Fan Fiction

Future Apocalypse, part 2
By LaurenSmiles1

Previously on Future Apocalypse...

Leela woke up lying in bed, with no idea how she got there....

Opening the first drawer she found a glass container holding a large amount of weapons... Pistols, knifes and some machine guns... then there was a knock at the door....

Leela: Who are you?

Amy: What do you mean who am I? I'm your friend Amy....

Amy: Do you remember what happened?

Leela: What happened?

Amy: Do you not remember getting married and the zombie outbreak?

Leela: Zombie outbreak?...

Amy: Oh no they've followed me here...

Slow motion of the door getting knocked off it's hinges and a bunch of zombies running through the door. A close up of Amy and Leela firing their weapons and the zombies getting killed. Once all the zombies are killed, close up of Amy and Leela standing in a sexy pose...

They are walking down the street when they come across a mall....

Amy: Are we going in?

Leela: It could have more supplies.

Amy: It could also be dangerous...

Lucas: Welcome to your new home...

Amy: What are we going to do?

Leela: We're leaving, we can't risk staying in one place for too long...

Fry: It's me Fry, your husband. Do you remember me?

Leela: Sorry...

Leela: Tell me how we met.

Fry: Ok. It started when we were at umbrella, I was doing some tests on some rabbits and you were the new girl...

Sophie: What?

Leela: Show me where the basement is...

They both stopped in there tracks when they hear a noise coming from the bottom of the stairs, suddenly a infected lunges at them. Leela is quick enough to get behind it and snap it's neck, saving her and Sophie...

Sophie: What is it?

Leela: I don't know but it's not a human infected....

Amy: Leela, look out!

Leela turned around and came face to face with a hunter. This is a human-reptile cross, these are extremely fast and capable of dodging incoming fire...

Leela: Run!...

The creature was entering the door to the food shop and stopped in the middle of the room. Leela dropped behind it and whistled. Once it's turned around, she flicked the switch on the wall and the place blew up....

Now time for Future Apocalypse Part 2

The whole group sheilded themselves from the blast, it had sent pieces of debre everywhere. They moved their way downstairs, to what remains of the shop. Then they started searching the rubble for Leela, until they hear someone laughing. Just around the corner, Leela lay on the floor laughing. The group walked up to her, she looked at them and smiled.

Leela: That was a stupid idea.

Fry: No kidding.

Fry smiled while helping Leela up and she dusted herself off.

Leela: Are you all alright? The debre flew pretty far.

Lucas: We're all fine, no thanks to your stupid stunt!

Sophie: Leave her alone, she killed the creature didn't she.

Lucas: Not the point, she could of gotten everyone killed. I want you to leave, your a danger to the group.

Everyone started talking at the same time to Lucas, Leela whistled and everyone then stopped.

Leela: Listen it's alright, I was thinking about leaving anyway. If anyone wants to join me, then you can. It's up to you, not Lucas.

They started to chat with each other and then walked over beside Leela.

Lucas: What are you all doing?

Sophie: Sorry Lucas, we're not staying with you. You put everyone at risk by staying here, we're going with Leela. She's the best at destoying those things.

Lucas: What!? This is the safest place in the world.

Leela: If it's the safest place, then I think you should do something about them infected.

Lucas looked behind him and a flood of infected heading in through the hole in the wall. Some of them were walking slow, some were running. Lucas pulled out his pistol trying to hold them off but he wasn't succeeding. the infected gathered around him and started to eat him alive. Leela get's out her pistol and starts to shoot at them.

Leela: Have you been on the roof yet?

Sophie: No, Lucas didn't want anyone on the roof.

Leela: Well I think it's time we went to the roof, I have a feeling there is transport up there.

Amy: You mean like a helicopter?

Leela: Yep. Fry lead everyone up to the roof, i'll buy you some time.

Everyone runs to the roof and Leela starts to walk backwards up the stairs. When she get's to the second floor, the rubble from the food shop burts open and the hunter comes from the rubble. This time it's much faster, which makes Leela run to the helicopter. She get's to the roof, slams the door shut and get's in the helicopter.

Leela: We need to leave now! That creature isn't dead, he's just on the other side of that door.

Fry: Do you know how to fly this thing?

Leela: I took some lessons before I married you.

Amy: Great you remember, can we get out of here now!?

Leela starts the helicopter and leaves the ground just as the creature bursts through the door.

Scene changes and they are on a beach. Fry and Leela get out the helicopter and look around.

Sophie: Where are we?

Leela: I don't know but that helicopter isn't going to last much longer in the air.

Amy: Are we going to have to look for some shelter?

Leela: Yep and maybe some more supplies.

Fry: Well, i'm going to the mens room.

He starts to walk off, until Leela shouts for him. He turns around and Leela throws him a pistol.

Leela: Watch yourself!

Fry: Don't worry about me, you look after the others.

Leela walks over to the helicopter, she see's three people that she hasn't spoken to.

Leela: Sorry but what are you names?

Carlos: I'm Carlos, this is my sister Natalie and her daughter Jane.

Leela: Nice to meet you all.

Fry started to shout and Leela looked in his direction.

Fry: Leela! Come here, quickly.

Leela looked back at the group.

Leela: Amy stay here and protect everyone, I'll be back soon.

She then headed off to where Fry had shouted, walking cautiously over broken branches, trying not to make a noise. When she came to a dead end, she heard a voice above her.

Fry: Leela, up here.

She looked up.

Leela: What are you doing up there?

Fry: I think you should have a look at this.

Leela starts to climb the tree towards Fry. Once at the top, Fry pointed towards a large building. It was protected enough but there was no possible way that they could get in there. It was covered by the infected.

Leela: Nice find but how are we going to get in there?

Fry: The helicopter.

Leela: Can't, you see them...

She pointed over to some missiles.

Leela: They lock onto any aircraft. If we try to get in there by helicopter, we'll all die.

Fry: Well we'll just walk in.

Suddenly they both heard screams coming from the helicopter. They both jumped from the tree and ran back. Once at the helicopter, there was a man standing there.

Dr. Isaacs: Hello Leela, we've been expecting you.

Two men come up behind her and Fry.

Leela: Who are you?

Dr. Isaacs: Names don't matter, you two are coming with me.

Leela: What have you done with the others?

Dr. Isaacs: Take her to the building and place him with the others.

Officer: Yes sir.

Scene changes to Dr. Isaacs lab, inside the building. Leela is in a water bubble and he is doing tests on her.

Dr. Isaacs: I want every single detail on her, make sure nothing is missed?

Officer: Yes sir

Dr. Isaacs: I'm going to check on the others.

He walks down the corridor to a cell, where the others are being kept. When he leaves the room, Leela opens her eyes. She looks at the guard who has his eyes on the computer screen.

Officer: What the hell?

He turns around and see's that she's awake, then back at the computer where everything is rising. Suddenly the bubble bursts and Leela falls out, she stands up, grabs the officers gun and points it towards him.

Leela: Don't say a word, hand me that coat.

He turns around and picks up the coat, then hands it to Leela. She then puts it on, one arm at a time keeping the gun on the officer.

Leela: Tell me where Dr. Isaacs is keeping the others.

Officer: Floor two, cell twenty-five.

Leela: Thank you, I'm sorry to do this to you.

She hit's him over the head with the bud of the gun and he collapses. She then heads to the cell, when she nearly walks into Dr. Isaacs.

Dr. Isaacs: Where has she gone?

Officer: I don't know. The alarm was sounded, but nothing was recorded on sercurity camera.

Dr. Isaacs: Find her, I need her alive!

Officer: Yes sir.

They both walk there seperate ways and Leela continues to the cell. When she get's there, Fry is the only one in the cell.

Fry: Leela, am I glad to see you.

Leela: Where are the others?

Fry: I don't know, some men just came in and took them some place else.

Leela: We have to look for them.

Fry: How am I going to get out of here?

Leela looks around and she see's a vent on the roof.

Leela: That vent, do you think you could reach it?

Fry looks up and try's to reach it.

Fry: It's too high.

He then looks at the bench.

Fry: Hold on, if I move the bench I might be able to pull myself up.

He moves the bench under it and lift's the vent lid, he then uses all his strength to pull himself through the vent. Not soon after he falls behind Leela.

Leela: Are you ok?

Fry: Yeah. Where are we looking first?

Leela: Well, I need to get to the armory. So... this way.

They both walk down the corridor, until they get to the armory. Leela takes a look into the room and she see's a person sitting on the chair, with his back towards the door. She motions Fry to stay back, then she goes in. Once she deals with the guy, she motions Fry to come in.

Fry: Wow! What weapons are we having?

Leela: Just get a couple, we don't want to carry too much and make ourselves slow.

They grab a couple of pistols, some machine guns and some ammo. They then go to walk out but stop in their tracks when they hear banging and groaning at the door; they look at each other.

Fry: What are we going to do?

Leela: Try and find another way out.

Fry: But how? I can't see another door.

Leela looks around and then points to a vent on the ceiling.

Leela: Through there, boost me up and I'll check if it's clear.

The both walk over to it and Fry get's ready to boost Leela up. She then opens the vent and looks through. She jumps off Fry's hands and get's ready to boost Fry up.

Leela: You go first, you can pull me up.

Fry: But what would you do if they brake down the door?

Leela: I'll be fine, we're wasting more time talking about this.

Fry nods and then climbs into the vent. As Fry is pulling her up the zombies break through the door, nearly grabbing Leela's leg.

Fry: Are you ok?

Leela: Yeah, thank you.

Leela gives him a hug.

Leela: Let's get out of here.

After a while of crawling through the vents they come across another opening, Leela tells Fry to carry on while she leans over the edge to make sure the room is clear. She leaves the weapons up with Fry, then jumps down; she heard claws tapping off the floor. Looking behind her she saw a dog but of course like all things, this dog was infected. The dog lunged at her and she managed to jump out the way, she ran into a room and closed the door. The dog was locked on the outside and she was trapped on the inside... with another infected. She turned around just in time to stop the walker biting her, it took all of her strength to push the walker away from her. It hit some glass and fell to the floor, a gun fell beside him. Looking again at the infected, making sure that it wasn't going to move. She slowly moved in for the pistol and the dog came smashing through the window. She turned around and ran back out the door, closing it she head some growling behind her. When she turned around four other dogs were standing there. They start to run towards her and she does a front flip behind them and starts to shoot them. When they're all dead, she throws the gun to one side and the last dog (which she forgot about) jumps back through the smashed window. It runs at her and she spin kicks it back into the room and it get's impailed by glass.

Leela: I hate dogs!

We focus on Fry who is walking through some corridors, when he hears some screaming come in from a room. He get's a machine gun out and opens the door, to be met with something huge.... A G-virus (Note: If you don't know what this is watch Resident Evil Degeneration or search it on google.) and it lunged towards him...