Fan Fiction

Good and Bad Times, part 1
By LaurenSmiles1


Fry and Leela have been married for one year. They still live in the apartment with Nibbler and they still work at Planet Express.

Part 1

It started out a normal work day for the Planet Express crew, an boring meeting and a awkward delivery as always. The ship had just landed back in the building and three people walked off it. Leela started to speak as she was walking down the stairs. "I still can't believe that you tried to steal from the queen's pocket"

"Hey, she wasn't looking and I thought I had the hands to pickpocket, I mean it worked the other times"

"She had her guards looking at you!" Leela was now getting annoyed. Fry could sense this and tried to get Bender off her back. "Bender, go watch some TV and get the beer from behind the couch"

"There's beer behind the couch!" He shouted while running off. Fry walked over to Leela and tried to calm her down. "Are you ok?" Leela was still a little bit annoyed but was happy to see that Fry was attempting to calm her down. "Happy knowing that you are here, to help me deal with Bender".

"All you need to do is mention something about fembot's, gambling, stealing or booze and Bender will always be away" Fry laughed and hugged Leela "You will always know that I'll always be here for you no matter what" Leela hugged him back and smiled "I always know that you'll do nothing to try and hurt me Fry and that's why I married you. I love you so much".

"I love you too. I'm still happy that you gave me a chance after the opera".

"After I saw the opera, I knew that you didn't need the worms to play something beautiful, it just comes from your heart. But i'm sorry that I couldn't hear the first part".

"It wasn't your fault, Bender told me what happened. He had made a deal with the robot devil with his..." He pulls out of the hug and does quotes with his hands. "Shiny metal ass, just because he wanted to be louder".

Leela just laughed, she still couldn't believe that someone would write something for her, even if it was a opera. "You know what, I'm going to take you on a romantic flight with the Planet Express ship, after work. What do you think?" Leela gave off another smile and nodded. Fry smiled back and gave her a kiss. "I've going to go and give the clipboard to Hermes and tell him the bad news about Bender" He walks off and Leela goes towards the kitchen for a coffee.

When she gets there, Amy is sitting at the table in tears. Leela walks over to her and sits beside her. "What's wrong?"

"It's about the professor, while you three were on the delivery to New London, the professor died". She bursts into more tears. Leela looked shocked. "That can't be true, he was fine when we left the building this morning"

"That's just it, he had a heart attack about thirty minutes after you left. We tried to call you but we can't reach you".

"I can't believe it" They both sat silent for a short period of time, before Leela spoke "This means Fry doesn't know. I have to go tell him".

Meanwhile in Hermes' office, Fry walks in looking at the paper. "I have the papers from todays delivery, also the queen isn't happy" He looks up and notices that Hermes isn't in his office. "Hermes, where are you?" He goes to walk out but Leela runs into him. "Oh Fry thank god I found you". He could sense something was wrong some by the sound of her voice. "What? Is something wrong?"

"Yes!" Tears started to fall down her face, Fry sat her down on Hermes chair and he bent down to get eye level with her. "What's happened?"

"There's no easy way to say this, but Amy told me that thirty minutes after we left for the delivery, the professor had a heart attack" She broke down in tears again. "What really? But he looked and acted great when we entered the building" He felt a tears coming to his eyes, he stood up and went to the phone. "What are you doing?" Leela asked. "I'm ringing the hospital and ask where he is". As he was ringing the hospital, Hermes walked in the door and looked at Leela. "No point in ringing the hospital Fry. He's not there anymore, they've took him to the morge. I've arranged for the funeral to be tomorrow". Fry sat back down next to Leela and started to cry. "I can't believe that he's gone at the young age of 160."

"Fry mon, that's not young".

"It is if your over one thousand years old". He laughs but then starts to sob again. "I'll be back soon, the professor told me in the hospital that he left his will in his invention room" Hermes said while walking out the room. Fry grabbed Leela's hand "I think that we should hold out on the romantic flight for now". She just nodded and rested on Fry's shoulder.

In the invention room Hermes was trying to look for the will that the professor told him about, but he didn't say where. He was looking through the professor's desk when he noticed that the professor hadn't deleted a message from the phone. He clicked the message button and Zapp's voice started to play:

Hey, it's me. I think that you've lived long enough! Give me that invention or pay the price. Meet me in two days time at the Nimbus. We should be near earth on that day. If you don't show up, I'll send someone down to retreive it and retrieve you!

Your loyal friend Zapp.

Hermes was shocked at what he just heard. He shouts of Fry and both him and Leela come in. "Have you found the will?"

"No, but I think you should listen to this"

Hermes played the recording again, he went away trying to look for the will and both Leela and Fry, were just standing jaw dropped. "So the professor didn't have a heart attack by accident, he was probably scared because he was forced to make an invention for Zapp, then he couldn't take it anymore so he just gave up". Leela looked Fry in the eyes. "Listen, the professor was a genius, even though he was mad. He was always coming with new inventions, some that didn't work, even some that blew in face. But that didn't stop making more. This is different."

"Found it!" Hermes shouting when he was looking in the cupboard. He walked out looking at a peice of paper. "So what does it say?" Fry asked. "Well let me see first..." He scanned the paper and smiled "Congratulations Fry or should I say boss".

"What?" He was stunned that Hermes would even call him that. Hermes smiled "He left you the company, congratulations"

"I'm not fit to run a company, he should of left it to you or Leela"

"That's what is says here Fry, sorry to disapoint you. But I'm sure that you'll get the hang of what you need to do around here. I'm sure that Leela will be there to help you through it all the way as well."

Leela smiled and grabbed Fry's hand before saying "I sure will"

Later on during the day, Bender had went out looking for some more beer and some fembot's. He didn't really care that the professor had passed away. Amy had went to see to Kif, Hermes was sitting in his office sorting of stuff for the funeral tomorrow, Leela was in the kitchen making some food for her and Fry. While he was sitting at the professors 'his' desk, listening to the message over and over again.

A short while later, Leela came up the into the room and placed some food infront of his face. "I'm not hungary". He said pushing the plate away from him. "You have to eat something, you can't do this all day. You'll get sick, the professor wouldn't want this". Leela said pushing the plate towards him. Fry could sense again that she was concerned, he looked up at her and pulled a seat towards the side of the desk. She took a seat beside him and they both started to eat. Taking a couple of bites he swallowed "I'm going to go to the Nimbus and talk to Zapp, I'm going to find out what he wanted the professor to make him".

"I was just thinking that. I've still got the keys if you want to go after we've finished eating". Fry just smiled and continued to eat. Even in situations like this, he was glad that he still had Leela. Once they finished dinner, Leela took the plates into the kitchen, while Fry stayed in lab listening to the tape one last time, he took it out and placed it in his pocket. He met Leela by the ship and they took off.

Onboard the Nimbus Zapp was talking to Kif. "Why hasn't the old man sent me a message back yet?"

"Because he's dead!" Said a voice from behind him. Zapp turned around to find Fry and Leela standing there. "Fry, Leela what a pleasant surprise. Also what do you mean that the professor is dead!?". He asked in a harsh voice. "We heard your message Zapp and we want answers"

"What happens if I don't give you answers?"

"You don't want to know" Said Fry clenching his fist behind his back. "Just explain the message". Zapp was just sitting there trying to look confused. "What message? I haven't sent no message."

"I thought you might say that, so I brought this along with me." He throws it towards Kif "Could you please play it?" Kif gives off a little nod and plays the tape, once the tape finishes, Kif is standing there stuned and Zapp just sighs. "He normally deletes his messages, why didn't he delete this one".

"Because he had a heart attack, probably from you putting to much pressure on him to make you a invention. He normaly just makes for fun, but you gave him a deadline. What did want him to make you?" Fry demanded and walking closer, Leela was not far behind. She glanced down at Fry's arm behind his back. His knuckles were white because he was tighting his fist the more Zapp avoided the question. "You better tell him Zapp, you won't like when he's angry".

"How about you come here and give the mighty Zapper a kiss, then I'll tell him". He said with a sly smile. Fry had just about enough when he had said this to wife. He ran forward and swung a punch, which connect to Zapp's jaw, who fell to the floor like a sack potatoes. "Don't you dare speak to Leela like that again! Now tell me what you wanted the professor to make so quickly". Zapp spitting out some blood, stood up. "I'm not telling you anything" Fry took another punch, this time going for his gut, he fell again. "I could do this all day. Tell me now!" He picked him by shirt.

"Ok, ok I'll tell you. Just let go of me" Zapp asked. Fry did let go and as soon as he did Zapp made a run for the nearest escape pod. Fry gave chase but Zapp closed the pod door before Fry could do anything. Zapp pressed a button and waved goodbye. Leela came behind him and looked at his fist, he had his arm down and there was blood dripping down off it and onto the floor.

A short while later they were on the Planet Express ship heading back to Earth. They were both in the medical bay, Fry was sitting on the bed and Leela was standing where she was tending to Fry's fist. "I've never seen you that angry before, you scared me". He didn't want to make eye contact with her so he just stared at his bloody fist. "Sorry you had to see that. I'll try not to do something like that again. Well at least not infront of you." Leela gave off a small laugh and finished putting the bandage around his hand. "Well you have two broken fingers but other then that your fine" She give his hand a kiss. Fry sensed a opponunity "You know Leela. When I puched Zapp I bit my lip, could you kiss that better please?" Leela smiled and placed her arms around his neck, he then placed his arms around her waist. She started to give him a passionate kiss, when they broke they still had there arms around each other, Fry was breathless. He didn't realise that she could kiss like that. He went in and returned the favour. It was soft at first then it was harder but still passionate. Leela felt her body melting. Once he broke the kiss she gently spoke "Now I'm the one who's breathless" She let out another giggle.

The moment broke when the ship started to speak. "Sorry to break the moment, but do you want me to do the landing or do you want to do it manually?"

"Manually please ship" Fry replied, Leela looked at him confused. He got up and walked to the front of the ship and sat in the captains chair. Leela walked in the room and looked towads him. "What are you doing?" Fry turned around, seeing her standing in the doorway he smiled. "I think you should see this, I've been practicing" She walked beside him and watched him land. Sure it was a smooth landing but it still had a little error.

One hour later they were both sitting in Hermes office, Hermes and Leela were going through some of the plans for tomorrow, while Fry was sitting at a computer researching some background information about Zapp; what the professor was last on. Including his personal information, emails ect. When he came across something interesting. He picked up a pen and got a peice of paper and wrote down a address and some numbers. "What you got?" Leela peered over from helping Hermes. "I found a email that the professor sent himself, with a address and some numbers".

"Where abouts is it?" She woundered.

"Pack your bags, we're going to paris" He smiled towards Leela. "Hermes do you think you'll be able to look after the company until we come back?" He asked as he was packing the laptop away. "Sure mon, do you not want to go in two days time though, the funeral is tomorrow." Fry thought about it for a second and nodded. "Sure but I'll still pack our bags, I'm going to go home and try and get some sleep. I'll see you later". He walks over gives Leela a kiss, then walks out the room.

Once he gets in the apartment, he goes straight to bedroom and starts packing the suitcases. When he finishes he sits on bed, puts the laptop on the bedside table and he gets some books out, to see if he can see where about the address is located. Thirty minutes later, Leela walks in the apartment. As she foot in, Nibbler starts jumping at her, she looks towards the kitchen and notices that he hasn't been feed. "You want some food, boy?" He starts making noises and runs to the kitchen. Leela follows him and opens up a can of food. Once Nibbler is satisfied, she walks into the bedroom. She sees Fry on the bed fast asleep, with all sorts of books over him. She removes them and puts the cover over him, gives him a kiss, gets changed and went to bed.