Fan Fiction

Future Apocalypse, part 3
By LaurenSmiles1

Previously on Future Apocalypse.

Lucas: What are you all doing?

Sophie: Sorry Lucas, we're not staying with you. You put everyone at risk by staying here, we're all going with Leela. She the best at destroying those things.

Lucas: What!? This is the safest place in the world.

Leela: If it's the safest place, then I think you should do something about them infected...

The rubble from the food shop bursts open and the hunter comes from the rubble...

Leela: We need to leave now! That creature isn't dead...

They arrive on the beach...

Sophie: Where are we?

Leela: I don't know...

Fry: Leela come here quickly!...

Fry points to a large protected building...

Leela: Nice find. How are we going to get in there?

Fry: The helicopter.

Leela: Can't you see them...

Leela points at some missiles...

Leela: They lock onto any aircraft. If we try to get in there by helicopter we'll all die...

Dr. Isaacs: Hello Leela we've been expecting you...

Leela: Who are you?

Dr. Isaacs: Names don't matter.

Leela: What have you done to the others?

The dog lunged at her and she managed to jump out the way, she ran into a room and closed the door. The dog was locked on the outside and she was trapped on the inside... with another infected.

Leela: I hate dogs!

We focus on Fry who is walking through some corridors, when he hears some screaming come in from a room. He get's a machine gun out and opens the door, to be met with something huge.... A G-virus (Note: If you don't know what this is watch Resident Evil Degeneration or search it on google.) and it lunged towards him...

Now time for Future Apocalypse Part 3

Fry was too slow for the huge G-virus, it swiped down and caught Fry on the side sending him flying across the room. He hit the wall with some force, he moaned out in pain. The G-virus was walking closer to him, one more hit and it could kill Fry with ease. Suddenly the creature got hit in the back of the head by a book, it turned around to see Leela. She was just standing there with no weapons in her hands. The creature started to walk towards her and she caught a glimps of Fry, still lying on his stomach beside the wall.

Leela: Slide me a weapon quick.

Fry slid her a M16 and it landing infront of her feet, she picked it up and got ready to shoot but not before she dodged on of the creatures blows. She jumped back and let out a round of M16 rounds into the huge eye on it's shoulder, it roared out with pain and then left the room. Leela walked over to Fry and knelt beside him.

Leela: Are you ok?

Fry: I'll be fine, thank you for coming when you did.

Leela: Well I did hear a scream but I guess that wasn't you.

Fry laughed and shook his head, Leela then helped him up.

Leela: Are you ok to walk?

Fry: Not by myself.

Leela placed his arm around her shoulders and they left the room. About half an hour of wondering around and killing zombies, Fry clutched his side, screamed out in pain and fell to the floor. Leela sat him up against the wall and felt his forehead.

Leela: Your burning up.

Looking back at his side, she noticed some blood. Lifting his shirt up she saw that he had been either bitten or slashed by a infected.

Leela: Your infected.

Fry: I know, it's too late for me now. We don't know a cure and I don't think I'll make it out of the building alive... well so to speak.

Leela got a flashback...

Boss: And in this room we keep the anti-virus secure, if anything goes wrong then all the anti-viruses are kept here. Non of them should be removed from this room.

Leela: How does it work?

Boss: If a tests goes wrong on a animal, then the scientists come here with the animal and inject with the anti-virus. This destroys the virus and washes it out, which makes the animal go back to normal...

Leela shakes her head and looks at Fry.

Leela: We need the anti-virus.

Fry: There's a cure?

Leela: Yes and it's on the north side of the building.

Fry: You just go without me, i'll just slow you down.

Leela helps him to his feet and places his arm around her shoulders.

Leela: I'm never going to leave you behind, we're in this together.

They start walking and Fry glances a smile at her, she returns it. Not long after walking they come across someone running down the corridor screaming, Leela stops him to calm him down.

Leela: Calm down. What's your name?

Walt: Walt, my names Walt and how am I suposed to calm down with them chasing me.

Leela: Who?

A group of infected appear from around the corner so Walt points.

Walt: Them!

Leela: Hold him.

Walt grabs Fry and Leela deals with the walkers, when she turns around she looks at the boys. She see's a bite on Walts arm and points a gun at him.

Walt: Woah. What are you doing?

Leela: How long ago were you biten?

Walt: Three hours ago.

Leela puts the gun away.

Leela: It's your lucky day, your welcome to stick with us if you want. I know where the cure is and I could give you some.

Walt: Thank you.

The three of them head off until they enter a room that over looks the middle. They go to the window and see lots of walkers, including the one G-virus walking around.

Leela: We need to go through that room.

Walt: How are we going to do that? I mean it doesn't look like he's in a fit state to run.

Leela looks at Fry who is hanging on to Walts shoulder, she then grabs him and sit's him down against the wall.

Leela: You stay here with Fry, I'll go and deal with them. If anything happens to me, just run.

Leela walks out the room and heads towards the middle.

Leela walks into the room holding the M16 but not soon after she enters the zombies surround her. She started to shoot them, only aiming for the head and careful not to waste necessary ammo. Once all the infected are dead, she's get her shotgun ready for the G-virus and as she thought it was blinded. It could only follow her by the noise she makes so once she shoot's she'll have to keep moving from the spot. She gives off a shot and the G-virus turns towards her and starts to run, Fry is still watching through the window and Leela manages to move out the way in time and give off another two shots. Yet again the creature starts to run at her, so she moves out the way but trips on a computer cable. This makes the gun slide out of her hand and under a table, the creatures turns getting ready to swipe but Leela rolls back and picks up the shotgun. She pulls the trigger firing two shotgun bullet into the creatures head, it falls the ground. She walks over to it and fires a bullet into it's head, send bits of mashed up brain and blood all over the place. She leaves the room and enters where the boys are.

Leela: How is he doing?

Walt: He's burning up, nice moves out there.

Leela: Thank you.

She helps Fry up and puts his arm over her shoulders.

Leela: We have to move now.

They leave the room and start to walk towards where the anti-virus is kept.

Walt: How do you know so much about this thing.

Leela: I used to work here and my boss used to tell me stuff.

Walt: You used to work with umbrella?

Leela: Yes but when I found out what they were doing I quit.

They entered the room, Leela set Fry down and walked over to a container; opening it she found it to be empty.

Leela: Damn it!

Walt: I think your looking for the green anti-virus?

Leela turns around to find Walt pointing a gun at her.

Leela: What have you done with them!?

Walt: Oh they're on the train and the train is the way out, have fun in here.

Walt leaves the room and locks the door, Leela runs over to it.

Leela: Open it back up!... Now!

Fry moans which causes Leela to look at him, in which he has his eyes half closed.

Leela: Fry hang on, there's got to be at least one anti-virus in here.

She starts to go through the draws and someone speaks.

Red Queen: Hello?

Leela stops looking and looks around the room.

Leela: Who said that?

Red Queen: I'm the Red Queen, I'm the automated system for the hive and I've been watching you but I never thought that you would get this far.

Leela: Could you tell me if there's a anti-virus in here.

Red Queen: There is not.

Leela sighs and then goes to the back door to type in a code.

Red Queen: You need the four digit access code, I will give it to you but for a cost. One of you if infected, I need his life for the code.

Leela: The anti-virus is right there on the platform! Right there!

Red Queen: I'm sorry but he's infected, it won't be long before he turns. Kill him!

Leela looks at him then back at the computer.

Leela: No, I can't do that.

Suddenly there was banging at the window and a 'licker' was trying to brake in.

Leela: What the hell is that!?

Red Queen: We call that the licker. The T-virus didn't blend to well with there human DNA, they mutated into this creatures. That glass won't hold it for long, I need to kill him to get out.

Leela: No!

Red Queen: Kill him!

Leela: No!

The computer blew up and the power went out, then the door opened and someone came limping in. When he talked he had a hint of a russian accent.

Yuri: I heard someone shouting. The bitch wouldn't let me in so I had to fry her ass.

Leela laughs, helps Fry up and head out the door. They then start to head towards the train, when the get there they see Walt with cuts and blood all over him but also the anti-virus right next to him.

Leela: Grab him and get on the train, i'll be right there.

Yuri grabs Fry and then heads on the train, Leela walks over to grab the anti-virus. When she grabs it, Walt comes back to life and starts to crawl to her. She looks at the wall and finds a axe, which she uses to kill him.

Leela: Jackass.

She throws the axe down and picks up the container, then heads on the train. She places the container beside Fry and injects him with the cure.

Leela: Everything will be fine now, you're going to be ok.

Fry gives of a small smile and Leela looks to Yuri who is controlling the train.

Leela: Did you get bit?

Yuri: Just one little scratch but I don't think that it is enough to turn me into one those... things.

Leela: You can never be too careful.

Leela went to grab the container when she heard a loud screetch and Yuri dissappear. Nothing was heard after that moment... When they arrived back at the main house at New, New York, Leela went to help Fry out the train but he stood up by himself.

Fry: I think I might be fine now, thank you for not leaving me.

Leela: Your my husband, were in this together no matter what.

They hugged each other and Fry kissed her forehead, they then started to head out towards the main doors when Fry clutched his side again and fell to the floor and screamed. Leela went to inject him with another anit-virus when some people came in and took Fry away and knocked Leela out. When she woke back up she was in the hospital, alone. When she started to look around, she decided to head outside. This is when she noticed something wasn't right, she went over to a police car and found a shotgun, in which she reloaded.

Leela: Something is really wrong here!

The camera zooms out to she the whole of New, New York deserted, there is no one on the streets and cars are wrecked and there is litter everywher. (Just think back to the ending of the first Resident Evil.)