you two been all day your over 4 hours late?

Fry: Sorry Hermes

Hermes: [Calms down] It's ok. Anyway the professor wants to talk to you follow me.

While walking down the corridor Hermes is speaking louder then usual.

Hermes: ... So thats why he wanted to talk to you about his experiment!

Leela: [Shouts] That's interesting Hermes but why are we shouting?

Hermes: [Stops shouting] I don't really know. [Giggles]

They all stop infront of the P.E lounge and Hermes knocks.

Hermes: [Knocking on the door] Professor it's me, leela and Fry should we come in now?

Professor: Two minutes Hermes, just some final...er... tweaks.

Couple of minutes later.

Professor: Right you can come in now.

All three of them walk in to the lounge. It's pitch black and we hear a bang.

Fry: Oww my knee.

Leela: Are you ok?

Fry: Yeah I'm fine. Why is it so dark?

Just then the lights turn on and we see all the P.E crew standing around a table with a cake spelling out congratulations. They have party decorations all over the walls.

All the P.E crew: Surprise!

Fry/Leela: [Shocked] Wow!

Leela: Thank you guys [Tearing up] This is the best thing anyone has ever done. Thank you so much. But how did you guys know?

Bender: Amy told us what happened. [Shoving the money he got from the ring in his chest]

Hermes: She had recorded it and showed us it. [To Fry] Well done on the lift.

Fry: [smerking] Thanks I thought I wouldn't be able to do it.

Hermes: Well you did mon. Do you want a peice of your cake, choose a letter.

Leela: I'll a the L please Hermes.

Fry: And I'll take the g.

They all walk over to the cake but when they got over there Zoidberg was stuffing his face.

Amy: [Swearing in her language]

Hermes: [Annoyed] Zoidberg mon!

Leela and Fry both laugh.

Fry: It's ok guys, a party doesn't need to have cake. You just need your friends and the people you love, to spend some time with. Oh and music.

Leela: [Shocked] Wow Fry did you just think of that now?

Fry: [Shocked himself] I think I just did. Wow I didn't know I could say that. [Giggles] I surprise myself sometimes.

The party did carry on for quite some time, everyone had a great time. The professor went to bed early because he didn't like the loud noises, Amy, Bender, Hermes, Zoidberg, Labarbara and Kif, were all there watching Fry and Leela do the same dance that they done before Fry proposed. He even done the lift again. That was one of the best parties of their life.

Stay tuned for Chapter 6