Fan Fiction

Love At Long Last, part 2 - Flyback
By LaurenSmiles1

[Monday 10:00am]

[Scene: Planet Express confrence room]

Everyone is sitting at the table and Hermes is doing his morning meeting.

Hermes: ... And that is how I got this new stamp.

Amy: Zzzzzz.... Wha?

Leela: Wow that's... Interesting Hermes

The professor walks in with Scruffy. He was carrying a package.

Fry: Professor, Who's this?

Scruffy: I'm scruffy the janitor

Professor: Yes, Yes who ever you are. Just place the package on the table please.

Scruffy: Scruffy never gets noticed. Oh well best be getting back to what I do best.

He goes own to his room and starts reading a magazine.

[Scence: Back in the confrence room]

Leela: So what is this professor?

Professor: What does it look like one eye!

Fry: Oi, don't talk to her like that. [He then looks at her and smiles]

Leela then smiles back at Fry and give him a kiss on the check.

Professor: Any way your going to deliver this weight package to the planet gymcity.

Amy: Not very creative with the names are they?

Fry [giggles]: Yeah I know


[Scene: Int. Planet Express ship]

Fry, Leela and Bender are all sitting in their normal places. Leela concentrating on flying with all the heavy weights on board. Bender reading a magazine and Fry has got his feet up.

[1 hour later]

Leela: Well this is going to be a long journey because of the heavy weights that are slowing us down. I'm going to put this on auto pilot and get some rest. You coming Fry?

Fry: [Very quick response] Yeah ok!

Bender: Yeah ok leave the robot.

Leela: No pressing any buttons bender. Remember what happened the last time?

*Flashback from Love and Rocket*

[The ship shakes violently. Fry falls over.]

Fry: Whoa!

Leela: What was that?

Fry: Maybe we hit a space cow.

[Cut to: Ship's engine room. Bender is tickling a control panel.]

Bender: Coochie coochie!

Ship: [Giggling] Stop it! You're messing up my trajectory!

Bender: You know you love it sugar-engine!

[He presses some buttons.]

*End of flashback*

Leela: [Stern Voice] And I don't want that to happen again.

Bender: Yeah, what ever

Leela and Fry both leave for 'Their' quaters.

When in the room Leela goes to take off the lockette, she smiles towards Fry who is already waiting in the bed.

Leela: Fry I really like the lockette you gave me. Thank you.

She gets into bed with Fry and snuggles up next to him.

Fry: You welcome I just wanted to get you something special to remember us by. Do you remember how you met your parents?

Leela: [Sad] Yeah I accused them of murdering them first.

*Flashback from Leela's Homeworld*

Hooded figure #1: Keep quite so she doesn't hear us.

Hooded figure #2: What's there to talk about?

Hooded figure #1: Shhh!

[Leela's standing behind them.]

Leela: Hands up! Tentacles too!

[The other one puts her tentacles up.]

Hooded figure #1: Don't say anything stupid, Morris

Leela: What is all this? Am I a game to you? Or some kind of even more boring Truman Show? Do you belive I'm you Messiah? Your Mutant Dali Lama? Stop me if I guess it!

Hooded figure #2: Well actually there...

[Hooded figure #1 stops him.]

Hooded figure #1: Morris! Shh!

Leela: [Angry] And what about this?! How did you get this bracelet? Did you steal it from me when I was a baby? Or from my parents. You robbed my parents, didn't you? I bet you sick mutants killed them. My parents were confused aliens lost on Earth and you killed them! Is that it? Admit it!

Hooded figure #2: [Sombre] Yes. We killed them.

Hooded figure #1: You guessed the truth.

[Leela screams.]

Leela: Because of you I'll never know my parents. I'll kill you!

[She raises her gun]

Hooded figure #1: That would be best.

[Leela charges her laser. It bleeps. The hooded figures hold each other.]

Fry: Stop! Don't do it Leela!

Leela: They killed my parents!

Fry: Close.

[He walks behind the hooded figures and pulls their hoods off. Leela lowers her gun.]

Leela: They are my parents.

Munda: Yes.

Fry: I had the Professor analyse the alienese letter that was found with you.

Leela: What does it say?

Fry: I 'unno. But the analysis showed it was printed on recycled toilet paper. A squeezably soft paper used mainly in the sewers.

[Leela's mother takes the paper.]

Munda: It says ''Your parents love you very much''.

Morris: We still do.

Leela: So, I'm not a alien? I'm a mutant.

Morris: We never wanted you to know. You deserved a better life.

Munda: You must despise us.

Leela: [Crying] You're my parents. All I've ever wanted is to know you. This is the happiest moment of my life.

*Flashback Ends*

Leela starts crying.

Fry: [Trying to calm her] Shhh... What's the matter?

Leela: [Still crying] I tried to kill them.

Fry: You didn't know they were your parents at first though.

Leela: Yeah I guess your right. So... we're in bed...

She starts tickling him.

Fry: [Giggles] Oh leela!

They both start to giggle and go under the covers.


Ship: We have arrived at our destination! Please take the controls and prepare for a manual land.

Leela open's her eye slowly.

Leela: Fry wake up, we've arrived.

Fry: [In his sleep] No mummy, I don't want to go to school today.

Leela: [shouts] Fry!

Fry wakes with a start.

Fry: Leela don't do that again please.

Leela: Sorry... I got to land the ship manually.

Leela gets out of bed, gets dressed and goes to land the ship. After a smooth landing, she helps Fry and Bender unload all the weights. As they get nearer to the place they need to deliver to, Fry is struggling to get the weights up the hill.

Leela: Fry, do you need any help?

Fry: [panting] No thank you Leela. I want to do this on my own, anyway we're nearly at the top.

Bender: You need to be a robot we can do anything.

When they arrive at the top of the hill, a big muscular man standing at the gate holding a watch.

Muscular man: You early, well done.

Fry/Leela: [Both Surprised] Really?

Muscular man: Yes. You don't need to jog all the way around the planet.

Bender: Oh why?

Leela: [Stern] Bender don't!

Bender: [In Leela's voice] Bender don't!

Leela: Anyway could you sign this please sir.

She hands him a clipboard and he signs and hands it back.

[Later that night back on earth]

Leela and Fry are in their apartment. Fry is getting undressed to go into the shower. While Leela is brushing her teeth. Having already been in the shower Leela goes to get into bed.

Leela: Well i'll be getting into bed now... [Sexy Tone] I'll be waiting Fry.

Fry notices this and quickly hurries out of the shower and into the bedroom. We then hear stuff going on...

End of Chapter 2: Please stay tuned for more...