Fan Fiction

Love at Long Last, part 3 - A Problem with Fry
By LaurenSmiles1

[Tuesday 7:00am]

[Scene: Leela's appartment]

Leela is the first to wake up, she looks towards Fry.

Leela: [Thinking] He's so cute when he's sleeping. I'll let him have another 30 minutes.

She slips out of bed slowly trying not to wake up Fry. And heads towards the bathroom.

[5 minutes later]

Leela is still in the shower and Fry walks in.

Leela: Fry is that you?

Fry: Yeah baby, who else?

Leela: [Giggles] Do you want to join me?

Fry: [Excited] What in the shower? Ok!

Fry gets undressed and joins Leela in the shower.

Leela: [Shocked] Fry look at you!

Fry: [Confused] What? What's wrong?

Leela: Since when did you get so much muscle? [Feeling his six pack]

Fry: It must of been when I was pushing all the weights.

Leela: [Smiling] Well it done you some good. oh... Remember that we are going to do some fighting training when we get to planet express.

Fry: Yeah ok... But I don't want to hurt you.

Leela: Fry its fine. It won't hurt as much because its from you. [Kisses him]

[30 minutes later]

Leela and Fry have some time to spare before they need to go to work. So they are cuddling up on the sofa watching tv. Fry is lying at the back of the sofa, while Leela is at the front with Fry's arm over her waist; Nibbler is also getting stroked of Leela.

[People on the TV]

Man #1: Are you ready for the carnival?

Man #2: I sure am. When is it Tom?

Man #1: Its this saturday down in Madison Cube Garden, and it'll be there all weekend.

Man #2: It sounds like so much fun.

Fry: Oh a carnival, can we go Leela please?

Leela: Well... ok then, just for you.

Fry: Thank you. [Kisses her neck]


[Scene: Planet Express employee lounge]

Fry and Leela are getting ready to practice fighting.

Leela: You ready Fry? I want you to try and block this.

Fry: [Nervous] I'll try.

Leela does a high kick that connects with Fry's chin. Knocking him to the floor.

Fry: Oww [Get's up]

Leela: Are you ok?

Fry: Yeah i'm fine. [Rubbing his chin]

Just before Fry could try and block another blow Amy walks in. She see Fry on the floor, gasping for breath.

Amy: Oh sorry did I interupt something?

Leela: No not at all. I think I just hit him too hard in the chest.

Fry: [Short of breath] No... you... didn't [Stands up again]

Leela: Fry listen to me. I want you to relax your body.

Fry relaxes his body. His arms are just dangling by his sides.

Leela: Good and I want you to clear your mind.

Amy: That should be to difficult for him. [Giggles]

Leela turns to Amy with a stern look.

Amy: [Realising she just said it out loud] Oh sorry I was meant to say that in my head.

Leela: Now Fry, I want you to close your eyes and let your instincts guide you.

Fry closed both his eyes and Leela makes a kick towards his chest. Fry blocks out the first kick, the second and the third. Amy is shocked to what she just witnessed.

Amy: [Shocked] Wow Fry I didn't know you had it in you.

Fry: [Surprised] I know neither did I, thanks Leela.

Leela: Your welcome, now just try and do it with your eyes open this time.

Fry: Ok

Leela goes for a punch in his face but is blocked and is thrown back towards the back of the room. Fry surprised in what he's just done, runs over to Leela.

Fry: [Concerned] Oh my god, Leela are you alright?

Leela: [Surprised] Yeah I'm fine. Wow Fry you do have some strength on you now.

Fry just smiles and helps Leela up.

Leela: Amy come here please.

Amy walks nervously over to were Leela and Fry are standing.

Leela: Right Fry, this time your going to try and defend off two people at once. Do you think you could try it.

Fry: I could try.

Leela starts running up infront of Fry and Amy towards the back of him. He is able to block all of there attacks.

Amy: Wow Fry what have you had?

Fry: [Nervously] Nothing I swear.

Leela takes of Fry's shirt to see if there's something thats not suppose to be there.

Amy: Oh Leela can't you wait! Or get a different room.

Leela: Its not what you think. Fry doesn't seem to be sweating or short of breath.

Amy: [Suprised tone] Since when did Fry get so muscly?

Leela: Since we took them weights to gymcity yesterday.

Fry: Well in that case I want to go there again!

Leela: We might be able to go there and let them see you.

Fry: Leela?

Leela: Yes Fry.

Fry: I... Feel dizzy...

Just after he said that his legs gave way and he fell towards the ground hitting his head on a table.

Leela: FRY! Amy I hate to say this but get Zoidberg.

Amy: Right away ma'am.

Amy runs out the door calling for Zoidberg. Meanwhile Leela is trying to lift Fry onto the sofa.

Leela: [Thinking] Wow this has gotten more difficult now.

A couple of minutes later, Amy and Zoidberg comes in.

Zoidberg: So who's the patient?

Leela: [worried] Who do you think?

Amy: Leela its going to be alright.

A couple of minutes later.

Zoidberg: I'm sorry but I think you are going to have to call the hopsital.

Leela/Amy: [Worried] Why?

Zoidberg: Because I can't figure what his problem is.

Amy: Your suppose to be a doctor.

Zoidberg: Yes but I didn't train for this one.

Leela: [Calling the hospital] You didn't train at all!

[30 minutes later]

[Scene: Taco Bellevue Hospital]

The doctor walks out the room towards Leela and Amy. Leela has placed her head in her hands. Amy is trying to comfort her. She see's the doctor.

Amy: So what is it doctor?

Doctor: I'm afraid it's bad news.

Leela starts to sob in her hands.

Amy: What is it then!

Doctor: I'm afraid that Mr. Fry has a tumor on his right side of the brain. If we didn't catch it at this stage then he would have died. But hopefully we can get rid of it.

Leela looks at the doctor and smiles.

Leela: Can we go see him please?

Doctor: Sure but only one person at a time.

Leela looks towards Amy and give a sad look.

Leela: Sorry Amy. Thanks for coming.

Amy: It's fine I'll be out here if you need me.

Leela gives Amy a smile and walks into the room where Fry is in. As she walks in she can see all sorts of wires connect to Fry to keep him in a stable condition. She walks over and tears are building in her eye again. Fry looks towards her and gives a faint smiles.

Leela: Hey babe, how you feeling?

Fry: [Uneasy tone] Ok I guess. What happened?

Leela: You fainted and got rushed here... [Starts to cry]

Fry slowly lifts his arm up and tries to cuddle her.

Fry: [Soft] Ssshhh its ok.. What's wrong?

Leela: [Uneasy] Sorry Fry, its just that... You have a tumor.

Fry: [Shocked] What! I knew that it was to good to be true.

Leela is still crying and Fry puts his hand on the side of her head and with his spare hand, he wipes away the tears.

Fry: [Soft] So how far along is it?

Leela: [calming down] The doctors say it's at a early stage. You might survive it.

Fry: [Sad] Might?

Leela: Oh Fry... I'm so sorry

Fry: [Soft] Leela its not your fault. Infact I'm glad it's happened to me and not to you.

[Outside of the room Amy is sitting in the waiting area; Bender walks in].

Bender: Amy where's Fry I came as soon as I could.

Amy: Leela is in with him now.

Bender: Well why arn't you in?

Amy: Only one person at a time.

Bender: [Dissapointed] Damn! So what's wrong with the meatbag?

Amy: [Sad] He has tumor.

Bender: I've heard about that. Something about how humans get them and sometimes they could die.

Amy: Don't say that Bender!

Bender: Sorry

[Scene: Inside the room with Fry and Leela]

The two of them are chatting away until Fry feels a sudden shock going threw his head. He screams in pain and brings his hands to his head. Leela then runs out and calls for a doctor.

Amy: [Worried] What's wrong?

Leela: He's in really bad pain!

A doctor comes running up to Leela and both of them run into the room. Leela is holding Fry's hand and a doctor is trying to get him stable. Once Fry calms down and has seemed to have passed out. The doctor talks to leela.

Doctor: We are going to have to operate on him to get this out as fast as we can.

Leela: [Crying] Anything just make him better please.

The doctor then wheels out Fry and leela follows, which is then followed by Amy and Bender.

Bender: Where are they taking him?

Leela: To the surgery. They are going to try and take the tumor out now.

[2 hours later]

Fry is in the recovery ward. The doctor comes out and talks to the three of them.

Doctor: Good news, we have got the tumor out and he's on the road to recover. But he won't be able to fly for another 6 months.

Leela: [Glad] Thank you so much.

Doctor: Tell you what. You can all go in and see him.

The three of them walk into the recovery room and walks over to Fry. Leela sits beside him holding his hand. Fry now has his head shaved and a huge scar over his right side with staples in it with.

Leela: You hear that Fry your going to be fine.

Bender: Well good news at last. [Pulls out a cigar]

Amy: Bender you can't smoke in here!

Bender: Why the hell not!?

Leela: Because this is a hospital, put it away now!

Bender: Fine! I'm going anyway. I'm going to play blackjack and find some hookers. Wait, just forget the blackjack.

Amy: Wow he is so rude.

Leela: [Smiling and looking down at Fry] Well he is a robot, he has no human feelings.

[10 minutes Later Fry starts to open his eyes]

Through blurry vision he can see, what looks to be Amy and Leela.

Fry: [Quietly] Leela?

Leela: Fry your awake!

Fry: [Unsure] Where am I?

Amy: Your in the recovery room.

Fry: Wait so you mean I'm going to be alright?

Leela: That's right. But you won't be able to go on any deliveries for 6 months.

Fry: [Sad] Oh right. Wait so am I going to have a scar? [Reaches towards his head but gets his hand slapped by Leela]

Leela: [Stern] No touching it! Knowing you, you'd make it worse.

Fry: [Upset] Thanks for the support Leela!

Leela: Didn't mean it like that.

Amy: Well I'll go call Hermes and tell him the good news. [She walks out]

As soon as Amy walks out the room the doctor comes in smiling.

Doctor: Well Mr. Fry. You've made a full recovery and you will be able to leave the hospital anytime you want. But you might be a little uneasy walking so you can take a wheelchair home with you.

Leela: [Smiling] Thank you doctor.

Doctor: Anytime [He walks out]

Fry: Well do you want to go back to work now? Show me off [Giggles]

Leela: Ok. Let's get you into the wheelchair.

Leela grabs his arm and puts it over her shoulder, helping him out of the bed.

Fry: Leela, have I told you how much I love you.

Leela: Oh Fry... I love you two. [Kisses him]

[3:00pm Scene Planet Express]

Leela and Fry arrive and everyone is waiting to greet them.

Hermes: Fry mon, you had us all worried. Welcome back.

Fry: Thanks. Where's Bender?

Hermes: He told me to tell you, get well soon.

Fry: [Sad] Oh so he couldn't even be bothered to see me then. Some friend he is!

Amy: He did come and see you. He came when you were in hospital.

Fry: So why didn't I see him.

Leela: You were still asleep

While they were talking the professor walks in. Holding some tools.

Professor: So where's the new liver?

Leela: [Stern] Professor!

Professor see's that Fry is well and chucks the tools away.

Professor: Who said something about a new liver? That was so rude!

Fry: [giggles] Leela can we go home, I'm feeling tired now.

Leela: Ok then...

Professor: [Stern] No you can't go home yet it's not the end of your shift!

Fry: [Look's towards the sofa] Well it looks like i'm going to have to nap on the sofa.

Leela: You can't sleep on the sofa

Fry: I've done it before.

Leela: Fine!

Leela pushes him over the sofa and helps him onto it. And as soon as he his lying down he passes out and starts snoring.

Amy: Well it all turned out for the best.

Leela: [Happy] Yeah. Plus he looks so cute when he's sleeping. Shame we can't go to the carnival now. [Kisses his forehead]

The End of Chapter 3

Stay tuned for Chapter 4

My respects go to anyone who has lost someone close to them, by a tumor. I have just lost my auntie because of one. And this was inspired by her.