Fan Fiction

Future Apocalypse, part 1
By LaurenSmiles1

Leela woke up lying in a bed, with no idea how she got there. She stood up and realised that she already dressed in her clothes, she started to walk around the house. She didn't have any idea if this was her house or someone elses, but she wanted to look around. When see got into the living room, she looked at some pictures. Some of the pictures was of a man, he was tall, skinny, with orange spiky hair and he had a bump on his nose. Another picture she picked up was of her and that man, she studied it to see if she could remember anything about it, but nothing came back. She didn't remember that guy, who was he? As she was putting the picture down, she noticed a ring on her fingure. Was she married to that man? How come she didn't regonise him? She started to look throught the draws, opening the first one she found a glass container holding a large amount of weapons. From pistols, knifes to machine guns. Suddenly she heard a knock at the front door, was it a good idea to answer it?She slowly walked towards the door, trying to look through the glass on either side. She could see someone wearing a pink tracksuit, opening the door slowly the women ran inside panting.

Amy: Thank you!

After she closed the door, she turned around and looked at Amy confused.

Amy: What's the matter?

Leela: Who are you?

Amy: What do you mean who am I? I'm your friend Amy.

Leela: I'm sorry, but I really don't know who you are.

Amy walked up to her and took a torch out her pocket.

Amy: Follow the light.

Leela focuses on the light and Amy moves it from side to side.

Amy: Do you remember what happened?

Leela: What happened?

Amy: Do you not remember getting married and the zombie outbreak?

Leela: Zombie outbreak?

The girls were interupted by banging at the door, followed by moans.

Amy: Oh no, they've followed me here.

Amy grabs Leela by the wrist and takes her into the living room. Once inside Amy opens a draw and smashed the glass protecting the guns.

Leela: What are you doing?

Amy: You showed me these once, do you know how to fire a gun?

Leela: I think, how hard can it be. I mean just aim and fire.

Amy: Becareful of the recoil.

Amy chucked Leela a AK-47 and a ammo clip, she picked up the pistol and some ammo. They both loaded their guns, went back in the hall and aimed at the front door.

Leela: Let me guess, only aim for the head.

Amy: Yep. If you hit them anywhere else, they won't die. You have to destroy the brain.

Insert Music: Rage Against The Machine: 'Wake up'

Slow motion of the door getting knocked off it's hinges and a bunch of zombies running through the door. A close up of Amy and Leela firing their weapons and the zombies getting killed. Once all the zombies are killed, close up of Amy and Leela standing in a sexy pose.

Amy: Well that was easy.

Leela: Yeah it was. But we shouldn't let our gaurd down now, there is going to be more. What are we doing now? We can't stay here.

Amy put the pistol in her pocket.

Amy: I think we should keep on the move, try and find some more survivers.

Leela: Ok, you know more about this then I do. Hopefully my memory will come back in our time of need.

Amy: I think we should get out of the city, there shouldn't be to many infected out there.

Scene changes to the two of them walking through the city, gathering supplies and killing zombies. They have got a backpack full of supplies, including some ammo. They are walking down the street when they come across a mall, they stop and look at each other.

Amy: Are we going to go in?

Leela: It could have more supplies.

Amy: It could also be dangerous.

Leela: True, but we can handle ourselves. We've took out plenty of them on the streets, so what's the difference in there.

They both head towards the main doors. Once they open the doors, a gun get's pointed at Leela's head.

Lucas: Are you infected?

Leela: If we're infected do you think we would be standing still?

Lucas: Have you got biten?

Amy: No we haven't!

Lucas put's his gun in it's holster.

Lucas: Sorry, we can't be to carefull. How long have you been out there?

Leela: Not long, we're just trying to get out of the city.

Lucas: Ha, good luck. There's infected everywhere, that's why we stay in here.

Amy: We?

Lucas: Follow me, I think it's time you met everyone else.

They follow lucas to a bed shop inside the mall, inside they see five people.

Lucas: Welcome to your new home.

Leela: New home? We can't stay here, we've got to keep moving.

Lucas: I'm sorry, but you can't leave the mall. To many infected outside, we can't risk opening the doors anymore.

Leela: I'm leaving whether you like it or not.

Lucas: Your staying here, whether you like it or not!

Suddenly a young girl, around the age of seventeen walks up to us.

Sophie: Stop it you two, fighting isn't going to get us anywhere.

They both look at her, then look back at each other.

Lucas: She's right.

Leela: It's getting late, maybe we should just talk about this in the morning.

Lucas: Ok.

Leela and Amy walk over to some spare beds, Leela sits down and Amy lies down.

Amy: What are we going to do?

Leela: We're leaving, we can't risk staying in one place for to long.

Amy: But this place is perfect.

Leela: Perfect or not, i'm leaving. You can stay if you want or come with me, your choice.

Amy: I don't know, i'll have to think about it.

A red haired man walks up to them.

Fry: Leela?

Leela turns around and then just stares at the man. She get's a flashback of the picture in the house. It's him! He looks like her husband.

Leela: How do you know my name?

Fry: It's me Fry, your husband. Do you not remember me?

Leela: Sorry.

Amy: She's seemed to have short term memory loss. If you stay by her side, she might remember you.

Fry: I'll try, but how did that happen?

Amy: I don't know and neither does she, i'm sure it'll come back though.

Fry sit's on the bed beside Leela, we see her playing with her ring.

Fry: Are you ok?

Leela: I'm just so confused, I don't know what to believe anymore.

Fry: It's ok, you just need to take your time thats all. Everything will back to normal... hopefully.

Amy stands up.

Amy: I'll leave you two alone for a while.

Fry: Thanks.

Amy walks away to the others. Fry tries to grab Leela's hand, but she pulls away.

Leela: Please, not yet.

Fry: Alright, do you not remember anything?

Leela: No, tell me how we met.

Fry: Ok. It started when we were at umbrella, I was doing some tests on some rabbits and you were the new girl. The boss showed you into the room I was in and I felt this feeling. I think you felt it two, from the way you looked at me. When you went out the door, I tried so hard to locate you again at lunch. When I did, we talked and had a laugh. We went out a couple of times and we loved each others company...

Leela: Sorry to interupt but did you say umbrella?

Fry: Yes, why?

Leela: That reminds me of something, but I can't remember what.

She pressed her fingures agaisn't her temples to try and remember, when she did she sat straight up.

Leela: Umbrella corparation were doing test on animals with something called the T-virus.

Fry: How do you know this?

Leela: The boss told me some stuff, he said that he could trust me. I still don't know why, but he told me that the T-virus could stop any desease. I think the T-virus is the thing that started this apocalypse.

Fry: Did he tell you anything about a cure?

Leela: I don't think so.

Scene changes and it's morning. The sun is coming in the the glass on the roof, Leela is still asleep and everyone else is eating some food. Leela starts to stir in her sleep...

Boss: Welcome to your new job with umbrella corparation, let me show you around.

They enter a room where there are lots of cages with test animals in them. From the smallest of hamsters to the largest of dogs.

Boss: This is where we test he T-virus. When we get it right, this thing is going to cure any desease.

Leela: What are the side effects?

Boss: Death, this is why we test it on animals first.

Leela: Have you killed any humans?

Boss: No, most of them have just gone insane. Now follow me and i'll show you the next room.

Scene changes to the fire alarm going off and all the doors getting locked. People start to sufficate and they try pleading for help.

Computer: Warning there has been a chemical escape, please leave the building.

Women: We can't leave the building when the doors have been locked!

Computer: I'm sorry, but you cannot leave the building. You all have been exposed to the chemical.

Women: So why tell us to leave the building! What do we do now?

Computer: You all must die.

Gas get's released all over the facility, killing hundreds of people. But when the door's re-open, the dead don't stay dead.

Leela is tossing and turning in her sleep, Fry walks over to her and tries to wake her up. She is starting to sweat and her breathing is getting faster.

Fry: Leela, wake up. Your having a nightmare, you need to wake up.

She bolts up right, breathing heavily.

Fry: Are you alright?

Leela: Bad dream that's all.

Fry: Here, I saved you some food.

She swings her legs down the side of the bed, she grabs the food and smiles at him.

Leela: Thanks.

Fry: Have you ate anything apart from this?

Leela: Yesterday, I think all I had was half a chocolate bar. Even that didn't taste nice.

She offered some food to Fry, but he refused. They were still talking when Sophie comes over.

Sophie: Are you leaving this place?

Leela: What?

Sophie: Are you going to get out of this place and go somewhere more safe?

Leela: I'm going to try, but I don't think I will get very far without weapons.

Sophie: I know where some are, after you've finished eating i'll show you.

Fry: Does Lucas know about these?

Sophie: No, he doesn't go in the basement.

Fry: The basement! Of course he doesn't go in the basement, that place is probably crawly with those things.

Sophie: I know, but it's full of weapons.

They stop talking when Lucas walks over.

Lucas: So I hope you've decided that your staying here.

Leela: I wouldn't count on it, this place isn't as safe as you want it to be.

Lucas: Oh and you know a safer place?

Leela: No, but looking isn't going to hurt.

Lucas: I know what your thinking.

Leela: What's that?

Lucas: You think, that there is somewhere out there free of infection. Well I hate to break the news to you, but everywhere is full of infected people. What ever this is, has taken over the world.

Leela: It's called the T-virus.

Lucas: And how do you know?

Leela: I used to work at unbrella, there the ones behind this apocalypse.

Lucas: What umbrella coporation?

Leela: Yes, why do people ask loads of questions?

Lucas: You've just asked one there.

Leela: Really?

Fry: You just did it again.

Leela: Did I really?

Sophie: Can we stop asking questions please?

Lucas: Look, we're going to look around the mall for some more supplies, let's just get along today.

Lucas walks away towards the others. Leela puts her food down and looks at Sophie.

Sophie: What?

Leela: Show me where the basement is.

Fry: Your not going down there.

Leela: Why not? If she say's there weapons, then it'll be a good idea.

Fry: I'm coming with you then.

Leela: You can't, we need someone to stay up here.

Fry: Fine, but I want you to be carefull.

Leela: Don't worry about me, just take care of yourself and don't let Lucas boss you about.

Leela and Sophie both stand up, Leela sticks on her weapon holster and they both head out the bed shop, but as there walking out the door Lucas stops them.

Lucas: Just where do you think your going? We need to stick together.

Leela: Ok, yeah lets stick together. Do you want to come into the females bathroom while we're in there.

Lucas: No.

Leela: Didn't think so.

They continue out the door and Sophie leads her to the basement. Leela get's a pistol out of her holster and reloads it. She tells Sophie to stay behind her and she goes down the stairs slowly. While going down the stairs, it's getting darker every step she's taking. They both stop in there tracks when they hear a noise coming from the bottom of the stairs, suddenly a infected lunges at them. Leela is quick enough to get behind it and snap it's neck, saving her and Sophie. But she doesn't know if that's the only one, they will have to be really carefull.

Leela: You should of stayed upstairs.

Sophie: I wanted to see all the weapons, plus you would of needed help carrying them.

Leela: How old are you?

Sophie: Seventeen, going on eighteen next week.

Leela: Do you have any family left?

Sophie: No, it's just me.

Leela: I'm sorry.

Sophie: It's ok, it wasn't your fault.

Leela thought to herself that is was partially her fault. She was working at umbrella, she help create the T-virus. But she didn't realise it would go as bad as this. When they got to the bottom of the stairs, she tried to see if she could feel a light switch on the wall. She had no luck, instead she felt something else. Something damp, cold and sticky. She quickly pulled her hand back and heard someone coming down the stairs. She turned around and saw Amy, who had pulled her torch out. Amy shone the torch in Leela's direct and gasped, Leela turned back around and saw what she had just touched. It was what was left of a skeleton, but it looked like it wasn't the zombies that had taken bites out of him. As they were going to walk forward they heard a low growl, they stopped dead in there tracks.

Leela: Amy turn the torch off.

She turned the torch off, but started to shake.

Sophie: What is it?

Leela: I don't know, but it's not a human infected.

Amy: I'm going to get out of here, are you coming?

Sophie: Yep.

Sophie and Amy started to walk up the stairs when the stopped and looked back at Leela, who was still at the bottom stairing into the darkness. The whisper not to get the attention of what ever was back there.

Amy: Leela come on.

Leela: Hold one, I want to know what that is.

Amy: It's something bad, let's get out of here.

Leela looked at them.

Leela: You two go, but i'm not leaving until I find out what it is.

Suddenly Amy pointed towards her.

Amy: Leela, look out!

Leela turned around and came face to face with a hunter. This is a human-reptile cross, these are extremely fast and capable of dodging incoming fire. Leela started to step back, but not before the creature tried to grab her. She jumped back, nearly tripping on the staircase.

Leela: Run!

Amy and Sophie ran as fast as they could back to the bed shop to warn the others. While Leela ran up the stairs, the creature following slowly. Once at the top she closed the basement door, got her AK-47 out and aimed it at the door. Not long after she heard the footsteps of the creature getting louder, then the banging at the door. She got ready to fire at the creature, when she felt a hand go on her shoulder. Turning around quickly she saw Fry.

Fry: Quickly let's get out of here.

Leela: You go i'll catch you up.

Fry: No, I can't leave you.

Leela: Fry go and protect Sophie, she's only young and hasn't got any family left.

Fry gave her shoulder a squeeze and ran towards the group. Just then the basement door bursts open and the creature comes roaring out. Leela started to shoot at it, but all the bullets bounce off it's shell cover. She know it's a waste of ammo to keep shooting at it, she turns around and tries a different aproach. She runs towards the food court and turns on everything that takes gas. With the creature approaching, she had to work quickly. Since bullets wern't working, she would try blowing it up. The rest of the group had worked their way up to the second floor, they stood at the balcony and watched Leela. The creature was entering the door to the food shop and stopped in the middle of the room. Leela dropped behind it and whistled. Once it's turned around, she flicked the switch on the wall and the place blew up.