Fan Fiction

Love At Long Last, part 4 - Double Date + Proposal
By LaurenSmiles1

[Wednesday 8:00am]

[Scene Fry and Leela's Apartment]

Fry is the first to wake up, his head still hurting from the operation yesterday. He reaches over and pulls out a small box out of a draw. When he opens it we can see its a beautiful diamond ring. He hears Leela stiring and he hides the ring. He tries to stand up out of bed by holding onto the sidetable. During this he falls out and wakes up Leela with a start.

Leela: What? Who goes there? [Looks down on the floor] Fry!

She hurries out of bed and doesn't cover herself up, and goes to help Fry up.

Leela: What are you doing?

Fry: [Getting picked up] I was trying to make my self used to walking again.

Leela: You could of just woken me up help you.

Fry: I didn't want to you wake you, you looked so peacefull.

Leela: [Blushes] Oh Fry you always know how to make me happy. [Kisses] I love you.

Fry: [Smiles] I love you two leela. Could you help me walk to the wheel chair please?

Leela: Sure.

She grabs hold of Fry's hand and helps him towards his wheel chair. He eventually gets there one small step at a time.

Leela: [Smiling] Your getting better at this.

Fry: I know I might be able to walk by myself today.

Leela: [Sits Fry in the wheel chair] We better get you in the shower.

Before she can push Fry towards the bathroom, the phone starts ringing.

Leela: I'll get it.

Fry: Umm Leela...

Leela: Yes Fry?

Fry: I think you might want to stick something on first [giggles]

Leela: [Looks down at her self] Oh dear... [Pulls the bed cover around her and answers the phone]

Amy: About time. What were you doing?

Leela: Getting Fry ready.

Amy: Oh ok then. [Excited] Anyway you'd never guess what?

Leela: I'm at a loss, please tell me.

Amy: Kiffy is coming back!

Leela: Oh that's great news.

Amy: I know. But I was hoping that me, you, Fry and Kif could all go on a double date.

Leela: I don't know, hold on i'll ask Fry.

Off screen Amy can hear Leela and Fry talking. When Leela is walking back over the phone he slips the ring into his pants pocket that he is going to wear today.

Leela: Amy he said ok.

Amy: Great! We'll pick you up at 7pm [Hangs up]

Leela: Well... That's one thing I'm not looking forward to.

Fry: [Looks down to the ground] Oh so you don't want to go on a date with me?

Leela: [Walks over to him and lifts up his chin] I didn't say that. I just don't want to go on a double date with Amy.

Fry: Come on, It can't be that bad!

Leela: Do you not remember what is was like when you had your head attached to her body?

Fry: Oh yeah. Thanks for saving me [He smiles up at Leela]

Leela: [Smiles back] I knew you won't having a good time. But your welcome. Right lets get you in the shower.

After a while they both got ready and had their breakfast, they headed off to planet express. Only to be met with closed doors.

Leela: [Confused] Hmm thats weird.

Fry: What?

Leela: Hermes hasn't unlocked the door. [Looks at her watch] He's supposed to be here by now.

At that moment her wrist device starts ringing. When she answers it Hermes starts speaking.

Hermes: Hello Leela?

Leela: Hey Hermes. Why haven't you opened planet express yet?

Hermes: Sorry I'm going to be late leela. The bureaucrat's wanted me at their office, but there's a spare key under a pavement slab just infront of the door.

Leela: Which one?

Hermes: I forget just try and look for the one that lifts.

Leela: Fine! [She finds the loose one after about 2 others] Found it, thanks Hermes. [Cuts him off before he can say anything else]

Leela pushes Fry into the building where it's nice and warm.

Fry: Could I practice walking a bit more please Leela?

Leela: If you want to [Grabs his hand] Put all your weight on me first.

As Fry stood up he could feel his legs shaking and starting to buckle underneath him. He grabbed Leela's hand tighter. He started to walk around the room with Leela's help after a whie leela left go of his hand but he was so excited about being able to walk, he didn't realise that leela had let go of him.

Leela: [Cough] Erm... Fry?

Fry: Yes what is it?

Leela: Have you noticed something?

Fry: Nope, why? Should I have? [He keeps walking until he see her feet standing still at the side of the room. He stops still and moves back] Oh

Leela: Yep [giggles] You did it Fry!

She runs up to him and he picks her up and swings her around. Once he puts her down their eyes meet. They get inches away from kissing when Amy walkes in holding kifs hand.

Amy: Oh sorry are we interrupting something?

Leela: [Pulling away] No. We were just happy because Fry has his strength back.

Amy: [Surprised] Oh I didn't realise. Well done Fry.

Kif: [Confused] Wait? got his strength back... [Then noticing the scar on his head] What happened to your head?

Fry: [Reaching towards the scar and getting his hand slapped by Leela] Long story.

Amy: I'll tell you sometime. By the way Leela, don't forget about tonight.

Leela: [Un-excited] How could I forget.

Just as Amy and kif are about to leave Fry speaks up.

Fry: Amy could I talk to you in private please.

Amy: Ok, Kif do you and Leela want to make me and Fry and drink of coffee please?

Kif/Leela: Fine!

They both walk out the room and Fry makes sure they are a good distance away before he starts to talk to Amy.

Amy: So what is it Fry?

Fry: Well tonight during the double date I'm going to ask Leela something. [Pulls the ring out of his pocket]

Amy: [Trying not to scream] Oh my god Fry she'll love it.

Fry: Do you think?

Amy: Spl'uh


[Scene: Leela's and Fry's apartment]

Fry is sitting on the edge of their bed watching leela trying to find something to wear.

Leela: I can't find anything Fry

Fry: Sure you can. You have lots of dresses.

He goes through them to help her. After minutes of searching he picks one out.

Fry: What about this one? [He pulls out a nice dark blue dress, just like the one in A Big Piece of Garbage]

Leela: You like that one?

Fry: No I don't like that one. I love that one. I'll love it even more when it's on you [Smiles]

Leela: Oh Fry [Kisses] Go and stick your suit on, I'll be down in a minute.

Fry: Ok

A couple minutes later Fry was sitting watching TV, when he heard Leela coming down the stairs wearing the dark blue dress the purple locket he gave her and she had her in a ponytail with curls down the side of her head. He turns around.

Fry: [Jaw dropped] Wow Leela you look...

Leela: Do you like it?

Fry: I love it, you look beautiful. [Kisses on check]

Leela: [Blushes] Thanks. Why did you kiss my check though?

Fry: Didn't want to ruin your lipstick.

Leela: Oh Fry. Your the sweetest person I know. [Cuddles him] I love you

Fry: [cuddles back] I know and I love you too Leela


The doorbell rings and Leela answers it. Standing in the doorway is Amy and kif. Amy is wearing her red dress that she wears in Put your head on my shoulder. While kif is wearing normal clothes that he wears on the D.O.O.P ship.

Amy: [Excited] You ready?

Leela: Yep

Fry help's Leela get her jacket on, then picks his up and they all walk out the door to Amy's car.


[Scene: Fancy restaurant]

The group have finished their food and are chatting away when music starts playing and couples get onto the dance floor.

Fry: [Looks towards Leela] Do you want to dance?

Leela: I would but I can't dance

Fry: Neither can I [giggles] Come on.

He grabs her hand and they both start dancing on the dance floor. Some time later Amy and kif join and they start having some fun. Fry does the dance that he shows us in Parasites Lost on the holophoner. All eyes is on them and Fry does the big lift. Everybody claps.

Leela: [Thinks] Wow he can still remember this.

Fry: [putting Leela down] Wow, why does that remind me of something?

Leela: You played it for me on the holophoner when you had the worms.

Fry: Really... Oh yeah I remember now.

Sometime goes by and the crowd is getting smaller. But Fry, Leela, Amy and Kif are still dancing.

Fry: Leela can I ask you something?

Leela: Sure anything.

Fry: [Stops dancing and so did Amy and Kif] Leela from the moment I got frozen and was brought here. When I first laid my eyes on you I felt something, and when we were in old new york and and you placed your hand on top of mine and we looked into each other's eyes, well before Bender ruined it. That feeling was bigger then ever. All I'm trying to say is..

He gets down on one knee. And leela put her hand over her mouth while Amy was smiling with kif.

Fry: [Pulling the ring out of his pocket] Will you marry me, Leela?

Leela: [Tears coming from her eyes] Yes! Yes I will!

Yet again they get applauded and Leela jumps into Fry's arms and give him a big long passionate kiss.

End of Chapter 4.

Stay tuned for Chapter 5